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Haptic 3D mesh painting based on dynamic subdivision147
Towards a haptic virtual coordinate measuring machine228
Part Orientaton in Layer-Based Machining129
Message from the chairs1060
Message from the chairs1076
Reverse engineering based on virtual volume sculpting115
Smart Soft Robotics6
Haptic modeling in rapid product development108
Modeling of flexible needle for haptic insertion simulation108
Controllable and reversible tuning of material rigidity for robot applications14
Compliant needle modeling and steerable insertion simulation129
Automatic STL file generation from CMM data115
Precharged Pneumatic Soft Actuators and Their Applications to Untethered Soft Robots115
International Conference on Manufacturing Automation147
Kinematic analysis in femur fracture reduction121
Implementation of a robot system for sculptured surface cutting. Part 2. Finish machining234
Optical anisotropy of InAs submonolayer quantum wells in a (311) GaAs matrix221
The development of a layer based machining system176
Inerter-based semi-active suspensions with low-order mechanical admittance via network synthesis28
Principles and methods for stiffness modulation in soft robot design and development22
Analysis of multi-hinge compliant needle insertion184
Multi-material compliant mechanism design and haptic evaluation147
Haptic modeling for a virtual coordinate measuring machine301
A novel versatile robotic palm inspired by human hand58
Generation of an STL File from 3D Measurement Data with User-Controlled Data Reduction254
A reverse engineering method based on haptic volume removing193
Haptic customization of product physical properties in a virtual environment127
Accessibility analysis for CMM inspection planning by means of haptic device and STL representation778
Fabrication and dynamic modeling of bidirectional bending soft actuator integrated with optical waveguide curvature sensor59
Magnetic force aided compliant needle navigation and needle performance analysis94
A web-based fuzzy mass customization system206
Computer vision for industrial inspection through linguistic fuzzy variable inputs115
Genetic algorithms for optimized re-triangulation in the context of reverse engineering682
Virtual customisation of product physical properties: A case of real time product stiffness customisation101
Path planning for robot assisted femur shaft fracture reduction: A preliminary investigation186
Message from the chairpersons284
Major factors in rapid prototyping of mechanisms188
Design and rapid fabrication of non-assembly mechanisms141
Untethered Multimode Fluidic Actuation: A New Approach to Soft and Compliant Robotics41
Study on welder training by means of haptic guidance and virtual reality for arc welding150
Design of a one-motor tree-climbing robot109
A method for recognizing feature interactions104
Bioinspired robotic fingers based on pneumatic actuator and 3D printing of smart material70
Robust segmentation of CMM data based on NURBS126
Parametric design by learning108
A Soft-Robotic Approach to Anthropomorphic Robotic Hand Dexterity66
Using AHP and fuzzy sets to determine the build orientation in layer-based machining197
A Grasping Component Mapping Approach for Soft Robotic End-Effector Control57
The development of a robot machining centre100
Copy and paste the geometry of physical objects into computer-aided design models113
Development of a six degree of freedom (DOF) hybrid robot for femur shaft fracture reduction119
A haptic-based part decomposition method for multi-material product design225
Haptic simulation of flexible needle insertion112
Haptic-based function analysis and shape modeling of multi-material product: A case study104
Towards a magnetic articulated needle135
Factors in practical manufacturability analysis of layer-based machining (LBM)272
Control simulation of a six DOF parallel-serial robot for femur fracture reduction180
Virtual tele-robotic operation and applications160
Computer-Aided Design Technologies and Applications132
Haptic surgical simulation: An application to virtual suture109
Six-degree-of-freedom haptic rendering in virtual teleoperation201
Decision criteria for build orientation in layer-based machining109
Pyrolysis of tire powder: Influence of operation variables on the composition and yields of gaseous product250
Fuzzy ratings in mechanical engineering design - Application to bearing selection183
Haptic modeling as an integrating tool for product development194
Determining build orientation for layer-based machining224
New parametric concept to product customization111
Layer-based machining: Recent development and support structure design186
A robotic manipulator design with novel soft actuators143
Haptic aided ergonomic evaluation in mass customized product design184
Selection of build orientation with minimum tensile strain136
2009 IEEE International Conference on Computational Intelligence for Measurement Systems and Applications, CIMSA 2009: Message from the chairs128
When joggers meet robots: the past, present, and future of research on humanoid robots23
Study on underwater wet arc welding training with haptic device230
Human epidermal growth factor excreted by recombinant Escherichia coli K-12 has the correct N-terminus and is fully bioactive236
Inspection path generation in haptic virtual CMM217
Automated parting line direction determination based on fuzzy heuristic150
A robotic system for rapid prototyping161
A gouging-free and collision-free toolpath generation algorithm for a robotic cutting system124
Haptic rendering based on spatial run-length encoding190
Soft Robotic Grippers Based on Particle Transmission21
Process planning in layer-based machining103
A haptics-guided hole-filling system based on triangular mesh186
Selection of build orientation in FDM with allowed maximum tensile strain119
A variable stiffness gripper based on differential drive particle jamming48
A method for recognising feature interactions and feature components within the interactions196
A neural network system for two-dimensional feature recognition118
Feature-based robot machining for rapid prototyping128
Haptic modeling as an integrating tool for product development104
Pre-charged pneumatic soft gripper with close loop control107
Determining parting direction based on minimum bounding box and fuzzy logics139
Study on one-direction bendable articulated needle137
Modeling of one-direction bendable articulated needle169
Haptic rendering of three-dimensional heterogeneous fine surface features121
Multi-resolution strategies for haptic simulation of heterogeneous deformable models76
A Novel Tendon-Driven Soft Actuator with Self-Pumping Property30
Novel Variable-stiffness robotic fingers with built-in position feedback156
Topology optimization of a prosthetic knee joint component131
Develop a process planning model for layer based machining122
On the development of a haptic system for rapid product development162
An effective method for multi-material part design160
Minimise joint clearance in rapid fabrication of non-assembly mechanisms190
Innovative Design of Embedded Pressure and Position Sensors for Soft Actuators18
Tool-path planning for rough machining of a cavity by layer-shape analysis142
Haptic aided soft-touch multi-material product design162
Passive Particle Jamming and Its Stiffening of Soft Robotic Grippers91
Untethered-bioinspired quadrupedal robot based on double-chamber pre-charged pneumatic soft actuators with highly flexible trunk46
Quadric surface extraction using genetic algorithms220
Bio-inspired robotic dog paddling: kinematic and hydro-dynamic analysis20
Haptic-aided robot path planning based on virtual tele-operation184
Flexion-relaxation ratio in sitting: Application in low back pain rehabilitation169
An investigation of parting direction based on dexel model and fuzzy decision making205
A toolpath and cutting depth algorithm for rough machining92
Product customization in a virtual environment89
VECIMS 2010 - 2010 IEEE International Conference on Virtual Environments, Human-Computer Interfaces and Measurement Systems, Proceedings: Message from the chairpersons213
Computer vision for general purpose visual inspection: a fuzzy logic approach122
Haptic function evaluation of multi-material part design192
Study on process of non-assembly mechanisms directly fabricated by selective laser melting108
Data reduction in integrated reverse engineering and rapid prototyping238
A fuzzy decision making approach to determine build orientation in automated layer-based machining124
Haptic rendering: An approach to tactile property perception in early product design226
A simple and novel hybrid robotic system for robot-assisted femur fracture reduction102
Guest editorial116
Small-beads Transmission and Its Application to Robot Joints87
Neural network based force modeling for haptic virtual machining simulation99
Adaptive Variable Stiffness Particle Phalange for Robust and Durable Robotic Grasping31
Tele-operation and simulation for a new surgical robot design146
Mobile Soft Robots4
Development of a novel in-pipe walking robot113
Automatic CAD model reconstruction from measurement data83
A Proprioceptive Bellows (PB) Actuator With Position Feedback and Force Estimation31
Implementation of a robot system for sculptured surface cutting. Part 1. Rough machining122
A hybrid method for recognizing feature interactions135
Haptic rendering of milling168
A Dual-Mode Actuator for Soft Robotic Hand14
Accessibility analysis for CMM inspection planning using haptic device161