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The Effect of Sarbanes-Oxley on the Timely Disclosure of Restricted Stock Trading65
CEO pay, firm size, and corporate performance: Evidence from Canada61
The Timing Performance of Small Traders54
The Newsboy Problem With Price-Dependent Demand Distribution82
Tourism destination competitiveness: A quantitative approach373
Determinants of vertical integration in export processing: Theory and evidence from China41
Competitive position, managerial ties, and profitability of foreign firms in China: An interactive perspective193
The United States International Air Route Award Process: Shareholder Wealth Effects and Policy Implications196
Strategic Inventories Under Supply Chain Competition24
The Effects of Location Personalization on Integrity Trust and Integrity Distrust in Mobile Merchants62
Mispricing of US shocks in the Korean stock market121
Does knowledge reuse make a creative person more creative?60
Call Center Arrivals: When to Jointly Forecast Multiple Streams?22
Earnings Management, Incentive Contracts and Private Information Acquisition75
Call Auction Design and Closing Price Manipulation: Evidence from the Hong Kong Stock Exchange19
Do college graduates serving as village officials help rural China?16
Dragon children: Identifying the causal effect of the first child on female labour supply with the Chinese lunar calendar175
Nonparametric Estimation Of Entry Cost In First-Price Procurement Auctions66
A pluralistic perspective to overcome major blind spots in research on interorganizational relationships4
"Tailoring" customization services: Effects of customization mode and consumer regulatory focus57
Development and evaluation of dynamic virtual object catalogs57
Employee age and health.26
Virtual product experience: Effects of visual and functional control of products on perceived diagnosticity and flow in electronic shopping26
China's collectivisation puzzle: A new resolution25
Exchange-Traded Funds and Real Investment1
Finance, technology and disruption6
Bank Networks and Acquisitions161
ASEAN after the financial crisis18
Discounts and Investment Performance of Chinese PIPEs93
How foreign firms curtail local supplier opportunism in China: Detailed contracts, centralized control, and relational governance93
Tradeoff decisions in the design of a backbone computer network using visualization167
Editorial Preface80
Is China's Antidumping More Retaliatory than that of the US?85
The influence of sociotechnological mechanisms on individual motivation toward knowledge contribution in problem-solving virtual communities31
Principal-principal conflict in the governance of the Chinese public corporation254
ECRA Co-editors' introduction for volume 8, issue 166
The impact of public policies on innovation and imitation: The role of R&D technology in growth models229
Attracted to or locked in? predicting continuance intention in social virtual world services5
A comparison of different methods for estimating the average inventory level in a (Q,R) system with backorders50
A spatial theory of news consumption and electoral competition162
Creating agile organizations through IT: The influence of internal IT service perceptions on IT service quality and IT agility62
Applications of quality improvement tools in Hong Kong: An empirical analysis60
How do bidders’ organism reactions mediate auction stimuli and bidder loyalty in online auctions? The case of Taobao in China63
Profit Shifting During Foreign Tax Holidays1
Short-Sales Constraints and Price Discovery: Evidence from the Hong Kong Market332
Multinationals FDI and uncertainty: A comment192
The Impact of Maoist Communist Ideology on Patent Applications and Infringement133
Cross-cultural issues in collaboration technology41
The Effect of Missing a Quarterly Earnings Benchmark on the CEO's Annual Bonus86
Hedging volatility risk153
Does Information Acquisition Alleviate Market Anomalies? Categorization Bias in Stock Splits57
Incomplete law135
An Empirical Examination of the Environmental Factors Influencing the Adoption of IAS in Asia-Pacific Region111
The Asian financial crisis, economic recession, and structural change in Hong Kong272
Labor market institutions, firm-specific skills, and trade patterns31
Credibility of Crime Allegations46
The Effect of Incidental Emotions on Judgments and Behavior in Unrelated Situations: A Review41
Special section on managing e-business transformation70
Global Capital Flow and Chinas Policy Reform24
Viable costs and equilibrium prices in frictional securities markets29
Interrelationship among the price indexes of the NYSE, AMEX, and OTC173
Structural Change and Aggregate Employment Fluctuations in China10
Returns to Speculators and the Theory of Normal Backwardation62
Understanding the 'Problem of Economic Development': The Role of Factor Mobility and International Taxation124
The application of model checking for securing E-commerce transactions52
An organizational learning perspective on the contracting process4
A hierarchical structural model of information systems success67
Quality Planning: The Relationship Between Objectives and Process107
Multinationals, hedging, and capital structure under exchange rate uncertainty214
Segment profitability, misvaluation, and corporate divestment51
The Dragon is flying west: Micro-level evidence of Chinese outward direct investment33
Performance Commitments of Controlling Shareholders and Earnings Management150
Tax smoothing with stochastic interest rates: A reassessment of Clinton's fiscal legacy1
Improving Password Cybersecurity Through Inexpensive and Minimally Invasive Means: Detecting and Deterring Password Reuse Through Keystroke-Dynamics Monitoring and Just-in-Time Fear Appeals51
Corporate social responsibility and shareholder value of restaurant firms84
Innovative Firms’ Cash Holdings, Tax Policies, and Institutional Environments9
A visual interactive decision support system to assist the design of a new production unit112
The evaluation of time-dependent attributes68
Profit-sharing and financial performance in the Chinese state enterprises: Evidence from panel data142
On the organization of cooperative research and development: Theory and evidence62
Basel II and its impact on the property market in the Hong Kong special administrative region216
Multilateral interactions improve cooperation under random fluctuations24
Roles of perceived value and individual differences in the acceptance of mobile coupon applications: Evidence from China92
The effect of voluntary disclosure, ownership structure and proprietary cost on the return-future earnings relation36
Evaluating Students' Perception of a Three-Dimensional Virtual World Learning Environment84
An empirical investigation of the determinants of user acceptance of Internet banking218
Responses to formal performance appraisal feedback: the role of negative affectivity.181
Discussion Of accounting methods and management decisions - the case of inventory costing and inventory policy - a reply162
Forecasting the term structure of Chinese Treasury yields219
Editorial: Special issue on WeB 2006175
Understanding transactions prices in the credit default swaps market21
Efficiency measurement for hierarchical situations7
Bargaining on Behalf of a Constituency79
Multiproduct firms and scope adjustment in globalization106
Variance term structure and VIX futures pricing202
Rationale and design of a cluster-randomized multifaceted intervention trial to improve stroke care quality in China: The GOLDEN BRIDGE–Acute Ischemic Stroke51
The Role of Attitude toward Challenge in Serious Game Design13
Adoption of on-line trading of investors in the Hong Kong financial market160
Can Government Policies Induce Earnings Management Behavior? Evidence from Chinese Public Listed Firms107
Relaxation increases monetary valuations76
Business Intelligence in Blogs: Understanding Consumer Interactions and Communities246
Enforceability of non-compete covenants, discretionary investments, and financial reporting practices: Evidence from a natural experiment63
What drives the adoption of antiphishing measures by Hong Kong banks?154
Capital freedom in china as viewed from the evolution of the stock market66
The effect of migration policy on growth, structural change, and regional inequality in China4
The Effect of Knowledge Breadth and Depth on New Product Performance63
Age, work experience, and the psychological contract80
Anthropomorphizing Makes Material Goods as Happiness-inducing as Experiences57
Visualizing criminal relationships: Comparison of a hyperbolic tree and a hierarchical list190
Robust Estimation of Derivatives Using Locally Weighted Least Absolute Deviation Regression78
Chief sustainability officers and corporate social (Ir)responsibility64
Monopoly, human capital accumulation and development162
An Equilibrium Model of Risk Management Spillover39
Multinational production with non-neutral technologies32
Skewness, Individual Investor Preference, and the Cross-section of Stock Returns96
The effect of pension accounting on corporate pension asset allocation146
Employee representation and financial leverage189
Comparative Higher-Order Risk Aversion and Higher-Order Prudence56
The Determinants and Impacts of Aesthetics in Users’ First Interaction with Websites35
Epistemic motivation, task reflexivity, and knowledge contribution behavior on team wikis: A cross-level moderation model3
Measurement of the proton and deuteron spin structure function g1 in the resonance region60
An empirical study on corporate governance and market valuation in China189
Wisdom of crowds: The value of stock opinions transmitted through social media93
Classifying Digital Products103
The Growth-Inequality Nexus In The Absence Of Borrowing Restrictions & Government Intervention: Some Implications From A Prototype Model121
Defending and improving the 'slotting fee': how it can benefit all the stakeholders dealing with a newsvendor product with price and effort-dependent demand87
Executive pay at publicly listed firms in China90
Trade and cross hedging exchange rate risk46
Enhanced tax deduction21
Autarky and the rise and fall of piracy in Ming China117
Australian chief executive officer remuneration: Pay and performance231
The Effect of CME Rule 552 on Dual Traders52
GST and Government Bond106
The shaping of an institutional choice: Weather shocks, the Great Leap Famine, and agricultural decollectivization in China50
In their eyes: How entrepreneurs evaluate venture capital firms142
Optimal full-hedging under state-dependent preferences160
Economic impact of political barriers to cross-border acquisitions: An empirical study of CNOOC's unsuccessful takeover of Unocal82
User Reviews Variance, Critic Reviews Variance, and Product Sales: An Exploration of Customer Breadth and Depth Effects102
Octopus: An E-Cash Payment System Success Story173
Do Index Funds Monitor?17
ECRA Co-Editors' Introduction for Volume 7, Issue 447
The Role of Hong Kong in China's Economic Development107
The Supportive Factors of Firms' Collusive Behavior: Empirical Evidence from Cartels in the European Union3
The tragedy of the nomenklatura: Career incentives and political radicalism during China's great leap famine85
The Shapiro-Stiglitz Model with Non-constant Marginal Utility85
The Credibility of the Monetary Policy Free Lunch146
Corporate Governance and Protection of the Rights of Minority Shareholders in China127
E-platform Use and Exporting in the Context of Alibaba: A Signaling Theory Perspective158
The Rate of Communication37
Targets' Tax Shelter Participation and Takeover Premiums58
Does Regulatory Jurisdiction Affect the Quality of Investment-Adviser Regulation?41
Swing Pricing and Fragility in Open-End Mutual Funds45
Endogenous markups and the effects of income taxation: Theory and evidence from OECD countries30
China's Quiet Powerhouse122
Why China's economic reforms differ: the M-form hierarchy and entry/expansion of the non-state sector278
Innovation, imitation, and new product performance: The case of China166
FDI flows to Latin America, East and Southeast Asia, and China: Substitutes or complements?213
Noninfluentials and information dissemination in the microblogging community49
Outsourcing a two-level service process86
The effect of regulatory orientation and decision strategy on brand judgments254
Local protectionism and regional specialization: Evidence from China's industries186
Fixed prices versus predetermined prices and the equilibrium probability of price adjustment154
Multilingual web retrieval: An experiment in English-Chinese business intelligence158
Combining information seeking services into a meta supply chain of facts135
The effects of inflation on the number of firms and firm size49
Advertising and Ownership Structures: Evidence from the Emerging Chinese Market75
Volunteering personal information on the internet: Effects of reputation, privacy notices, and rewards on online consumer behavior79
Audit Firm Size Effects in China’s Emerging Audit Markets224
A survey of link recommendation for social networks: Methods, theoretical foundations, and future research directions5
Firm performance and state innovation funding: Evidence from China's innofund program10
Employee's perceptions of market orientation in a transitional economy: China as an example145
Sorting: The function of tea middlemen in taiwan during the japanese colonial era71
Environmental sustainability, nonlinear dynamics and chaos185
Characteristics of a firm's information environment and the information asymmetry between insiders and outsiders166
Cheap Talk? The Impact of Lender-Borrower Communication on P2P Lending Outcomes69
Online Relationship Formation63
The Impact of Electronic Commerce on Procurement200
The "New Keynesian" Phillips Curve: Closed Economy vs. Open Economy142
Investment renaissance28
Precision measurement of the proton spin structure function g1p72
Insider Trading, Litigation Concerns, and Auditor Going Concern Opinions109
Customer orientation or competitor orientation: Which marketing strategy has a higher payoff for hotel brands?79
Underwriter–Auditor Relationship and Pre-IPO Earnings Management: Evidence from China64
Multi-period design of survivable wireless access networks under capacity constraints182
Probing potential output: Monetary policy, credibility, and optimal learning under uncertainty145
Financial syndication and R&D106
Retire in Peace: Officials’ Political Incentives and Corporate Diversification in China434
Coastal hydrodynamics of ocean waves on beach65
A simple characterization of plurality rule61
Stock valuation in dynamic economies84
From propaganda to hegemony: Jiaodian Fangtan and China's media policy108
Locus of control at work: A meta-analysis171
Inconsistency of 2SLS estimators in threshold regression with endogeneity67
Off-farm labor markets and the emergence of land rental markets in rural China38
A blog mining framework56
Predictors of objective and subjective career success: A meta-analysis130
Does Founder CEO Status Affect Firm Risk Taking?45
How increased social presence through co-browsing influences user engagement in collaborative online shopping114
EEG/MEG source reconstruction with spatial-temporal two-way regularized regression55
Innovation and price competition in a two-sided market183
How Green Management Influences Product Innovation in China: The Role of Institutional Benefits123
Policy on international R+D cooperation: subsidy or tax?62
The value of financial flexibility and corporate financial policy107
Asymmetric Learning Capabilities and Returns from Alliances132
The Performance and Market Impact of Dual Trading: CME Rule 55251
Global IT and IT-enabled services188
Corporate Risks and Property Insurance: Evidence From the People's Republic of China72
Employee perceptions of corporate social responsibility: Effects on pride, embeddedness, and turnover32
Accounting standards, cost of capital, resource allocation, and welfare In a large economy105
Managing Limited Retail Space for Basic Products: Space Sharing vs. Space Dedication97
Monotonicity-Constrained Nonparametric Estimation and Inference for First-Price Auctions14
Economic fundamentals of road pricing: A diagrammatic analysis, part I - fundamentals173
Finding People with Emotional Distress in Online Social Media: A Design Combining Machine Learning and Rule-Based Classification240
Time pressure, Type A syndrome, and organizational citizenship behavior: A field study replication of Hui, Organ, and Crooker (1994)47
Stock trading and diversification discount178
Political Connections and the Cost of Bank Loans136
Progressive taxation and corporate liquidation policies with mean-reverting earnings160
Functional data analysis of tree data objects66
Does the job satisfaction-job performance relationship vary across cultures?152
High-Yield Bond Market and the Development of SME in China102
The Art of Winning an Unfair Game: Cybage & India’s IT Industry98
'Doing-good' and 'doing-well' in Chinese publicly listed firms91
Risk Hedging for Production Planning48
Signal Extraction and Rational Inattention113
Visualizing web search results using glyphs: Design and evaluation of a flower metaphor88
Electronic commerce research and applications: ECRA co-editors' introduction for volume 9, issue 6, november-december 201051
Babyfaces, trait inferences, and company evaluations in a public relations crisis209
Impact from the End-of-Day Effect of Underlying Stock on the Option Trading Behavior115
Measuring consumer satisfaction in internet banking: A core framework195
Exploration or exploitation? Small firms' alliance strategies with large firms156
The effects of intrinsic and extrinsic rewards in a risk-taking situation90
A paradox of price-quality and market efficiency: A comparative study of the US and China markets179
Identification and estimation of linear social interaction models123
Income convergence within an economic union: The role of factor mobility and coordination183
Inflexible Repositioning: Commitment in Competition and Uncertainty78
The Real Challenge: Institutional Competition29
Writing Teaching Cases: A Reference Guide115
Community of Practice Behaviors and Individual Learning Outcomes2
Unitary boards and mutual fund governance187
Manager-direct report alliances as a context for integrating cross-cultural and diversity research66
Internet-based e-banking and consumer attitudes: An empirical study370
GRP per capita and Hospital Characteristics Associated with Intravenous Tissue Plasminogen Activator Adherence Rate: Evidence from the Chinese Stroke Center Alliance25
Observational equivalence and a stochastic cointegration test of the neoclassical and Romer's increasing returns models70
The incremental validity of organizational commitment, organizational trust, and organizational identification102
Reporting choices in the shadow of bank runs59
A Pricing Operator-Based Testing Foundation for a Class of Factor Pricing Models75
Managing Contracts for Fairness in Buyer-Supplier Exchanges54
Does unfunded social security also depress output growth?46
The distribution of benefits among public housing tenants in Hong Kong and related policy issues64
Asset pricing with heterogeneous beliefs and relative performance236
The dynamics of regional population and employment growth66
Vector autoregression and the dynamic multiplier: A historical review88
Migrating Procurement onto the Internet88
Monetary Incentive and Stock Opinions on Social Media71
The Making of Bad Gentry: The Abolition of Keju, Local Governance, and Anti-Elite Protests, 1902–191117
Export flexibility and currency hedging164
The multitask theory of state enterprise reform: Empirical evidence from China253
Why can't countervailing duties deter export subsidization?50
Store survival in online marketplace: An empirical investigation59
A Vulnerability Index for Predicting Extreme Market Events in Hong Kong113
Decision models for single-period products with two ordering opportunities69
Underwriting and investment risks in the property-liability insurance industry: Evidence prior to the 9-11 event88
Evaluation of ecological systems and the recycling of undesirable outputs: An efficiency study of regions in China5
'Cargo Cult' science in traditional organization and information systems survey research: A case for using nontraditional methods of data collection, including Mechanical Turk and online panels109
Competition, Ownership, Corporate Governance: Their Importance and Interactions101
How do exporters adjust export product scope and product mix to react to antidumping?153
Is Trust Always Better than Distrust? The Potential Value of Distrust in Newer Virtual Teams Engaged in Short-Term Decision-Making46
The costs and benefits of government control: Evidence from China's collectively-owned enterprises142
The effects of idea rejection on creative self-efficacy and idea generation: Intention to remain and perceived innovation importance as moderators.18
Taking "fun and games" seriously: Proposing the hedonic-motivation system adoption model (HMSAM)102
Multinationals and futures hedging: An optimal stopping approach53
Hong Kong chapter report165
Downs Meets D’aspremont And Company: Convergence Versus Differentiation In Politics And The Media30
Identifying early adopters of new IT products: A case of Windows 95181
Why do sellers hold out in the housing market? An option-based explanation4
Betting volume and market efficiency in Hong Kong race track betting87
A novel risk score to predict 1-year functional outcome after intracerebral hemorrhage and comparison with existing scores64
Robustly Strategic Consumption–Portfolio Rules with Informational Frictions99
External learning, market dynamics, and radical innovation: Evidence from China's high-tech firms205
Shape-Enforcing Operators for Generic Point and Interval Estimators of Functions10
Inequality of land tenure and revolutionary outcome: An economic analysis of China's land reform of 1946-195261
Union effects on performance and employment relations: Evidence from China144
Test-retest reliability of the organizational commitment questionnaire70
Firms' strategic leverage of unplanned exposure and planned advertising: An analysis in the context of celebrity endorsements12
A Theory of Workplace Anxiety76
Seller reputation: From word-of-mouth to centralized feedback83
Reviewing Experts' Restraint from Extremes and Its Impact on Service Providers9
Impact of macroeconomic status on prehospital management, in-hospital care and functional outcome of acute stroke in China69
Human capital and objective indicators of career success: The mediating effects of cognitive ability and conscientiousness68
CI Spider: A tool for competitive intelligence on the Web57
Rent Extraction With Securities Plus Cash19
Web searching in Chinese: A study of a search engine in Hong Kong191
Friends or Foes? Strategic Technology Opening and Adopting under Competition between Technological Firms8
Accounting Conservatism and Bankruptcy Risk44
Advertising, propaganda, and value change in economic development. The new cultural revolution in China and attitudes toward advertising59
Incorporating a delay mechanism in ordering policies into multi-echelon distribution systems159
Stop the Presses! Or Wait, We Might Need Them: Firm Responses to Local Newspaper Closures and Layoffs13
Potential losses from incorporating return predictability into portfolio allocation77
Informational content of option volume prior to takeovers68
Predicting the survival or failure of click-and-mortar corporations: A knowledge discovery approach181
Understanding affective commitment in social virtual worlds: The role of cultural tightness4
An option pricing approach to the valuation of real estate contaminated with hazardous materials69
Market share performance of foreign and domestic brands in China213
Costly Auction Entry, Royalty Payments, and the Optimality of Asymmetric Designs36
Investigating healthcare professionals' decisions to accept telemedicine technology: An empirical test of competing theories114
The 2002/03 Budget: A Critical Review112
Reordering strategies for a newsboy-type product79
Two-way regularization for MEG source reconstruction via multilevel coordinate descent52
Proportional Fee vs. Unit Fee: Competition, Welfare, and Incentives11
Impact of credit default swaps on firms’ operational efficiency8
The dynamics of long forward rate term structures130
Career Concerns, Investment, and Management Forecasts9
Impact of CEPA on the labor market of Hong Kong113
Inflation, taxes, and optimal inventory policies134
Justice-based Service Recovery Expectations: Measurement and Antecedents204
Competition Laws, Ownership, and Corporate Social Responsibility11
Organizational structure and product choice in knowledge-intensive firms37
The Value of Board Commitment16
Keiretsu and relationship-specific investment: Implications for market-opening trade policy54
De-politicization and Corporate Transformation: Evidence from China2
Corporate governance roles of information quality and corporate takeovers43
Allocations of joint and common costs127
Some properties of buyback and other related schemes in a newsvendor-product supply chain with price-sensitive demand165
Embarrassing exposures in online social networks: An integrated perspective of privacy invasion and relationship bonding34
How constraining are limits to arbitrage?5
Efficient mean estimation in log-normal linear models52
Managing information security risks during new technology adoption2
The effect of competition on CEO turnover118
The Sorted Effects Method: Discovering Heterogeneous Effects Beyond Their Averages54
Disclosure quality, cost of capital, and investor welfare58
Media as watchdogs: The role of news media in electoral competition150
An investigation of path-goal and transformational leadership theory predictions at the individual level of analysis93
Innovation, Imitation and Competition200
Affective organizational commitment and citizenship behavior: Linear and non-linear moderating effects of organizational tenure223
Active block investors and corporate governance around the world3
The five-day workweek system and investor inattention29
Community embeddedness and work outcomes: The mediating role of organizational embeddedness.70
Delegating decisions to experts163
Corporate ownership, equity risk and returns in the People's Republic of China67
ECRA Co-Editors' Introduction for Volume 9, Issue 2, March-April 201050
So what if there is income inequality? The distributive consequence of nonfarm employment in rural China8
Endogenous horizontal mergers under cost uncertainty191
Do land revenue windfalls create a political resource curse? Evidence from China87
The Financial and Operating Performance of Chinese Family-Owned Listed Firms41
It's All about All of Us: The Rise of Narcissism and Its Implications for Management Control System Research116
On the incomplete results for the heterogeneous server problem178
Does Stock Market Liquidity Affect Dividends?6
Cognitive elaboration during wiki use in project teams: An empirical study2
Introduction: Transforming rural China23
Conditional Conservatism and the Cost of Equity Capital: Information Precision and Information Asymmetry Effects93
An empirical study on the relationship between ownership and performance in a family-based corporate environment66
How the 52-week High and Low Affect Option-implied Volatilities and Stock Return Moments77
'Brother, can you spare some time, or a dime?': time and money obligations in the United States and China62
Keiretsu and relationship-specific investment: A barrier to trade?36
A Co-integration Study of the Efficiency of the US Treasury STRIPs Market155
English in Hong Kong: A preliminary study of the ACER word knowledge test - Form F and the Raven's Standard Progressive Matrices as indicators of verbal reasoning ability and abstract reasoning ability among Hong Kong University students95
A general equilibrium analysis of software development: Implications of copyright protection and contract enforcement73
Interdependent behavior in foreign direct investment: The multi-level effects of prior entry and prior exit on foreign market entry203
Climate shocks and sino-Nomadic conflict106
An Investigation of Stock Price Dynamics in Emerging Markets44
Pricing Deviation, Misevaluation Comovement, and Macroeconomic Conditions49
Reexamining a model for evaluating information center success using a structural equation modeling approach51
Global innovation generation and financial performance in business-to-business relationships: The case of cross-border alliances in the pharmaceutical industry188
The bootstrap in threshold regression74
Intentional Control of Type I Error over Unconscious Data Distortion: a Neyman-Pearson Approach to Text Classification60
A Stochastic Inventory Model incorporating intra-year purchases and accounting tax incentives193
Gloomy outlook for Hong Kong’s economy12
Do analysts matter for governance? Evidence from natural experiments152
Constructing an e-supply chain at Eastman Chemical Company260
Cross-border mergers and strategic alliances58
The Antecedents and Consequences of Being Envied by Coworkers: An Investigation from the Victim Perspective26
Standard & Poor's 500 Index Futures Volatility and Price Changes Around the New York Stock Exchange Close63
Social advertising effectiveness across products: A large-scale field experiment61
Sparse principal component analysis via regularized low rank matrix approximation66
Testing to prevent bad translation: Brand name conversions in Chinese-English contexts215
Bank Capital Requirements and Lending in Emerging Markets: The Role of Bank Characteristics and Economic Conditions67
The market's valuation of fraudulently reported earnings65
The Development of Social Capital in the Collaboration Network of Information Systems Scholars64
Dark Market Share around Earnings Announcements and Speed of Resolution of Investor Disagreement66
Oblique long waves on beach and induced longshore current54
Managing learning and turnover in employee staffing106
Board Characteristics and Profit Efficiency in the United Kingdom Life Insurance Industry96
Initial Coin offerings: what rights do investors have?4
Audio Mining: The Role of Vocal Tone in Persuasion44
Have SFAS 166 and SFAS 167 improved the financial reporting for securitizations?33
Can idiosyncratic deals promote perceptions of competitive climate, felt ostracism, and turnover?44
How MNCs choose entry modes and form alliances: The China experience205
Does human resource management matter in a transitional economy? China as an example199
Effective fair pricing of international mutual funds188
Superior Knowledge, Price Discrimination, and Customer Inspection8
The Pendulum Swings Back: Individual Acceptance of Re-centralized Application Platforms2
Yet another long-run neutrality result: Absence of tax-induced growth effects under implicit intergenerational contracts190
A perception-based model for EDI adoption in small businesses using a technology-organization-environment framework271
Why do firms conduct bi-sourcing?175
Corporate ownership structure and the choice between bank debt and public debt128
Institutions and Opportunism in Buyer–Supplier Exchanges: The Moderated Mediating Effects of Contractual and Relational Governance30
Regulatory Arbitrage and International Bank Flows200
Financial Munificence, R&D Intensity, and New Venture Survival: Critical Roles of CEO Attributes3
Reforming the Governance Structure of Chinas State Owned Enterprises33
Is performance driven by industry- or firm-specific factors? A reply to McNamara, Aime and Vaaler129
How Do Board Reforms Affect Debt Financing Costs Around the World?6
Looking for a Second Miracle on the Han River: The Roots of Korea's Leading Univenture Ecosystems: KAIST and POSTECH35
How do incentives motivate absorptive capacity development? The mediating role of employee learning and relational contingencies58
Production flexibility, product markets, and capital structure decisions119
Trust in fair value accounting: Evidence from the field10
Rational inattention, long-run consumption risk, and portfolio choice98
Liquidity, transaction costs, and real activity174
Elastic attention, risk sharing, and international comovements71
Sources of business-cycle volatility: An exploratory study on a sample of OECD countries56
Anthropomorphism and Object Attachment24
A comparative empirical examination of outward foreign direct investment from four asian economies: People's Republic of China; Japan; Republic of Korea; and Taipei, China190
Competition, Contracts, and Creativity: Evidence from Novel Writing in a Platform Market5
Baby Boom, Population Aging, and Capital Markets96
Private vs state ownership and earnings management: Evidence from Chinese listed companies81
The East Asia Financial Crisis94
Analysis of evaluation models for websites125
Using open web APIs in teaching web mining170
A Theory of Currency Board with Irrevocable Commitments152
Risk Retention Rules and the Issuance of Commercial Mortgage Backed Securities19
Currencies of exchange and global LMX: How they affect employee task performance and extra-role performance225
Ownership Identity and Corporate Donations: Evidence from a Natural Experiment in China11
The home country in the age of globalization: how much does it matter for firm performance115
Impact of perceived fit on e-government user evaluation: A study with a chinese cultural context177
Risk-sensitive Consumption and Savings under Rational Inattention57
China's land market auctions: Evidence of corruption?100
The Effect of the Expressed Anger and Sadness on Online News Believability22
On Fostering and Enabling Business Environment for Small-Medium Enterprise'121
Commercialization as exogenous shocks: The effect of the soybean trade and migration in Manchurian villages, 1895-193496
Shades of Gray: Internal Control Reporting by Chinese U.S.-listed Firms168
Editor's introduction to regular section54
Using Customer Service to Build Clients’ Trust64
The 'New Keynesian' Phillips curve: Closed economy versus open economy64
A Preliminary Study of Chinese Interest Rates from the Early Qing to the Twentieth Century - Based on an Examination of the Historical Database of Chinese Interest Rates (1660-2000)125
The valuation impact of reconciling pro forma earnings to GAAP earnings74
When does playing hard to get increase romantic attraction?90
Psychological contract breaches and employee voice behavior: The moderating effects of changes in social relationships.47
Private information of nonpaternalistic altruism: Exaggeration and reciprocation of generosity47
Stock Liquidity and Default Risk170
Advertising and Firm Risk: A Study of the Restaurant Industry62
The Genome-Wide Influence on Human BMI Depends on Physical Activity, Life Course, and Historical Period64
Information and volatility in futures and spot markets; the case of the Japanese Yen187
The Faces of Success: Beauty and Ugliness Premiums in e-Commerce Platforms244
Progressive taxation and the intensity and timing of investment58
The role of futures trading activity in exchange rate volatility52
The Impact of Death-Related Media Information on Consumer Value Orientation and Scope Sensitivity86
An improved approach for estimating the mean and standard deviation of a subjective probability distribution75
A Meta-Analytic Structural Model of Dispositonal Affectivity and Emotional Labor125
Express: Is Ambidextrous Innovation Strategy Beneficial to International Joint Venture Performance? Evidence from China44
Increasing the involvement of teenage cigarette smokers in antismoking campaigns.75
Market orientation, ownership type, and E-business assimilation: Evidence from chinese firms210
International diversification with factor funds122
Exchange hazards, relational reliability, and contracts in China: The contingent role of legal enforceability119
Outsourcing, Product Quality, and Contract Enforcement167
Export and strategic currency hedging134
Competition and Bank Liquidity Creation52
Government expropriation and Chinese-style firm diversification72
You Speak, I Speak: The Social-cognitive Mechanisms of Voice Contagion40
The influence of affective cues on positive emotion in predicting instant information sharing on microblogs: Gender as a moderator4
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ECRA co-editors' introduction for volume 7, issue 349
Social security, intergenerational transfers, and endogenous growth185
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Extending Marketing Activities and Strategies from Domestic to Foreign Markets215
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Using Tocher's curve to convert subjective quantile-estimates into a probability distribution function62
An analysis of the economic consequences of the proportionate liability rule77
Corporate Governance and Resource Allocation Efficiency: Evidence from IPO Regulation in China48
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Having Less, Giving More: The Influence of Social Class on Prosocial Behavior44
Knowledge, communication, and organizational capabilities26
Not even the past: The joint influence of former leader and new leader during leader successions in the midst of organizational change112
A free press could help China's economy59
Short- and Medium-Term Impacts of Strict Anti-Contagion Policies on Non-COVID-19 Mortality In China19
Using turn taking to achieve intertemporal cooperation and symmetry in infinitely repeated 2 x 2 games182
IPR, trade, FDI, and technology transfer35
Some two-echelon style-goods inventory models with asymmetric market information63
Market risk management of banks: Implications from the accuracy of value-at-risk forecasts75
New evidence on the impact of sustained exposure to air pollution on life expectancy from China’s Huai River Policy6
Negotiating Your Way Into China88
Hysteresis in unemployment: Evidence from OECD countries48
Equal entitlement versus tenure security under a regime of collective property rights: Peasants' preference for institutions in post-reform chinese agriculture29
HelpfulMed: Intelligent searching for medical information over the Internet60
What do stock price levels tell us about the firms?341
Hello, is anybody there? Corporate accessibility for outside shareholders as a signal of agency problems40
When does FDI matter? The roles of local institutions and ethnic origins of FDI183
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Organizational Inducements and Employee Citizenship Behavior: The Mediating Role of Perceived Insider Status and the Moderating Role of Collectivism109
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Long-lived consumers, intertemporal bundling and collusion33
Evaluating journal quality and the association for information systems senior scholars' journal basket via bibliometric measures: Do expert journal assessments add value?51
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The Effects of Organisational Embeddedness on Insomnia37
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Examining the Technology Acceptance Model Using Physician Acceptance of Telemedicine Technology344
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Sample and Computationally Efficient Stochastic Kriging in High Dimensions2
Selling Virtual Items in Free-to-Play Games: Transparent Selling vs. Opaque Selling30
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Politics, structure of protection, and welfare33
A Strategic Concession Game49
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The CBOE S&P 500 Three-month variance futures197
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民间借贷中的暴力冲突: 清代债务命案研究240
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A New Method to Estimate Risk and Return of Non-traded Assets from Cash Flows: The Case of Private Equity Funds411
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Editorial: EServices22
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Editorial: For the special issue on 'personal aspects of E-business'19
Judging a book by its Cover: The influence of physical attractiveness on the promotion of regional leaders65
The asset management industry in China: Its past performance and future prospects101
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Addressing Housing Affordability through 'One Person, One Flat' Tax115
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More than the Quantity: The Value of Editorial Reviews for a User-Generated Content Platform12
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Helping Others by First Affirming the Self: When Self-Affirmation Reduces Ego-Defensive Downplaying of Others’ Misfortunes70
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How do the first batch of ETFs under the Hong Kong-Mainland ETF Cross-listing Scheme help your asset allocation?6
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Motivational determinants of transportation into marketing narratives74
Investigating the influence of the functional mechanisms of online product presentations16
Innovation through Supply Chain Reconfiguration303
Promiscuous or confident? Attitudinal ambivalence toward condom Purchase66
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Heterogeneous investment opportunities in multiple-segment firms and the incremental value relevance of segment accounting data55
Bidirectional solitons on water75
Optimal International Taxation and Growth Rate Convergence: Tax Competition vs. Coordination49
The purpose of scientific research: market competition vs. understanding the world105
Fraud and Innovation35
Size and value in China141
Time-Varying Risk Premium and Unemployment Risk across Age Groups26
Currency options and export-flexible firms182
Hysteresis in unemployment: Evidence from 48 U.S. States50
Analysis of scale effects in peer-to-peer networks162
Inducements, contributions, and fulfillment in new employee psychological contracts164
Competition for Attention and News Quality8
Within-country product diversification and foreign subsidiary performance190
Peer Effects in Corporate Investment Decisions: Imitation and Learning23
Supervisor Monitoring and Subordinate Innovation70
Electronic Commerce in Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China162
Skewness in Expected Macro Fundamentals and the Predictability of Equity Returns: Evidence and Theory61
Interbank market freezes and creditor runs62
Credit Ratings and International Tax Planning22
A note on entrepreneurial risk, capital market imperfections, and heterogeneity78
Listening in on Investors’ Thoughts and Conversations20
Automated Video Segmentation for Lecture Videos: A Linguistics-based Approach104
The varying shadow of China's banking system6
Financial Reporting Quality and Investment Efficiency of Private Firms in Emerging Markets221
Smog episodes, fine particulate pollution and mortality in China4
How Does Competition Help Future Learning in Serious Games? An Exploratory Study in Learning Search Engine Optimization56
Equilibrium asset and option pricing under jump diffusion255
Financial Reporting, Auditing, Analyst Scrutiny, and Investment Efficiency25
A Fundamental Study of Seasonal Risk-Return Relationship: A Note52
Using activity based costing to track resource use in group practices32
Targeting Target Shareholders135
Are CEOs and CFOs rewarded for disclosure quality?205
Feeling Possessive, Performing Well? Effects of Job-Based Psychological Ownership on Territoriality, Information Exchange, and Job Performance4
New product introduction with costly search215
Deciding The Financial Health Of Dot-coms Using Rough Sets132
Evaluating the industrial ergonomics of service quality for online recruitment websites192
Testing a Cancer Meta Spider83
The impact of CEOs’ accounting backgrounds on earnings management and conservatism51
Factors used in the selection of packaged software in small businesses: Views of owners and managers75
A multi-class congestion pricing problem in a continuum transportation system112
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Using content-based and link-based analysis in building vertical search engines53
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Computer-aided profile optimization design137
Diverging effects of mortality salience on variety seeking: The different roles of death anxiety and semantic concept activation78
Examining Internet banking acceptance: A comparison of alternative technology adoption models127
Degeneracy in inventory models70
Long Live Keju! The Persistent Effects of China's Civil Examination System354
An Internet based virtual exhibition system: Conceptual design and infrastructure55
Price Risk and Risk Management in Agriculture75
Economic value added: some empirical evidence178
Rethinking the role of partnerships in global supply chains: A risk-based perspective54
Adaptive estimation of the threshold point in threshold regression65
Viewpoint: Decision-making in committees173
Competition of the informed: Does the presence of short sellers affect insider selling?5
Capital mobility and the output-inflation tradeoff167
Current practices, new insights, and emerging trends of financial technologies62
Vertical integration and disruptive cross-market R&D40
EXPRESS: Advance Selling in Marketing Channels6
Evolution in division of labor and macroeconomic policies44
Using turn taking to mitigate coordination and conflict problems in the repeated Battle of the Sexes game206
Design of a web site for guaranteed delay and blocking probability bounds175
Managerial Learning from Analyst Feedback to Voluntary Capex Guidance, Investment Efficiency, and Firm Performance14
Does Privatization Work in China?112
Becoming Canadian: understanding how Hong Kong immigrants change their consumption87
A Case Study of the Change in the Achievement of H Share Companies before and after Listing128
Investment under Uncertainty with Variable Costly Reversibility63
The new market for volatility trading180
Liquidity constraints and the hedging role of futures spreads172
Investment shocks and the commodity basis spread66
Assessing the effects of service quality and justice on customer satisfaction and the continuance intention of mobile value-added services: An empirical test of a multidimensional model150
A Contingent View of Partner Coopetition in International Joint Ventures58
Connected transactions and firm value: Evidence from China-affiliated companies52
Diffusion with variable production lead times181
The Statistics and Mathematics of High Dimension Low Sample Size Asymptotics94
The informativeness of analyst forecast revisions and the valuation of R&D-intensive firms56
Coeducation, academic performance, and subject choice: evidence from quasi-random classroom assignments18
Sequential divestiture and firm asymmetry47
How a retailer should manipulate a dominant manufacturer's perception of market and cost parameters208
What Will Be Popular Next? Predicting Hotspots in Two-Mode Social Networks40
Does the Tail Wag the Dog?: The Effect of Credit Default Swaps on Credit Risk83
Governing local supplier opportunism in China: Moderating role of institutional forces43
The role of (non-)transparency in a currency crisis model90
Bandwidth packing with priority classes177
Information systems research in the Asia Pacific region139
Contractual Managerial Incentives with Stock Price Feedback40
Robust Control, Informational Frictions, and International Consumption Correlations75
The Distribution of Demand, Market Structure, and Investment in Technology183
The Effect of Individual Auditor Quality on Audit Outcomes: Opening the Black Box of Audit Quality4
ECRA Co-Editors' Introduction for Volume 7, Issue 245
Good Days, Bad Days: Stock Market Fluctuation and Taxi Tipping Decisions27
Export, foreign direct investment, and local content requirement183
Does futures trading increase stock market volatility? - The case of the Nikkei Stock Index Futures Markets138
Standards and verification for fair-exchange and atomicity in e-commerce transactions38
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Lessons from the Asian financial crisis115
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Gaming a Selective Admissions System 4
Signaling by an informed service provider39
Money in a “Safe” Place: Money Anthropomorphism Increases Saving Behavior9
The moderating effect of goal-setting characteristics on the sales control systems-job performance relationship68
The Effect of Export Marketing Capabilities on Export Performance: An Investigation of Chinese Exporters65
Hedging and nonlinear risk exposure200
Institutional quality and new firm survival88
Technological capability growth and performance outcome: Foreign versus local firms in China79
Process-driven collaboration support for intra-agency crime analysis125
The Influence of Social Crowding on Brand Attachment629
Channel Coordination of Storable Goods11
Mixing patterns and the spread of pandemics2
Evolution of knowledge sharing behavior in social commerce: An agent-based computational approach94
Firm Innovation and Covenant Tightness3
Opportunities and challenges for academic returnees in China189
An Isoperimetric Differential Game27
How does technological diversity in supplier network drive buyer innovation? Relational process and contingencies140
Do Financial Incentives Change Length‐of‐stay Performance in Emergency Departments? A Retrospective Study of the Pay‐for‐performance Program in Metro Vancouver31
A Litterman BVAR approach for production forecasting of technology industries197
Consumer behavioral loyalty: A segmentation model and analysis263
Customer participation and the trade-off between new product innovativeness and speed to market199
Economic fundamentals of road pricing: A diagrammatic analysis, part II - relaxation of assumptions120
Projected principal component analysis in factor models8
State corroding federalism70
The impact of e-book distribution on print sales: Analysis of a natural experiment116
Impact of a firm's physical and knowledge capital intensities on its selection of a cloud computing deployment model3
Earnings Quality and Stock Returns261
Asset Specificity Asymmetry and Supplier Opportunism in Buyer–Supplier Exchanges8
Are Sponsored Links Effective? Investigating the Impacts of Trust in Search Engine Advertising94
The effect of disclosures by management, analysts, and business press on cost of capital, return volatility, and analyst forecasts: A study using content analysis208
The perils of father-reported fertility data for household labour supply models199
How Does Environmental Corporate Social Responsibility Matter in a Dysfunctional Institutional Environment? Evidence from China127
Creating automated plans for Semantic Web applications through planning as model checking52
The Dynamic Process of Pro-market Reforms and Foreign Affiliate Performance: When to Seek Local, Subnational, or Global Help?53
A queueing model to evaluate the impact of patient "batching" on throughput and flow time in a medical teaching facility70
Functional coefficient regression models for non-linear time series: A polynomial spline approach128
How Blockchain Can Simplify Partnerships18
Intermediaries, Firm Heterogeneity and Exporting Behaviour85
Video mining: Measuring visual information using automatic methods14
When suppliers climb the value chain: A theory of value distribution in vertical relationships61
Spillovers and competition among foreign and local firms in China193
Managing RFID projects in organizations163
Sustainable growth21
Population Flow Drives Spatio-temporal Distribution of COVID-19 in China181
Market Transparency and International Allocation of Capital25
Information disclosure on mobile devices: Re-examining privacy calculus with actual user behavior53
Causality in the VIX futures market193
Entry and exit echoes53
Mortality Decline, Productivity Increase, and Positive Feedback between Schooling and Retirement Choices10
Determintants of Mail Survey Response Rates From Accounting-Type Populations106
Facilitating and rewarding creativity during new product development83
Retail Clusters in Developing Economies167
Integrated Production Planning and Risk Hedging27
Would the surge in AH share price premium indicate any arbitrage opportunities?6
Teaching key topics in computer science and information systems through a web search engine project60
Competitive bidding with a bid floor169
Understanding property rights theory and its application to Chinese corporate governance108
Some results on implementing a multi-item multi-constraint single-period inventory model51
Organizational Citizenship Behavior and Counterproductive Work Behavior: Do Males and Females Differ?102
Creditor rights, information sharing, and bank risk taking296
A conservation of resources perspective on career hurdles and salary attainment.58
How coordination trajectories influence the performance of interorganizational project networks6
Factor Intensity, product switching, and productivity: Evidence from Chinese exporters44
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Social-Jetlagged Consumers and Decreased Conspicuous Consumption23
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An empirical investigation on factors affecting the acceptance of CASE by systems developers83
Temporal and Computerized Psycholinguistic Analysis of the Blog of a Chinese Adolescent Suicide150
Internet scheduling environment with market-driven agents146
The effect of strategic alliance knowledge complementarity on new product innovativeness in China83
Hurting or helping? The effect of service agents’ workplace ostracism on customer service perceptions135
When and why does employee creativity fuel deviance? Key psychological mechanisms244
The Music of Power: Perceptual and Behavioral Consequences of Powerful Music100
Nonlabor Income and Age at Marriage: Evidence From China’s Heating Policy2
On what should firms focus in transitional economies? A study of the contingent value of strategic orientations in China175
Sensitivity analysis in parametrised optimization: a geometric exegesis99
ECRA Vol. 6, No. 321
Non-Neutral Technology, Firm Heterogeneity, and Labor Demand40
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A historiographical examination of information systems97
Measurement of Market Integration and Arbitrage81
Game-theoretic analysis of China's WTO accession188
Spare tire? Stock markets, banking crises, and economic recoveries53
A patent race in a real options setting: Investment strategy, valuation, CAPM beta, and return volatility183
High stakes in high technology: High-tech market values as options177
Tax Compliance and Audit Adjustment: An Investigation of the Transfer Pricing Methodologies124
Family firm heterogeneity and corporate policy: Evidence from diversification decisions71
Refinery of an Internet-based Search Tool: Exploring Perceptions from Information Systems Practitioners143
Mixture SNPs effect on phenotype in genome-wide association studies60
Tradecard: Building a Global Trading Electronic Payment System124
Technology Evaluation and Imitation: Do They Have Differential or Dichotomous Effects on ERP Adoption and Assimilation in China?92
Financial disclosure levels and foreign stock exchange listing decisions133
Picking Up the Losses: The Impact of the Cultural Revolution on Human Capital Reinvestment in Urban China31
What's My Style? Supply‐Side Determinants of Debt Covenant Inclusion9
Land financing and economic growth: Evidence from Chinese counties30
Structure and Extensions of the User Information Satisfaction Construct117
Antecedents and consequences of idiosyncratic deals: a frame of resource exchange75
Building a scientific knowledge web portal: The NanoPort experience196
Portfolio Performance Measurement: Theory and Applications63
The determinants of capital structure: Evidence from China431
Housing Choice Behavior of Urban Workers in China's Transition to a Housing Market66
Financial Innovation and Arbitrage Pricing in Frictional Economies87
Understanding blog continuance: A model comparison approach43
Do Consumers Always Spend More When Coupon Face Value is Larger? The Inverted U-Shaped Effect of Coupon Face Value on Consumer Spending Level149
Shanghai: Another Hong Kong?119
Efficiency of governance mechanisms in China's distribution channels47
The Decline of Township-and-Village Enterprises in China's Economic Transition28
Debt- and Equity-Financed Investment: Equilibrium Structure and Efficiency Implications109
60 Years of March and Simon’s Organizations: An Empirical Examination of its Impact and Influence on Subsequent Research8
Global connectedness and dynamic green capabilities in MNEs16
Why is China different from Eastern Europe? Perspectives from organization theory176
Information technology push/pull reactions165
Organizational tenure and job performance204
Adjusting risky situations: A theoretical framework and empirical test75
Production and hedging under state-dependent preferences40
Communication within Banking Organizations and Small Business Lending65
Darboux transformations of classical Boussinesq system and its multi-soliton solutions61
Skew and Fat-tail Effects on Firm Performance158
Technological knowledge, product relatedness, and parent control: The effect on IJV survival170
A remark on Lin and Chang's paper 'Consistent modeling of S&P 500 and VIX derivatives'128
Privacy concerns and privacy-protective behavior in synchronous online social interactions19
A Resource-Based Perspective on Leader-Member Exchange: An Updated Meta-Analysis82
Financial Markets, the Real Economy, and Self-Fulfilling Uncertainties70
When does competition lead to efficient investments?123
Consuming information systems: An economic model of user satisfaction3
SpidersRUs: Creating specialized search engines in multiple languages184
Subjective career success: A meta-analytic review156
Acquisition of managerial values in the People's Republic of China and Hong Kong69
Physician acceptance of telemedicine technology: An empirical investigation188
Measurements of the proton and deuteron spin structure functions g1 and g268
Stock prices, inflation and output: Evidence from India44
Pure Exporter: Theory and Evidence from China82
Expressways, GDP, and the environment: The case of China18
The role of co-operation and competition on leader-member exchange and extra-role performance in China196
Real Effects of Stock Underpricing74
Complex problem solving: Identity matching based on social contextual information182
Application of Expectancy Violations Theory to communication with and judgments about embodied agents during a decision-making task61
Shadow of the contract: How contract structure shapes interfirm dispute resolution3
The Predictive Power of January Returns in Foreign and Domestic Markets49
Leveraging multimedia to advance science by disseminating a greater variety of scholarly contributions in more accessible formats37
A Signaling theory of acquisition premiums: Evidence from IPO targets166
International mergers: Incentives and welfare71
Export-Flexible Firms and Forward Markets121
Can Peers' Ethical and Transformational Leadership Improve Coworkers' Service Quality? A Latent Growth Analysis.110
Technology choice and saving in the presence of a fixed adoption cost182
Patient Sensitivity to Emergency Department Waiting Time Announcements34
Meta-Analytic Five-Factor Model Personality Intercorrelations: Eeny, Meeny, Miney, Moe, How, Which, Why, and Where to Go52
A semiparametric estimation of the optimal hedge ratio43
The Effects Of Governance On Classification Shifting And Compensation Shielding121
On implementation via demand commitment games65
A comparison of different methods for estimating the average inventory level in a (Q,R) system with backorders1065
Social Security and elderly labor supply: Evidence from the Health and Retirement Study99
The Real Value of China’s Stock Market63
City-level political uncertainty and city-level IPO activities56
Government intervention and firm investment: Evidence from international micro-data390
The Popular 2007-08 Budget90
Hedonic Myopia: Emphasizing Hedonic Benefits of Non-Perishable Food Makes Consumers Insensitive to Expiration Dates in Food Purchase35
A Data-Driven Approach to Measure Web Site Navigability63
Property rights and fertilizing practices in rural China: Evidence from Northern Jiangsu7
Locus of control and organizational embeddedness226
Multiple indicators and multiple causes (MIMIC) models as a mixed-modeling technique: A tutorial and an annotated example33
The effect of strategic alliance resource accumulation and process characteristics on new product success: Exploration of international high-tech strategic alliances in China96
Large is beautiful: Horizontal mergers for better exploitation of production shocks72
Financial development and innovation: Cross-country evidence422
Insider Trading: Does Being a Neighbor of the Securities and Exchange Commission Matter?52
Wage structure when wage offers are private145
Institutional Investor Inattention and Audit Quality41
Learning to Game the System21
Signaling Under Double‐Crossing Preferences6
A Frog in Every Pan: Information Discreteness and the Lead-lag Returns Puzzle31
Conflict management and task reflexivity for team in-role and extra-role performance in China90
The multiple-soliton solution of the Camassa-Holm equation46
Effects of automated and participative decision support in computer-aided credibility assessment48
Can Chinese discuss conflicts openly? Field and experimental studies of face dynamics in China68
Managing human resources in Hong Kong. 1997 and beyond84
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Market Structure and Return Volatility: Evidence from the Hong Kong Stock Market151
Globalization and U.S. Corporate Tax Policies: Evidence from Import Competition17
Competition in China's domestic banking industry172
Organizational citizenship behavior in work groups: A team cultural perspective.95
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Increasing the competitive positions of countries through employee training: The competitiveness motive across 33 countries73
Female Directors and Firm Value: New Evidence from Directors’ Deaths6
Hong Kong Strategy's to China's Plan101
The multi-product multi-constraint newsboy problem: Applications, formulation and solution63
Analytical pricing of American options183
An Empirical Test of the Variance Gamma Option Pricing Model261
Determinants of entrepreneurial activities in China157
The effects of customer and competitor orientations on performance in global markets: A contingency analysis202
The Origins of Trust Asymmetry in International Relationships: An Institutional View48
Relational ties or customized contracts? An examination of alternative governance choices in China124
Does competition encourage corporate profit hiding?100
Mundell revisited: A simple approach to the costs and benefits of a single currency area180
Expectation Dependence: The Banking Firm Under Risk76
Identifying a policy makers target: an application to the Bank of Canada150
Corporate In‐house Tax Departments35
Analysis of the query logs of a web site search engine183
Contributing high quantity and quality knowledge to online Q&A communities3
Incentive or Selection? A New Investigation of Local Leaders’ Political Turnover in China60
Governing interfirm knowledge transfer in the Chinese market: The interplay of formal and informal mechanisms78
Innovation adoption of EDI119
Proportional justice versus efficient deterrence in Hong Kong criminal sentencing87
Production and Hedging under Smooth Ambiguity Preferences60
Does longer job tenure help or hinder job performance?96
Bank loans vs. Trade credit;Evidence from China88
Currency hedging for multinationals under liquidity constraints205
Influence Activities and Favoritism in Subjective Performance Evaluation: Evidence from Chinese State-owned Enterprises90
An empirical analysis of contracting by Chinese firms51
Currency Hedging for Export-Flexible Firms113
Assessing the impact of granular privacy controls on content sharing and disclosure on facebook28
Foreign acquisitions in China and multinationals' global market strategy49
The Effect of Belongingness on Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder in the Use of Online Social Networks33
Attention Misallocation, Social Welfare and Policy Implications75
Eliciting knowledge management research themes and issues: Results from a focus group study114
A lattice algorithm for pricing moving average barrier options139
An alternative valuation model for contingent claims62
Effects of Dominance Transitions on Advice Adherence in Professional Service Conversations44
Does state control affect managerial incentives? Evidence from china's publicly listed firms72
Mark-to-Market, Loan Retention, and Loan Origination5
Private Information Production, Public Disclosure, and the Cost of Capital: Theory and Implications68
Relationship between organizational justice and employee work outcomes: A cross-national study185
The confounding effects of distribution mixtures on some basic methods for handling stable-Paretian distributions45
The Effect of Regulative and Normative Distances on MNE Ownership and Expatriate Strategies68
Unlocking the Winner's Curse in the Application List System106
Mortgage Debt, Hand-to-Mouth Households, and Monetary Policy Transmission11
VIX futures142
Liability and reputation in credence goods markets51
Firm value and market liquidity around the adoption of common accounting standards62
How Do Technical Barriers to Trade Influence Trade?82
Investing in real-world equity markets with an AHP-based decision framework90
The spirit of capitalism, precautionary savings, and consumption196
Natural Disasters, Technology Diversity, and Operating Performance73
Evaluating the use of search engine development tools in IT education66
Research on IT value: What we have done in Asia and Europe319
Options on the minimum or the maximum of two average prices57
Did credit rating agencies make unbiased assumptions on CDOs?153
When should a manufacturer share truthful manufacturing cost information with a dominant retailer?168
ECRA Vol. 6, No. 422
The Effect of Accounting for Income Tax Uncertainty on Tax‐Deductible Loss Accruals for Private Insurers15
Evaluating six common stereotypes about older workers with meta-analytical data.122
Bid-taker power and supply base diversification26
Don't Want to Look Dumb? The Role of Theories of Intelligence and Humanlike Features in Online Help Seeking232
On the Dynamic Efficiency of Bertrand and Cournot Equilibria43
The effects of group decision support systems and task structures on group communication and decision quality191
Regulating risk or risking regulation? Construal levels and depletion effects in the processing of health messages199
Risk and Inflation27
Differences in Conference Call Tones: Managers vs. Analysts65
On the neutrality of debt in investment intensity46
Empowerment in the manager-employee relationship in Hong Kong: Interdependence and controversy74
Why is China investing in Africa? Evidence from the firm level43
Design and evaluation of a multi-agent collaborative Web mining system51
'Analysing a judgment' or, how to develop a practice126
Exchange trading rules and stock market liquidity156
Information Accessibility and Corporate Innovation19
Attribute coordination in organizations154
Investment and the soft budget constraint in China143
Words versus Deeds: Evidence from Post-Call Manager Trades46
Harmonizing conflict in husband-wife purchase decision making: Perceived fairness and spousal influence dynamics62
Soft budget constraint theories: From centralization to the market113
Unrequited: Asymmetry in interorganizational trust6
Morale and Debt Dynamics15
Loglinear approximate solutions to real-business-cycle models: Some observations199
R&d, Offshoring And Task Allocation Along A Global Supply Chain80
Trade Credit Financing under Competition and its Impact on Firm Performance in Supply Chains370
Analysts’ Book Value Forecasts: Initial Evidence from the Perspective of Real-Options-Based Valuation6
Changes in Perceptions of Ethical Leadership: Effects on Associative and Dissociative Outcomes115
Examining the effects of malfunctioning personalized services on online users' distrust and behaviors83
Designing for diagnosticity and serendipity: An investigation of social product-search mechanisms84
Serving Multiple ‘Masters’: Evidence from the Loan Decisions of a Publicly Listed State-Owned Bank Around a Massive Economic Stimulus Programme8
Working with rivals: The impact of competitor alliances on financial performance76
Innovation Diffusion and Implementation103
Delivery Risk and the Hedging Role of Options168
Strategic Waiting for Disruption Forecasts in Cross-Border E-Commerce Operations85
Autonomous Scientifically Controlled Screening Systems for Detecting Information Purposely Concealed by Individuals44
Role Of Pilot Study In Assessing Viability Of New Technology Projects: The Case Of RFID In Parking Operations120
New frontiers in international strategy210
科舉制與基督教會對製度演變的影響: 憲政與宗教文化製度114
Bank Competition and Financial Stability: Evidence from the Financial Crisis3
Direct and indirect effects of buyers and sellers on search advertising revenues in business-to-business electronic platforms105
A Hicksian approach to cost-benefit analysis with discrete-choice models.48
Operational and financial hedging for exporting firms172
Pricing and Hedging of Discrete Dynamic Guaranteed Funds123
Management of Information Systems: Insights from Accounting Research182
Use of Microblogs in Grassroots Movements in China: Exploring the Role of Online Networking in Agenda Setting118
Vertical or Horizontal: Endogenous Merger Waves in Vertically Related Industries75
International diversification with large- and small-cap stocks117
Substitution between Real and Accruals-Based Earnings Management after Voluntary Adoption of Compensation Clawback Provisions136
Noise as Information for Illiquidity123
Association of intensive care unit occupancy during admission and inpatient mortality: a retrospective cohort study41
An empirical analysis of corporate governance in China147
Merger waves: A model of endogenous mergers139
A quantitative assessment of the decline in the U.S. current account156
A General Framework for Consistency of principal component analysis101
Quantitative and qualitative examination of propositions concerning supervisor-subordinate convergence in descriptions of leader-member exchange (LMX) quality128
Market Shifts in the Sharing Economy: The Impact of Airbnb on Housing Rentals21
Investors' reactions to management guidance forms: The influence of multiple benchmarks191
ECRA co-editors' introduction for Vol. 9, Issue 4, July-August 201053
Firm reputation and horizontal integration73
Asset pricing under information-processing constraints84
A labor market based theory of regional economic development192
Conference Call Tone and Stock Returns: Evidence from the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong57
Barriers to global electronic commerce: A cross-country study of Hong Kong and Finland216
Is neutral really neutral? The effects of neutral user-generated content on product sales190
Proposing the control-reactance compliance model (CRCM) to explain opposing motivations to comply with organisational information security policies66
China as a regulatory state62
The market response to implied debt covenant violations34
The Round Number Heuristic and Entrepreneur Crowdfunding Performance20
Supervised Sparse and Functional Principal Component Analysis233
From the editor19
New product development for a food and beverage company: A showcase of evidence-based management150
Fixing the Core, Earnings Management, and Sustainable Emergence From Financial Distress: Evidence From China’s Special Treatment System12
Designing effective simulation-based decision support systems: An empirical assessment of three types of decision support systems55
An examination of the incremental usefulness of balance-sheet information beyond earnings in explaining stock returns60
Option compensation and industry competition147
Patterns in information systems portfolio prioritization: Evidence from decision tree induction153
What Explains the Dispersion Effect? Evidence from Institutional Ownership12
Day-of-the-Week Effects and Commodity Price Changes57
Convertible bond underpricing: Renegotiable covenants, seasoning, and convergence259
Scope of auditors' liability, audit quality, and capital investment73
Personality, social relationships,and vocational indecision among college students: The mediating effects of identity construction153
Eat, drink, firms, government: An investigation of corruption from the entertainment and travel costs of chinese firms453
Likelihood estimation and inference in threshold regression82
Influence of Firm’s Recovery Endeavors upon Privacy Breach on Online Customer Behavior27
Restricted Export Flexibility and Risk Management with Options and Forward Contracts69
Contracting institutions and vertical integration: Evidence from China's manufacturing firms146
State Ownership and Product Innovation in China: An Integrated View of Institutional and Efficiency Logics353
Reducing job insecurity and increasing performance ratings: Does impression management matter?74
Understanding the cross-country effects of U.S. technology shocks37
Cross-listing audit fee premiums: Theory and evidence235
Accounting for Banks, Risk-taking and Capital Regulation124
Clarity Begins at Home: Internal Information Asymmetry and External Communication Quality84
Public Policy, entrepreneurship, and venture capital in the United States58
The optimal degree of cooperation in the repeated Prisoners' Dilemma with side payments33
Capital budgeting and compensation with asymmetric information and moral hazard61
Choosing the right battlefield for the war on drugs: An irrelevance result68
Assisting Scalable Diagnosis Automatically via CT Images in the Combat Against COVID-1910
Property Rights And Original Sin In China28
Optimal two-part pricing under cost uncertainty118
Change Appeals: How Referencing Change Boosts Curiosity and Promotes Persuasion27
Bubbles for Fama16
Defending Mao’s Dream: How Politicians’ Ideological Imprinting Affects Firms’ Political Appointment in China668
Optimal bidding and contracting strategies for capital-intensive goods40
Adaptation of international marketing strategy components, competitive advantage, and firm performance: A study of Hong Kong exporters338
Model checking for e-Business control and assurance35
Federal Judge Ideology: A New Measure of Ex Ante Litigation Risk24
A Maximal Domain for the Existence of Strategy-Proof Rules60
Asymmetric Effects of Regulatory Focus on Expected Desirability and Feasibility of Embracing Self-Service Technologies74
Are all signals equal? Investigating the differential effects of online signals on the sales performance of e-marketplace sellers3
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The effects of a tick-size reduction on the liquidity in a pure limit order market: Evidence from Hong Kong83
The influence of relational experience and contractual governance on the negotiation strategy in buyer-supplier disputes4
Trust Building in Credence Goods Markets12
The wealth distribution and the demand for status202
The Causal Effect of Subscription Video Streaming on DVD Sales: Evidence from a Natural Experiment10
Export and Hedging Decisions under Correlated Revenue and Exchange Rate Risk41
Regulating the effects of depletion through monitoring193
Cultivating the sense of belonging and motivating user participation in virtual communities: A social capital perspective167
The timing of codevelopment alliances in new product development processes: Returns for upstream and downstream partners168
Complementary assets as pipes and prisms: Innovation incentives and trajectory choices30
IPOs and product quality158
The building of a new business ecosystem: Sustaining national competitive advantage through electronic commerce220
IT-enabled broadcasting in social media: An empirical study of artists' activities and music sales53
Production with Risk Hedging—Optimal Policy and Efficient Frontier67
Testing and Support Recovery of Correlation Structures for Matrix-Valued Observations with an Application to Stock Market Data.34
Customer Revisit Intention to Restaurants: Evidences from Online Reviews71
Improving group decisions by better pooling information: A comparative advantage of group decision support systems219
Subnational Debt of China: The Politics-Finance Nexus86
European Day-of-the-Week Effects, Beta Asymmetries and International Herding50
The Financial Implications of Supply Chain Changes60
Influence of Pull Marketing Actions on Marketing Action Effectiveness of Multichannel Firms: A Meta-Analysis7
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