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Health literacy regarding aging issuesWoo, J; Chau, PH; Mak, BSK201360
Prioritization in health care and ageismMak, BSK; Chau, PH; Woo, J201379
Retirement and postretirement issuesMak, BSK; Woo, J201361
Elder-friendly service delivery modelsWoo, J; Chau, PH; Mak, BSK201355
Quality of end of life care for non-cancer patients in a non-acute hospitalWoo, J; Lo, R; Cheng, JOY; Wong, F; Mak, BSK201153
Evaluation of a continuous quality improvement initiative for end-of- life care for older noncancer patientsWoo, J; Cheng, JOY; Lee, J; Lo, R; Hui, E; Lum, CM; Or, KH; Yeung, F; Wong, F; Mak, B2011159
Health care prioritization in ageing societies: Influence of age, education, health literacy and cultureMak, B; Woo, J; Bowling, A; Wong, F; Chau, PH2011398
Observation from Hong Kong compared with the UKMak, B; Woo, J; Bowling, A; Wong, F; Chau, PH2010119
Elder-friendly employment practice: fulfilling the potential and ability of the elderlyMak, BSK201069
CADENZA community project: elder-friendly employment practice: research report: identifying the needs of older workers to remain in the workforce: a guide for an ageing Hong KongMak, BSK; Leung, CKL; Leung, MYM; Lau, KTK; Woo, J201018
Increasing the age of eligibility for receipt of aged pension in Australia: Potential impact on the older populationWoo, J; Mak, BSK201093
Identifying service needs from the users' and service providers' perspective: a focus group study of Chinese elders, health and social care professionalsWoo, J; Mak, B; Cheng, JOY; Choy, E2010219
Raising health literacy and promoting empowerment to meet the challenges of aging in Hong KongChau, PH; Mak, B; Choy, SY; Chan, KC; Cheung, SH; Woo, J201092
Art therapy for demented elderly: A pilot studyMak, BSK; Woo, J; Kou, WWO; Tse, PL2009121
An initiative to improve end-of-life care for non-cancer patients in hospitals: Preliminary findingsLo, R; Woo, J; Cheng, JOY; Wong, F; Mak, BSK200995
Elderly service needs in Hong Kong from the users' perspective: A focus group studyMak, BSK; Woo, J2009134
Art therapy for elderly people with dementia: a pilot studyMak, BSK; Woo, J; Kou, WWO; Tse, PL2009259
Misconception and knowledge gap about elderly issuesMak, BSK2008108
One-year-olds' preference for same-age over adult faces: Novelty effect?Mak, BSK200663
Developmental changes in face recognition between preschool children and adultsMak, BSK; Lo, LY200578
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