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CAD-based automated robot trajectory planning for spray painting of free-form surfaces85
Sensor-referenced multiple robot cooperation for material handling34
Telerobotic systems adaptive to the quality of its operators33
A modular planning/control architecture for the semi-autonomous control of telerobots in a hazardous environment45
Planning and control in reconfigurable manufacturing workcell29
Automated robot programming based on sensor fusion49
Hybrid system design for singularityless task level robot controllers46
Internet-based remote assembly of micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS)43
Adaptive motion control of manipulators with uncalibrated visual feedback27
EEG-based quality of teleoperator identification using emotional states model63
Temporal and spatial sensor fusion in a robotic manufacturing workcell57
Automated robotic deposition system for manufacturing nano devices48
Measurement of cationic and intracellular modulation of integrin binding affinity by AFM-Based nanorobot52
Integrated sensing and control of mobile manipulators41
Carbon nanotube-based color IR detectors51
Force measurement and mechanical characterization of living Drosophila embryos for human medical study54
State feedback of predicate-invariance for robot teleoperation31
Design, fabrication, and visual servo control of an xy parallel micromanipulator with piezo-actuation216
Study of morphological changes of neuroblastoma cells induced by activation of NMDA receptor58
Development of atomic force microscope based on nano positioning stage26
Investigating the relationship between CD20-Rituximab binding force and mechanical properties of Lymphom B cells using atomic force microscopy41
Bio-inspired scanning for video-imaging using an atomic force microscope81
Improvement of reconstruction algorithm of AFM scanning images33
Development of cell fixture for in-situ imaging and manipulation of membrane protein structure36
Versatile experimental system for dual-arm planning and control45
Nano-assembly of DNA based electronic devices using atomic force microscopy23
Non-time based tracking controller for mobile robots32
Multi-site real-time tele-cooperation via the Internet44
Formation control of autonomous agents in 3D workspace57
Calibration free visually controlled manipulation of parts in a robotic manufacturing workcell65
Gate dependent photo-responses of carbon nanotube field effect phototransistors60
Fuzzy control of vehicle ISD semi-active suspension76
Develop a robot-aided area sensing system for 3D shape inspection46
Uncooled infrared sensing using graphene69
Closed-loop optimal control-enabled piezoelectric microforce sensors52
Compressive feedback based non-vector space control229
Motion control of a micro biped robot for nondestructive structure inspection49
Learning in the eye movement of squirrel monkeys for object tracking30
Target object identification and location based on multi-sensor fusion68
Cutting graphene using an atomic force microscope based nanorobot49
Measuring the physical properties of the lymphoma cells using atomic force microscopy48
Super resolution infrared camera using single carbon nanotube photodetector46
Automatic Programming for Robotic Grinding Using Real Time 3D Measurement30
Stability analysis of non-time referenced Internet-based telerobotic systems53
Investigating the morphology and mechanical properties of blastomeres with atomic force microscopy42
Design of robotic human assistance systems using a mobile manipulator83
Integrated photo and acceleration sensing module for robot planning and control34
Real time identification of apoptosis signaling pathways using AFM-based nano robot42
Feature referenced tip localization in robotic nano manipulation45
Supermedia interface for internet based tele-diagnostics of breast pathology58
Using Content Knowledge to Improve Reconstruction Performance by Semantic Compressive Sensing47
Design and Generation of Dielectrophoretic Forces for Manipulating Carbon Nanotubes113
Multi-robot area exploration with limited-range communications32
AFM Tip Position Control in situ for Effective Nano-Manipulation97
A Teleoperation Framework of Hot Line Work Robot45
Rapid 3D surface profile measurement of industrial parts using two-level structured light patterns99
Real-time supermedia transmission in internet42
A robotic system for hyperthermia treatments of chest wall recurrence: Preliminary simulation results45
Modeling Natural Language Controlled Robotic Operations52
Computer integrated plasma nano manufacturing workcell59
Non-concentric Circular Texture Removal for Workpiece Defect Detection26
Maximum length sequence encoded Hadamard measurement paradigm for compressed sensing66
Development of graphene-based optical detectors for infrared sensing applications46
Humanoid Robot Locomotion Control based on Perceptive Model32
Formation control of multiple autonomous vehicles28
A hybrid automata approach for robotic perceptive control and planning44
Sensor planning with kinematics constraint for dimensional inspection of sheet metal parts45
Modular controller architecture for multi-arm telerobotic systems36
Modeling multiple robot systems for area coverage and cooperation33
Single camera, calibration free estimation and tracking scheme with multi-sensor fusion in a manufacturing workcell45
Fuzzy logic system for miniature climbing robots47
Automated robot trajectory planning for spray painting of free-form surfaces in automotive manufacturing100
Integrated task planning and control for mobile manipulators52
Coordination of a nonholonomic mobile platform and an on-board manipulator81
Modeling robotic operations controlled by natural language122
Tele-coordinated control of multi-robot systems via the internet34
Nanoscale Quantifying the Effects of Targeted Drug on Chemotherapy in Lymphoma Treatment Using Atomic Force Microscopy54
Dynamic performance enhancement of PVDF force sensor for micromanipulation49
Synchronization and control of supermedia transmission via the internet36
Research on controller of active probe of AFM for micro-manipulation36
Review of the remote-control theories and methods for internet-based robots36
Actuator actuating and probe positioning of robotic nanomanipulation system52
Automated nano-assembly of nanoscale structures42
Real-time 3D shape inspection system of automotive parts based on structured light pattern88
Reproducing kernel hilbert space based single infrared image super resolution91
Atomic force microscopy study of the antigen-antibody binding force on patient cancer cells based on ROR1 fluorescence recognition48
Kinematics modeling and error analysis of AFM tube scanner42
Stimulation current control for load-aware electrotactile haptic rendering: Modeling and simulation46
Coordinated formation control for multi-robot systems with communication constraints51
The dynamic interactions between chemotherapy drugs and plasmid DNA investigated by atomic force microscopy38
Infrared imaging using carbon nanotube-based detector49
CNT infrared detectors using schottky barriers and p-n junctions based FETs47
Hand-arm coordination for a tomato harvesting robot based on commercial manipulator99
Servomotor modelling and control for safe robots59
AFM Image Reconstruction Using Compensation Model of Thermal Drift70
Carbon Nanotube-Based Infrared Camera Using Compressive Sensing133
Robot trajectory integration for painting automotive parts with multiple patches57
Development of carbon nanotube based spectrum infrared sensors40
Design, implementation and performance analysis of pervasive surveillance networks17
Set space visual servoing of a 6-DOF manipulator20
Optimality framework for hausdorff tracking using mutational dynamics and physical programming39
Atomic force microscopy for revealing micro/nanoscale mechanics in tumor metastasis: from single cells to microenvironmental cues38
General framework of optimal tool trajectory planning for free-form surfaces in surface manufacturing115
Proceedings of the 2008 IEEE International Conference on Information and Automation, ICIA 2008: Message from conference organizers67
Dynamics analysis and motion planning for automated cell transportation with optical tweezers54
Drift compensation and faulty display correction in robotic nano manipulation67
A feedback design to a CAD-guided area sensor planning system for automated 3D shape inspection37
AFM tip on-line positioning by using the landmark in nano-manipulation43
Non-vector space approach for nanoscale motion control85
Hopping sensor relocation in rugged terrains44
Motion control of nonholonomic mobile underactuated manipulator41
Stimulation current control for load-aware electrotactile haptic rendering: Modeling and simulation51
ZigBee protocol based mobile sensor node design and communication configuration implementation51
Investigation of angiotensin II type 1 receptor by atomic force microscopy with functionalized tip55
Enhanced Nonvector Space Approach for Nanoscale Motion Control66
Development and sensitivity analysis of a portable calibration system for joint offset of industrial robot56
Robotics in Point-of-Care Applications97
Coordinated multi-robot real-time exploration with connectivity and bandwidth awareness46
Zero-bandgap graphene for infrared sensing applications61
Development of a haptic user interface for surface sensing and nanomanipulation based on atomic force microscope50
Depth measurement by omni-directional camera58
Characterization of living drosophila embryos using micro robotic manipulation system60
Carbon nanotube-based non-cryogenic cooled spectrum IR detectors55
Augmented reality enhanced nanomanipulation by atomic force microscopy with local scan63
Nanoresonant signal boosters for carbon nanotube based infrared detectors56
High-accuracy visual/PSD hybrid servoing of robotic manipulator50
Atomic Force Microscopy as a Powerful Multifunctional Tool for Probing the Behaviors of Single Proteins31
Development of plasma nanomanufacturing workcell56
Priority Areas for Cooperation and Major Players in Academia, Industry and Government 20
Automated nanomanufacturing system to assemble carbon nanotube based devices66
In situ sensing and manipulation of molecules in biological samples using a nanorobotic system48
"Videolized" atomic force microscopy for interactive nanomanipulation and nanoassembly64
Characterizing Hydrogen Microbubble Stiffness Properties Using Atomic Force Microscopy43
Modeling and design of mobile surveillance networks using a mutational analysis approach37
A wireless temperature measurement guide rod for internal bone fixation surgery32
Viscoelastic Properties Measurement of Human Lymphocytes by Atomic Force Microscopy Based on Magnetic Beads Cell Isolation89
Sensor-guided manipulation in a manufacturing workcell40
Substrate effect on single carbon nanotube based infrared sensors67
End-to-end available bandwidth as a random autocorrelated QoS-relevant time-series42
Stable nanomanipulation using atomic force microscopy: A virtual nanohand for a robotic nanomanipulation system.61
Nanomedicine: A systems engineering approach106
Image-Based Calibration for Micromanipulators32
An AFM based nanomanipulation system with 3D nano forces feedback27
Motion controller for atomic force microscopy based nanobiomanipulation56
Real-time control of internet based teleoperation with force reflection290
Modeling and Analysis of Micro-bubble Stiffness Measured by Atomic Force Microscopy50
Internet-based remote sensing and manipulation in micro environment27
CAD-guided automated nanoassembly using atomic force microscopy-based nonrobotics67
Integrated task scheduling and action planning/control for robotic systems based on a Max-Plus Algebra model31
Mapping CD20 molecules on the lymphoma cell surface using atomic force microscopy55
Quantum effect in field enhancement using antenna for carbon nanotube based infrared sensors43
Task-driven control of multi-arm systems60
Accurate positioning of AFM probe for AFM based robotic nanomanipulation system46
Real-time 3D shape inspection system for manufacturing parts based on three-step stripe pattern40
A hybrid deep architecture for robotic grasp detection109
Photonic crystal with a HfO 2 defect to improve performance of carbon nanotube based photodetectors45
Review of AFM based robotic nanomanipulation51
The development of an infrared camera using graphene: Achieving efficient high-resolution infrared images47
Imaging and measuring the protein distribution of lymphoma cells using atomic force microscopy57
Development of Optical Sensors Using Graphene113
2008 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Biomimetics, ROBIO 2008: Welcome Message63
Development of a controllable and continuous jumping robot162
Learning object recognition based on compressive sampling78
Kinematic workspace analyses of a miniature walking robot45
Function-based control sharing for robotic systems44
Real-time bilateral control of Internet-based teleoperation34
Progress in Nanorobotics for Advancing Biomedicine10
Dual-arm robot assembly system for 3C product based on vision guidance47
High gain current readout method for MWCNT infrared sensor63
Task Driven Dynamic QoS Based Bandwidth Allocation for Real-time Teleoperation via the Internet37
Task-Oriented Design Optimization for a Mobile Painting Robot60
Optimal tool path planning for compound surfaces in spray forming processes23
Measuring the molecular force of Burkitt's lymphoma patient cells using AFM58
Pervasive surveillance using a cooperative mobile sensor network48
Influence of MoS2-metal interface on charge injection: a comparison between various metal contacts17
In Vivo tumor interstitial fluid pressure measurement using static micro force sensor and mechanical tumor model62
Passive scattering transform bilateral teleoperation for an Internet-based mobile robot58
Modeling and control of mobile surveillance networks using mutational hybrid systems47
Robot localization using an uncalibrated PSD servoing approach41
Automated CAD-guided automobile part dimensional inspection47
A miniature 25 grams running and jumping robot49
A study of the relationship between brain states and skill level of teleoperator56
Engineering the band gap of carbon nanotubes68
Supermedia interface for internet-based telediagnostics of breast pathology48
Attractive force guided grasping for a teleoperated manipulator system based on monocular vision57
Optimizing material distribution for tool trajectory generation in surface manufacturing65
Photonic effect on oxygen-doped and de-doped carbon nanotubes58
Non-vector space control for nanomanipulations based on compressive feedbacks58
A fully automated system for measuring cellular mechanical properties55
Cellular tensegrity modeling with Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) experimentation70
Predictive path parameterization for the teleoperation systems via internet41
Automated Visual Inspection of Metallic Parts41
Hybrid Force/Position Control in Moving Hand Coordinate Frame33
Characterizing AFM Tip Lateral Positioning Variability Through Non-Vector Space Control-Based Nanometrology29
Bifurcation control, manufacturing planning and formation control25
The control oriented QoS: Analysis and prediction38
Study on control method of AFM probe based nanomanipulation43
Interactive telecooperation via internet28
Dual-robot Cooperative Sorting System with Multiple Sensors66
Carbon nanotube based multiple spectrum infrared camera45
Fabrication and experimental testing of individual multi-walled carbon nanotube (CNT) based infrared sensors46
Carbon nanotube based multi-spectrum infrared detector array50
Progress in measuring biophysical properties of membrane proteins with AFM single-molecule force spectroscopy82
Sensor-referenced motion planning and dynamic control for mobile robots22
Recurrent Transfer Learning by Neural Network Regression for Human Balance Sensor Calibration41
Modeling and control of multiple segment robotic operations in a perceptive reference frame31
Bio-inspired wearable soft upper-limb exoskeleton robot for stroke survivors73
A hierarchical FloatBoost and MLP classifier for mobile phone embedded eye location system49
A singularity-free motion control algorithm for robot manipulators - A hybrid system approach68
Interactive model identification for nonholonomic cart pushed by a mobile manipulator20
Force regulation and contact transition control74
On-line sensing and display in atomic force microscope based nanorobotic manipulation41
Bio-Syncretic Light-gated Field-Effect Transistor: Fabrication and Characterization29
Combined kinematic and static analysis of a cable-driven manipulator with a spring spine49
Drug-induced changes of topography and elasticity in living B lymphoma cells based on atomic force microscopy | (Chinese Source)41
Online Determination of Graphene Lattice Orientation Through Lateral Forces95
Multi-objective optimizing for image recovering in compressive sensing36
Development of a miniature self-stabilization jumping robot75
A deterministic process for fabrication and assembly of single carbon nanotube based devices54
Intelligent task scheduling, planning and control for manufacturing work-cells53
Research progress in quantifying the mechanical properties of single living cells using atomic force microscopy62
Mobile robot tracking control in a perceptive frame43
Controllable electrical breakdown of multiwall carbon nanotubes65
Tool path planning for compound surfaces in spray forming processes72
Complementary data fusion in guidance and control of robot compliant motion46
Improving the operation efficiency of supermedia enhanced internet based teleoperation via an overlay network62
Development of automated patch clamp system for electrophysiology88
Neural-network-based adaptive H∞ position tracking control for a humanoid robot based on neural network34
Development of infrared sensors using Carbon Nanotube (CNT) based Field Effect Transistor (FET)38
Research on signal processing method and calibration method of sub-μN micro-force sensor30
A hybrid control method for telerobotic systems43
Development of a force-reflection controlled micro underwater actuator29
Micro-/nano-devices for controlled drug delivery45
Action synchronization and control of Internet based telerobotic systems49
Interactive DNA sequence and structure design for DNA nanotechnology and DNA computation39
Nanorobotic investigation identifies novel visual, structural and functional correlates of autoimmune pathology in a blistering skin disease model56
Advances in atomic force microscopy for single-cell analysis29
A supervisory hierarchical control approach for text to 2D scene generation123
Atomic Force Microscopy in Characterizing Cell Mechanics for Biomedical Applications: A Review60
In situ visualization of dynamic interactions of cellulase and cellulose molecules52
Force Point Transfer Method to Solve the Structure of Soft Exoskeleton Robot Deformation due to the Driving Force46
Probing for chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy in live dorsal root ganglion neurons with atomic force microscopy72
Design and testing of a controllable miniature jumping robot58
Fusion of human and machine intelligence for telerobotic systems76
A robot-assisted back-imaging measurement system for transparent glass75
A perceptive reference frame for cooperative and reconfigurable multi-robot systems54
The modeling and experiments of a PVDF mirco-force sensor51
Real-time adaptive content-based synchronization of multimedia streams43
Development of an automatic optical measurement system for automotive part surface inspection27
Supermedia enhanced human/machine cooperative control of robot formations27
Heterogeneous function-based human/robot cooperations45
Investigation of N-methyl-D-aspartate induced mechanical behavior of neuroblastoma cells using atomic force microscopy60
Risk and efficiency: A distributed bidding algorithm for multi-robot coordination22
Grand challenges in bioengineered nanorobotics for cancer therapy61
A nano-liter bio-material spotting system for bio-chip microarray fabrication43
Experimental study and modeling of atomic-scale friction in zigzag and armchair lattice orientations of MoS281
Calibration method for integrated camera and laser scanner system based on bi-view feature matching58
Design and implementation of precise position controller of active probe of atomic force microscopy for nanomanipulation48
Compressive feedback-based motion control for nanomanipulation - Theory and applications102
Design of single-operator-multi-robot teleoperation systems with random communication delay75
A robust surface coding method for optically challenging objects using structured light104
Video rate Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) imaging using compressive sensing47
Sensor-based hybrid position/force control of a robot manipulator in an uncalibrated environment89
Multi-sensor Referenced Gait Control of a Miniature Climbing Robot25
Modeling and control of an under-actuated miniature crawler robot40
Ultra-Robotics: from theoretical foundations to applications81
Event-based predictive control strategy for teleoperation via internet34
Study of DNA properties under controlled conditions using AFM based nano-robotics39
Control of Internet based robotic teleoperation via hybrid dynamic system approach35
In situ micro-force sensing and quantitative elasticity evaluation of living drosophila embryos at different stages42
Navigating a miniature crawler robot for engineered structure inspection56
Novel micro gripping, probing, and sensing devices for single-cell surgery41
Control and adaptation of multiple vehicle formation30
Design, manufacturing, and testing of single-carbon-nanotube-based infrared sensors71
A Miniature Water Surface Jumping Robot30
Image reconstruction of compressive sensing using digital signal processing (DSP)65
Comparative studies of Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) and Quartz Crystal Microbalance with Dissipation (QCM-D) for real-time identification of signaling pathway60
Applications of Micro/Nano Automation Technology in Detecting Cancer Cells for Personalized Medicine45
Carbon Nanotube Schottky Photodiodes111
Motion planning in robotized sensor networks for aircraft rivet inspection32
Task-oriented human and machine cooperation in telerobotic systems45
Event-based planning and control for multi-robot coordination59
Cutting forces related with lattice orientations of graphene using an atomic force microscopy based nanorobot65
Optical response time for carbon nanotube based infrared detectors21
AFM analysis of the multiple types of molecular interactions involved in rituximab lymphoma therapy on patient tumor cells and NK cells60
On-line and simultaneous calibration of wrist-mounted Force/Torque sensor and tool Forces/Torques for manipulation71
Design and Analysis of Internet-Based Tele-Coordinated Multi-Robot Systems53
Modeling of 3-D Interactive Forces in Nanomanipulation19
Dynamic modeling of rotational motion of carbon nanotubes for intelligent manufacturing of CNT-based devices56
Development of plasma integrated AFM nano manufacturing workcell41
Atomic Force Microscope-Based Nanorobotic System for Nanoassembly132
MDL-based control method for mobile robot with randomly varying time-delay50
Probing protein-protein interaction forces using single-molecule force spectroscopy50
Supermedia transport for teleoperations over overlay networks27
Packaging Processes for Carbon Nanotube-Based Devices107
Detecting CD20-Rituximab interaction forces using AFM single-molecule force spectroscopy46
Sensor referenced guidance and control for robotic nanomanipulation67
A general framework for automatic CAD-guided tool planning for surface manufacturing81
[The application of wavelet transform and wavelet lifting in signal processing of EGG].29
Industrial robot path planning for polishing applications43
Switched video feedback for sensor deployment and target tracking in a surveillance network44
[Study on the removal method of electrogastrogram baseline wander based on wavelet transformation].40
Carbon Nanotube Field-Effect Transistor-Based Photodetectors116
Development of dynamic inspection methods for dimensional measurement of automotive body parts57
Tunable Hybrid Biopolymeric Hydrogel Scaffolds Based on Atomic Force Microscopy Characterizations for Tissue Engineering30
Integrated task planning and control for mobile manipulators44
Path-based approach to integrated planning and control for robotic systems62
Multi-sensor based planning and control for robotic manufacturing systems41
Design of Photonic Crystal Waveguides114
Gate structure optimization of carbon nanotube transistor based infrared detector40
Force analysis of top-down forming CNT electrical connection using nanomanipulation robot65
On-line path generation for robotic deburring of cast aluminum wheels66
Prior knowledge based fast imaging for scanning ion conductance microscopy49
Nano-Manipulation Based on Real-Time Compressive Tracking92
An automated method to calibrate industrial robot joint offset using virtual line-based single-point constraint approach59
Improving the reliability of carbon nanotube based infrared sensors64
A single motor actuated miniature steerable jumping robot66
Networked human/robot cooperative interface for tele-diagnostics of breast pathology52
Development of CNT based sensor array on a MUMPs chip27
Design and modeling of electrode geometry for intelligent manufacturing and assembly of CNT-based nano devices47
Processing and analysis of bio-signals from human stomach48
Robot control system for multi-position alignment used to automate an industrial robot calibration approach50
Investigation and characterization of graphene for optical sensing43
Analysis of system performance for robotic spray forming process45
Applications of Atomic Force Microscopy in Exploring Drug Actions in Lymphoma-Targeted Therapy at the Nanoscale90
Development of a nanorobotic station for electrophysiology under nanomechanical stimulation61
Generalized predictive control scheme for the internet-based telerobot control system69
Intelligent planning and control for hybrid system35
Cooperative teleoperation of a multirobot system with force reflection via Internet60
Windshield shape inspection using structured light patterns from two diffuse planar light sources46
Image based approach to obstacle avoidance in mobile manipulators56
Modeling and control of Internet based cooperative teleoperation29
Composite Nanostructures and Adhesion Analysis of Natural Plant Hydrogels Investigated by Atomic Force Microscopy30
A pilot study on nano forces in AFM-based robotic nanomanipulation27
An AFM method for in situ probing membrane proteins under physiological condition37
Non-vector space stochastic control for nano robotic manipulations48
On-Chip Band Gap Engineering of Carbon Nanotubes133
Modification of zigzag graphene nanoribbons by patterning vacancies46
Networked human/robot cooperative environment for tele-assembly of MEMS devices45
Regulation of C2C12 Differentiation and Control of the Beating Dynamics of Contractile Cells for a Muscle-Driven Biosyncretic Crawler by Electrical Stimulation40
Perceptive feedback for natural language control of robotic operations63
Motion controller for the atomic force microscopy based nanomanipulation system45
Surface Partitioning in Automated CAD-Guided Tool Planning for Additive Manufacturing53
The rise of the robot industry in China103
On-line parameter identification of a cart by mobile manipulation pushing49
Identification of road surface conditions based on laser scanning58
Dynamic workspace analysis and motion planning for a micro biped walking robot27
Automated CAD-guided robot path planning for spray painting of compound surfaces109
Examining the feasibility of a “top-down” approach to enhancing the keratinocyte-implant adhesion33
Teach robots understanding new object types and attributes through natural language instructions16
Development of a microfluidic perfusion system for patch clamp recording69
Nanomechanical analysis of insulinoma cells after glucose and capsaicin stimulation using atomic force microscopy43
System approach to characterize living Drosophila embryos for biomedical investigations97
A real-time weighted-eigenvector MUSIC method for time-frequency analysis of electrogastrogram slow wave.63
Manipulation and assembly methods for graphene based nano devices49
High precision PSD guided robot localization: Design, mapping, and position control48
Investigation of protein-protein interactions in cancer targeted therapy using nanorobots96
An efficient approach of handling and deposition of micro and nano entities using sensorized microfluidic end-effector system49
Characterization of mechanical behavior of an epithelial monolayer in response to epidermal growth factor stimulation46
Graph-based surface merging in CAD-guided dimensional inspection of automotive parts45
Real-time 3D shape measurement system based on single structure light pattern52
An event-based adaptive tactic coordination in tele-operating human-machine interactions using hybrid Q-learning52
Design and coordinated motion simulation of transplanting robot for column cultivation71
Construction of 3D structure with virus using AFM based nanorobot57
Control of cardiomyocyte contraction for actuation of bio-syncretic robots22
Detection and real-time correction of faulty visual feedback in atomic force microscopy based nanorobotic manipulation59
Analysis and control on hybrid semi-tensor product internet-based teleoperation systems46
Design and implementation of motion controllers for atomic force microscopy based nanomanipulation systems58
Atomic force yields a master nanomanipulator54
Bio-syncretic tweezer: 3D manipulator actuated by microorganisms54
Optimal control of flexible end effector in AFM based nanomanipulation49
The infinite dimensional control of flexible cantilevers in AFM based nanomanipulation46
AFM based nanomanipulation system with real-time visual and force feedback43
Climbing the walls68
Predictive path parameterization for constrained robot control46
Intelligent teleoperation of robotic assembly systems22
Combined inverse kinematic and static analysis and optimal design of a cable-driven mechanism with a Spring Spine101
Modeling and analysis of perceptive robot controller based on hybrid automata25
Improving efficiency of internet based teleoperation using network QoS21
3D nano forces sensing for an AFM based nanomanipulator44
Develop feedback robot planning method for 3D surface inspection46
Robot path planning for dimensional measurement in automotive manufacturing68
Quantitative analysis of drug-induced complement-mediated cytotoxic effect on single tumor cells using atomic force microscopy and fluorescence microscopy85
Sensing and Data Analysis for Assessing Human Balance Ability29
A scalable model for trilayer conjugated polymer actuators and its experimental validation64
Co-operative control of internet based multi-robot systems with force reflection38
Data correlation approach for slippage detection in robotic manipulations using tactile sensor array87
Online identification of quality of teleoperator (QoT) for performance improvement of telerobotic operations69
Nanoantennas on Nanowire-Based Optical Sensors111
Suppressing nano-scale stick-slip motion by feedback56
Development of infrared detectors using single carbon-nanotube-based field-effect transistors59
Sensor referenced real-time videolization of atomic force microscopy for nanomanipulations56
Max-plus algebra model for on-line task scheduling of a reconfigurable manufacturing work-cell35
Integration of Heterogeneity for Human-Friendly Robotic Operations42
Study of nano-manipulation approach based on the least action principle using AFM based robotic system42
Nanotechnology and Membrane Receptors: Focus on Angiotensin II Receptors54
Object-orientated registration method for surface inspection of automotive windshields47
Development of a position sensitive device and control method for automated robot calibration59
Stability analysis for Internet based teleoperated robot using prediction control60
Development of hybrid joints for the compliant arm of human-symbiotic mobile manipulator67
Investigation of human keratinocyte cell adhesion using atomic force microscopy51
Atomic force microscopy imaging and mechanical properties measurement of red blood cells and aggressive cancer cells46
Development of an internet soccer tele-operation system based on pocket PC47
Recognition of membrane receptor by atomic force microscopy42
Landmark based sensing and positioning in robotic nano manipulation38
Performance analysis of telerobotic system based on event prediction45
Packaging carbon nanotube based infrared detector41
A Flexible Force Tactile Sensor Array51
Coordination of multi-robot and human systems in a perceptive reference frame48
Proceedings of the 2006 IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and System: Foreword33
Microfluidic end effector for manufacturing of nano devices44
Towards on-line fingertip bio-impedance identification for enhancement of electro-tactile rendering60
Feedback control implementation for AFM contact-mode scanner39
Research on the reconstruction of fast and accurate AFM probe model52
Quantitatively control of carbon nanotubes using real time electrical detection dielectrophoresis assembly59
Investigations of bio markers for ion channel activities on insulinoma cells44
Differentiation of C2C12 Myoblasts and Characterization of Electro-Responsive Beating Behavior of Myotubes Using Circularly Distributed Multiple Electrodes for Bio-Syncretic Robot33
QoS management of supermedia enhanced teleoperation via overlay networks60
Human/robot interaction for human support system by using a mobile manipulator57
Micro fixture enabled in-situ imaging and manipulation of cell membrane protein62
Optimal spray gun trajectory planning with variational distribution for forming process43
Enhancing Environmental Sensing Capability of AFM-based Nanorobot Via Spiral Local Scan Strategy38
Discrete nonlinear contraction theory based adaptive control strategy for a class of hammerstein systems with saturated hysteresis81
Bioinspired Musculoskeletal Model-based Soft Wrist Exoskeleton for Stroke Rehabilitation12
Quality of teleoperator adaptive control for telerobotic operations78
Real-time integration of sensing, planning and control in robotic work-cells48
Intelligent robotic manipulation with hybrid position/force control in an uncalibrated workspace30
A case study of 3D stereoscopic vs. 2D monoscopic tele-reality in real-time dexterous teleoperation50
Formation control of multiple autonomous robots: Theory and experimentation36
Nanoscale imaging and mechanical analysis of Fc receptor-mediated macrophage phagocytosis against cancer cells108
Carbon nanotube-based noncryogenic cooled multispectrum focal plane array53
Quantitative mechanical evaluation and analysis of Drosophila embryos through the stages of embryogenesis38
Symbolic-based motion control method for wheeled mobile robots45
Single carbon nanotube based ion sensor for gas detection21
Multiple vehicle systems for sensor network area coverage37
Single carbon nanotube based photodiodes for infrared detection40
Moving trajectory analysis and simulation in atomic friction for zigzag and armchair lattice orientation of MoS291
A multi-layered dynamic neural group method for characteristic patterns identification and prediction of complex event series50
Carbon nanotube based spectrum infrared detectors55
Nanoscale Multiparametric Imaging of Peptide-Assembled Nanofibrillar Hydrogels by Atomic Force Microscopy27
Readout system design for MWCNT infrared sensors50
Infrared camera using a single nano-photodetector65
Applications of the semi-tensor product to the internet-based tele-operation systems52
Rapid robot/workcell calibration using line-based approach52
Feedback of robot states for object detection in natural language controlled robotic systems64
Multi-objective position control for an industrial robot calibration system60
Multi-objective Optimal Robot Path Planning in Manufacturing48
An experimental and theoretical study on nanomachining forces along zigzag and armchair lattice orientations of monolayer MoS28
Development of augmented reality system for AFM-based nanomanipulation62
Information transformation-based tele-robotic systems55
Development of supermedia interface for telediagnostics of breast pathology44
A Review of Nanoscale Characterizing Individual DNA Behaviors Using Atomic Force Microscopy52
Human Face Feature Extraction Based on a Partition Threshold Model15
Imaging and measuring the biophysical properties of Fc gamma receptors on single macrophages using atomic force microscopy66
Active landmark configuration for accurate nano-positioning63
Perceptive Planning and Control for Biped Robot Walking with Unexpected Disturbance50
Scan range adaptive hysteresis/creep hybrid compensator for AFM based nanomanipulations56
Event-based predictive control strategy for teleoperation via internet42
In situ single bio-molecule recognition by atomic force microscopy using functionalized tip89
Detecting Target Objects by Natural Language Instructions Using an RGB-D Camera41
Event-based control theories and applications77
A unified model for design and VLSI implementation of robotic perceptive controller25
Atomic force microscopy studies on cellular elastic and viscoelastic properties47
Model and control for four-powered-caster vehicle: A probability-based approach45
Development of force-feedback controlled Nafion micromanipulators52
Multisensor-based robotic manipulation in an uncalibrated manufacturing workcell35
An experimental study on protein-protein interaction using atomic force microscopy45
Reducing stick-slip motion in one-dimensional nano manipulation by real-time feedback control56
Imaging and mapping individual target proteins on clinical lymphoma cells by AFM53
Network-based tele-robotic system with guidance functionality from virtual force61
Mutation analysis models for visual servoing in nanomanipulations63
System errors quantitative analysis of sample-scanning AFM44
AFM-based robotic nano-hand for stable manipulation at nanoscale68
An interactive nanomanipulation system with force and visual feedback33
Infrared imaging system using nanocarbon materials67
Friction anisotropy dependence on lattice orientation of graphene93
Modeling and control of active end effector for the AFM based nano robotic manipulators44
Biological Applications of a Nanomanipulator Based on AFM: In situ visualization and quantification of cellular behaviors at the single-molecule level.79
Peak force tapping atomic force microscopy for advancing cell and molecular biology13
Assembly of nanostructure using AFM based nanomanipulation system28
Role of sensing in motion stability of mobile robots22
Event-based planning and control for active collision avoidance in human-robot collaboration76
Hybrid IPMC/PVDF structure for simultaneous actuation and sensing54
Sensing in the nano-environment based on high order harmonic modes of flexible arm36
Nanotopographical Surfaces for Regulating Cellular Mechanical Behaviors Investigated by Atomic Force Microscopy33
Guest Editorial32
CVD based electrotactile haptic rendering system: Design and testing52
Reconfigurable adaptable micro-robot39
Development of a joystick-controlled optically-induced dielectrophoresis platform for real-time micromanipulation56
A humanoid neck system featuring low motion-noise60
Analysis of electrode condition for whole cell recording47
Efficient readout for carbon nanotube (CNT)-based IR detectors43
Stiffness measurement of Burkitt's lymphoma cells with atomic force microscopy57
Nanoscale distribution of CD20 on B-cell lymphoma tumour cells and its potential role in the clinical efficacy of rituximab79
Non-vector space landing control for a miniature tailed robot63
Infrared light field imaging using single carbon nanotube detector61
System positioning error compensated by local scan in atomic force microscope based nanomanipulation35
Preliminary Study in Motion Assistance of Soft Exoskeleton Robot based on Data-driven Kinematics Model Learning27
Experimental studies of DNA electrical properties using AFM based nano-manipulator35
Augmented reality enhanced "top-down" nano-manufacturing46
Efficient Imaging and Real-Time Display of Scanning Ion Conductance Microscopy Based on Block Compressive Sensing53
Multi-sensor fusion scheme for calibration-free stereo vision in a manufacturing workcell35
Force measurement of embryonic system using in situ PVDF piezoelectric sensor62
Quantitative analysis of human keratinocyte cell elasticity using atomic force microscopy (AFM)48
Optimal tool trajectory integration in surface manufacturing36
Quantitative biomechanical analysis of Drosophila embryos through the stages of embryogenesis using a sensorized human/robot cooperative interface45
Stochastic Approach for Feature-Based Tip Localization and Planning in Nanomanipulations27
High-speed non-cryogenic cooled infrared sensors using carbon nanotubes56
Tuning semiconducting properties of single carbon nanotube for fabrication of nano devices42
A high-speed automatic system for measuring the mechanical properties of cells53
The design and development of a mirco-force sensing device48
Welcome message from chairpeople27
Event-Based Planning and Control for Teleoperation of Hot Line Work Robot53
Development of a medical telediagnostic system with tactile haptic interfaces53
Calibration of a micromanipulation system46
AFM based nanomanipulation system with 3D force feedback69
Analytic approach for natural language based supervisory control of robotic manipulations50
Online sensor information and redundancy resolution based obstacle avoidance for high DOF mobile manipulator teleoperation60
Nano-robot enabled characterizations of local electrical properties for nano-structures43
The effects of time delay of internet on characteristics of human behaviors45
Quantification and verification of automobile interior textures by a high performance tactile-haptic interface77
Application of Lyapunov-like methodology for a humanoid robot tracking in task space44
Task Space Motion Control for AFM-Based Nanorobot Using Optimal and Ultralimit Archimedean Spiral Local Scan66
Distributed multi-robot coordination in area exploration66
Overcoming Positioning Uncertainty for AFM-based Nanorobots using Spiral Local Scan in Non-vector Space29
Efficient imaging and real-time display of Scanning Ion Conductance Microscopy based on block compressive sensing62
Design and implementation for image reconstruction of CompressiveSensing using FPGA60
A bio-syncretic phototransistor based on optogenetically engineered living cells16
Pulse gas alignment and AFM manipulation of single-wall carbon nanotube48
Cooperative multi-target surveillance using a mutational analysis approach25
Single pixel infrared camera using a carbon nanotube photodetector45
Supermedia-enhanced internet-based telerobotics75
Integration of real-time planning and control in an unstructured manufacturing workcell39
Closed loop optimal control enabled micro-force sensors35
Cellular biophysical dynamics and ion channel activities detected by AFM-based nanorobotic manipulator in insulinoma β-cells65
Systematic Hysteresis Compensator Design based on Extended Unparallel Prandtl-Ishlinskii Model for SPM Imaging Rectification90
Frequency domain approach for dynamics identification of the actuator with asymmetric hysteresis113
Fuzzy controller for wall-climbing microrobots64
Planning and control for automated nanorobotic assembly72
Saliency-Guided Detection of Unknown Objects in RGB-D Indoor Scenes74
Automated process for manufacturing Carbon nanotube (CNT) based nano devices43
Hierarchical Micro-/Nanotopography for Tuning Structures and Mechanics of Cells Probed by Atomic Force Microscopy10
Controlling telerobotic operations adaptive to quality of teleoperator and task dexterity73
Force and transition control with environmental uncertainties52
Obstacle avoidance for mobile manipulation by real-time sensor-based redundancy resolution55
Multi-site Internet-based tele-cooperation47
Development of a low motion-noise humanoid neck: Statics analysis and experimental validation43
In situ sensing and manipulation in nano bio systems42
Recursive measurement process for improving accuracy of dimensional inspection of automotive body parts41
Nanomaterials Processing for Device Manufacturing118
Transmission of multimedia information on micro environment via Internet35
Nanoscale mapping and organization analysis of target proteins on cancer cells from B-cell lymphoma patients53
A geometry and optical property inspection system for automotive glass based on fringe patterns46
AFM based MWCNT nanomanipulation with force and visual feedback65
Modeling dielectrophoretic force for manipulating carbon nanotubes (CNTs)68
On the Measurement of Energy Dissipation of Adhered Cells with the Quartz Microbalance with Dissipation Monitoring40
A reflected laser line approach for industrial robot calibration41
Engineering the band gap of carbon nanotube for infrared sensors65
System design and application of a miniature climbing robot27
CAD-guided sensor planning for dimensional inspection in automotive manufacturing67
Development and testing of nano robot end effector for cell electrophysiology and elastography studies50
Research on sub-μN micro-force sensor based on PVDF55
Fast algorithm for blind estimation of tip shape for atomic force microscope44
In situ imaging and analysis of the nanostructures in natural hydrogels from carnivorous plants by atomic force microscopy7
Distributed control architecture for a sensor-driven dual arm system67
Probing membrane proteins using atomic force microscopy64
Event based methodology for SuperMedia enhanced teleoperation48
Multisensor based intelligent planning and control for robotic manipulators on a mobile platform33
Imaging and Force Recognition of Single Molecular Behaviors Using Atomic Force Microscopy19
Inactivation of SAG E3 ubiquitin ligase blocks embryonic stem cell differentiation and sensitizes leukemia cells to retinoid acid.31
Intelligent control for wall climbing robot57
A probabilistic approach for on-line positioning in nano manipulations42
Precise assembly and electrical contact of MWCNT based on AC dielectrophoresis and robotic nanomanipulation technology39
Internet based cooperative teleoperation47
Investigation of penetration using atomic force microscope: Potential biomarkers of cell membrane64
Real-time position error detecting in nano-manipulation using Kalman filter44
In-situ mechanical property evaluation of different stage drosophila embryos with a minimally invasive microforce sensing tool52
Internet based robots: Applications, impacts, challenges and future directions37
Robotic Motion Planning and Manipulation in an Uncalibrated Environment44
A Shared Control Scheme for Teleoperation of Hot Line Work Robots30
Adaptive alignment control for a dual-PSD based industrial robot calibration system83
AFM image reconstruction based on accurate tip model46
Optimization in automated surface inspection of stamped automotive parts35
Dielectrophoretic assembly and atomic force microscopy modification of reduced graphene oxide61
Path planning and design for AFM based nano-manipulation using probability distribution27
Hybrid Connectionist Symbolic Model for Morphologic Recognition by Tactile Sensing9
Development of carbon nanotube based spectrum infrared sensors63
Imaging and measuring the rituximab-induced changes of mechanical properties in B-lymphoma cells using atomic force microscopy47
High sensitivity 2-D force sensor for assembly of surface MEMS devices38
Internet-enhanced automation in micro environment43
Nonconvex compressive video sensing37
Connectivity and bandwidth-aware real-time exploration in mobile robot networks46
Modeling and control of electrical breakdown process of carbon nanotubes35
Nanoscale imaging and force probing of biomolecular systems using atomic force microscopy: from single molecules to living cells28
Accurate estimation of tip shape for reconstructing AFM image62
Single-cell membrane drug delivery using porous pen nanodeposition39
The controllability and observability of the event-based control system43
Rapid fabrication of functional CNT sensor arrays using micro-spotting and DEP technologies49
Modeling, control, and motion planning of a climbing microrobot50
Design and fabrication of nano antenna for carbon nanotube infrared detector55
Automated tool trajectory planning of industrial robots for painting composite surfaces77
Atomic force microscopy imaging of live mammalian cells54
An experimental study on imaging Burkitt's lymphoma cells by atomic force microscope54
Simultaneous Measurement of Multiple Mechanical Properties of Single Cells Using AFM by Indentation and Vibration17
Integration of real-time planning and control in an unstructured workspace33
Development of AFM based on nano positioning stage59
Dynamic Model for Characterizing Contractile Behaviors and Mechanical Properties of a Cardiomyocyte32
Nanorobot enabled in situ sensing molecular interactions for drug discovery28
Industrial robot calibration using a virtual linear constraint55
Modeling and control of wheeled mobile robot in constrained environment based on hybrid control framework72
On-line bio-impedance identification of fingertip skin for enhancement of electrotactile based haptic rendering56
Integrated process for measurement of free-form automotive part surface using a digital area sensor48
Local path planning based on Ridge Regression Extreme Learning Machines for an outdoor robot93
Calibration of AFM based nanomanipulation system21
Kinetics of enzymatic hydrolysis revealed by video rate AFM single molecule analysis69
Atomic force microscopy sensing using multiple modes44
Functionalized nano-robot end effector for in situ sensing and manipulation of biological specimen44
Real-time state estimation and fault detection for controlling atomic force microscope based nano ma27
Multi-site internet-based cooperative control of robotic operations27
High precision positioning control for SPM based nanomanipulation: A robust adaptive model reference control approach60
Non-invasive EEG based mental state identification using nonlinear combination43
Multi-objective optimization for telerobotic operations via the Internet48
Modeling and analysis of living beating cardiomyocyte in sub-cell scale29
Laser beam multi-position alignment approach for an automated industrial robot calibration50
Design and generation of DEP force for assembly of CNT-based nano devices51
Direct Adaptive Control for a Class of Multi-input and Multi-output Nonlinear Systems Using Neural Networks34
Dynamics modeling of a mobile manipulator for wheel slip avoidance52
Improved transport service for remote sensing and control over wireless networks53
Development of noncryogenic cooled carbon nanotube-based infrared focal plane array with integrated readout circuitry43
Quantitatively characterizing automotive interior surfaces using an optical TIR-based texture sensor57
Electric field assisted fabrication on Si and HOPG surfaces by AFM40
Calibration of robotic area sensing system for dimensional measurement of automotive part surfaces44
Dynamic model and adaptive tracking controller for 4-powered caster vehicle46
Effects of methotrexate on the viscoelastic properties of single cells probed by atomic force microscopy75
Single carbon nanotube based infrared sensor68
Feature referenced tip localization enhanced by probability motion model for AFM based nanomanipulations69
Infinite dimension system approach for hybrid force/position control in micromanipulation24
A nanomanipulation system based on a sample-scanning AFM57
3-D nanomanipulation using atomic force microscopy54
Optimization of Protein–Protein Interaction Measurements for Drug Discovery Using AFM Force Spectroscopy47
Coordinated motion control of a nonholonomic mobile manipulator for accurate motion tracking59
Compensation of drift contamination in AFM image by local scan50
Target object identification and localization in mobile manipulations69
Planning and control of 3-D nano-manipulation39
3D assembly and simulation of helical optical antenna-enhanced carbon nanotube IR sensors64
MIDS: Micro input devices system using MEMS sensors45
Progress of AFM single-cell and single-molecule morphology imaging61
Optimal control based active force sensing system for micromanipulation172
On-line sensing and visual feedback for Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) based nano-manipulations69
The effects of vacancies on the transport properties of zigzag graphene nanoribbons52
Editorial recent development in nanoscale manipulation and assembly64
Development of automated chopper gun trajectory planning for spray forming70
Transparency and synchronization in supermedia enhanced Internet-based teleoperation55
On robust impact control via positive acceleration feedback for robot manipulators43
MSU Tailbot: Controlling Aerial Maneuver of a Miniature-Tailed Jumping Robot119
Cellular level robotic surgery: Nanodissection of intermediate filaments in live keratinocytes77
Haptic information in internet-based teleoperation52
Motion planning of a bipedal miniature crawling robot in hybrid configuration space38
Atomic force microscopy based nanorobotic operations for biomedical investigations50
Indium Antimonide (InSb) Nanowire-Based Photodetectors162
Dipole and bowtie nano-antenna for carbon nanotube (CNT) based infrared sensors54
A study on theoretical nano forces in AFM based nanomanipulation46
2009 IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems, IROS 2009: Foreword50
Shifted gamma distribution and long-range prediction of round trip timedelay for internet-based teleoperation63
Development and Future Challenges of Bio-Syncretic Robots46
Hyperspectrum image fusion for sensor guided mobile manipulations53
Mobile robot pose estimation using laser scan matching based on Fourier Transform69
Mobile sensor navigation with miniature active camera for structure inspection46
Investigations of bio marker for stem cell differentiations using an Atomic Force Microscopy based nanorobot51
Modular telerobotic architecture for waste retrieval and remediation37
Nanoscale Organization and Functional Analysis of Carnivorous Plant Mucilage by Atomic Force Microscopy18
Impedance Synchronous Control for a Robot Multi-Motor Joint45
Controlling aerial maneuvering of a miniature jumping robot using its tail57
An online motion planning algorithm for a 7DOF redundant manipulator73
Event-synchronization for supermedia enhanced teleoperation30
Parasitic capacitive coupling analysis of carbon nanotube based infrared detector57
Infrared detection using an insb nanowire66
A bone reaming system using micro sensors for Internet force-feedback control48
Integrated sensing for ionic polymer-metal composite actuators using PVDF thin films46
Nonlinear control of dual-robot pushing and pulling with force regulation33
Graphene-Based FET Detector for E. coli K12 Real-Time Monitoring and Its Theoretical Analysis60
Rapid recognition and functional analysis of membrane proteins on human cancer cells using atomic force microscopy68
High-accuracy positioning of an industrial robot using image/psd-based hybrid servo control68
Atomic Force Microscopy in Probing Tumor Physics for Nanomedicine33
Development of 3D hyperspectral camera using compressive sensing45
Nanoscale characterization of dynamic cellular viscoelasticity by atomic force microscopy with varying measurement parameters36
Di-electrophoresis assembly and fabrication of SWCNT field-effect transistor45
Planning and control of Internet-based teleoperation47
Detecting CD20-Rituximab specific interactions on lymphoma cells using atomic force microscopy55
Bionanomanipulation using atomic force microscopy58
Automated robot tool trajectory connection for spray forming process165
Theory and applications of formation control in a perceptive referenced frame60
Analysis of keratinocytes stiffness after desmosome disruption using Atomic Force Microscopy based nanomanipulation37
Distributed robotics special issue49
DSP solution for wall-climber micro-robot control using TMS320LF2407 chip87
Development of an Internet-based multi-robot teleoperation system44
Plasmonic-resonant bowtie antenna for carbon nanotube photodetectors42
Bio-inspired upper limb soft exoskeleton to reduce stroke-induced complications133
Collision-tolerant control for hybrid joint based arm of nonholonomic mobile manipulator in human-robot symbiotic environments39
On-line operator skill assessment for telerobot operation using electroencephalo-graph (eeg)46
Photonic crystal wave guide for non-cryogenic cooled carbon nanotube based middle wave infrared sensors44
Position-sensitive detector (psd) guided servoing method for industrial robot calibration83
Development of pneumatic end effector for micro robotic manipulators34
GPC scheme for the Internet-based teleoperation61
Leveraging height in a jumping sensor network to extend network coverage46
Fabrication of graphene devices for infrared detection47
Video rate atomic force microscopic imaging37
A bio-syncretic micro-swimmer assisted by magnetism217
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CAD-guided robot motion planning64
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Nanotechnology applied to aerospace and aeronautics: Swarming27
Modeling of robot teleoperation based on event using hybrid Petri nets34
Intelligent planning and control for multirobot coordination: An event-based approach83
Optimal periodic-output-feedback control of active AFM probe for nanomanipulation32
A new active wheel slip avoidance method for mobile manipulator108
Calibration of Haptic Sensors using Transfer Learning39
Nano Optoelectronic Sensors and Devices141
Calibration of a structure light based windshield inspection system53
Welcome message36
Atomic force microscopy as nanorobot.57
CAD-guided manufacturing of nanostructures using nanoparticles38
Ultra-compliant thermal AFM probes for studying of cellular properties69
The evolution of MAC protocols in wireless sensor networks: A survey99
Infrared detection using carbon nanotube field effect transistor41
A 2-D PVDF force sensing system for micro-manipulation and micro-assembly62
Exact inversion of discrete Preisach model for compensating complex hysteresis in AFM based nanomanipulator65
Optimal planning of a mobile sensor for aircraft rivet inspection43
Nanorobot assembly of carbon nanotubes for mid-IR sensor58
Automated data processing for a rapid 3D surface inspection system52
Visual servoing using non-vector space control theory49
Carbon nanotube based infrared detector array58
An active micro-force sensing system with piezoelectric servomechanism55
A scalable model for trilayer conjugated polymer actuators and its experimental validation47
Development of readout system for carbon nanotube based infrared detector51
Controlling the orientation of carbon nanotubes in nano assembly47
Dynamics modeling signaling pathway regulating egf-induced cell adhesion46
Imaging and measuring the molecular force of lymphoma pathological cells using atomic force microscopy56
Dynamic multi-objective optimal task distribution for tele-operated mobile manipulators43
Sensor-based redundancy resolution for a nonholonomic mobile manipulator57
AFM measurement of the mechanical properties of single adherent cells based on vibration56
MSU jumper: A single-motor-actuated miniature steerable jumping robot255
Featureless visual tracking based on non-vector space control theory50
A MDL-based control method for tele-robotic systems over internet60
Low-cost and automated calibration method for joint offset of industrial robot using single-point constraint55
Behavior coordination in the internet-based multi-robot teleoperation system58
Characterization of Carbon Nanotube Based Infrared Photodetector Using Digital Microscopy38
Force-Guided Assembly of Micro Mirrors28
Multiparametric atomic force microscopy imaging of single native exosomes10
Modelling and analysis of natural language controlled robotic systems41
Asymmetric Hysteresis Modeling and Compensation Approach for Nanomanipulation System Motion Control considering Working-range Effect146
Peer-to-peer model for the area coverage and cooperative control of mobile sensor networks40
Nanoassembly and packaging of single carbon nanotube based transistors19
Video rate atomic force microscopy: Use of compressive scanning for nanoscale video imaging82
Internet based tele-diagnostic interface for breast pathology19
Investigations of bio markers for human lymphoblastoid cells using atomic force microscopy53
Intelligent control: Analytical integration of hybrid system37
In Situ High-Resolution AFM Imaging and Force Probing of Cell Culture Medium-Forming Nanogranular Surfaces for Cell Growth19
Analysis and design of non-time based motion controller for mobile robots270
An adaptive fuzzy-neural controller for multivariable system56
Kinematics modeling and system errors analysis for an AFM based nano manipulator33
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IEEE/ASME Transactions on Mechatronics: Guest editorial79
Motion mode control in double inverted pendulum system54
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Motion description and control for a tele-manipulator system based on MDL48
Dynamic force measurement for microassembly of surface MEMS structures48
Fabrication and Characterization of Muscle Rings Using Circular Mould and Rotary Electrical Stimulation for Bio-Syncretic Robots41
Fuzzy system approach for task planning and control of micro wall climbing robots53
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Cellular-level surgery using nano robots52
Content-Based Compressive Sensing33
Single image super resolution infrared camera using carbon nanotube photodetector65
Adaptable end effector for atomic force microscopy based nanomanipulation55
Behavior of available end-to-end bandwidth: Non-parametric approach41
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A novel and facile method for detecting the lattice orientation of MoS 2 tribological surface using the SPSA process75
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Planning and control of self calibrated manipulation for a robot on a mobile platform47
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Modeling available bandwidth for an efficient QoS characterization of a network path29