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The status of e-publishing in Hong KongFerguson, AW; Ko, AYW201137
The transformation of academic libraries in ChinaFerguson, AW201052
The idea of a libraryFerguson, AW201077
Censorship and GoogleFerguson, AW2010109
Cloud computingFerguson, AW2010112
Strategic planning for research librariesFerguson, AW; Sidorko, PE2010143
JURA - Joint Universities Research ArchiveFerguson, AW200981
Silence is Golden If You Are in the Market for a Dead LibraryFerguson, AW2009120
Managing ChangeFerguson, AW200981
I am an inculte!Ferguson, AW200985
Hong Kong's JURA: Joint Universities Research ArchiveFerguson, AW2009184
Words, Memories and ViolenceFerguson, AW200978
The changing roles of libraries and librarians: a University of Hong Kong Libraries' caseFerguson, AW2009128
Open Access, The Turning Point, and MethadoneFerguson, AW200992
Value of Chinese academic resources in overseas China studiesFerguson, AW200990
The importance of Chinese e-resources in Hong Kong: CNKI at the University of Hong KongFerguson, AW; Ko, AYW2009123
Planning in a dynamic libraryFerguson, AW; Sidorko, PE2009123
Sichuan 512 catastrophe: rebuilding libraries after the earthquakeChan, JLY; Ferguson, AW2009105
Saving money through collaboration in OCLCFerguson, AW200992
A mission-critical Hub: HKU's IR aligned with mission & visionFerguson, AW2009177
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