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Neurofuzzy network based adaptive nonlinear PID controllersChan, Yat-fei; 陳一飛2009224
Gain-scheduled PID controllers in networked control systemsLam, Lai-lan.; 林麗蘭.2009497
Fault detection, estimation and control of periodically excited nonlinear systemsYang, Zaiyue.; 楊再躍.2008242
Online fault detection and isolation of nonlinear systems based on neurofuzzy networksMok, Hing-tung.; 莫興東.2008336
Neuro-fuzzy generalized predictive control of boiler steam temperatureLiu, XJ; Chan, CW2006455
Application of fully decoupled parity equation in fault detection and identification of DC motorsChan, CW; Hua, S; HongYue, Z2006668
Model-reference adaptive control based on neurofuzzy networksLiu, XJ; LaraRosano, F; Chan, CW2004345
On modelling using radial basis function networks with structure determined by support vector regressionChoy, Kin-yee.; 蔡建怡.2004319
Modelling of river discharges and rainfall using radial basis function networks based on support vector regressionChoy, KY; Chan, CW2003127
Neurofuzzy network modelling and control of steam pressure in 300MW steam-boiler systemLiu, XJ; Lara-Rosano, F; Chan, CW200397
Editorial: Special issue on data-driven modelling methods adn their applicationsChan, CW2003104
Estimating mortality in the early stage of a SARS outbreakChan, CW; Jayawardena, AW; Mok, HT200399
Neurofuzzy network based adaptive integral controlLiu, XJ; LaraRosano, F; Chan, CW2003112
Neurofuzzy network based self-tuning control with offset eliminatingChan, CW; Liu, XJ; Yeung, WK2003114
Modelling of river discharges using neural networks derived from support vector regressionChoy, KY; Chan, CW2003247
Structure selection of neurofuzzy networks based on support vector regressionChan, CW; Chan, WC; Jayawardena, AW; Harris, CJ2002106
The design of fuzzy controllers using space-filling curvesLau, S; Chan, CW200284
Modeling of river discharge using neural network with structure determined by the support vectorsChan, CW; Jayawardena, AW; Choy, KY; Fernando, TMKG200298
A unified approach to implement nonlinear controllers based on neurofuzzy networksYeung, WK; Chan, CW; Cheung, KC200282
Model-reference adaptive control using associate memory networkLiu, XJ; Lara-Rosano, F; Chan, CW200292
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