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IMECS 2011 - International MultiConference of Engineers and Computer Scientists 2011: PrefaceAbdelkader, YH; AitKadi, D; AlNajjar, B; Allahverdi, A; Amavasai, BP; Henggeler, C; Bouchaffra, D; Bose, I; Brabazon, A; Brdys, M; Cacheda, F; Chan, AHS; Chan, FTS; Chang, CC; Chaudhuri, P; Chen, CH; Chen, CS; Chen, MS; Chen, Q; Choy, W; Chung, TS; Clubb, OL; Damasio, MJ; Dang, C; Djordjevich, A; Fung, YF; Ganesan, G; Leng, RGK; Sing, GO; Gracia, AM; Gu, Z; Gulpinar, N; HeatonAdegbile, P; HerreraViedma, E; Herrero, JR; Huang, X; Hwang, CK; Hwang, HS; Ishihara, S; Jia, L; Kannan, R; Karatzas, GP; Katagiri, H; Kendall, G; Kikuta, K; Kim, HK; Kim, SI; Kothari, C; Krishnamoorthy, M; Kumamoto, T; Kwan, R; Lee, HW; Li, L; Li, X; Li, Y; Lin, CM; Liu, B; Liu, L; Lopez, EMM; Luk, C; Maeda, K; Mahanti, PK; Mahmoud, QH; Matsatsinis, N; Mavrommatis, G; McGuigan, M; Melin, P; Mikhailov, L; Mineno, H; Monsuur, H; Moon, C; Murua, A; Musliu, N; Nakache, D; Ni, J; Nolle, L; Ozalp, AA; Pang, WK; Papadopoulos, AN; Piramuthu, S; Premachandra, IM; Seng, QT; Sharma, D; Sheu, JB; Sheu, SH; Resteanu, CIG; Romero, C; Saito, S; Sawik, T; Seva, RR; Shakshuki, E; Singh, V; Siskos, Y; Stoyan, YG; Sun, J; Sun, Z; Rad, AB; Resta, M; Rodriguez, ML; Rojas, R; Tiwari, MK; Tran, D; Triguero, FH; Tseng, LY; Tsuda, S; Tzeng, GH; Utkin, LV; Vaz, I; Luis, JV; Wang, HF; Wang, L; Wang, SH; Watanabe, T; Werner, F; Wojnicki, I; Wu, EX; Wu, T; Xie, G; Xu, L; Xu, SH; Yang, GC; Yang, XS; Yu, KM; Zanni, C; Zhang, X; Zhang, ZG; Zhao, Y; Zhao, Y; Zopounidis, C2011123
RFID-enabled life-cycle traceability in pharmaceutical supply chainQin, Zhifeng.; 秦志锋.2011348
A CMPSO algorithm based approach to solve the multi-plant supply chain problemChan, FTS; Kumar, V; Mishra, N2008118
Selection of best alternative process plan in automated manufacturing environment: An approach based on particle swarm optimizationChan, FTS; Tiwari, MK; Dashora, Y2008133
An evaluation method on the performance of supply chainsChan, FTS; Qi, H; Lau, HCW; Lee, C; Humphreys, PK; Ip, WLR2007110
Introducing algorithm portfolios to a class of vehicle routing and scheduling problemShukla, N; Dashora, Y; Tiwari, MK; Chan, FTS; Wong, TC2007110
Distributed scheduling in multiple-factory production with machine maintenanceChan, FTS; Chung, SH2007117
A genetic algorithm approach to machine flexibility problems in an ion plating cellChan, FTS; Au, KC; Chan, LY; Lau, TL; Choy, KL2007114
A new heuristic embedded approach for multi-constraint air-cargo loading problemChan, FTS; Kumar, N2007109
Editor-in-ChiefChan, FTS2007130
Study of flexibility and adaptability in distributed supply chainsChan, FTS; Chan, HK2007110
Measuring supply chain performance: Analytical hierarchy process and fuzzy set theoryChan, FTS2007115
A hybrid CFGTSA based approach for scheduling problem: A case study of an automobile industryChan, FTS; Kumar, V; Chan, HK; Chung, SH2007103
Flexibility performance: Taguchi's method study of physical system and operating control parameters of FMSChan, FTS; Bhagwat, R; Wadhwa, S2007169
An evolutionary algorithm approach for assembly job shop scheduling with lot streaming techniqueWong, Tse-chiu.; 黃資超.2007253
Infrastructure for co-ordination of multi-agents in a network-based manufacturing systemChan, FTS; Swarnkar, R; Tiwari, MK2007126
Taguchi's method analysis of an FMS under review-period-based operational controls: Identification of control periodicityChan, FTS; Bhagwat, R; Wadhwa, S2007151
An ESPC algorithm based approach to solve inventory deployment problemChan, FTS; Kumar, V; Wong, TC200790
A two-level hedging point policy for controlling a manufacturing system with time-delay, demand uncertainty and extra capacityChan, FTS; Wang, Z; Zhang, J2007288
Using genetic algorithms to solve quality-related bin packing problemChan, FTS; Au, KC; Chan, LY; Lau, TL2007155
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