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Root canal instrumentation with ProTaper Universal instruments: revisitedLow, DCY2010174
Obturation of the cleaned and shaped root canal systemLow, DCY200997
Root morphology--a study of the mandibular second molar of ethnic Chinese.Cheung, LH; Low, D; Cheung, GS200657
A questionnaire survey of endodontic practice profile among dentists in Hong KongChan, AWK; Low, DCY; Cheung, GSP; Ng, RPY2006173
Mathematical Modeling of Flexural Behavior of Rotary Nickel-Titanium Endodontic InstrumentsLow, D; Ho, AWL; Cheung, GSP; Darvell, BW2006128
Evaluation of flexural behaviour of Nickel-Titanium rotary fileHo, AWL; Low, DCY; Cheung, GSP; Darvell, BW200484
A randomised control trial of the effectiveness in enhancing cavity preparation (Oral presentation)Chan, AWK; Comfort, MB; McGrath, CPJ; Low, DCY200381
Effect of disinfectant on dimensional accuracy of alginate impression materialLow, D; Sumii, T; Swain, MV2001144
Ultra-micro indentation characterisation of mouthguard materialsLow, D; Swain, MV; Ishigami, K; Takeda, T2001259
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