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Challenging Digital Capitalism: SACOM’s Campaigns against Apple and Foxconn as Monopoly Capital148
Four Myths of Fashion: An Ethnographic Research on the Fashion Media Industry in Hong Kong and Mainland China110
Conceptualising socio-economic formations of labour and workers’ power in global production networks68
Beyond Freudian Narcissism and the Cowboy Myth: Queering the Narcissistic Desires in Brokeback Mountain91
The shifting cultural politics of Chinese fashion media: A rising country makes a dwindling city?44
Bridging structural and micro-level factors in cultural labor studies: A multilevel analysis of performing arts administration professionals in Hong Kong69
Crafting and negotiating multiple identities through the Media Systems: in-depth interviews with Hong Kong Chinese Celebrities and Entertainment Industry Workers60
Celebrity Culture and the Entertainment Industry in Asia: Use of Celebrity and Its Influence on Society, Culture and Communication360
Case 6: The Vicissitudes of Star Identity: Lingering between the Domestic and Public Spheres - Interview with Hilary Tsui (Hong Kong actress/fashion blogger/entrepreneur)69
Case 7: Social and political Influences of Celebrity - Interview with Denise Ho (Cantopop singer/actress/social activist) and Pakho Chau (Cantopop singer-songwriter/actor)98
Fashion media communication in Hong Kong125
From Clicks-and-Bricks to Online-to-Offline: The Evolving E-tail/Retail Space as Immersive Media in Hong Kong and Mainland China177
The New Orders of Fashion Consumption in Korea and China64
What makes the food commercials sticky with Chinese adolescents?48
Transnational fashion media communication and Consumption in China and South Korea52
Fashion speaks through clashing masks: encoding fashionability in and through the Hong Kong Fashion Media41
Stigma of Joblessness, Digitalization, and the 'China Dream': Emerging Challenges and Responses of Cultural/Creative Labour in China68
Fashion as a social field: Global diffusion of Chinese and South Korean fashion as counter-cultural imperialism?13
Creative industries in flux: a critical investigation into the challenges, agency and potential of cultural and creative workers in Hong Kong59
Case 5: Rethinking the Symbiotic Relationships between Celebrity and the Media in the Era of the Korean Wave - Interview with Patrick Suen (seasoned media worker/Korean celebrity agent)92
Fashion in Multiple Chinas: Chinese Styles in the Transglobal Landscape53
Creative industries in flux – a critical investigation into the challenges, agency and potential of cultural and creative workers in Hong Kong107
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Glo-cal fashion marketing communication in China41
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Negotiation Between Fashion Marketers And Journalists In Asia72
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An Ethnographic Study Of Glocal Fashion Communication In Hong Kong And Greater China103
Taking Flight from Below the Lion Rock: Postwar Air Travel in Hong Kong39
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Insiders’ Views: The Current Practice Of Using Celebrities In Marketing Communications In Greater China107
Narcissism in male sexuality: Lan Yu, CrystalBoys and Brokeback Mountain544
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Perception of healthy and unhealthy food among Chinese adolescents107
A clown, a political messiah or a punching bag? Rethinking the performative identity construction of celebrity through social media101