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SE Sundaland accretion: palaeomagnetic evidence of large Plio-Pleistocene thin-skin rotations in Buton.220
Cenozoic motion of the Philippine Sea Plate: palaeomagnetic evidence from eastern Indonesia218
'Greater India' controversy: Case closed?221
When and where did India and Asia collide?427
Paleomagnetic data from a Mesozoic Philippine Sea Plate ophiolite on Obi Island, eastern Indonesia121
Wallace's line, Wallacea, and associated divides and areas: history of a tortuous tangle of ideas and labels11
Late Cretaceous bioconnections between Indo-Madagascar and Antarctica: refutation of the Gunnerus Ridge causeway hypothesis133
The "Oldhaven magnetozone' in East Anglia: a revised interpretation206
The Sun, the Compass and the Calendar: Deciphering the Orientations of Medieval Churches122
Orientation of Churches105
The orientation of churches: some new evidence231
Mesozoic radiolarian faunas from the northwest Ilocos Region, Luzon, Philippines and their tectonic significance50
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The Paleocene/Eocene boundary global stratotype section and point (GSSP): criteria for characterization and correlation107
Cenozoic Plate interaction of the Australia and Philippine Sea Plates: "Hit-and-run" tectonics135
Problematic palaeomagnetics and the palaeoposition of Cenozoic eastern Eurasia: the message is it's the media112
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Radiolarian biostratigraphic data from the Casiguran Ophiolite, northern Sierra Madre, Luzon, Philippines: stratigraphic and tectonic implications191
New and revised set of Cretaceous paleomagnetic poles from Hong Kong: Implications for the development of southeast China271
Tibet field camp as a 'roof of the world' capstone experience for earth science majors124
Emeishan Basalts (SW China) and the 'end-Guadalupian' crisis: magnetobiostratigraphic constraints163
Monkeys on a free-floating island in a Colombian river: further support for over-water colonization10
Church Orientation: Easter Day alignments: some insights into the foundation process137
Magnetostratigraphic calibration of early Eocene depositional sequences in the southern North Sea Basin131
The Paleogene Period204
North Luzon and the Philippine Sea Plate motion model: Insights following paleomagnetic, structural, and age-dating investigations241
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New explanation for elements of Hainan Island's biological assemblage may stretch things a little too far64
Emei Basalt large igneous province: a southern China view of this LIP and its cause-effect link to the end-Guadalupian mass extinction82
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New ideas on the genesis and mode of obduction of the New Zealand Northland ophiolite122
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Dodgy data and questionable conclusions: core-split overprint magnetisations recorded in a high-latitude Southern Hemisphere ODP hole (690B)83
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The Global Standard Stratotype-section and Point (GSSP) for the base of the Eocene Series in the Dababiya section (Egypt)120
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Problem of positioning Paleogene Eurasia: a review; efforts to resolve the issue; implications for the India-Asia collision210
Disentangling Darwin48
Problematic palaeomagnetics and the position of Palaeogene Eurasia: the message is its the medium105
Vicariance Biogeography63
Paleomagnetism of the Dazhuqu Terrane, Yarlung Zangbo Suture Zone, Southern Tibet (abstract)104
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Greater India: a review104
Biodiversity growth on the volcanic ocean islands and the roles of in situ cladogenesis and immigration: case with the reptiles25
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Episodes in the tectonic history of the SW Pacific: insights following paleomagnetic studies of the oceanic Poya and Koh terranes of New Caledonia91
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Emeishan large igneous province, SW China291
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Using geomagnetism, probably232
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Origins of Galápagos’ land-locked vertebrates: what, whence, when, how?5
India-Asia collision timing184
The Church East and West: Orienting the Queen Anne Churches, 1711-34238
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Quantitative author inputs to Earth science research publications: survey results, insights and potential applications5
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Early Palaeogene stratigraphy of a cored borehole at Hales, Norfolk136
The Middle Permian (Capitanian) mass extinction on land and in the oceans253
Cretaceous-Paleocene deep-sea sediments of the northern Tethyan Himalaya, southern Tibet: Precise radiolarian age constraints on the tectonic evolution of Tibet105
Revised India-Asia collision model based on new paleomagnetic data98
Halley et les eglises de la reine Anne114
Geological data indicate that the interpretation for the age-calibrated phylogeny for the Kurixalus-genus frogs of South, South-east and East Asia (Lv et al., 2018) needs to be rethought22
Insights into iguanodontian dental architecture from an Early Cretaceous Chinese basal hadrosauriform maxilla (Ornithischia: Iguanodontia)138
Sedimentology of 0.8 Ma log-bearing flood deposits in northeast Thailand and mechanisms for pre-flood deforestation103
Preliminary paleomagnetic results from the Linzizong volcanics eastern south Tibet: regional tectonic implications86
Rock magnetic studies of serpentinite seamounts in the Mariana and Izu-Bonin regions111
India blocks and the plate tectonic jigsaw puzzle: bioegeographic implications; hydrocarbon exploration insights112
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Reply to comment by Eduardo Garzanti on "When and where did India and Asia collide"183
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Halley and the London Queen Anne Churches161
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Greater India194
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Sichuan Earthquake and Cyclone Nargis - Large earthquakes in China – why106
Publishing in the field of Earth Sciences: thoughts and suggestions that might be of value to the HKU DES PGS114
Detrital chrome spinel evidence for a Neotethyan intra-oceanic island arc collision with India in the Paleocene84
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