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Identifying static and dynamic volatile memory data from multiple dumps for live forensics173
An improved authenticated key agreement protocol with perfect forward secrecy for wireless mobile communication132
New differential cryptanalytic results for reduced-round CAST-128582
Detecting Attacks on a Water Treatment System Using Oneclass Support Vector Machines25
IDR: An intrusion detection router for defending against Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) attacks128
An efficient bloom filter based solution for multiparty private matching164
Two improved partially blind signature schemes from bilinear pairings109
Cyber attacks and political events: the case of the Occupy Central Campaign128
An information extraction framework for forensic investigations69
Security of Tseng-Jan's group signature schemes177
The Hong Kong Telephone Directory Enquiry System118
Profiling flash mob organizers in web discussion forums57
Forward-secure multisignature and blind signature schemes411
An Integrated Audio Forensic Framework For Instant Message Investigation135
Analysis of the digital evidence presented in the Yahoo! case174
Protecting digital data privacy in Computer Forensic Examination291
Practical electronic lotteries with offline TTP359
Formal specification and implementation of a Chinese dictionary111
Identifying first seeders in foxy peer to peer networks148
Railway track possessing assigning using constraint satisfaction88
Rectal thermometer mediated cross-infection with Salmonella wandsworth in a paediatric ward115
Intrusion detection routers: Design, implementation and evaluation using an experimental testbed205
Extended abstract: Anti-DDoS technique using self-learning bloom filter94
An analysis of the Green Dam Youth Escort software168
Automatic online monitoring and data-mining internet forums141
Secure hierarchical identity based signature and its application176
Recovery of heavily fragmented JPEG files162
An Empirical Study Profiling Internet Pirates66
Automatic 3D face texture mapping framework from single image157
The Majority Report - Can we use big data to secure a better future?78
System and method for fast and scalable multimedia authentication in real time environment81
Cryptanalysis of Harn digital multisignature scheme with distinguished signing authorities178
An e-lottery scheme using Verifiable Random Function315
A Bag-of-Gait Model for Gait Recognition108
Conferences in Research and Practice in Information Series(Proceedings of the 27th Australasian Computer Science Conference)83
A structured knowledge representation scheme for natural language processing106
LCCT: a semisupervised model for sentiment classification105
A privacy-preserving encryption scheme for an internet real-name registration system165
Review of The Electronic Transaction Ordinance: Can The Personal Identification Number Replace The Digital Signature?138
Forensic investigation of peer-to-peer networks144
Sensitivity analysis of a Bayesian network for reasoning about digital forensic evidence202
Empirical evaluation of information leakage detection using net-flow analysis55
Motion and edge adaptive interpolation de-interlacing algorithm79
Separable and anonymous identity-based key issuing119
A topic model for building fine-grained domain-specific emotion lexicon171
Design of a Cyber Forensic Tool93
Selection of Temporal Aligned Video Frames for Video Stitching Application61
An Exploratory Study of Profiling Online Auction Offenders53
Towards a better similarity measure for keyword profiling via clustering43
A 3D face reconstruction approach in enhancing the robustness and accuracy of face recognition154
Quantification of digital forensic hypotheses using probability theory50
Enchanced monitoring rule through direct node query for Foxy network investigation24
Super-resolution of faces using texture mapping on a generic 3D model187
Investigating and analyzing the web-based contents on Chinese Shanzhai mobile phones42
Real-time multiple head shape detection and tracking system with decentralized trackers100
A Dual Cube Hashing Scheme for Solving Hard Disk Integrity Verification Problem59
Processing Legal Documents in the Chinese-Speaking World: the Experience of HKLII113
The Differential Analysis of Reduced Skijack Variants from The First Round127
Effects of motivation and demography on the quantitative plausibility of the Trojan Horse defence against possession of child pornography33
Railway track possession assignment using constraint satisfaction149
Strong Cryptographic Library - Implementation and Applications109
Profiling and tracking a cyberlocker link sharer in a public forum1813
A Forensic Logging System for Siemens Programmable Logic Controllers65
Unknown Chinese word extraction based on variety of overlapping strings89
Consistency Issue on Live Systems Forensics135
CWPR, a Chinese/Japanese word-processing system for use with the unix device-independent troff system89
The cloud storage ecosystem – A new business model for internet piracy?59
Fragmented JPEG file recovery using pseudo headers145
Privacy preserving multiple keyword search for confidential investigation of remote forensics129
Protecting digital legal professional privilege LPP data243
Object-based surveillance video retrieval system with real-time indexing methodology134
Knowledge-based system for rostering108
The next generation for the forensic extraction of electronic evidence from mobile telephones59
Watershed segmentation with boundary curvature ratio based merging criterion175
Forensic analysis of a Siemens Programmable Logic Controller89
Web User Profiling and Identification Based on Browsing Behavior Analysis30
Maintaining hard disk integrity with digital legal professional privilege (LPP) data93
A model for foxy peer-to-peer network investigations158
Software pirates: a criminal investigation29
A cost-effective digital forensic investigation model119
Forensic analysis of popular Chinese internet applications119
Delegation of Signing and Decryption Rights using PKI Proxy Memo91
A Novel Object Segmentation Method for Silhouette Tracker in Video Surveillance Application48
Generalized motion and edge adaptive interpolation de-interlacing algorithm131
Validation of rules used in foxy peer-to-peer network investigations78
Tools and technology for computer forensics: Research and development in Hong Kong (invited paper)103
Dynamic integrity verification for software self-defense95
Automatic Analysis and Reasoning Based on Vulnerability Knowledge Graph69
Method and apparatus for video stabilization88
Temporal analysis of HFS+ and Mac OS X in digital investigations30
Identifying volatile data from multiple memory dumps in live forensics150
Security of Wang et al.'s group-oriented (t,n) threshold signature schemes with traceable signers348
Applying machine learning to PLC event detection and logging for forensic purpose82
Motion estimation method for blurred videos and application of deblurring with spatially varying blur kernels127
Threat analysis of an elevator control system92
Security issues and challenges for cyber physical system132
Human face tracking system with multiple non-overlapping cameras103
Very Fast Telephone Directory Search using Large Memory Resident Data Structures115
Risk management of corporate confidential information in digital form119
Memory acquisition: A 2-Take approach141
Some deterministic models of concept identification126
Photo forensics on shanzhai mobile phone142
Learning domain-specific sentiment lexicon with supervised sentiment-aware LDA58
Privacy preserving confidential forensic investigation for shared or remote servers160
Improving disk sector integrity using 3-dimension hashing scheme137
Cloud Forensics Investigation: Tracing Infringing Sharing of Copyrighted Content in Cloud50
Privacy reference monitor - A computer model for law compliant privacy protection96
A dual cube hashing scheme for solving LPP integrity problem205
Evaluation of evidence in internet auction fraud investigations137
Authorship attribution for forensic investigation with thousands of authors63
Validation Rules for Enhancing Foxy P2P Network Investigations36
Cross-Referencing for Bilingual Electronic Legal Documents in HKLII121
Modeling the initial stage of a file sharing process on a BitTorrent network160
Detecting Anomalous Behavior of PLC using Semi-supervised Machine Learning142
A generic anti-spyware solution by access control list at kernel level135
The rules of time on NTFS file system153
BTM - An automated rule-based BT monitoring system for piracy detection161
Forensic analysis of pirated Chinese Shanzhai mobile phones139
Efficient forward and provably secure ID-based signcryption scheme with public verifiability and public ciphertext authenticity114
Secure and Practical Tree-structure Signature Schemes Based on Discrete Logarithms285
Development of domestic and international computer forensics155
COVID-19 Sensing: Negative Sentiment Analysis on Social Media in China via BERT Model83
Airport counter allocation using constraint logic programming99
Reasoning about evidence using Bayesian networks53
Digital evidence search kit156
What an Investigator Needs to Know about Encryption & Tracking Technologies110
An Incident Response Model for Industrial Control System Forensics Based on Historical Events17
An Attack on Libert et al.’s ID-Based Undeniable Signature Scheme126
K-Dimensional hashing scheme for hard disk integrity verification in computer forensics176
Reasoning about evidence using Bayesian networks131
Challenges to Personal Data Protection in Cloud Computing70
A complexity based model for quantifying forensic evidential probabilities123
Time and Location Topic Model for analyzing Linkg forum data21
A Generic Bayesian Belief Model for Similar Cyber Crimes42
Tracking and Taxonomy of Cyberlocker Link Sharers Based on Behavior Analysis86
PLC Forensics Based On Control Program Logic Change Detection124
Sockpuppet detection in online discussion forums148
Efficient block-based motion segmentation method using motion vector consistency132
Analyzing storage media of digital camera153
IFIP Advances in Information and Communication Technology: Preface135
A hybrid approach for authenticating MPEG-2 streaming data126