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Homogeneous oxidation of organic substrates by ruthenium, iron and manganese tertiary amine complexes234
Clinical aspects of severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS)328
A study of diplomacy and trade between China & the Southeast Asian states during the Ming dynasty235
Indoor air pathogens and HVAC systems in office buildings266
Conservation genetics of Hong Kong wild orchids215
Optical transitions and excitonic effects in two-dimensional transition-metal dichalcogenides178
Genre analysis of word problems in junior secondary school mathematics textbooks for ESL learners in Hong Kong274
Translation of nature of science content in the official physics curriculums in mainland China and Hong Kong into the corresponding textbooks232
Benefits of perceived social support in adolescent pregnancy: an integrative review231
The role and function of a mutual aid committee: a case study of Lek Yuen Estate233
Pragmalinguistics: an analysis of power relations in speech acts281
Laou Kai Fook : a living intangible industrial/business heritage, case study of a traditional fabric and tailor shop in Shanghai208
Trade union policy and the trade union movement in Hong Kong249
The role of sleep in cognitive and affective biases associated with depression249
Paleomagnetic study of Permian and Triassic basalts from the Baoshan block in western Yunnan, SW China150
Class B GPCR ligands' expression patterns in developing amphioxus; their role embryogenesis and their evolutionary significance90
Spatial interaction of land use with transporation in Hong Kong and the Pearl River Delta216
The migration of the Galilean satellites in the circumjovian disk204
Environmental benefits of indoor living wall330
Religious release of birds in Hong Kong1727
The dynamics of family relationship in male adolescent drug rehabilitation239
Syntheses and acid hydrolyses of some octahedral Co(III) complexes containing macrocyclic quadridentate amines of different degrees ofunsaturation201
Creating safer alleys : a quantitative survey of women's fear in urban landscape in Hong Kong212
The factors that motivate teachers and administrative staff in an educational institution214
A linguistic study of literary and colloquial Min dialect238
Feature-based 2D-3D registration and 3D reconstruction from a limited number of images via statistical inference for image-guidedinterventions266
Prison reform in Hong Kong: issues and prospects253
Road accidents: identification of patterns and trends220
Efficacy of psychosocial group intervention for Chinese women undergoing in-vitro fertilization: aprospective randomized controlled study282
Pestalotiopsis taxonomy: molecular phylogenetics, species nomenclature and teleomorph relationships235
Temporal changes in sialoglycan binding profile of human H3N2 influenza viruses45
Novel small organic compounds for induction of Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) lytic cycle in EBV-positive epithelial malignancies770
The opinions and attitude of the re-entry of schools of young patients by the teachers206
The association between Fc gamma receptor gene polymorphisms and periodontitis217
Evaluation of anti-human respiratory syncytial virus effects of short interfering RNAs and β-defensin-4188
The influence of principals' attitudes on the implementation of environmental education in primary schools211
Molecular characterization of chicken galanin and galanin receptor family205
Analyse the feasibility of development a regional logistics centre forHong Kong and Shenzhen265
Teachers' perception of the relationship between discipline and guidance: a case study187
Sex educ@tion in Hong Kong: in what ways can ICT play a role?239
Analysis of abnormal phenotypes of Hoxb3 mouse mutants generated by gene targeting216
Childhood insomnia, internalising and externalising symptoms among Hong Kong primary school students : the role of emotion regulation195
Replicated sampling in censuses and surveys213
Role of chicken toll-like receptor 3 in antiviral responses during H9N2 influenza virus infection252
A new approach to presenting congestion level alerts to road users376
The use of "Octopus" smart card in the secondary schooladministration236
Policing and district administration: an analysis of policy and administration coordination problems260
A critical study of Li Shen's (772/773-846) poetic works220
Recognising unauthorised heritage : regularisation of an unauthorised Chinese temple : the case of “Uncle 2” temple, Hong Kong57
Performance-aware programming for intraoperative intensity-based image registration on graphics processing units104
Effectiveness of criminal attitudes-based intervention in reducing recidivism in young offenders90
Cross-domain subspace learning211
Temporal analysis on HFS+ and across file systems in digital forensic investigation273
Urban transition: redevelopment of Guangzhou East Railway Station frontage space139
Epidemiology and management of gastro-esophageal reflux disease and functional dyspepsia in the Hong Kong Chinese465
Sleep and circadian rhythm disruptions in anxiety and depressive disorders among adolescents and young adults267
Postmodern space in Yaumatei212
A study of subcontracting in the Hong Kong construction industry and its impact on the management of quality298
Teacher identity, teacher cognition and teacher instructional practices in the teaching of intercultural communicative competence : a mixed methods study on Chinese language teachers457
Comparative study of granite in Tung Chung area126
The utility of MDM2 as a diagnostic adjunct for lipomatous tumors230
An oral history of women cleaning workers in Hong Kong417
Towards a dynamic systems approach to love533
Evaluation of measures taken by financial institutes under the interest rate swing caused by the currency attack200
The role of branched-chain amino acids and their catabolism in regulating energy metabolism via adipose tissue in mice116
Towards political education for transition: the development of political studies in Hong Kong secondaryschool216
Short-term and long-term exposure to fine particulate constituents and related health effects in Hong Kong140
Landscape of lost and found : nature in Shen Congwen’s and Gao Xingjian’s writings179
The study of Chin P‘ing Mei =231
The regulatory role of myometrial cells-derived matrix metalloproteinase 3 (MMP3) on the maintenance of endometrial mesenchymal stem-like cells (eMSCs)85
Comparative study on the outcomes of restoring SDF-treated and untreated dentine caries lesions with ART approach145
The role of property manager in improving the recycling rate in Hong Kong: incentives for residents to changetheir waste practices239
The poetry of Han-shan in English: a culturalapproach260
An evaluation of service quality of shopping centres in Hong Kong: acase study of the Grand Century Place209
Behind the wire: Australian military nursing and internment during World War II249
Poverty in Hong Kong: pushed to themargins205
Exploring the use of Wiki in a secondary school science project173
A discussion of the parodic ci poetry of Xin Qiji377
Globalisation and poverty: planners' roles221
The transformation of the image of Mozi in modern China (1840-1949) =235
Writing as the Sinthome: Joyce in critical theory : reading Ulysses and Finnegans Wake342
Plug-in housing: redevelopment of Ferry Street, Yau Ma Tei224
The role of P53 in nasal-type extranodal NK/T-cell lymphomas in Hong Kong patients98
Training chinese parents as agents of behavioural change for their children: an exploration evaluation study205
What determines the life satisfaction of middle class elderly? : a case study of the Tanner Hill senior housing project in Hong Kong344
Demand for private tutoring received by left-behind children in China : a case study of a primary school in Sichuan province107
Development and evaluating effectiveness of the personal resilience and enrichment programme (PREP) for mental health and HIV prevention among female sex workers in Hong Kong136
A study of the correlation of share price movements of Taiwan listed companies with cross holdings227
Social support and its constructed meaning in the experience of peoplewith physical disabilities: a qualitativestudy in the city of Changchun in China220
The association between microRNAs and progesterone elevation on the endometrial receptivity in in-vitro fertilization treatment cycles163
Joint ventures in China: relation with government209
An analysis of the staff appraisal system in the Hong Kong government220
Study of silane-assisted electroplating techniques and applications209
'Designs against a common foe' : the Anglo-Qing suppression of piracy161
Robust statistics based adaptive filtering algorithms for impulsive noise suppression195
Evaluating transit-served areas with non-traditional data : an exploratory study on Wuhan rail transit line 2, China118
Mechanic assessments of autoimmune responses induced by dendritic cells upon interactions with dying cells: therole of IL-10275
The impact of culture on communications: a study on the possible effects of culture on inter-cockpitcommunications212
A study of single English words occurring in Hong Kong Cantonese: differentiating lexical borrowing fromcode-switching272
The relationship between mathematics teacher emotions and classroom practice : a mixed methods study in senior secondary schools of China (Guangdong province)52
A membrane bioreactor (MBR) for a biological nutrient removal system: treatment performance, membrane foulingmechanism and its mitigation strategy306
Audiometric configurations of hearing-impaired children in Hong Kong: implications for amplification221
Effect of map viewing on spatial learning in a virtual environment42
Modeling, analysis and control design for the UPFC with fuzzy theory and genetic algorithm application230
Obesity as a risk factor for periodontal disease in Chinese adults218
An exploratory study of the Mental Health Review Tribunal in HongKong243
Effects of student-student interaction on approaches to learning and on academic performance226
Roundabout transformation: 3D parkconnector193
Perceptions and practices of code-mixing in MSN among secondary schoolstudents in Hong Kong269
Revision in the ESL composition class: a study of the effectiveness of peer feedback245
Restricted Boltzmann machine for missing data imputation in biomedical datasets116
(Di)Sport-scape for professionals & amateurs: Mongkok Stadium & District redevelopment219
A study of the factors affecting the preference of choice for local shoppers between e-shopping and shopping malls in Hong Kong608
Postpartum care and motherhood in contemporary South Korea : a study on sanhujoriwons90
The neuroprotective effect of lycium barbarum polysaccharides on retinal neurons in a novel acute glaucoma attack animal model209
The co-operative building society : Olsonian group theory and economic factor analyses204
Social skills training for patients with schizophrenia261
Study of the roles of dishevelled-3 in stemness and cell migration in hepatocellular carcinoma196
Spatial integration and modernization process: a case study of China213
Public attitudes towards the Royal Hong Kong Police262
A feasibility study of applying ISO 14000 to wastewater management in Hong Kong228
Development of globe thermometers for measuring radiation and air speed213
Feature based reverse engineering for thermoforming mould design213
The impact of improved transport infrastructure on property values234
A comparative study of industrial adjustment in Hong Kong and Japan: the study of textiles and garmentsindustries215
Idea development and organization in English writing for seventh formers292
Young night drifters in Hong Kong390
Effect of treatment interference protocol (TIP) on the use of physicalrestraints in ICU219
Suicide and the media in the Chinese contexts304
The relationship between the writing competence and reading competence of Hong Kong fourth-grade students in the progress in international reading literacy study = 香港小四學生在「全球學生閱讀能力進展研究(PIRLS)」的書寫表達能力與閱讀理解能力的關係166
Collective bargaining in the public sector: aHong Kong case study206
Transboundary water pollution: a legal perspective223
Parenting stress in family with autistic individual235
Study of Bi-2223 high temperature superconducting tapes for RF and gradient coils in magnetic resonance imaging222
The role of composting in solid waste management237
An evaluation of the effectiveness of the new teaching methods and learning approaches for "history of Chinese culture andarts"219
Psychosocial predictors of the immune functioning of symptomatic HIV+ patients in Hong Kong270
Emotion regulation patterns of psychotic patients and their affect191
The impact of economic policy on cultural behavior : evidence from U.S.-China trade war and film market22
High-performance interconnection networks design93
Service disengagement in schizophrenia spectrum disorders191
A study of Zhu Zhixin, 1885-1920232
A new primary school for quality education214
A study of Ku Chieh-kang, 1893-1980285
Evidence-based guidelines of using cryotherapy in reducing pain, knee swelling and improving range of motion for patients after total kneereplacement215
Verification of program properties: from testing to semi-proving234
Ethical decision-making in individual counseling among student guidance teachers277
An investigation of incentive conflicts in the privatization of highlyspecific fixed infrastructure assets150
A study of early teenage sexual behavior: theimpact of family relations and gender differences207
Microstrip radio-frequency coil and array design for magnetic resonance imaging255
Cross-border marriage in China : a case study in Fangzheng342
Administratively allocated land and urban development in China : a case study of Guangzhou132
A study of Shi Jie (1005-1045)240
Two essays on interest rate and volatility term structures241
Pollution of sea water by industrial outflows, with special reference to the inshore waters around Hong Kong240
Housing the physically disabled in public rental estates in Hong Kong232
Development of diffusion and functional magnetic resonance imaging techniques for neuroscience267
Sense of place among young transmigrant professionals in Hong Kong211
The place of technical studies in the ordinary secondary school with special reference to the science curriculum221
Predicting when we die: the design and testing of a tool to predict, at useful levels, the intent to commitsuicide in the Hong Kong community and a review of suicide in China,Taiwan and Singapore241
Synthesis and properties of tellurium-containing long chain fatty acidderivatives212
Pokfulam Reservoir Park277
The causes of errors in composing in Chinese by Hong Kongstudents265
Incremental algorithms for multilinear principal component analysis of tensor objects225
Troubling ceramic art material imaginings in the field of visual art: Ruth Duckworth and Grayson Perry162
A study of oral health-related quality of life during adolescence191
Quantitative coronary arteriography220
Cognitive impairments in chronic temporal lobe epilepsy patients : an event-related potential study of prospective memory55
Design, synthesis, photophysics and self-assembly study of platinum (II) terpyridine complexes and their utilization as stimuli-responsive smart materials and probes for molecules and macromolecules of biological interest208
Syntheses, spectroscopy and photophysics of ruthenium(II) carbene complexes and diimine complexes with functionalized ligands formolecular recognition and organized assembly229
A study on the relationship between transportation and telecommunications in Hong Kong: are theycomplementary or competitive?227
Linguistic problems of the Singapore writer using English as a medium,with reference to prose writings: the shortstory and the novel240
A study of yingxi fiction in the early republican China = Min chu ying xi xiao shuo yan jiu218
Light source estimation from spherical reflections303
Feminine roles in fairy tales and folktales267
The Government's policies and instruments on countryside planning in Hong Kong247
Building panoramas from photographs taken with a hand-held camera210
Wind effects on a tall building with recessed cavities243
AC mains voltage regulation by solid-state power conversiontechniques234
Ethical decision making of discipline teachers in Hong Kong secondary schools221
Working women in China and Japan in 20th century history: a comparative analysis215
The management of flue gas desulphurization waste in Hong Kong223
Polarization behaviour on microfabricated metallic gas-diffusion electrode structures252
Cantonese relative clause processing: a working memory study258
Building sustainable cities: a comparative analysis of heritage conservation in Hong Kong and Macau225
Management companies and resident organizations in the private housingsector of Hong Kong338
Oral and prosthetic findings of cobalt-chromium removable partial denture wearers: a five-year survey220
Adapt with the people : developing a community-based evaluation methodology for community built heritage, using the case of Tsuen King Circuit Market, Hong Kong76
A study of adenovirus mediated transfer of p53 and Rb in cervical cancer cell lines231
A study on whole school approach to discipline in a Hong Kong secondary school283
An evaluation of the tenants purchase scheme (TPS) : whether it is feasible to be restarted213
Job satisfaction and stress of nurses and their association with turnover intention rate in an acute Hong Kong public hospital, Pamela Youde Nethersole Eastern Hospital1811
Stunted growth and infertility in transgenic mice overexpressing epidermal growth factor275
Functional study of suppressor of variegation 3-9 homolog 1 in hepatocellular carcinoma173
Epigenetic silencing of microRNA-199b-5p leads to chemoresistance via activation of JAG1 (jagged1) in ovarian cancer189
The effectiveness of guessing vocabulary meaning using contextual clues and learning word list in terms of vocabulary retention316
Modernizing Chinese religion in Malaysia : buddhifying rituals and reforming customs in Sungai Chua new village34
Studying the feasibilities of electronic road pricing and bus rapid transit to solve traffic congestion in Guangzhou city proper238
Urban governance and cultural heritage conservation in Guangzhou297
Simulation of initial stage of water impact on 2-D members with multigridded volume of fluid method256
Exploring the contribution of illness perceptions to psychological distress among breast cancer survivors125
An investigation of English teachers' and students' perceptions of using Cantonese in English classrooms268
Perception of Hong Kong primary school heads on their role in contributing to national development in China244
A regional atmospheric dispersion model for Daya Bay Nuclear Power Station233
A review on the effects of ginsenoside on cardiovascular diseases and the phytochemistry of ginsenoside extracts from panax notoginseng197
Functional characterization of cytoglobin229
Sediment nutrient flux for a pulsed organic load: mathematical modeling and experimental verfication227
Urban renewal policy in Hong Kong: an analysis of its formulation and implementation235
OSL dating of sediment and climate change of late quaternary163
An evaluation of the prospective privitisation of water supply servicein Hong Kong203
A study of Wang T'ao's reformist thoughts239
Evaluation of verification accuracy of two different immobilization methods in stereotactic body radiotherapy of early stage non-small cell lung carcinoma and pulmonary oligometastases170
Implementation of flood control policy in Hong Kong289
Quality of life in atrial fibrillation231
A review of the effectiveness of the Government LPG Taxi Scheme as a fuel switch program for cleaner air: itsimplication for public acceptance and for future policies184
Two essays on Chinese listed companies223
Socio-aware random walk search and replication in peer-to-peer networks208
The effect of physical education on gross motor performance of Hong Kong preschool children215
The development of cotton spinning and weaving industries in HongKong, 1946-1966260
Time-resolved spectroscopic studies of photo-defluorination and photo-decarboxylation reactions of selected fluoroquinolone antibiotic and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs193
Magnetic resonance diffusion characterization of brain diseases182
A subpopulation of CD44+/CD25-/CD100+ cells contributes to the development of basal epithelial-like metaplastic breast cancer in adiponectin-deficient MMTV-PyVT mice193
Sectional image reconstruction in optical scanning holography248
An analysis of the impact of the Building Management Ordinance on owners' incorporation261
Performance and robustness of self-consolidating concrete244
Seismic drift assessment of buildings in Hong Kong with particular application to transfer structures238
Expression and functions of FOXM1 in human embryonic stem cells146
STAD in form 1 mathematics: effects on achievement, on-task behaviour and intrinsic interest in thesubject211
Factors that influence motivation, achievement and group problem solving outcome in mathematics of Chinese eighth graders in a cooperative learning setting316
Who should do the job?: a research on how learning study could enhance teaching and learning in schools and itssustainability287
A unified elasto-plastic model for saturated loosely compacted completely decomposed granite252
The issue of dynastic legitimacy of the Three Kingdoms asseen in Zizhi Tongjian218
Ku Yen-wu's view on historical studies308
Effectiveness of telemedicine to the management of chronic pain : a systematic review163
Screening of genes related to pollen development in a thermo-sensitivemale sterile rice (Oryza sativa L.): cloningand characterization of UDP-glucose pyrophosphorylase212
The life and works of Zhang Xiaoxiang, 1132-1169205
Suprachiasmatic nucleus projecting retinal ganglion cells in golden hamsters development, morphology and relationship with NOS expressingamacrine cells219
RET transcriptional regulation by HOXB5 in Hirschsprung's disease193
Simulations and software developments for cosmic-ray and particle physics experiments in underground laboratories202
Drug resistance and R-plasmids in salmonellae in Hong Kong195
Formation and dynamics of the resonant chain in the trappist-1 exoplanet system185
The role of precore and core promoter mutations in Chinese patients with chronic hepatitis B223
A study of Wáng Qīnrúo (962-1025)234
Learning to be urban - migrant students at a vocational secondary school in Beijing176
Roles of metabolic factor APPL2 in depressive symptoms and its application as the drug target to traditional Chinese medicine compound baicalin114
Characterization of the roles of PAK5 in neuronal celldifferentiation279
A review of safety startegies of Mass Transit Railway in Hong Kong269
A study on the variant Cantonese in Hong Kong743
Efficiency enhancement for nanoelectronic transport simulations204
School district housing (Xue Qu Fang) and the underlying problem of unequal distribution of educational resources : a study of Guangzhou city295
Antigenic characterisation of avian influenza H5N1 viruses in Asia: implications for vaccine strainselection220
A collagen microencapsulation : assisted stem cell-based approach for treating degenerative disc disease200
Gossiping in meshes in all-port mode and with short packets234
Application of high-intensity focused ultrasound ablation to patients with hepatocellular carcinoma and cirrhosis264
The post-antifungal effect (PAFE) and its impact on the pathogenic attributes of Candida albicans287
Ahead of the e-curve : leading global social media verification education from Asia in a 21st century mediascape155
A comparative study of the maritime trade supervisorates of Guangzhou and Quanzhou during the Song dynasty = 宋代廣州與泉州市舶司比較研究21
The effects of relative clause length on word order139
Perceptions of Hong Kong secondary school principals regarding their role in decision-making221
The evolution and revolution of a rapid growth firm in Hong Kong194
Reflecting musically : the Shanghai Municipal Orchestra as a semi-colonial construct347
Microbial contamination of enteral feeds214
A study on the gas industry in Guangdong215
Cell cycle independent role of cyclin D3 in host restriction of influenza virus infection188
Performing gender in "Orlando" and "The Passion"249
An epidemiological study of self-harm in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region257
The temperature dependence of the Planar Hall effect in nickel, cobaltand iron225
Cattle as urban planner367
Dose evaluation at tumor dose region by using PTW diamond dose calculation management software (version 6.2.7) and measurement at a heterogeneous phantom16
The limits of official development assistance in fostering economic growth : a comparative analysis of western and Chinese economic cooperation practices in Africa192
Staff development as perceived by a sample of Hong Kong Catholic secondary school teachers: implications forfuture staff development programmes224
Synthesis, assembly, and integration of magnetic nanoparticles for nanoparticle-based spintronic devices219
A study of drive schemes for synchronous rectifiers in switching powersupplies244
A study on quantitative association rules235
Scaling up social innovation : the case of Escuela Nueva in Colombia and BRAC education programme in Bangladesh377
The construction and development of a measure on Chinese continuing bond and its correlates with bereavement outcomes193
Red tides: a detrimentall threat to the environment206
A comparative study of the extent of diglossia/bilingualism among secondary pupils in the rural and urban areas of Hong Kong215
Factors affecting the patency in microvascular anastomosis213
Reading Hitler: British newspapers' representation of Nazism, 1930-39548
Chronic hepatitis B-related liver diseases in the Chinese290
Show me the money: a monetary perspective on heritage conservation of graded historic buildings in Hong Kong174
Taxation and constitutionalism in the People's Republic of China263
Facial expression analysis with graphical models273
Uncovering tyrosine kinase inhibitor resistance mutations in EGFR mutant lung adenocarcinoma using whole-exome sequencing128
Scenery of mind: photography gallery204
Abdominal wound infection after caesarean delivery in a district hospital201
Urban re-constructed: re-formation in Wan Chai200
Rural-to-urban migration and economic restructuring in China, 1982-2000: a case study of Guangdong province200
Representations of Chinese women in three modern literary texts258
Hiving-off: the case of the Hong Kong Post Office273
Patterned Jacquard fabric defect detection343
The transferability of housing voucher system in Hong Kong167
Essays on online reviews226
Multiple access and interference management for 5G-and-beyond wireless networks178
The development of the concept and theory of heaven-and-man among emperors and scholar-officials in the Northern Song Dynasty219
A comparison of hemodynamic responses in losartan- and enalapril- treated normotensive rats197
Visual crowding and binocular vision: the locus of crowding relative to binocular rivalry and fusion276
Building an organizational culture under a trading fund operation: a case study of the land registry203
The long-term effects of yoga and aerobic exercise on cognitive function and clinical symptoms in early psychosis : a follow-up randomized control trial287
Unveiling the mask of Moheyan : a historical and doctrinal analysis of the Ton mun pa in the bSam yas debate140
The philosophical thoughts as seen in the great appendix to the I-ching245
Aminoxy acids as building blocks for turns and helices251
Two empirical studies on purchase behavior and referral engagement29
The Open Learning Institute of Hong Kong371
Wang Fuzhi's Shijing scholarship and literary thought = 內極才情, 外周物理 : 王夫之《詩經》文學研究180
Quality of life of the institutionalized elderly: a case study of three Japanese institutions for theelderly254
An evaluation of the development and implementation of the school places allocation policy in Hong Kong217
A critical examination of the small house policy in the New Territories of Hong Kong338
The concept of retribution in San-yen238
Proteome analysis of anther-development-related proteins in a thermo-sensitive male sterile rice mutant217
Xun Zi's concepts of human nature and mind277
Review on solid cancer stem cell: overview and future directions225
Identification of fault zones using gravity survey and subsurface exploration: a case study219
Development of a hybrid robotic system for femur fracture reduction248
The ligand binding properties and non-genomic signaling mechanisms of membrane receptors for estrogen and phytoestrogens238
Application of permeation grouting in soils in Hong Kong632
An international survey on the use of influenza vaccine and attitudes of clinical researches about a possible outbreak of influenza194
Abduction and computation271
School behavioral problems and family environment208
Geomagnetic field measurements at Hong Kong220
Marginal leakage of post-and-core restored teeth after cyclic loading205
Queries and analysis tasks on semantically rich spatial data210
Hong Kong competitiveness: government policy for economic synergy between Hong Kong & Mainland China after 1997227
A study of job satisfaction and job involvement of assistant social work officers in the Social Welfare Department297
Planning and design for low-carbon public housing development in Hong Kong: an evaluation237
Some topics in risk theory and optimal capital allocation problems176
The development and role of ASEAN as a regional association223
Reflections on Paulo Freire's pedagogy with reference to the postmodern insights into education217
Entrepreneurial opportunities in exhibition contracting business: riding on the economic transformations ofHong Kong177
A performance evaluation for a solar powered absorption air conditioning system in Hong Kong233
Animal care and education centre260
Protein-energy malnutrition among Chinese elderly medical patients in Hong Kong225
Novel fabrication methodologies for microwave engineering67
Managing institutional environment in emerging economy : longitudinal investigation of foreign firms in China338
Service learning in a primary school in Hong Kong240
Performance of 5- to 8-year-old typically developing children and children with autism spectrum disorder in a Chinese version of theHapp's strange stories236
An exploratory study of parents' perception and involvement in English language learning (ELL) at primary four level in Hong Kong3
Developing indigenous education in Taiwan : indigenous perspectives and possibilities148
The glucokinase gene and glucose intolerance in southern Chinese213
Comparative studies on leadership training for secondary students in Hong Kong, China and Singapore : are culture-specific implicit leadership attributes reinforced?140
A study of personalized service: the impact on the development of property management company219
On the design of multiplier-less perfect reconstruction filter banks using genetic algorithm and sum-of-powers-of-two representation219
Thin films and heterojunctions of tetravalent hafnium ion(Hf4+) doped perovskite manganite La1-xHfxMnO3250
A case study of implemenation of assessment for learning in a Hong Kong secondary school: a small-scale multi-perspective approach180
Motivation in corporate volunteering and factors affecting its sustainability239
Contradictions and ambiguity: characterization and identities in Jean Rhy's novels229
A study of the relationship between secondary school students' fitnesslevel and their knowledge of health related fitness231
Investigating the potential significance of tau protein in corticosterone-induced depression and neurodegeneration : implication in Alzheimer's disease233
A case study of High Island Reservoir east dam and Long Ke Wan Area for the new “HKDSE geography fieldwork-based curriculum”275
Tensile strength of remoulded soils227
Pogge on global justice209
Autism, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder : are they connected?245
Biomechanical comparative study of the JuggerKnotTM soft anchor technique with other common mallet finger fracture fixationtechniques235
Orthotic treatment of the rheumatoid arthritic foot67
Unruly pupils in a Hong Kong secondary school: a case study223
The potential for eco-tourism development in Hong Kong382
Joint color-depth restoration with kinect depth camera and its applications to image-based rendering and hand gesture recognition230
Conference call communication and managerial learning effect169
The planning of the Castle Peak 'B' power station project682
Control of chaos in advanced motor drives236
Assessment of performance of different computational methods (DFT and MP2) with different levels of basis sets benchmarked by CBS-QB3 methodby selected reactions203
Characterization of novel neuroprotectants for rescuing retinal ganglion cell loss in an ocular hypertensive model of glaucoma235
Marine oil pollution control-projections for Hong Kong221
Political economy of cross-border mergers and acquisitions245
Mass spectrometric and quantum chemical studies of geological fluids194
A study of the rehabilitation of discharged prisoners with mental illness in a halfway house252
Efficient stabbing algorithms for a set of objects221
Forecast of industrial land requirement in Hong Kong224
Wobbler mouse: early detection of motoneuron disease, therapeutic evaluation of nutrition, neuropeptides & theirantagonists, and the effects on neuronal sprouting in cervical spinalcord223
Small manufacturing businesses in Hong Kong: an analysis of their economic significance, performance andmanagement characteristics.218
Estimation for generalized linear mixed model via multipleimputations218
Application of postmortem alzheimer's disease brain to elucidate the involvement of death receptor adaptor signaling219
Smad3 inhibition enhances neurogenesis and antidepressant-like behaviors in mouse models6
Chinese education and the prestige of English235
"Commitment, knowledge, social support" associated with successful breast-feeding in H.K. Chinese women219
The impacts of aerobic exercise and mind-body exercise (yoga) on neuro-cognition and clinical symptoms in early psychosis : a single-blind randomized controlled clinical trial424
Molecular and polymeric metal complexes for electroluminescence applications237
Vowel development in Mandarin-speaking children109
On the acoustic analysis and design of porous materials for low-frequency noise control186
The origins and developments of detention centre programme in Hong Kong322
Low back pain in health care workers in public hospital: the relationship between physical fitness and selfreported low back pain228
The role of the Legislative Council in the Daya Bay controversy222
Computer simulations of crystal plasticity at different length scales227
Syntheses, characterization and emission studies of luminescent homo-and heterometallic clusters based on coinage metal alkynyl andchalcogenide core218
The smart card technology in the financial services198
An analysis of the decision making process of the public crisis management in Hong Kong: 2003 SARSoutbreak272
Use of GIS to identify suitable sites for a superjail in Hong Kong228
A case study to review school guidance programme in a secondaryschool: from teachers' and studentsperspectives211
Review of clinical benefits and cost effectiveness of epidermal growthfactor receptor-tyrosine kinase inhibitor (EGFR-TKI) as first linetreatment for patients with advanced non-small cell lung cancer(NSCLC)221
A study of the impact of minimum wage on security services of housing estates in Hong Kong181
Teachers' involvement in the implementation of school-basedmanagement: a case study in a governmentprimary school220
Iron metabolism mediated by MtsA, transferrin and desferrioxamine259
Examining the protective roles of sirtuin 2 against oxidative stress-induced histone damage and construction of degenerate peptide libraries for high-throughput screening of inhibitors of histone methylation "readers"72
A review of the effectiveness of the extent of discretion exercised bypolice officer of Hong Kong Police Force in street level265
The environmental impacts of port and harbour activities: ballast water management220
Why are there list prices?186
Insomnia, depression and headache in Hong Kong Chinese females248
Ideology and curriculum: a critical analysis of school administrators' discourse266
Parents as consumers in a marketised educational environment : the demand for private supplementary tutoring at primary and lower secondary levels in China335
The effectiveness of the genre approach to teaching HKCEEChinese history genres to secondary school students =280
On holomorphic isometric embeddings from the unit disk into polydisks and their generalizations259
On various packing and covering problems237
Studies on the use of (triphenylphosphine)copper(I) hydride hexamer inthe tandem reduction-intramolecular aldol cyclisation reaction220
On envelopes and envelope theorem227
NANOG in ovarian cancer225
Students' command of Mandarin and Cantonese in anEnglish-Mandarin bilingual school in Hong Kong240
The bender visual motor gestalt test: across-cultural comparison241
Diffusion tensor imaging of the cervical spinal cord in Chinese healthy population149
An analysis of building information modelling (BIM) implementation from a planned behavior perspective831
Could outdoor activities protect children from myopia? : a literature review198
An evaluation of the rental policy on commercial properties in Hong Kong public housing estates218
An ecological study of fungi associated with the mangrove associate Acanthus ilicifolius L. in Mai Po, Hong Kong317
Translating optics to clinics : ultra-large-scale single-cell biophysical phenotyping for cancer pre-screening117
The role of internal locus of control for the relationship between multidimensional perfectionism and academic procrastination31
The study of international regimes: a theoretical discussion194
Two essays on managerial education effect in Chinese public listed companies237
Understanding language teacher's culturally responsive teaching self-efficacy and its enhancement through learning study in Chinese reading with young Chinese language learners268
An evaluation of user's perception on the planning information system for urban renewal in Hong Kong216
Media and discriminatory experience : lives of South Asian minorities in Hong Kong191
Study on transport-related underground development: with review and suggestions for Tsim Sha Tsui224
Nature and value in early Chinese philosophy205
Health Resort in Kau Sai Chau219
Stroke prevention in atrial fibrillation : from atrial fibrillation screening to anticoagulation178
A study of property management services and safety condition of buildings in Hong Kong306
Evaluation of a new fetal biometric normogram of the Hong KongChinese209
Morphology and structure development of a PET/PP blend in extrusion, solid-state drawing and annealing223
Stability analysis and controller synthesis of continous-time linear time-delay systems233
An investigation of vocabulary coverage in English language teaching textbooks used in Hong Kong secondary schools249
Semi-analytical and numerical studies on the dynamics of scale-free complex network207
AMPK-activation reduces relaxations attributable to the opening of potassium channels in endothelial and smooth muscle cells of the rat superior mesenteric artery71
Environmental awareness and understanding: a comparison of students in two contrasting schools in Hong Kong323
"Muddling through": a cultural perspective onlife in schools for China's deviant students231
Effectiveness of chronic disease self management program (CDSMP) for non-English speaking population: a narrativeliterature review262
A study of male accessory sex glands in protecting: the genomic integrity of sperm in the golden hamster(Mesocricetus auratus)210
Opportunity search in coral trade industry: business opportunity around water related industry in today economicenvironment223
A study of Qiu Yuan (1247-1326) and his Ci poems252
Real estate investment trusts (REITs) in China: with Hong Kong REITs as an approach330
An exploratory study of the relationship between social work supervision and organizational climate in children & youth centres inHong Kong192
Integrative analysis of the human genome, metagenome and exposome172
Traditional folksongs in an urban setting: a study of Hakka Shange in Tai Po, Hong Kong648
Face alignment and face mask reasoning for the images in the wild169
Matchbox-style schools : a potential standard-design modern architectural heritage32
An investigation into possible means of increasing the strength of lightweight high strength concrete259
Measuring impacts of "outdoor comfort" on "walkability" in warm humid city : a perspective from new and historical streetscape in the residential area of Dhaka, Bangladesh383
First detection of a phylogenetically distinct and highly prevalent human polyomavirus 6 in human bile samples143
Historical and constructive philosophies of science: Kuhn, Bachelard and Canguilhem299
Use the "guided fantasy" to enhance students' creativity in writing240
The Sino-American Cold War in the US senate: a study of the role of the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations inthe making of China policy, 1953-1972219
Scanning tunneling microscopic study of layered phosphorus and molybdenum ditelluride76
Physics of organic field-effect transistors and related optical applications97
Museum Street, street Museum-[Museum] of Sheung Wan Heritage Trail235
Transketolase (TKT), a critical enzyme in the pentose phosphate pathway (PPP), counteracts oxidative stress to drive hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) progression262
An exploratory study on the future role of children and youth centres in the democratization process of Hong Kong223
A comparative study of the top 10 liner shipping companies and their marketing strategies in the next five years261
A survey of Hong Kong manufacturer's satisfaction on using microcomputers208
Quality education in physical education: Hongkong secondary students' perception on qualities of physical educationteachers258
Foreign bankers' strategic direction in the China corporate financial market218
Design to occupy: public space in the age of biopolitics247
Modeling electricity prices for generation investment and scheduling analysis236
Teleworking and work efficiency in Hong Kong: A case study approach218
Birdwatching tourism and the possibility of developing cross-border birdwatching in Hong Kong and China298
A study on prevailing factors for the success of small-scale shopping centre in Hong Kong246
Geometrically nonlinear analysis of plates using higher order finite elements233
Packaging designs for geometrical shaping light emitting diodes188
Effectiveness of statutory requirements on first-hand residential properties for protection of buyer interest195
Partnership between private philanthropic foundations and social service NGOs in Hong Kong209
Morphological and metabolic alternations in adipose tissue of EP4 deficient mice199
Mutations in the hepatocyte nuclear factor 1 and glucokinase genes in Southern Chinese patients with early-onset type 2 diabetes238
Language learning and the self: exploring Hong Kong students' motivation for learning German as a third languagefrom a Foucauldian ethical perspective282
Effects of bioactive constituents of Astragalus membranaceus on the proliferation of colon cancer and endothelial cells180
'Nostalgia' and 'Panic' in Huang Biyun's Fiction373
Syntheses and photophysics of luminescent homo- and heterometallic complexes of rhenium(I) containing mono- and poly-ynyl ligands246
An evaluation of housing policies for the elderly in Hong Kong273
To build a decision support system on a micro-computer: an application for industrial investment decision197
Optical parametric processes in biophotonics and microwave photonics applications219
A study of child bullying victimization in Xi'an, China: prevalence, correlates and co-occurrence with familyviolence390
Developing an error analysis and error correction strategy for form 6 English composition classes in Hong Kong259
Lay models of personality: assessment and implications243
Marketing principles applied to sport in Hong Kong234
Physical and chemical modification of some cereal, tuber and root starches and the roles of{221}-cyclodextrin as a starch modifyingagent252
Isolation of hydroxypyrrolines in the Paal-Knorr reaction; and the synthesis and properties of 3H-phrroles carrying an ester or nitrilegroup at C-3280
Fast simulation of weakly nonlinear circuits based on multidimensionalinverse Laplace transform149
Rightsourcing of property management services in Hong Kong's retail banking corporations227
Detection of multi-drug resistant mycobacterium tuberculosis in respiratory specimen by sanger sequencing36
A study on combating the problem of unsolicited electronic messages inHong Kong206
Antibacterial properties of novel 1D nanostructured ZnO nanowire coatings on medical grade 316L stainless steel surfaces211
A study of newspaper editorials as read out in TV news programmes in Hong Kong199
Novel techniques for visual object tracking and depth-aware video processing200
Application of the Nazarov cyclization reaction to the synthesis of guanacastepenes and taiwaniaquinoids262
A study of the portfolio risk within the Pacific Basin234
Orchestrating Hong Kong : the establishment of the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra113
A study of Wu Weiye's life (1609-1672) as a Qing Officialand a retired gentleman277
Mechanism of antibody-dependent enhancement in severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus infection1787
Assessing the accessibility of churches in Hong Kong for poor people164
Identification of novel parvoviruses in human and animals258
Some optimal stopping problems with applications in mathematical finance149
Intrinsic and extrinsic influences on final height198
The central-local relationship in Guangdong and Fujian: a comparative approach239
A dynamic study of figure of Speech in modern Chinese = 現代漢語辭格的動態研究238
A balanced approach to training: another stepforward in improving retention of junior police constables387
Organometallic complexes as coating material for crystal sorptiondetector197
Flow of water with low concentrations of setting solid spheres in a horizontal smooth pipe229
Some topics in modeling ranking data216
Effects of iron overload on apoptosis and titin proteolysis in cardiomyocytes771
Effect of sulphate on the anaerobic degradation of organicpollutants (benzoate)204
Youth gangs in Hong Kong: the convergence of conventions and deviations349
Improved analysis of flow time scheduling205
Betterment of the building maintenance industry in Hong Kong: by interdisciplinary effort to enhancecustomer satisfaction249
Investigation of the electrochemical, spectroscopic and physical properties of the low melting 1-methyl-3-ethylimidazolium chloride /alcl3 / licl system for lithium battery application212
Short-term isothermal annealing of a cold rolled duplex stainless steel187
Self-determination of young adults with mild mental handicap: implications for education and vocationalpreparation238
Job satisfaction among psychiatric nurse learners210
A serological study of Pseudomonas aeruginosa with its relation to hospital infection220
A study of Chang Chih-tung332
A study of Li Yu on drama215
Study of the giant electroresistance in epitaxial thin films of La0.9Sr0.1MnO3208
An analytical study of a family life education program to prepare young adults for marriage: an analysis of thepre-marriage course of the Catholic Marriage Advisory Council210
The impact of demographic transition and aging on economic growth : a comparative study of Japan and China263
Judicial discretion within adjudicative committee proceedings inChina: a bounded rationality analysis262
Investigation of probe insertion effects on plasma excitation conditions in direct sample insertion-inductively coupled plasmaatomic emission spectrometry246
Relationship of pre-transplantation polyoma BK virus serology and BK viral reactivation after hematopoietic stem cell transplantation256
Hospital for infectious diseases212
Effects of principal leadership on school culture and teachers' sharedsense of mission186
A study of employee relations in a trading fund department: the case of electrical and mechanicalservices trading fund267
Implementation of Low bit-rate image codec213
Classification and clustering in heterogeneous information networks115
The dietary pattern of elder Chinese adults: findings from the Guangzhou Biobank Cohort Study195
Analysis of surface strains and velocities at the Pos Selim landslide164
Acceptor defects in P-type gallium antimonide materials261
Effectiveness of control measures against human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection among men who have sex with men (MSM) in China : a systematic review122
A qualitative study into community stakeholders' and interest groups' views towards prostitution in Hong Kong325
Dreaming of home ownership : young adults’ housing demand in Hong Kong122
A study of material planning in cigarette production198
Sources of real estate investment returns in Hong Kong233
Gold nanoparticles-assisted laser desorption/ionization mass spectrometry : fundamental study and analytical application129
Linking the world heritage and industrial waterfront: urban revitalization of Porto Interior, Macao233
A study of accountability and open government in Hong Kong220
The regulatory roles of miR-142-3p and miR-1246 in CD133⁺ liver cancer stem cells driven hepatocellular carcinoma306
Determine information systems service level in Hong Kong256
The impact of mainland customers' e-shopping on Hong Kong's shopping centres328
Playing the game: a behavioural approach to homework submission management in a form one class203
Engineering assessment of the safety of existing dams229
Essays in information noise and information acquisition in communication games195
Motivating students to learn through the use of ICT: a case study190
A study of the subjects and contents of Tao Yuanming's (365-427) poems296
An equitable provision of education in Hong Kong219
Diversity of parvoviruses in bats from China and their evolutionary implications165
Geography of China's auto industry: globalisation and embeddedness260
Social support and mental health: a comparison between newly arrived and locally born youth in HongKong189
A review of patients' doses in computed tomography and traditional urogram : a reflection of current practice191
The political thought of Ts'ai Yuan-p'ei during the May fourth period232
Potential offshore groundwater reserves in Hong Kong by characterising submarine aquifer-aquitard systems1216
Genetic relations between gabbros and sheeted dykes in the Troodos ophiolite, Cyprus236
Urban sports club733
Molecular and mutation analysis of hereditary multiple exostoses216
A covert heritage: Musafir Khana and the associated community of the Jamia Mosque Area275
Regional strategic considerations in the Spratly Islands dispute545
Wrist pulse contour analysis313
The role of discourse context in Chinese L2 learners' processing of English relative clauses59
A study of background radiation and cosmic muon detection at the Aberdeen Tunnel laboratory in Hong Kong220
Electronic structures of impurity and orbital-resolved vortex core states in iron-selenide superconductors224
A study of freight transport in Hong Kong233
Loneliness among college students: the interactive effects of social network and attributional style286
Coordination of group charging for electric vehicles262
Anxiety and language learning: voices from primary six students in a primary school in Hong Kong230
Impact of learned optimism on parenting stress for parents of childrenwith special needs209
The role of second hand market in waste reduction40
Contamination of mobile communication devices of healthcare workers and nosocomial infections : a systematic review170
Changes in educational and working opportunities for women of China and Japan290
Secretin as an important modulator in cardiopulmonary system through renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system165
Social workers' volunteerism in Hong Kong: dothey practise what they preach?245
Exploring an alternative operation model for socially-sustainable urban redevelopment in Hong Kong: a revisitto Urban Renewal Authority's public-private partnership264
A study of deputy heads' view on school-based in-service teacher educational needs: implications for the roleof professional tutors in Hong Kong secondary schools200
The 'green buildings' concept in Hong Kong200
Obstacles of using tablet computers as a learning tool in primary schools220
Characterization of mitochondrial morphology and dynamics in neurodegeneration232
Trajectories of psychological distress and Chinese patients newly diagnosed with colorectal cancer : a longitudinal study215
To evaluate the social and economic impacts of privatization on the shopping centres of Hong Kong Housing Authority : a case study on The Link REIT552
Generation of vasculogenic progenitor cells from human induced pluripotent stem cells for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases218
Labour policy and the employment ordinance738
The application of CAD system in urban design207
The regulation and function of centromeric transcription in the budding yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae84
Systematic review on breakfast skipping among children and adolescent: associated factors and interventions232
Quantum mechanical simulation of open electronic systems217
Study on the identification of small molecule activators of the autophagic pathway and elucidation of the mechanism of action200
Molecular study of the deleted in liver cancer 2 (DLC2)h[electronic resource]: solution structure of the SAM domain and interaction withMCM7187
The genetic and personality risk factors associated with pathological gambling in Hong Kong Chinese229
Management agreement and private-public partnership as conservation tools in Hong Kong333
Standardized minimal residual disease detection by next-generation sequencing in multiple myeloma189
Is reclamation necessary in Victoria Harbour?226
Effects of different isoflavones on the activity ofphosphodiesterase (PDE) in porcine coronary artery212
An analysis on the anti-drug policy against youngsters in Hong Kong246
Vitamin D3 promotes locomotor recovery by enhancing myelin integrity after experimental traumatic spinal cord injuries119
Optimal schedule for electric vehicle charging at parking lots and battery swapping stations193
Aspects of the use and design of magnets in dentistry: y Andrew PaulLakshman Henry Dias262
Demonstratives in literary translations: a contrastive study of English and Japanese224
The determination of molybdenum in botanical samples227
How does asset enhancement project of fresh market improve the performance of the asset? : a case of Link REIT174
Soft tissue changes following maxillary osteotomies in cleft lip and palate and non-cleft patients234
Optimal design for experiments with mixtures240
Of design and conservation : establishing the guidelines for infill design in the conservation of religious heritage sites in the context of Hong Kong136
Studies on the toxin-producing dinoflagellate: Alexandrium catenella284
Design and synthesis of luminescent mono- and dinuclear platinum(II) alkynyl terpyridine complexes: fromphotophysics to aggregation and self-assembly198
Primary cosmic ray composition at 10 [to the power] 15--10 [to the power] 17eV studied from extensive air shower simulations216
The effects and constraints of state influenced finance sector development in the process of industrialization and economic growth: the experience of Sri Lanka203
Highway architecture: Island Eastern Corridorresidential development283
The society of Hong Kong in Lilian Lee's fiction =278
Applications of continuum mechanics : computational studies in biological and discrete systems183
A study of the Tientsin massacre269
Influence of early prognostication and intervention on the outcome of acute biliary pancreatitis278
Learning marketing through simulation software229
Clinical implication of elevated serum creatine kinase in rotavirus gastroenteritis234
Female juvenile offending in the New Territories 1981-1991: changing patters of criminality and theircauses201
Understanding offending behaviors : the case of asylum-seekers in Hong Kong152
On some goodness-of-fit tests for copulas164
The one-parent family233
To study the causes and implications of subdivision of housing units to the community of Hong Kong1194
Hybrid interface for hybrid simulation of computer on-line control systems204
Genetic diversity in agronomic and grain quality traits in the USDA rice mini-core collection175
Respiratory health from a life course perspective29
Structural studies on urinary glycosaminoglycans230
Evaluating multi-way joins over discounted hitting time163
Essays on land rights, their evolution and impacts : comparative quantitative studies271
Evolution of two circadian output genes in cyanobacteria from extreme habitats215
Marine geological model of Ling Ding Yang: anintegrated geological and geophysical analysis233
Contralateral suppression of transient evoked otoacoustic emissions inpatients with cleft lip and/or palate234
Sino-American rapprochement and its impact upon China's diplomacy in the 1970's268
Multimodal freight transportation in United States290
Elementary excitations of spinor Bose-Einstein condensates229
A study of thermally nitrided silicon dioxide thin films for metal-oxide-silicon VLSI techology247
Network management and application design in software defined wireless networks119
Brand image in China221
Investigating the feasibility of adopting task-based language teachingin a university setting in Cambodia173
Conversion of features for CAD/CAM integration269
Chinese university students in short-term voluntary teaching programs : motivation and teaching performance181
Two essays on the exchange-listed volatility derivatives188
An application of GIS for road accident analysis in Hong Kong276
An exploratory study of the vocational decision-making of unemployed youths337
Anti-corruption strategies in the greater China Region283
Perceptions of collaborative learning: a casestudy in the teaching context of history260
Transgression and identity in Frankenstein, Lord Jim, and the Satanic Verses228
Molecular characterization of HIV-1 in Hong Kong : a study of drug resistance mutations, tropism and viral evolution217
Prevalence and characteristics of extended-spectrum beta-lactamases-producing enterobacteriaceae in retail food in Hong Kong63
Towards legitimate housing expansion241
Development of luminescence dating using feldspar and its application to river terraces in north piedmont of Chinese Tianshan190
Emperor Kangxi and Li Xu227
Vertical adventure: a climbing gym in Mongkok224
Divorce and children identity: how the process of divorce affects children's identity232
Is auditing useful in avoiding polypharmacy?229
The immunomodulatory effects of purified {221}-glucans and {221}-glucan containing herbs209
Planning the Shanghai international settlement : fragmented municipality and contested space, 1843-1937411
The impacts of planning and design on the management of mass private housing estates in Hong Kong182
Housing prices, income and urban quality of life : an empirical study across 35 cities in China155
The expression of various growth factors in the normal human prostate,benign prostatic hyperplasia, and prostate carcinoma220
The mobility of the elderly in Hong Kong : policy implications23
Integrated robot finishing system for polymer prototypes fabricated bythe selective laser sintering process235
Noise problem after the opening of Hong Kong International Airport at Chek Lap Kok238
The future roles of the juvenile court in Hong Kong254
The nitrogen isotope fingerprint of wastewater effluents in Hong Kong255
Competitive marketing behaviour in Hong Kong telecommunicationsmarket239
A discussion on wall trees in Western District1162
Nietzsche, Deleuze and video art213
Local and systemic effects of hepatic radiofrequency ablation in animal models290
An exploratory study of the relationship of male gay couples241
Public acceptance and economic efficiency: implementing electronic road pricing in Hong Kong364
Stories of marriage migration: identity negotiation of Chinese immigrant women in Hong Kong357
Novel multifunctional scaffolds and structures with controlled cell release for tissue engineering48
The determinants of penalty tax in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region239
A novel antifungal for Candida infections : its in vitro and in vivo efficacy and proposed mechanism of action179
Total quality management in Hong Kong bank218
An in vitro study of voice prosthesis design191
Attitudes of Chinese in Hong Kong towards Japan235
Hong Kong government's construction price estimating methodology219
A school-based, peer-led anti-smoking programme for adolescents242
Oncostatic actions of melatonin on tumor cell growth in the LNCaP model of human prostate cancer207
To study the property management performance in public rental housing (PRH) between the Housing Authority (HA) and Private Service Agents (PSAs)420
Teaching drama to boys at Hong Kong secondary schools : benefits, challenges and implications423
Responses to delinquency in Hong Kong secondary schools: towards an integrative approach212
Imagining independence: the circulation and thematic concerns of independent film from Hong Kong and China224
The poetry of Yu Guangzhong during his stay in HongKong (1974-1985)252
HK media's new battlefield: Afghanistan: the decisions of sending war correspondents280
Investigate the dry and moist heat process for the design of industrial drying machinery for dye-houses241
Characteristics of sulfate-reducing bacteria biofilm and other microbial communities in wastewater treatment212
Influence of the nephelauxetic effect on the kinetic and thermodynamicstability of cobalt (III) complexes of the tetramine type239
Shanghai plaster : a history of cement architecture and colonial modernity in Hong Kong, 1920s - 60s156
Evaluating Hong Kong's air pollution legislation and policies282
Development of flow cytometric method for analysis of X & Ychromosome230
Functional characterization of human endometrial stem/progenitor cells in vitro and in vivo208
Public sector reform: initiatives and goals :the case of education reform in Hong Kong263
Adipocyte fatty acid binding protein acts as a suppressor of autophagy contributing to foam cell formation218
Gender(ed) fables of Maya Deren256
Syntheses, structures and reactivity of the group 6 and 7 metal complexes containing chelating nitrogen donor ligands and metal-ligandmultiple bonds580
How does cooperative learning enhance self-motivation and metacognition of senior form students in learning NSS liberal studiesin a local band 2 secondary school?201
Ai Qing's verbal art in his free verse218
Attitudes towards 'life' and 'death and dying' in Chinese bereaved widows: implications for bereavement work inHong Kong249
City branding: a case study of Beijing264
Information and communication technology-supported pedagogical practices in a local secondary school262
The morality of harm and risk222
A comparison of the conflict behaviour between the Chinese and Westernsenior executives in Hong Kong252
Public rental housing and social inequity in Hong Kong240
Evaluation of sports mouthguards201
The influence of dietary vitamin A-deficiency on the metabolism of N-nitrosodimethylamine in the rat216
Chronic hepatitis C infection: diagnosis, fibrosis progression and interferon therapy213
A better museum experience: re-interpreting and re-presenting the house and culture of the Sheung Yiu FolkMuseum279
The reception of Tang poetry in the Ming neo-classical criticism255
Role of imaging in evaluation of lung involvement in severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS)244
The Nanshe group and its poetics in the late Qing and early Republican periods260
Strikes in Hong Kong: a sociological study236
Discovering nationalistic sentiment in the Chinese fandom of Japanese and Korean popular culture359
Practical reasoning and strategic business management : towards a more pragmatic approach to entrepreneurship in the context of Hong Kong145
The development, implementation and evaluation of a social constructivist web-based English language learning module224
Migratory & functional properties of dendritic cells upon interactionswith dying cells & after triggering by inflammatory stimuli218
Solid sample probes for metal pre-concentration and matrix separation212
Sex stereotyping in the mass media in Hong Kong379
A mixed methods approach to investigate grammatical translation skills from spoken Cantonese to written Chinese : implications for Chinese literacy development37
Catering for differences in mathematical ability: the cases in Shanghai and Hong Kong221
Time-resolved spectroscopic studies of selected photoremovable protecting groups241
The nature of the supervision in multi-service centres for theelderly257
Ma Chien-chung and his reformist thought228
Signal transduction pathways of ret receptor tuyrosine kinase227
Antisense peptides and protein structure212
Phonemic features typology in Cantonese-speaking children with phonological impairment311
Social worker's attitudes to referring child abuse cases to police184
Validation studies of the Gail Model for breast cancer : a systematic review163
The immune mechanism of pembrolizumab induced mycobacterium tuberculosis granuloma formation in metastatic nasopharyngeal carcinoma26
Multilevel and mixture modeling of prognostic factors for tooth loss in patients under periodontal maintenance132
The characterization of retinal nerve fiber layer thickness in normal,high-tension and normal-tension glaucoma using optical coherencetomography230
Workshop for the elderly: an opportunity for continued employment194
Characteristics of fluctuating pressures on a cantilevered roof238
Mental health policy in Hong Kong: an analysis of the policy on the provision of community care for ex-mental patients413
Scalable content distribution in overlay networks248
It's time for returning: career opportunitiesand life style choice attract more Chinese educated abroad to work inChina255
Late mesozoic magmatism along the Bangong-Nujiang suture zone, Tibet266
An exploratory study of the process of becoming a problem gambler: a Hong Kong Chinese male study262
Diabetic end-stage renal disease (ESRD): can health care costs be saved through blood pressure control?241
Inspection of machined parts by measuring inertial properties227
A systematic review on noise-induced hearing loss prevention and conservation programs in children and adolescents177
Estimation and synthesis of reachable set for discrete systems with switching characteristics152
The role of fine needle aspiration cytology (FNAC) in the investigation of lymph nodes280
Policy analysis: school voluntary drug-testing scheme266
The impact of civil service reform on civil service entry and exit240
Spectroscopy, excited state properties and photochemistry of oxo-/nitrido-rhenium and dioxoosmium(VI) complexes containing nitrogen donor and N-heterocyclic carbon donor ligands151
The ��Kevin Egan' case: an analysis from a criminal justice system perspective465
Measurement of PeV cosmic rays extensive air showers at mountain altitude230
Enhancing the ability and self-efficacy of the fifth grade primary school students in expository comprehension usinglearning study201
Wisdom and psychological well-being of Chinese dementia caregivers267
An evaluation of the recruitment and selection system in Radio Television Hong Kong230
Incident management in the mass transit railway241
Corruption and money laundering: a comparative study of Nigeria and Hong Kong310
Artificial seawalls in Hong Kong and their role in coastal management264
World poverty, human rights, and global justice623
Time in the novels of Murakami Haruki330
Association between depressive symptoms and mortality among older Chinese: a Hong Kong cohort study246
Stochastic models for optimal control problems with applications237
A study on the feasibility of a port railway in Hong Kong214
Extension theorem and its application to the Frenet formulas ofcurves229
An analysis of lease-enforcement policies in Hong Kong193
Effects of cumulus oophorus and glycodelin-f on human spermatozoa during fertilization250
A study of the impact of SARS on air transport demand in Hong Kong: the case of Cathay Pacific Airways274
The third voice : anima as drama in Mozart's operas962
Linguistic and textual problems in Ph.D and M.Phil theses: an analysis of genre moves and metatext553
Melatonin receptors in kidneys of mammals and birds214
The health-related quality of life of liver transplantation recipientsin Hong Kong: a follow-up and cross-sectionalstudy200
Does Confucius have a theory of natural human rights?: a 'performative' reading of the analects267
Optimisation and modelling of the growth and astaxanthin formation of haematococcus pluvialis241
A case study on using web-based learning application in primaryschool275
Infectious bursal disease in Hong Kong: molecular epidemiology and the development of DNA vaccine229
Regulation of PIN1 by microRNAs and its role in hepatocellular carcinoma invasion and metastasis126
An analysis of rules governing limited liability companies in China : between contracts and regulation395
Vortex physics of unconventional superconductors: Ginzburg-Lindau theory202
Urban renewal in Hong Kong: the need for a new authority233
Assessing the evidence for interventions that slow the progression of myopia: a literature review224
Forensic and security analysis of programmable logic controller156
Special characteristics of construction and demolition materials recycling in Hong Kong207
Synthetic investigations into [delta]4-1, 2-thiazoline 1, 1-dioxides214
A study of the impact of environmental issues after China's entry intothe world trade organization244
An investigation into the responses of staff members at different levels towards the changes in an SMI school: a case study174
The thought of Wei Hsi205
The street as catalyst for urban regeneration in Hong Kong226
Turning points in the life transition of young offenders210
Abundance, richness and behaviour of Hong Kong butterflies in butterfly gardens78
How modern technology influences memory237
Effects of insomnia on depression, fatigue and quality of life in youths20
Multiple roles of brachyuran crabs in wetlands : their importance for bioturbation and central role in the food web47
Military professionalization and intervention in Thailand and Burma 1945-1980250
Lateral and torsional analysis of shear cores by semi-analytical formulation220
An analysis of geometry in the junior secondary school (grade 7-9) mathematics textbooks from England, Hong Kong and Chinese Taipei281
Prospect of printing industry in Hong Kong towards 2000'189
Shaw's heroes: varieties of imagination and the shavian protagonists214
Psycho-spiritual factors of stress-related growth303
A study of the conditions influencing the present state of fieldwork teaching in lower secondary schools in Hong Kong223
Study of anti-cancer and anti-viral activities of lanthanide and vanadium complexes265
The role of Buddhism in Thailand's politics of modernisation297
Effects of dietary TRANS-10, CIS-12 conjugated linoleic acid on food intake and body weight regulation via central and peripheralmechanisms190
The provision of residential child-care service under six: a policy analysis198
Campus design: landscape redevelopment for the Shaw College of the Chinese University of Hong Kong268
Studies on some immunological aspects of Angiostrongylus cantonensis (Nematoda: Metastrongyloidea) infection in the laboratory rat217
Role of caveolin-1 in multidurg resistance in hepatocellularcarcinoma225
An analysis of the social psychology of firefighters in the Hong Kong Fire Services Department245
An empirical study to investigate how the provision of balcony influences the property value229
Farming for respect : an ethnographic study of mainland migrant mothers in Hong Kong221
Quantitative and qualitative drug utilization studies in a university teaching hospital in Hong Kong201
Spatial-temporal dependency of traffic flow and its implications for short-term traffic forecasting302
An evaluation of management training and job performance among Hong Kong schools principals215
An investigation of biomechanical properties of collagen fibrils extracted from osteoarthritic and osteoporotic cartilages203
Molecular detection of streptococcus sinensis in blood culture samplesfrom hospitalized patients in Hong Kong: aneight-year retrospective study217
Trihalomethane formation in contaminated surface water and its controlby membrane bio-reactor210
Exploiting the role of endothelin-1 and transforming growth factor beta-1 for subchondral bone remodeling in osteoarthritis177
An integrated approach to computer-assisted language learning (ICALL)250
Generation of mouse models to study intracellular transportation in purkinje cells and melanocytes197
Community policing in the Yau Ma Tei wholesale fruit market in Hong Kong : a social capital perspective208
Sedimentology and geomorphology of modern and relict lake systems in Tibet336
The research of teacher mobility in a legal school for migrant children : a case study in Shanghai158
Effectiveness and safety of new oral anticoagulants in patients with nonvalvular atrial fibrillation332
A study of the roles of vinculin in the cardiac neural crest cell development and the associated cardiovascular anomalies117
An assessment of the policy of having college graduates served as village officials39
Effects of paired reading with morphological and orthographic components on word reading performance of Chinese kindergarteners with special educational needs18
Treatment of conflict between development & environmental conservation in Hong Kong enclaves249
A study of fertility and mortality patterns in Hong Kong243
Zeng Gong (1019-1083)267
Computer interfaces for data communications196
Evaluation of the drug regulatory systems in Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, United States and European Union839
An analytical study on rooftop greening in Hong Kong216
The disconfirmation-expectancy model of hearing aid satisfaction in first time users in Hong Kong225
Vascular effects of vitamin D3 on endothelium-dependent contractions in SHR aorta231
The adaptor protein APPL2 as a novel mediator of the crosstalk between hypothalamus and white adipose tissues in regulating energy homeostasis129
Evaluation of post-exposure prophylactic use of oseltamivir in controlling influenza outbreaks in residential care homes for theelderly in Hong Kong226
The mechanism of oxidation by benzeneseleninic anhydride248
Robust statistics based subspace tracking in impulsive noise environment: algorithms and applications204
The changing role of the architect in the building process227
Mother's experience of divorce and children's post-divorce adjustment256
Will separation of the new-arrival immigrant children at primary schools from their local counterparts solve their adaptationproblems?215
Will stopping importation of labour reduce the unemployment rate in the Hong Kong hotel industry269
The absolute intensities of cosmic-ray muon230
Molecular pathology of hepatocellular carcinoma356
Risk factors of violence against healthcare providers in hospital setting185
Laribacter hongkongensis: investigations for other freshwater-related reservoir and differential susceptibilitiesto {221}-lactams in different environmental temperatures192
Dynamic visualization of multi-dimensional urban environmental data : a case study of spatio-temporal air pollution dispersion in Hong Kong157
A critical study of supernatural elements in Yuan drama256
Enhancing the ground effectively by tube á manchette (TAM) grouting and jet grouting for tunnel excavation416
Compensatory strategies of adult first language attrition of Dutch264
A study of a ticketing office queueing system of a major airline in Hong Kong207
Magnetoresistance, photoconductivity and strain effect in the system of magnetically doped amorphous carbon223
The development of a clinical guideline on risk assessment and relatedpreventive measures of thromboembolism for adult surgical patients244
Engineering hybrid nanostructure photoelectrode for solar energy conversion : synthesis, characterization and performance71
An analysis of the textile quota control system in Hong Kong264
Extra-corporeal blood purification for critically ill patients with septic acute kidney injury178
Kinesin-1 in pancreatic beta cell and renal epithelial cell125
An assessment of the work of the Fight Crime Committee203
Early preparation for external assessment: introducing writing assessment criteria to form one students261
Gamma-ray radiations from the mature pulsars216
Single view reconstruction of transparent, mirror and diffuse surfaces337
The investigation of the effectiveness of process writing method to enhance the practical writing ability of international school students who learn Chinese as a second language = Guo cheng xie zuo jiao xue fa dui ti sheng guo ji xue xiao Zhong wen wei di er yu yan xue sheng xie zuo ying yong wen zhi cheng xiao yan jiu277
Transit hub district landscape in Chongqing High Speed RailwayStation152
Identification and characterization of N-terminal kinase like protein in hepatocellular carcinoma128
A randomised controlled trial study of the efficacy of intensive pre-operative pelvic floor muscle training to decrease post-prostatectomy urinary incontinence331
Hong Kong crime statistics and crime indexes275
Investigation of synthetic routes to postulated biosynthetic intermediates of artemisinin218
A pharmacological study of the cardiovascular actions of 1-tetra-hydrocannabinol in rats217
Strategic counting: a novel assessment of place-value understanding301
George Eliot's poetry and ideas on poetry: a study of her own verse and her tastes and opinions concerningpoetry234
Date rape: perception of college students on a University campus246
A critical survey of Chinese translations from the English by Yen Fu, Lin Shu and Fu Tung-hua232
Modulation of vascular responses by non-genomic actions of 17{221}-estradiol238
A study of quality practices of ISO 9000 certified companies in Hong Kong and Guang Dong province246
Effect of light transmission on hybrid ceramic-resin-ti adhesion system250
Information asymmetry in the first- and second-hand housing market281
An advection-diffusion model of SO2 concentration for Hong KongIsland199
Strong ram-pressure stripping and widespread star formation in the high-velocity system towards the center of the Perseus cluster184
Design, analysis, control and application of permanent magnet brushless dual-memory machines214
Design, synthesis and characterization of luminescent dinuclear and polynuclear complexes of gold(I) and platinum(II) with alkynylcalix[4]arene and bridging sulfido ligands : from photophysics to host-guest chemistry and supramolecular assembly145
Arching in granular materials291
A collaborative design tool for virtual design studios268
A study on the effectiveness and efficiency of green measures implementation in Hong Kong shopping malls28
Progressive moderate to high resistance training (PMHRT) by lower limbstrengthening in ambulatory elderly persons with risk of falls214
A probabilistic framework for real-time head shape detection and tracking263
Vascular biomarkers in patients with lupus nephritis139
The immunological roles of human macrophages in avian influenza virus infection242
Memory profile of people with mild cognitive impairment290
An organizational analysis of the Mong Kok District Board, its implication to citizen participation in Hong Kong233
The literary theories of Emperor Jianwen (503-551) and the 'Time-consciousness' in his poetry230
Studies on the fibrinolytic activity in human tumour tissues: isolation and characterization of aplasminogen activator and an inhibitor in human tumour tissues217
Implications of a certified environmental management system on Hong Kong industries: cost and benefit analysis186
The role of the Hong Kong Council of Social Service in social welfare development in Hong Kong247
A study on the corporate strategy of the Bank of China Group in Hong Kong in the run-up to the twenty-first century203
A study of private mooring policy in Hong Kong : development and challenges319
Role of hypoxia-induced upregulation of caveolin-1 in hepatocellular carcinoma206
Associations between health behaviours, metabolic control, serum TNF-ALPHA and periodontal status in Chinese type-2 diabetics222
A study on rehousing in the new public housing estates: some implications for social work practice.220
Functional magnetic resonance imaging investigation of brain connectivity94
A study of Lu Dalin's (1046-1092) Kao gu tu331
An investigation of the GIS approach in siting potential locations forland reclamation in Hong Kong162
A longitudinal study of PD-L1 expression in nasopharyngeal carcinoma101
An exploratory study of magistrates' responses to wife abuse252
Glycodelin-A and interleukin-10 regulate phenotype and functions of human macrophages110
The thought without image of Deleuze and Guattari259
Moderate alcohol use and health234
Chinese emigration through Hong Kong to North Borneo since 1880436
The study of virulence determinants of mycobacterium tuberculosis180
Studies on motion and deformation in graphics238
Characterization of the 5'-flanking regions of arabidopsis acyl-coenzyme a-binding protein1 and acyl-coenzyme a-binding protein2100
A comparative study of school-based management in three places - rethinking school-based financial management under the schoolmanagement initiative280
Constraining neutrino oscillation parameters [th]12 and [d]m212 with ashort baseline reactor anti-neutrino experiment191
Application of the analogue computer technique in transient stability studies of power systems213
Constructions of black identity in the works of Toni Morrison and Caryl Phillips253
A study on pre-school education policy in Hong Kong206
Radiofrequency ablation of hepatocellular carcinoma: identifying prognostic factors in long-term survivaloutcome256
The acquisition of Cantonese classifiers327
An evaluation of the Hospital Authority public private interface: electronic patient record (PPI-ePR)sharing280
Habitat use of Indo-pacific humpback dolphins (Sousa chinensis) in Hong Kong476
A principal's perception of teacher leadership in a secondary school: a case study186
Systematic embodied carbon assessment and reduction of prefabricated buildings in Hong Kong122
Effects of noise on speech understanding in individuals with moderate to severe hearing loss266
Postmodernism and third world culture: a reading of Salman Rushdie's The Satanic verses266
The incorporation of ILO Conventions into Hong Kong legislation and the implications for the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region196
Ren Bonian's Zhong Kui paintings336
Association of helicobacter pylori infection and erosive reflux esophagitis232
The mitigating effect of substrate depth on green roof stormwater discharge255
Chemically enhanced primary sedimentation and acidogenic sludge fermentation for improved nutrient removal and resource recovery from municipal wastewater198
An educational programme to prevent central venous catheter-related infections in children213
Study on the effect of air pollutant exposure on synthesis of IgE in asthmatic children162
Development and evaluation of a novel in-house single-tube nested real-time polymerase chain reaction assay with FilmArray respiratory panel for detection of adenovirus147
STAT4 and BLK, but not PXK, are associated with Systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) in Hong Kong Chinese252
The effects of a school-based drug rehabilitation program on future orientation and delay of gratification : a longitudinal study152
The transfer of technology between Hong Kong and the People's Republicof China: a case study of Daning Brigade inGuangdong176
Do they know the sources of Hong Kong's advantage?: How well and to what extent do the Hong Kong companiesleverage on Hong Kong's advantages? : a study of the consistence ofthe corporate strategies of these companies vs the Hong Kong businessenvironment.209
Pharmacoepidemiology and pharmacogenetics of serious adverse drug reactions160
Estimation of fading channel in DS-CDMA multiuser communications systems213
The strategic importance of information systems in the electricity supply industry in Hong Kong244
TSPYL2 as a transcription regulator through histone posttranslational modification118
The development and evaluation of a music intervention program for children with hearing impairments in integrated preschools205
Computational approaches for multi-OMICs data analysis towards rational drug design123
Advanced ranking queries on composite data230
Secondary school principals' attitudes towards information systems: a case study202
Identification of novel methylated genes in patients with endometrial cancers212
Assessing livelihood impacts of tourism : case studies of Hong Kong and mainland China316
The feasibility of utilizing grey water in Hong Kong buildings253
Epigenetic regulation of gene expression of cystatin 6, CST6, in hepatocellular carcinoma204
Luminescent organoplatinum chemistry: photophysical and supramolecular properties of metallacyclic andpolypyridine platinum(II) complexes261
A tale of two public housing estates : a study of heritage interpretation and presentation in Shek Kip Mei and Ngau Tau Kok Estates342
To explore the responses or small/medium sized firms in Hong Kong towards the advocate of 'quality assurance certification'229
The modulation of tamoxifen response induced by splice variant BQ323636.1 in estrogen receptor positive breast cancer42
The familial curriculum : a narrative inquiry of parental involvement within early childhood English language development in Hong Kong91
An investigation of the effectiveness of the mnemonic technique in theacquisition and retrieval of vocabulary by Chinese-speaking Form Onestudents271
Generalized beamforming for downlink of multi-user MIMO systems253
Muon detector array to discriminate gamma-ray eas at mountainaltitude223
Discovering druggable gene combinations for Parkinson's disease by CombiGEM-CRISPR77
Evaluation and comparison of self-containment in the employment of Tuen Mun and Shatin new town304
A study of Shiwan pottery463
The relative effectiveness of studying English vocabulary in associated pairs and in L2 context263
Education, information and guidance in genetic counseling of prenatal diagnostic tests for chromosomal abnormalities171
Studies on the hormonal control of calcium metabolism in the Japanese eel, Anguilla japonica226
Urban morphology, societal norms and sustainability: the case of Dhaka203
An analysis of training and career development of executive officer inthe Hong Kong civil service276
Expections for a newborn dargon: a case studyin a newly founded 'through train' school262
Identifying risk factors for suicide research and prevention398
Effective slip for flow through a lubricant-impregnated grooved channel89
Relationship development on Twitter : a mixed-method approach to trust building and social capital accrual130
Evaluation of residents’ social interaction and social capital in co-housing projects in Hong Kong69
Weight control behaviors of Hong Kong adolescents216
Performance studies of high-speed communication on commodity cluster277
Police discretion: application of deadly force323
Chinese EFL university students' decision-making in peer review of second language writing806
Environmental impact assessments and transport development in Hong Kong249
Isolation and characterization of Afrabidopsis thaliana mutants in ACBP2222
Fair use regime in China : findings from an exploration into judicial experiences403
A study on the antimicrobial resistant bacteria in fish culture zones in Hong Kong192
Job satisfaction and organizational commitment amongst quantity surveyors in Hong Kong : an attitudinal perspective295
Measuring the public service motivation in Hong Kong436
Motivating secondary school readers using graphic novel198
Plant establishment in compost/PFA amended soil301
The bereavement experience of Chinese widowers in Hong Kong after conjugal loss245
The impact and accountability implications of the Bill of Rights in relation to the Independent Commission Against Corruption244
The impacts of rock discontinuities to housing development29
Disaster, disease and faith : Canadian presbyterian mission in modern north Henan = Zai huo, ji bing yu xin yang : Jianada chang lao hui yu jin dai Yu bei she hui239
Implicit and explicit learning in Chinese dyslexic children227
Cervical screening: knowledge, perception andattendance rate in Hong Kong Chinese women231
A comparative study of the curriculum content of the senior secondary accounting subject in Macau and New Zealand326
Institutional risk factors for influenza outbreaks in Hong Kong elderly homes : a retrospective cohort study175
Functional characterization of the role AMPKβ2 in ovarian cancer178
An exploratory study of the supportive social networks and the social service needs of the single elderly226
The change in the dental profession in Hong Kong between 1981 and2001279
A study on the production of transgenic mice by pronuclear microinjection and by sperm incorporation of immunoglobulin genes225
Involvement and participation in pre-primary education governance : a perspective of Hong Kong parents142
A study on smoking and erectile function214
The influence of a protein kinase A inhibitor on interstitial adenosine of muscle at rest and during contraction229
Cantonese popular song in Hong Kong in the 1970s: an examination of musical content and social context inselected case studies995
Advanced techniques for high speed wireless communications256
A comparative study of music education in two secondary schools in Hong Kong217
Discontinuous verb-object compounds in Cantonese and Mandarin344
Return culture to life: home. studio. community reformulation219
A study of the fiction of Xiao Qian (1910-1999) with relation to Jing Pai382
Planning for equities in Hong Kong: how planning can improve the lives of the physically disabled?198
A study of the discipline policy in the Hong Kong Civil Service226
Self-directed learning strategies : a case study of secondary two students in a Hong Kong CMI school242
Visceral adipose tissue inflammation accelerates atherosclerosis development in obesity through the JNK/A-FABP axis159
Public life resurrection in Wong Tai Sin196
Designing knowledge building for developing students’ scientific epistemology in a science classroom116
Study of the challenges and prospect of municipal solid waste charging scheme in commercial properties in Hong Kong230
Systems biology and machine learning analytics for single-cell RNA sequencing and skin microbiome data28
The cortical and functional organization of Chinese and English in bilinguals210
Extended-spectrum beta-lactamases in fecal isolates of Escherichia coli from human and food animals228
Attention and arousal factors in the genesis of contingent negative variation (CNV)213
Culture and land use: a study of burial policy in Hong Kong306
Integrative management for diabetic kidney disease : patients' and clinicians' perspectives, clinical effectiveness and possible mechanisms118
The export trade in silk and brocade during the Ming dynasty256
A study of Kang Youwei's (1859-1927) Guang yizhou shuangji268
aEmpress Lu216
Using multimedia packages to teach Chinese in a primary school230
Analysis for segmental sharing and linkage disequilibrium: a genomewide association study on myopia244
The impact of the Abhayagiri practices on the development of TheravadaBuddhism in Sri Lanka388
Doctrine of cognition in early Yogācāra : a case study based on bhūmi1 & 2 of Yogācāra-bhūmi-śāstra234
The 'radical' in the classroom in British school stories from the 1950s to the present day188
Hot-carrier-induced instabilities in n-mosfet's with thermally nitrided oxide as gate dielectric265
Identity and schooling among the Naxi: becoming Chinese with Naxi characteristics319
Effect of caspase inhibitors on the survival and regeneration of injured spinal motoneurons218
Stationary and non-stationary time series models with conditional heteroscedasticity286
Impact of thinking about the past with a function : relationships between rumination, depressive symptoms and the self-continuity function16
Responsibility and personal interactions: a critical study of the criteria for responsibility ascriptions202
Macro control tools and the effectiveness on housing price in China215
The role of personality in the use of linguistic devices inpersuasion218
Protest policing in contemporary Hong Kong228
A validation of the traditional Chinese (Hong Kong) versions of the beck anxiety inventory (BAI) and the beck depression inventory-II(BDI-II)1016
The influence of L1 on the acquisition of English passives among Hong Kong secondary school students260
Reinterpreting a queer experience: a study ofStanley Kwan's films and their reception614
Toward the common good : G.L. Dickinson and China271
The effectiveness of building management ordinance (Cap.344) as a legal tool for building management480
Analysis and control of organic vapours in air and determination of metals and toxic elements in fish samples by differential pulsevoltammetry and atomic absorption spectrophotometry210
Treatment of temporomandibular joint disc displacement without reduction: a systematic review216
Systematics, phylogenetics and biogeography of the Dasymaschalon alliance (Annonaceae) : testing hypotheses of ancient hybridization and evolutionary loss of inner petals203
The primary NET scheme: its successcriteria228
Stepping into a new epoch of Hong Kong's Ramsar Site management197
A study of student wastage in Hong Kong Polytechnic194
Synthesis of RC active filter233
Validation of the patient health questionnaire-9 (PHQ-9) Hong Kong Chinese version in the elderly population in Hong Kong942
Can gratitude influence academic success? : the effects of an online gratitude intervention on academic outcomes197
Development of a novel augmentation pattern of femoroplasty to prevent osteoporotic hip fracture137
Assessing and fostering senior secondary school students' conceptions and understanding of learning through authentic assessment226
A study of livelihood and city policy in Chang'an, the capital of Tang dynasty (618-907) =385
The estate management service of the Housing Department: a study of its privatization190
Development of a novel antibacterial quaternary ammonium silane cavity disinfectant197
The test of the capital asset pricing: model in the Hong Kong stock market259
Intrinsic demands for borrowing and lending in primitive population models198
Lawyers and judicial fairness : evidence from big data on court verdicts37
A study on quasi-public space in large scale private residential development, case in Hong Kong272
An exploratory study of the ability to go outdoors of elderly people with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease238
Government policy on tertiary education270
The conventional and the individual in Fu Baoshi's (1904-1965) painting276
Effective DNA delivery mediated by pH responsive peptides140
Structural performance of concrete-filled cold-formed stainless steel members270
Rendezvous under oath: weddingland210
Computer-aided design and manufacturing of tactile maps217
β-TrCP-mediated ubiquitination and degradation of liver-enriched transcription factor CREB-H139
Parenting as a moderator between maladaptive perfectionism and the development of depressive symptoms among adolescents in Hong Kong156
Office land use planning and Information Technology (IT): a case study of banking sector in Hong Kong273
An evaluation of vaccination in poultry as an intervention strategy for control of H5N1 avian influenza infection154
Nucleation and growth of GaN islands by molecular-beam epitaxy225
An investiagation (sic. investigation) of social class as means for market segmentation in Hong Kong318
Housing for the Tanka in Cheung Chau250
Analysis of copper fluxes in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and its implication for environmental management334
Collaboration in conversational narrative: tellership as a joint achievement317
DNA methylation of tumour suppressive microRNA in mantle cell lymphoma193
Charity is power : a study of Chinese merchants and charitable organizations in Macao, 1849-1949152
Continuing evolution of H9N2 avian influenza A viruses in poultry in southern China234
Cluster analysis on uncertain data216
Competition in the taxi industry in an information context4976
Study of aptamer selection methodologies for developing piezoelectric quartz crystal biosensors to detect albumin in urine, malaria and SARS protein biomarkers in serum280
The extent to which teachers in Hongkong see teaching as a profession254
The dynamics of office markets : the case of Seoul176
Challenges for joint-venture travel companies in the new phase of China's tourism development: a case study ofctrip276
Hu Hanmin (1879-1936) and the theory and practice of party tutelage243
An exploration into the elements affecting strategy formation of a public interest group: a case study on thePeople's Council on Squatter Policy225
Lai Wan Kai Fong Welfare Association339
Restructuring of the Housing Department: the merging of maintenance and management216
Rigidity and cognitive complexity: an empirical investigation in the interpersonal, physical, and numericaldomains under task-oriented and egoinvolved conditions.262
An analysis of the administration of rewards and punishments in correctional institutions of the Department of Social Welfare231
Solving the schrödinger equation : deep-learnt exchange-correlation potential and efficient quantum transport calculation with selected inversion202
The acquisition process of Cantonese phonology: a case study416
Hong Kong stands ready to meet the transport needs of the aging population?209
Preconcentration of trace metals on nanoparticles for time-resolved ICP-MS measurement246
Infinite layer method and its application to the analysis of pile systems246
The application of expert system in labour legislation226
An analysis of the problem of co-ordination in the development of an integrated public transport system in Hong Kong211
Polyphenol-mediated protective effects against bacterial translocation across intestinal epithelial cells and their mechanisms226
The economists and the making of foreign trade policy in the People's Republic of China since 1980256
Functional characterization of Arabidopsis acyl-Coenzyme-A-binding proteins228
Decomposition of Bauhinia purpurea L. leaves in two Hong Kong streams and the associated fungal flora210
Environmental levy and green citizenship on plastic shopping bags behaviours in Hong Kong592
Genome-wide association study of adolescent idiopathic scoliosis in Southern Chinese and significant improvement in detection of missing heritability and genetic risk prediction in genome-wide association studies by 1000 genomes-based imputation212
Postcoloniality in Hong Kong Literature: withspecial reference to Xi Xi's and Ye Si's Fiction297
A study of Yu Ta-fu and his Nine diaries235
Party autonomy in contractual conflict of laws : a Chinese perspective on the adjudication of the enforceability of choice of law clauses175
Hong Kong competitiveness in research and development management: toward economic synergy with China212
Smoothing the silhouettes of polyhedral meshes by boundary curve interpolation261
Exploring the adaptation mechanisms during anaerobic tetrathionate respiration in salmonella enterica serovar typhimurium17
Anti-bacteria plasma-treated metallic surface for orthopaedics use205
Building information modelling for conservation : a feasibility study of a mobile HBIM application in heritage conservation process in Hong Kong312
Adsorption of emerging environmental pollutants by marine sediment in relation to sediment organic diagensis264
Neurobiological role of secretin and its receptor in osmoregulation48
Regulation of spermatogenesis : the roles of planar cell polarity proteins, basement membrane and the downstream signalling molecules118
On the complexity of finding optimal edge rankings223
Effectiveness of behaviour modification programmes implemented by sheltered workshop instructors on an in-service course200
The role of alternative dispute resolution methods in the constructionindustry and the application of these methods in Hong Kong253
A descriptive study of the perceived treatment and post-treatment environment for female ex-drug abusers in S.A.R.D.A.223
An assessment of the water pollution status of the Mai Po Marshes Nature Reserve, Hong Kong288
Marine education and research centre228
Government's role in the housing market of Hong Kong266
A study of environmental sustainability and liveability in Hong Kong229
A review of staff relations in relation to public sector reform in Hong Kong244
Metastasis and angiogenesis in neuroblastoma: involvement of visinin like protein-1 and dendritic cell211
Capacity for organizational learning in Hong Kong secondary schools: a qualitative study210
Modern heritage conservation in China : an implementation gap perspective181
Image retrieval system based on texture and chromatic features220
A life-cycle-oriented negotiation framework for supply chain management: an agent-based approach withhybrid learning212
Cheung Chau waterfront redevelopment216
Control and manipulation : the company building process of a Japanese fashion enterprise in Hong Kong443
Estimation of structural parameters in credibility context using mixedeffects models219
The impact of Land Ordinance on private sector involvement in urban redevelopment in Hong Kong225
The effectiveness of the appraisal system for police constables of theHong Kong police265
An evaluation of the feasibility of implementing energy efficiency measures in commercial buildings in Hong Kong218
The trial of pygmalion: twentieth-century reader response to heroines in the eighteenth-century novel, withspecial reference to Samuel Richardson's ��Clarissa'268
Otoacoustic emissions in universal neonatal hearing screening: efficacy of a combined stimuli protocol200
An econometric model of spouse selection233
Vaccination mediates protection against Penicillium marneffei in BALB/c mice175
Developing green building policy in Hong Kong877
Some aspects of wind loading effects on the design of multi-storey buildings202
Infusing new energy: waterfront redevelopmentin Sai Kung Town205
Father absence and behavioural problems of primary school students in Hong Kong: a systems perspective221
A study of error correction strategies in TCSL of Hong Kong international schools202
Design, modeling and control of wireless power transfer system in domino structure for power grid online monitoring equipment54
Transnational social spaces and transnationalism: a study on the new Chinese migrant community in Singapore321
Effectiveness of attention bias modification treatment for children with social anxiety problem267
Functional outcomes after myocutaneous free flap and osteocutaneous free flap for maxillary reconstruction: across sectional comparison165
Interacting binary jets in L1551 IRS 5 protobinary system185
A study of the sexual knowledge, attitudes and behaviour of the Hong Kong high school students: implications forteaching young people about sexuality249
The heat-shock protein A from helicobacter pylori: bioinorganic characterization, biological significanceand evolutionary aspect238
Mechanisms of angiotensin II-induced renal fibrosis: role of TGF-{221}/SMAD signaling pathway234
Experiencing the city: a walkway system for Hong Kong's Central District256
Iterated construction of irreducible polynomials over a finite field243
An enquiry into the cultural values of form five students, with special reference to certain sociological and educational issuesfacing Hong Kong adolescents223
Irrational antibiotic use : understanding the knowledge, attitudes and practices amongst the public of developing nations226
Collaborative environmental management in the Pearl River Delta : an urban operation research approach for electricity consumption201
Naturalism and Mao Dun's literary theory209
Arresting dental caries in preschool children using silver nitrate solution followed by sodium fluoride varnish : a randomised clinical trial200
Regulating government ethics in China258
Enhancing transmission control protocol performance over wireless networks229
Two new C32 triterpenes and other triterpenoids from Hong Kong plants224
Implementing total quality management in estate management company233
Intergenerational influences on body shape in a rapidly developed population: the parents of Hong Kong'sChildren of 1997 birth cohort206
A rule-based analysis system for Chinese sentences240
A study of the Fu (rhyme-prose) of Lu Ji, 261-303224
Investigation of the Franck-Condon region photodissociation dynamics of linear and cyclic nitroalkanes using resonance Raman spectroscopy230
Social and emotional adaptation of students with autism spectrum disorder in mainstream schools in Hong Kong240
Postoperative patient controlled epidural analgesia after total knee arthroplasty with 2ug/ml fentanyl combine with 0.2% ropivacaine or0.2% levobupivcaine: double-blindedequivalence randomized controlled trial and cost-effectivenessanalysis228
An exploratory study of the work attitudes of school dropout clients in an outreaching social work setting243
The prevalence of voice disorders among primary school teachers in Hong Kong274
Cyber attacks and defenses against nonlinear state estimation in cyber-physical systems317
Networking Causeway Bay: an alternative connector between urban nodes213
Laboratory investigation of dynamic properties of sand with fines166
Intellectual styles and their influence on university success among students with and without hearing impairment177
Acceptance of influenza vaccine in healthcare workers in New Territories East cluster using a health belief model592
Parenting stress of and social support for mothers of mentally handicapped children in Guangzhou217
Government as the facilitator for private housing management in Hong Kong228
A study of some factors affecting the effectiveness of conciliation asa means of settlement of labour disputes in Hong Kong250
Synthesizing patterned surfaces for 3D printing179
The impact of teaching practice on general and professional self-perceptions: an investigation of Hong Kongstudent teachers221
Habitat change in the transboundary Deep Bay catchment : its implications for spatial integration and nature conservation245
Critical thinking and knowledge in liberal studies: ways of seeing522
Biomechanical analysis of tendon repair method in obliquely lacerated tendon202
Hong Kong’s stonewall trees : conservation of a unique urban cultural landscape53
Huangchao Dashiji and the imperial examination of the South Song Dynasty373
Robust joint mean-covariance model selection and time-varying correlation structure estimation for dependent data218
Ecological restoration and urban frige park development at Anderson Road Quarry272
The design of an immunity-based search and rescue system for humanitarian logistics214
New immigrants face mismatch of skills in the Hong Kong labour market237
The effects of social skills training on junior secondary school students244
Self-esteem and depressed mood: accounting for suicidal ideation in a community sample of Hong Kong adolescent257
Characteristics and processes of intergenerational support and its association with elderly life satisfaction in China193
Oncogene EIF5A2 promotes cell growth and proliferation by reprograming cellular metabolism in hepatocellular carcinoma315
Leadership in a technology enriched school: an exploratory case study185
Executive functioning of students with high functioning autism231
Targeting mTOR as a novel therapeutic strategy for hepatocellular carcinoma203
Seasonal variation of the testis and adrenal gland of the cobra, Naja naja Linn249
The roles of Sox2 and Sox18 in hair type specification and pigmentation231
Postmodern streetscapes: a case study of HongKong353
The influence of quality issue to the traditional type of repair and maintenance service: a case study in thephoto copying industry200
Ultrasound-based pulse wave imaging for early detection of arteriosclerosis243
University students' knowledge and attitudes toward breastfeeding in Hong Kong221
A global review of taxi service markets and upcoming challenges349
Role of embryo quality in a randomised comparison of laser assisted hatching on the implantation rate of frozen thawed embryo transfercycles201
Spoken vocabulary acquisition in students with autism in multimedia-facilitated learning context242
Construction Training and Research Centre, Kowloon Bay215
Evaluation of marketing strategies of Hong Kong newspapers221
Precise regulation of parapthyroid hormone secretion with neural modulatory technology165
A study on the influence of built environment on bicycle commuting in Hong Kong96
A systems biology approach for studying human diseases93
An evaluation of the public consultative machinery at the grass-root: a case study of Tsuen Wan new town313
Significance of mitotic checkpoint regulatory proteins in chemosensitivity of nasopharyngeal carcinoma cells259
Synthesis and characterization of lead compounds in waste lead battery treatment165
Conscious will: illusion or reality?244
Self-cultivation, martial-prowess, health and beauty : a study on the body thoughts in late Qing and early republican China = 修身、尚武、健美 : 清末民初身體觀念研究158
Increasing uptake of influenza vaccine among community-dwelling elderly in Hong Kong237
Male midlife crisis as depicted in Chi Li's fiction279
Experienced teachers' development of pedagogical content knowledge for teaching a new topic380
The road to paradise : the cultural mapping of the tangible and intangible cultural heritage elements of Penglai Road, Shanghai76
Clinical applications of misoprostol in obstetrics and gynecology241
NMR approaches to protein conformation and backbone dynamics: studies on hyperthermophilicacylphosphatase and neuropeptide secretoneurin207
A study in the use of computer in management information systems in large electronics factories in Hong Kong225
Characterization of VEGF-C and its clinical relevance in lymphangiogenesis of papillary thyroid carcinoma247
Hong Kong police jargon and some sociolinguistic correlates317
A study of factors affecting the choices of living arrangement of young people after their marriage173
Group-buying : implications on retailers' operational and marketing decisions453
Tsuen Wan waterfront revitalisation: linking people, district and sea216
A comparative study of the in vitro and invivo steroid profiles in intersexual fishes246
Comparing historical and geological records of catastrophic washover events at Qing'ao, Nan'ao Island, Southeastern China291
An analytical study of the doctrine of the doctrine of the twenty-two faculties in the Abhidharmakośabhāṣya, with annotated translation of the relevant portions of the Sanskrit and Xuanzang's version82
A critical exploration of internal self-determination under international law, with particular reference to the Sri Lankan conflict411
Structural and functional study of human SIRT2 and SIRT159
Structure determinations of SnO₂ and TiO₂ surfaces by low energy electron diffraction Patterson inversion method176
Empirical analysis of the gender earnings gap in Macau215
A study of the factor of centralization of Chinese companies in Hong Kong219
The return of the native: "otherness" in Ha Jin's Waiting and its Chinese translation495
Towards sustainable development in China, a case study of Foshan City,Guangdong Province247
Cellular role of miR-143 in cervical cancer178
Development of small interfering RNA-based methods for blocking gene expression in vertebrate cells240
Three studies on understanding customer relationship management in services: customer-firm affection, customer-staff proximity, and customer co-production338
A study of the transport needs of patients for medical services, with special emphasis on cost minimization223
Lifting the legal veil in The case of the speluncean explorers232
Patient outcome and brain state monitoring during general anesthesia258
Development of a subunit vaccine against infectious bursal disease virus207
A study of the cytosolic Ca2+ homeostasis in human leukemic HL-60 cells214
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Two versions of the cliché206
Understanding the emotion perception and cognitive deficit in schizophrenia through a retesting of the left hemisphereoveractivation hypothesis225
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Long-term responses of pseudomonas pseudoalcaligenes to high temperature237
Bridging the town centre: the community bridges in Tung Chung228
Secret trail of history and nature : the interpretation plan of the Shuishalian trail in Nantou County, Taiwan34
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Adipocyte- and epidermal-fatty acid-binding proteins in relation to obesity and its medical complications281
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Domain-specific FPGA overlay : an architecture-compilation co-design methodology57
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Paleoproterozoic crustal evolution and Fe-Cu metallogeny of the western Yangtze Block, SW China313
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Landscape linkage along the edge: waterfront design at Shau Kei Wan typhoon shelter264
Protein arginine methylation of BAG5 by PRMT6 regulates autophagy in hepatocellular carcinoma tumours95
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Association between {221}-Chemokine gene polymorphisms and tuberculosis196
Metropolitan park at Kai Tak: a feeling of 'urban excitement' within a 'urban resort'273
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First-principles studies of nanostructure assembly and heterogeneous catalysis on surfaces22
Teachers' conceptions of geography teaching and learning313
The production of urban living space in Hong Kong: a study on adolescents' outdoor enviroment272
To reveal the gene copy status of MUC1 in cervical neoplasia and precursor lesions by real-time PCR482
Hong Kong's civil legal aid system: Wong Shin-chon Jennifer.: why, how and to what extent?296
Basic documentation of Ping Yao dwelling courtyards257
Onomastics translation: with reference to Chinese-English and English-Chinese examples in Hong Kong street names310
Hyporheic exchange in streams : the influence of hydraulic and morphologic characteristics43
Regulation of cell proliferation and modulation of differentiation in human induced pluripotent stem cell-derived mesenchumal stem cells192
Management strategies for the reed Phragmites australis (CAV.) Steud. at Mai Po Marshes Nature Reserve, Hong Kong, with observations on theassociated insect Fauna253
A study on the level of pay satisfaction of middle and top management executives in the public sector using a multidimensional approach inmeasurement186
Applications of proanthocyanidin in dentistry307
The integration of students with profound multiple learning difficulties: a case study194
Effects of total ablation of male accessory sex glands on preimplantation embryonic development in the golden hamster289
A structural equation model to unveil the effect of human behaviour to the satisfaction of sustainable refurbishment for high-rise residential buildings191
A study on Chinese learners' IELTS preparation efforts185
Use of GIS in biodiversity conservation in Hong Kong462
An audit of physiotherapy evidence-based practice in management of acute non-specific low back pain241
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Derivation of environmental quality guidelines based on tissue burden of toxic pollutants in the green lipped mussel Perna viridis216
Vietnam in the '90s: prospects for trade and investment222
MTV Asia headquarters287
The nature of mathematical knowledge: a phenomenological review and it's implications on mathematics education209
Socio-cultural consciousness of sustainable housing in Hong Kong and its impacts on the living environment259
Market revolution: the path to more efficientforeign exchange market202
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A unique heritage building typology : a study of self-built houses of Suzhou : the case of no. 370 Boqian Road, Liuyuan Village, Suzhou81
Built environment impact on travel behavior in the context of China : evidence from transit-oriented development areas in Shenzhen281
"Streets for people": towards green transportation in urban Hong Kong242
Support for students with special educational needs in Hong Kong1722
Studies of transannular (4+3) cycloadditions and application to the synthesis of (+)-cortistatin A123
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Applications of regioselective intramolecular oxidation by dioxirane generated in situ: stereoselective synthesisof substituted tetrahydropyrans and fluorescence probes forperoxynitrite181
An evaluation of the non-graduate teacher qualifications assessment scheme in Hong Kong: an attempt to find outif it is an effective way to provide local primary schools withappropriately qualified teachers275
Selective detection and molecular imaging of peroxynitrite, hypochlorous acid and superoxide in biological studies110
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Classroom discourse in content-based instruction in higher education : a focus on teachers' use of metadiscourse320
The missing watchdog: corruption, governance,and supervisory role for Chinese civil society?188
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Role of mesenchymal stem cells in proteinuric nephropathy190
A descriptive study of some aspects of Cantonese spoken by an Indian child in Hong Kong222
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Actualizing the power of learning : teacher autonomy in response to curriculum reform240
Effectiveness of an adventure-based training program in enhancing competence, resilience and self-efficacy in nursing students preparing for clinical practicum : a randomised controlled trial217
Northern Chou's relations with the Nomadic tribes in the North-west250
Methylation status of endometrial cancer related genes250
The role of orthographic processing skills and writing skills in Chinese reading development255
Express air cargo development in the Pearl River Delta Region: present and future256
School self-evaluation: a whole school approach242
A study of Lu Li's prose and verse213
In the name of love: violence and aggression in courtship among young adults in Hong Kong258
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Understanding the role of eye movements during reading using eye movement analysis with hidden Markov models (EMHMM)13
Development of Zein nanoparticles for nucleic acids delivery179
An epidemiological study on the living environment, passive smoking and respiratory health of a cohort of children aged 3-6 years in HongKong198
A comparative study of modern practical writing in juniorsecondary school Chinese textbooks in mainland China, Hong Kong andTaiwan327
Application of job evaluation in the Hong Kong electronics industries213
The use of neural network analysis of PET-CT brain scan regional ¹⁸F-FDG metabolism in diagnosis and prognosis of dementia subjects218
Consumption behaviour of Mainland vacation visitors in Hong Kong217
Studies on four streams entering Tolo Harbour, Hong Kong and their possible impact on marine water quality226
Reading is rewarding : on the development of libraries in twentieth-century Hong Kong = 開卷有益 : 論二十世紀香港圖書館發展137
Knowledge of dialysis patients on kidney transplantation210
Development of macromolecular phasing methods214
The use of stabilized coal combustion solid residues for artificial reef construction in Hong Kong: anexamination of environmental impacts209
Design, analysis, and application of multiple-frequency multiple-receiver wireless power transfer186
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Three dimensional structure and kinematics of the inner ejecta of supernova 1987A228
Molecular developmental genetics of the inner ear mutant, yellow submarine (Ysb)237
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Robust stability and stabilization of linear systems over networks134
From sub to hub, relieve the enclosure of urban villages in Shenzhen168
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Development of phosphine oxide and arsine oxide organocatalysis118
Do health effects of milk involve gut microbiome or branched-chain amino acids?132
Application of metaheuristics and machine learning techniques in computational finance50
Learning English as a second language in Hong Kong : understanding the selves of senior secondary students in shadow education382
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The labour unions of social workers employed by the subvented organizations in Hong Kong212
Medical malpractice in Hong Kong856
Kindergarten: a podium approach204
The missing link: the social history ofChang's Manor through local ordinary stories229
Alkaline-catalyzed production of biodiesel fuel from virgin canola oiland recycled waste oils308
Thoughts and practice of a Hong Kong teacher in mathematics alternative assessment via concerns-based adoption model352
New alkaloids from zanthozylumspecies of Hong Kong256
Perceptions of school effects and school effectiveness among key personnel in two local special school for physically handicappedchildren252
The electronics industry of Hong Kong: an analysis of its growth.377
Teachers as tutors : shadow education market dynamics in Georgia351
Casting versus percutaneous pinning for extra-articular fracture distal radius in a Chinese elderly population: a prospective randomized controlled trial220
Shrubland birds in Hong Kong: community structure, seasonality and diet272
Turnover intentions of graduate teachers in Hong Kong aided secondary schools266
Late Permian -- early Cretaceous igneous events in the Erguna Massif, NE China : constraints on the timing of closure of the Mongol-Okhotsk Ocean178
Research on the reform of Chinese energy consumption efficiency, industrial structure, technological innovation and management mechanism driven by digital revolution40
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Behavioural factors impacting parents' attitude towards human papillomavirus vaccine : a systematic review147
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Practitioners’ awareness, understanding and attitudes towards the competition ordinance (Cap.619) in construction industry123
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Design and development criteria of a public transit informationsystem173
Application of photoacoustic techniques to solid and liquid materials214
Neuroprotective function of ergothioneine62
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Expression of hypoxia inducible factor-1 and its role in chronic inflammatory periodontal disease250
Light pollution257
Prevalence of electrocardiographic abnormalities and the relationship bewtween alcohol use and electrocardiographic-left ventricularhypertrophy in older Chinese people: theGuangzhou biobank cohort study174
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Characterization of molecular targets contributing to metastasis and stemness in hepatocellular carcinoma162
Expression of RNF8 in breast cancer140
Crossing the city: transformation of Peak Tram Station /cHo Tzung Hsien Joey.194
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Corporate governance, connected transactions and firm valuation240
A philological study of the Chu bamboo text of the Warring States period as seen in volume two of the monograph seriescompiled on the basis of the collection housed in Shanghai Museum =251
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How to launch a successful BOT projects?216
A study of Lao She's (1899-1966) short stories249
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Hong Kong Students' explanations of biological phenomena270
Assessment of capitated contract medicine arrangements in Hong Kong: an example of financial incentives andmanaged care in an unregulated environment254
Parenting style and parental play belief among Hong Kong Chinese parents : the moderating role of Chinese child-rearing ideologies11
The relationship between family adaptability and social support of single-parent families241
Catalytic activity of transition metal halides: dehydrochlorination of tert-butyl chloride213
Multidimensional liquid chromatography for the analyses of hydrophilicand hydrophobic components in mass spectrometry-based proteomics242
An enquiry into the employment and social adjustment of mentally handicapped adults in Guangzhou210
The effectiveness of treating abstinence syndrome by acupuncture over traditional medication and psychotherapy524
Metamorphism of the Helanshan Complex: implications for the tectonic evolution of the Khondalite Belt,North China Craton242
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Computational image reconstruction via data-driven and model-based algorithms21
A study of tenant mix planning of regional shopping centres and its implications254
An evaluation of the reform and quality of pharmacy service in Hospital Authority: a case study at PrincessMargaret Hospital247
Analysis on chromosome 3p in smokers and non-smokers with non-small cell lung carcinoma243
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Pokemon and pak interactive exchange factor alpha in gestational trophoblastic diseases222
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Accessibility and destination choices : a study of recreational activities in Hong Kong country parks271
Promotion system of Hong Kong Fire Services Department in comparative perspective234
Novel therapies for natural killer cell lymphoma155
Identification and prioritization of single nucleotide variation for Mendelian disorders from whole exome sequencing data213
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Ageing in place in Hong Kong : a case study of public rental housing263
Spatial queries based on non-spatial constraints241
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Structural change and inflation in Hong Kong: the relevance of labor importation to inflation control policy259
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Quality of life of nasopharyngeal carcinoma patients treated with nasopharyngectomy223
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Nature Reserve Centre in Mai Po202
Migrant workers and informal economy in urban China: an ethnographic study of a migrant enclave inGuangzhou1225
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Laboratory confirmation of HIV : a literature review131
Hua Yen, 1682-1756: his life and art217
New arrival students in Hong Kong: adaptationand school performance919
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Performance simulation and energy coordination for electric vehicles293
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Review of strategies and measures for handling domestic violence in Hong Kong247
An investigation of the behavioral and neurochemical changes followingthe administration of ibotenic acid, 192IgG-saporin or B-amyloid (1-40) into the rat brain: possible animalmodels for Alfheimer's disease203
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Novel optical imaging systems empowered by fiber nonlinearity73
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Tourism development and the planning implication in the Pearl River Delta region284
Government's role in the privatization of tunnels in Hong Kong323
Molecular epidemiology of coronaviruses in animals278
Air pollution impacts as indicated by roadside air quality monitoring stations232
Improved secure key rate for the decoy state protocol in the finite key regime148
An evaluation of reading comprehension strategies used by Chinese students of English256
Help-seeking threshold of Chinese youth with internet addiction : locating the tipping point280
Competitive online job scheduling algorithms under different energy management models187
Cognitive reading strategies instruction for children with specific language impairment210
Redevelopment of public rental housing estates: a case study of Kwai Chung Estate301
The Christian dimension of the origin of constitutionalism: St. Augustine, Thomas Aquinas, Richard Hooker and John Locke526
Building superhighways in PRC237
The relationship between plant metaphors and poetic themes in the Shijing216
Perceived outcomes for the leukemia patient group members who join self-help activities208
Navigating conflict : a study of Christian sexual minorities in Hong Kong341
Modern portfolio analysis, capital asset pricing model and the Hong Kong stock market263
The role of English language teaching in Hong Kong: linguistic imperialism or linguistic empowerment?323
Multilocus sequence typing of aspergillus fumigatus219
Multilocus sequence typing of Candida albicans strains isolated in Hong Kong192
Functional role of a purple acid phosphatase in Arabidopsis thaliana244
Crews facilities complex for Cathay Pacific Airways at Chek Lap Kok Airport217
Incorporating fuzzy membership functions and gap analysis concept intoperformance evaluation of engineering consultants: Hong Kong study271
Aldose reductase deficient mice develop nephrogenic diabetesinsipidus244
Is Mai Po Gei Wai shrimp cultivation sustainable?: a comparative study with a commercial shrimp farm389
The role of pain sensitivity, pain catastrophizing level and personality traits in influencing the pre-hospital delay of acute myocardial infarction patients131
The narrative of anomie: power, agency and the negotiation of identity of mainland Chinese students in HongKong403
Frontline social workers' courses of action in casework settings : the relevance of personal background, professional training and practice environment229
Development of a polymer-supported reagent for Trost-Lu isomerization reactions and reagents for Mitsunobu reactions244
Constructing hegemony : patriotic united front on the youths in post-handover Hong Kong471
Human PD1-based mosaic Gag-p41 DNA vaccines for inducing potent and broad HIV-specific immune responses117
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Factors affecting hand hygiene compliance in intensive care units: a systematic review313
Hong Kong in the context of the Pacific War: an American perspective264
Interaction among dopants and fullerene cluster in doped superconducting C60 specimens237
The role of visual and orthographic skills in reading among Chinese dyslexic children255
Traditional music and ethnicity : a study of Hakka shange435
An experimental study of the English verb system and the difficulties it poses for Chinese secondary pupils253
A study of the exercise of judicial powers by Qing local governors268
The strategic implications of environmentalism for business: a local context215
Microplastics in crabs in Hong Kong587
The life and tz'u of Chu I-tsun254
Induction and activation of cGAS DNA sensor by Sindbis virus129
The ecology of Hong Kong Ardeidae (Aves) with special reference to theChinese pond heron at the Mai Po Marshes Nature Reserve261
Adoptive parenthood in Hong Kong: profile, stresses and coping230
Ras signalling pathway and MLL-rearranged leukaemias245
Qualitative differences in teachers' enactment of task-based language teaching in the English as second language (ESL) primary classroom214
Rare types and polymorphic variants of HPV in Hong Kong195
Allele specific polymerase-chain reaction for the detection of GYP.Mur allele173
Verbal information management in patients with schizophrenia and their healthy siblings : a novel paradigm for conversational analysis165
Establishment of trophoblastic spheroids from human embryonic stem cells for in vitro implanatation study103
Synthesis and luminescence studies of homo- and heteronuclear complexes of gold and copper220
Exploring the flipped classroom in a Hong Kong secondary school427
Aviation museum and academy372
Expression of regulatory Helix-loop-helix factor Id2 protein in the developing and adult mouse retina224
Numerical and experimental study on concrete subjected to elevated temperature37
Deterministic gradient nanostructures : from lithographic fabrication to fluidic and optical applications145
A study of the contribution of site investigation on minimizing the risk associated with tunnel failure226
Molecular characterization of mycobacterium tuberculosis associated with phenotypic virulence in human macrophages200
Exploring cortical activity during implicit and explicit processes in motor learning262
William James' psychological philosophy178
An analysis of the implementation of the putonghua curriculum (elective) for junior secondary level in Hong Kong219
Accidental conservation: the making of SoHo, a case study on how property prices have driven gentrification to be amean of conserving post-war Tong Lau330
Ecopolis: an ecological approach of urban renewal at foothill in Wanchai227
Mixing of a rosette buoyant jet group285
Fast signal processing techniques for surface somatosensory evoked potentials measurement214
Fluid mechanics of abrupt changes : applications to biomedical engineering and free surface flows111
A robust non-time series approach for valuation of weather derivativesand related products237
Proteomic evaluation of saliva pellicle on restorative material surfaces126
Synthesis and biological studies of anti-cancer rhodium(II, II) carboxylates, anti-inflammatory silver(I) thiourea and microbially fabricated silver nanoparticles412
Reverse Top-k search using random walk with restart186
Sky Univer-[CITY]: an architectural type of the new millenium urbanism in Shanghai288
Understanding how the objective neighbourhood built environment influences depressive symptoms and quality of life in Hong Kong older adults153
Using GeoGebra to enhance learning and teaching of basic properties ofcircles for a secondary 5 class418
An analysis of the recruitment and selection procedures for immigration officers in the Immigration Department212
Joyce in China246
Development of high throughput rapid diagnostic assay of autoimmune hepatitis60
A critical study of Bernhard Karlgren's (1889-1978) glosses on the Ya and Song of the Shijing268
Computer-mediated communication as an activity system: an investigation into S.3 students' learning experiencesvia online interaction in a dynamic assessment process190
A review of the macaque contraceptive programme in Hong Kong161
Glutamatergic and GABAergic transmission regulate the maturation of vestibular circuitry for spatial recognition235
The experience of Japanese expatriate wives in Hong Kong: the reproduction of a conservative social patterns234
Transmission expansion planning in a restructured electricity market275
Characterization of adenosine transport in rat cardiomyocytes, H9c2234
Initial study of deep learning for recognizing and classifying pediatric hydronephrosis69
Psoriasis, its two labels in Chinese and its psychological impacts347
Socialisation in EU-China human rights diplomacy from the diplomacy of values to the values of diplomacy326
A study of applying environmental management systems (EMS) to the construction industry in Hong Kong205
The effectiveness of developmental teacher appraisal in a secondary school in Hong Kong234
Probing gamma-ray emission of Geminga & Vela with non-stationary model92
Molecular epidemiology of 16S rRNA methylase genes in Escherichia colifrom humans and animals112
Liu K‘un-i and the political situation of local government in the late Ch'ing period273
Politicized academic capitalism: the Chinese communist party's sociopolitical control mechanisms over intellectualsduring the reform era329
A general strategy to design qualified interconnecting layer for high performance tandem organic solar cell60
Substratum effects of micro- and nano-structures on cellular behavior154
Secretin in the rat hypothalamo-pituitary system: localization, release mechanisms, and functions179
Paranasopharyngeal extension of nasopharyngeal carcinoma243
Respiratory symptoms and pulmonary function among welders : a cross-sectional study in an automobile assembly factory in Guangzhou145
Design, synthesis and studies of novel photochromic zinc(II) thiolate complexes189
Conservation genetics, phylogenetics, and photosynthetic pathway evolution in the Cirrhopetalum alliance (Bulbophyllum, orchidaceae) : testing hypotheses of loss of sex and slowdown of diversification153
Logistics center in Beijing: an economic and environmental analysis240
Design, construction and characterization of aptamer-functionalized DNA origami for malaria diagnosis123
Who knows best?: a comparative study of teachers' and students' perceptions of the characteristics of an idealEnglish lesson200
Is using computer-based activities more effective than paper-based method in learning business vocabulary for vocational students?248
Methylation studies from fine needle aspirates of breast lesions215
Application and development of quantitative methods to explore the genetic architecture of human aggression167
Regulating teacher-provided private supplementary tutoring in Azerbaijan : challenges and possible responses / y Mehpara Ahmadova160
The effectiveness of positive psychotherapy and cognitive behavioral therapy on Chinese patient with clinical depression: a multiple case study317
The influence of Islam on the formation of the foreign policy of Pakistan, Malaysia and Indonesia224
"Public health vs. human rights?: a human rights approach to non-smoker protection in Hong Kong"259
Mesoscopic conductance through superconductor-normal-metal-superconductor heterostructures247
"Let's do it ourselves!": a self-help group of stoma patients224
Justifying exclusion : freedom of association, territorial rights, and the state's right to exclude immigrants129
The strategy of local construction companies214
A study on the dielectrics of charge-trapping flash memory devices217
An exploration of the communication needs of cancer patients247
Remineralization of initial carious lesions using fluoridated milk in vitro314
The ideological adoption and literary writing of left-wing writers in 1940s : the cases of Ding Lin, Zhao Shuli and Xiao Jun = 四十年代左翼作家的思想形態與文學創作 : 以丁玲、趙樹理、蕭軍為例323
Market segmentation: the case of A shares andB shares204
Cyborg visions : Mitchell, Ishiguro, Winterson and the negotiation of modernity217
Effects of neurotransmitters and peptides on gastrointestinal motilityin the shark, hemiscyllium plagiosum (Bennett)217
Difficulties and problems of property managers of investment properties in Beijing212
Cost-effectiveness of treating normal tension glaucoma269
Statistical analysis for building a personalized online learning system171
Pedestrianization and urban form215
Study on the cellular function of histone succinylation and development of genetically encoded yeats domain inhibitor32
Investigations into the feasibility of single-strandedoligonucleotide-mediated targeted gene repair in mammalian cells197
The stress and mental health of community college student772
The epidemiological transition in mainland China230
Ground investigation in karst area: a case study in Zhaoqing, Guangdong Province, China215
The Taiwan press and secrecy laws: a search for standards229
Revival of cultural tradition amongst two ethnic minorities: Ainu in Japan and aborigines in Taiwan289
Development of law against homosexual conduct: case study on Leung TC William Roy323
Death orientations among Chinese undergraduates in Hong Kong and Beijing221
An alternative path architect Leon Hoa and his career293
Labyrinth and pyramid: a dialogue, Tsim Sha Tsui218
A comparative study of consumption behaviour between Mainland travelers and Japanese travelers in Hong Kong265
Passive resistance to hegemonic control in China and Myanmar212
Housing system in Hong Kong : examine the role of Tenants Purchase Scheme in home ownership development and its impact to property management industry169
Development of a multifunctional building information modelling (BIM) maturity model499
Integrated optical and mechanical phenotyping platform for high-throughput single-cell analysis18
Dialogic learning: experiences in a mathematics club372
Bioinformatic studies of gene regulation involving SOX9 and HOXB3 withreference to craniofacial development and other processes197
Potential risk to private developers in undertaking public/private joint effort development projects229
Preventive potential and mechanism study of food additives on the formation of acrylamide230
The involvement of serotoninergic system in cigarette smoke-induced oxidative stress and inflammation: relevantto chronic obstructive pulmonary disease308
The study of public assessment and impacts of different modes of management of wet market in housing estates in Hong Kong30
The enforcement of labour legislation in Hong Kong: a study of industrial safety regulations214
Molecular epidemiology of and vaccine development against foot-and-mouth disease virus in Hong Kong233
Fast algorithms for large scale quantum transport simulations with applications117
The accountability of the principal officials accountability system in Hong Kong : progress and prospects308
A building in the hills : an undocumented chapter of Hong Kong art deco architecture78
Empowerment and control dynamics in project teams: a multilevel examination of the antecedents and jobperformance consequences260
Finding homes and creating families: adoptionin Hong Kong226
The involvement of Wnt/beta-catenin in maintenance of stem cell properties in the CD133⁺ subpopulation of cervical cancer cells163
An administrative perspective on school extracurricular activities andjuvenile delinquency in Hong Kong204
Advanced spatial queries in wireless ad hoc networks179
The effects of age on housing prices in Hong Kong312
Effect of FTY720 on the growth and invasion ability of androgenindependent prostate cancer cells220
Community environmental education for sustainable development in Hong Kong264
The children's museum: a stimulating environment of play, wonder and learning229
Full-range behaviour of prestressed concrete bridges with corrugated steel webs271
Supported apartment as a place for enhancing social support and community integration of psychiatric residents: an exploratory study239
Building a facilitative learning environment: the role of teachers' cognitive and affective supports314
Effects of flavonoids on inflammatory responses in endothelial cells193
Government-nonprofits collaborations: a studyof linking arrangements in third-party government238
Molecular analysis of ammonia oxidizing prokaryotes in mangrove wetlands and factors affecting their dynamics192
Productive activity profiles and depressive symptoms of urban Chinese elderly : evidences from a national survey176
A microbiological study of pericoronitis of impacted lower third molars in Hong Kong Chinese291
Moral panic and the post 80s generation in Hong Kong367
An ecotoxicological study of trace metals in the green-lipped mussel Perna viridis (L.) (Bivalvia : Mytilacea)205
Building up a container port network: maintaining Hong Kong as a regional load centre180
The narrative changes of Taiwanese history in Taiwan's historical education = 臺灣歷史教育中的臺灣史書寫轉變122
The role of the state in China's urban system development : government capacity, institution, and policy193
The behaviour and ecology of the Hong Kong fiddler crabs, with specialreference to Uca lactea and Uca vocans268
Postmodern strategies in selected works of Milan Kundera225
An investigation of medical student culture and attitudes towards e-learning in Hong Kong and the implications for medicial education648
The impact of SARS on elderly people in Hong Kong301
Effect of herbal medicine (Ganoderma lucidum) on nitric oxide production in macrophages311
The teaching of moral education through religious subject: a case study of the religious education teachers of themethodist secondary schools in Hong Kong287
A pilot study of holistic energy healing for frozen shoulder267
Diethylenetriaminepentaacetic acid (DTPA) based lanthanide (III) complexes for bioimaging application205
Building as an incomplete urban topography: apublic terrain at Wong Tai Sin Temple226
Residential area planning for the elderly in the old, urban areas of Hong Kong250
A case study of the implementation of autonomous learning in English and Chinese language studies in a local private secondary school226
Effectiveness of Chinese medicines in treating chronic liver diseases189
Recreational use of cannabis among youths in Hong Kong408
Song-stuck-in-my-head : acquisition of adjectival predicates for secondary school students learning Chinese as a second language through Mandarin songs62
Effects of supplementation of citrulline and Lactobacillus helveticus in intestinal tract26
The changing role of Hong Kong as transport gateway to China: a statistical approach254
Music and emotions reconsidered : towards a holistic approach to understanding musical experience196
Association of sulphonylureas and dipeptidyl peptidase-4 inhibitors with cardiovascular disease : population-based cohort study26
On computing ruin probabilities146
A study of acid mine drainage223
Can ecotourism be sustained in Hong Kong?256
Radiographic localization of supernumerary teeth in the maxilla277
A critical study of Tu Yuʺ's commentary of the Tso-chuʺanagainst the Chia and Fu glosses229
A study of feasibility of using mixed-income housing in Hong Kong252
Is earnings surprise the real king?: post-earnings announcement drifton the Hong Kong stock market272
Environmental considerations in urban redevelopment in Hong Kong214
Off anti-glaucoma medication study: changes in visual field, retinal nerve fiber layer thickness and riskestimation of glaucoma onset in 1 year follow up150
CEO turnover, communication disruption, and analyst forecast properties147
Metacognitive strategy instruction: effects on mathematical problem solving in adolescents with moderate learningdifficulty236
Necrotecture at the Cape217
The expression of Id2 and its potential roles in the regulation of neural stem/progenitor cell in the subventricular zone of the adultmouse729
Housing provision: a study of housing problems of "cage man"285
Managerial perspective: cost analysis of non-attendance in specialist outpatient clinics (SOPD) and reasonsbehind210
Geology of Mo Tat Wan238
Homes for the people: a study of popularity of public housing in Hong Kong.240
Neural crest cell development in the nervous system of normal gut and in Hirschsprung's disease206
Modelling public adoption of health protective behaviours against novel respiratory infectious diseases in Hong Kong: the avianinfluenza A/H5N1 and the 2009 pandemic influenza A/H1N1319
A qualitative study to explore doctors' perceptions on credentialing and defining scope of practice164
A study of Liu Shao, 174-242, and his Renwu zhi263
PDZD2, a candidate for brachydactyly type A1, encodes a secreted protein that negatively modulates hedgehog signaling252
Multiphoton microfabrication-based cell niche screening : phenotype maintenance of nucleus pulposus cells as an example80
Partnership in the redevelopment of urban villages in China: the cases in Shenzhen342
The organization of political power in communist China221
The development of serviced apartments in Hong Kong: its implications on the landuse control233
Modelling, analysis and design of switching converters386
Index properties and a three dimensional failure criterion of rocks211
Neuronal survival and axonal regeneration of retinal ganglion cells inadult hamsters201
Water pollution from metal-finishing industry in Hong Kong210
Anorexia nervosa: a prognostic study.226
The immunological roles of human gammadelta T lymphocytes in influenzavirus infection255
The Hong Kong airfreight industry249
The effect of emotional memory on older adults experiencing normal aging and late-life depression240
Expression of FOXO3a in breast cancer202
Application of the hub concept to urban public transport in Hong Kong: a case study of North Point264
Alternative urban landscape intervention : promote communities integration and social cohesion245
Kayama Matazo's Nihonga322
Family involvment and residential care: decision making about adolescents with behavioural problems185
A longitudinal study on relationships among perceived parenting style, psychological well-being, and sleep in junior high school students183
Re-integration of offenders and protection of public order: a case study on the Hong Kong release undersupervision scheme245
Overcoming antibiotic resistance : bismuth compounds as potent inhibitors of class B1 metallo-[beta]-lactamases122
Strain analysis of displacement data from the pos selim landslide283
Hand-written Chinese character recognition by first and second order Hidden Markov Models and radical modeling234
The Nature of moral duties: Scanlon's contractualist account of 'what we owe to each other'353
A peer counseling program in a secondary school: a case study247
Application of the Chinese Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale-III: an evaluation of its psychometricproperties205
Sustainable supply chain management and local businesses : a case study on food processing business in Hong Kong178
Post-compressed plates for strengthening preloaded reinforced concretecolumns224
Novel viruses in dromedaries from the Middle East1
Modeling of contaminant dispersion by statistical mechanics279
How to repair and maintain a declared monument : the case of June Li Building, St. Stephen's Girls' College257
A comparison of manpower planning in the public and private sector in Hong Kong229
Distributed load-side frequency control of power systems110
Enhancing the effectiveness of field education in mainland China : achieving students' competence through their self-determinate practice engagement169
Microchip capillary electrophoresis for investigation of bilirubin-albumin interaction in human serum and apportionment of constituentsin traditional Chinese medicine218
Factors affecting teacher's attitude and integration of ICT in education325
Sport participation motives of Hong Kong students and exchange university students from the United States259
High density urban form: a case study of Quarry Bay, Hong Kong381
Vitalization of Bowen Road landscape design for a scenic path229
Invasive acupuncture and transcutaneous scalp-auricular electrical acupoint stimulation (TECAS) for depressive disorder : randomized controlled trials7
Festival impacts on the tourist economy in Hong Kong232
Participation motivation in sport: a comparative study of able-bodied and Disabled School-aged children inHong Kong292
An investigation on the conversion of C3 to embryotrophic iC3b in the human oviductal cell-mouse embryo co-culture system231
Long-term therapy related side effect on endocrine system among survivor with paediatric brain tumour and acute lymphoblastic leukaemia191
The molecular mechanism of mitotic arrest induced by a novel diterpenoid pseudolaric acid B and a novel gene encoding RNA-bindingprotein 22291
A study on fears of falling in old age home centre288
EGFL6, a potential novel ligand of EGFR, plays roles in cancer metastasis by inducing cancer cell epithelial-mesenchymal transition in nasopharyngeal carcinoma219
Functional role of AMPK-{221}1 expression in ovarian cancer progression276
Mother tongue job-related oral competency technical presentation training effectiveness through applied linguistics433
Allogeneic bone grafts mixed with basic fibroblast growth factor: a cellular and molecular study234
A study of the effectiveness of error correction cards in eliminating EFL students' fossilized errors in written compositions234
Funeral complex in Hung Hom210
Is co-living an alternative housing option for young adults in Hong Kong?29
The effects of rental growth expectation on real estate return : a term structure model and an empirical test in Hong Kong192
Carbon management : adapting corporate carbon management concepts, strategies & practices in agency and developers' property management companies in Hong Kong3
A feasibility analysis of using B.O.T. in the management of public fill in Hong Kong210
Curriculum evaluation of a pilot project for senior secondary studentsin a school for social development204
A study of the eight-legged essay of the Ming period268
The electromagnetic compatibility and multi-physics analysis based on the PEEC method233
Effects of cognitive appraisal on the level of stress among mothers ofchildren with autism217
Long-term outcome and quality of life in patients with biliary atresia285
The relationship between critical thinking, mindfulness, and psychological well-being233
Nanoscale energy transport in organic hybrid materials : combined experimental investigation and molecular dynamics simulation191
A portrait of the man at the principal's office318
A transport corridor planning in relation to the development of Tin Shui Wai in Northwest New Territories254
Non-invasive neuroimaging approaches in managing carpal tunnel syndrome86
Peter Parker (1804-1888): a diplomat and medical missionary in nineteenth century China347
Educational changes in Vietnam since 1906: Changements dans la politique scolaire au Viet-Nam depuis 1906.254
Brandom's normative deontic theory of language289
The implementation of the NET/ELTA scheme in two primary schools288
Environmental monitoring of air-borne fungi in a newly refurbished multifunctional hospital building in Hong Kong54
Rapid identification of mycobacteria other than tuberculosis using matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization time-of-flight mass spectrometry155
Pattern of tumour recurrence after radiotherapy for nasopharyngeal carcinoma56
The administrative tribunal as a policy-making body: a study of the Hong Kong Liquor Licensing Boards262
The American Chamber of Commerce (Hong Kong): an analysis of a dual purpose business and political organization215
On exact algorithms for small-sample bootstrap iterations and their applications217
The effectiveness of Hong Kong housing society in promoting age-friendly housing80
Urban hostel: a traveller's forum194
Finite strip method of structural analysis359
D.C. Lau : translating Lao Tzu as a non-mystical work = Lun Liu Dianjue dui Laozi zuo wei fei shen mi zhu yi zuo pin zhi fan yi318
The neurobiological and cognitive processes underpinning stress-induced impact on decision-making155
Marshall and jevons: a study on non-diffusionof economic ideas215
Sport participation, health-related fitness, and stress among studentsof the City University of Hong Kong244
Greenhouse gas dynamics of the Pokfulam reservoir catchment in Hong Kong13
The commentary and studies on Bai Xingjian's Lüfu242
Investigation of outbreaks of parvovirus B19 through molecularmethods182
Growth of transition metal dichalcogenide thin films by molecular beam epitaxy266
An evaluation of the planning and design of waterfront in Hong Kong264
The prospects of Maglev for Hong Kong's railway development228
Towards an eco-city: traffic calming211
The association of smoking and influenza infection and transmission205
The politics of nostalgia: explorations of home, homeland and identities in the context of an accented cinema232
Stress and coping strategies of parents with epileptic children199
Attempted suicide by drug overdose in Hong Kong: what are the differences between impulsive and non-impulsivesuicide attempters?292
Economic changes in rural China239
Investigation of synaptic degeneration as a common culprit underlying the neurodegenerative process induced by corticosterone and beta-amyloid170
Algorithms for proximity problems in the presence of obstacles228
Environmental, cost and health benefits of district cooling221
Some aspects of nutrient cycling in two plant stands in Taipo Kau forest reserve, New Territories, Hong Kong298
When risk judgment of playing lotteries feels difficult: to be risk-averse or risk-seeking?263
Molecular analysis of the roles of NRSF in TUBB3 transcriptioncontrol223
Popular culture and deviant youth behaviour in Hong Kong418
Rediscover beauty within the city: place of wedding in the Hong Kong Observatory, TST207
Traversal problems : on the imposing of will as ideas traverse and die in humanistic space, the integrity-violation inherent in 'group-self-regulation' within meta-pedagogy, the use of invalid logic in meta-pedagogical argumentation, and the invalidity of the influx of statistics-rhetoric in logic189
Narrative as "Fusion of horizons"381
Reactivation of an old landslide in response to reservoir impoundment and fluctuations285
Gene regulation of zebrafish hematopoiesis during embryonic development with special references to survivins and jak2a247
Characterization and regulation of Vascular Endothelial GrowthFactor (VEGF) receptors expression in the testis231
"Black like Mao" : the utilization of African American literature in the 20th century China35
Banking, corporate capital structure, and the real economy213
A GIS approach to spatial analysis of crime in urban areas: a case study of Mongkok, Hong Kong313
Acquisition of voice output communication aid by children with severe mental handicap: a case study191
Shaping the virtual state: internet content regulation in China (1994-2009)279
Expression of HMOX1 in breast cancer13
Identifying women at risk of osteoporosis using osteoporosis self assessment tool for Asians208
Concepts of equity and policies for university student financial support: Chinese reforms in an internationalcontext242
In vivo exposure to lipopolysaccharide unmasks contractions to the alpha2-adrenergic agonist dexmedetomidine in the rat aorta179
A loss-of-function variant in MLKL increases Alzheimer's disease risk through modulating [gamma]-secretase activity and autophagy72
An exploratory study of alcoholism maintenance from a family system perspective253
Characterization of neutrophil-derived proteinase 3 in animal model of nonalcoholic steatohepatitis176
Studying signaling regulators of neurogenesis during mammalian central nervous system development150
An examination of the interplay of knowledge types, knowledge workers and knowledge creation in knowledge management285
Guidelines for the restoration of lattice doors: a case study of Kun Ting Study Hall234
Redevelopment of the Hong Kong Yacht Club at Kellett Island532
Identification of bacterial pathogens by 16S ribosomal RNA gene sequencing221
The control of H.V.D.C. convertors using the sample-and-delay method195
The antioxidant effect of lycium fruit extract on hyperglycemia-induced oxidative stress in human liver and rat muscle cell lines215
Agrumentative writing in L1 Chinese and L2 English: a study of secondary six students in Hong Kong286
Mixing narratives and commentaries231
Road safety and land use : different methods in detecting hazardous road locations189
The role of humanoid social robot in nursing home for cognitive impaired seniors : what are the effects and benefits?92
The new pedestrian friendly Huaqiangbei central retail district: an urban design approach to new Huaqiangbeicentral retail district, Shenzhen254
Study of the role of the tumor suppressor phosphatase and tensin homolog (PTEN) in hepatocellular carcinoma204
An exploratory study of the siblings of severely mentally disabled persons207
The applicability of mediation concepts and skills to housing management221
Investigation of the mechanical behavior of granular material : effects of particle size distribution and particle shape184
A systematic review of qualitative studies on the barriers to and facilitators of adult dental service use215
The effectiveness of using mind mapping skills in enhancing secondary one and secondary four students' writing in a CMI school468
Military professionalism and praetorianism in Thailand and Indonesia289
Cephalometric airway measurements in class III skeletal deformity195
Opportunity search for a trade publisher190
Transport planning in Hong Kong: cross borderfreight transport220
The implementation of project-based learning in economics at certificate level239
An enquiry into the child sponsorship programme in some child care institutions in Hong Kong223
A study of the smoking control policy in Hong Kong245
A morphometric study of axon-glial interactions209
Speech recognition predictability of a Cantonese speech intelligibility index246
Ethics in the production of Hong Kong movies237
An analysis of two naturally: occurring G6PD deficient mutants, G6PD Campinus and G6PD Fukaya188
Zipf's law under migration294
Anaerobic recovery and physical activity in normal and obese children281
Some statistical topics on sequential data assimilation267
Planning of network, production and distribution : approaches of chance constrained programming and adjustable robust counterpart172
Resistance at school: a sociological study ofstudent misbehaviour in two Hong Kong secondary schools225
Divergent doctrinal interpretations on the nature of mind and matter in Theravāda Abhidhamma: a study mainly basedon the Pāli and Siṃhala buddhist exegetical literature462
Marginalized women under the spotlight : Third Republic (1870-1940) schoolmistresses portrayed in French literature151
Induction of ornithine decarboxylase activity in reuber H-35 hepatoma cells by systems A and N amino acids and the possible involvement ofthe Na+/H+ antiporter198
Boltzmann equation and semi-classical magnetoconductivity in Weyl semimetal249
Survival and regeneration of adult spinal motoneurons after root avulsion: a comparison of influence fromdifferent targets242
Representing crises in German culture in Doctor Faustus204
A study on the improvement of GaAs MOS devices with high-k gate dielectric175
Surface integral equation method for analyzing electromagnetic scattering in layered medium259
Hormones and the sloughing process in the Tokay (Gekko gecko L.)290
Three new C32 triterpenes and other triterpenoids from some Hong Kong plants210
Modeling and interactive rendering of urban environments164
Metamotivational characteristics of middle-aged women: motives for and barriers to physical activityparticipation229
The implementation of the policy of comprehensive social security assistance258
On quantile inference for conditional heteroscedastic models195
High performance fuel-breathing microfluidic fuel cells285
A study of the social enquiry practice in probation service222
A study of Liu Zhangqing (726-788) =243
Reheating the universe in brane world cosmological models196
A critical study of the 'Language of the masses' (Dazhongyu) in China in the 1930s = 1930 nian dai Zhongguo "Da zhong yu" yan jiu136
Health-related quality of life and mental health of Chinese primary care patients with lower urinary tract symptoms319
A study of innovation for web-based teaching and learning in higher education275
A study on the Chinese writing process286
A sociocultural analysis of English language teaching expertise in Pune, India224
Motor experience modulates perceptual representation of objects: the case of Chinese characterrecognition223
The life and works of Chiang Ch'un-lin, 1818-1868223
Clinical studies on patients with pityriasis rosea276
An evaluation on the Building Safety Loan Scheme in Hong Kong: a social equality perspective study223
Constructing an anti-biofouling and mineralizing bioactive tooth surface to protect against decay and promote self-healing36
Nitric oxide removal by wastewater bacteria in a biotrickling filter194
Application of biomolecular NMR spectroscopy for protein structure determination223
Materialism and motivation towards compensation in Hong Kong civil servants289
Isolation of mouse Hoxb-3 protein binding sequences: a whole genome approach183
Multilocus sequence typing of pseudomonas fluorescens isolates from investigation of a case of transfusion-associated sepsis280
Implicit learning of L2 word stress rules307
The last Hakka farmer : a case study of a disappearing agricultural industrial heritage334
An audit on anti-hypertensive drug management amongst general out-patient clinics in New Territories West region260
A study of the 13C-NMR properties of some fatty acid derivatives and their triacylglycerols199
From 'slavery' to 'girlhood'? age, gender and race in Chinese and western representations of the mui tsai phenomenon, 1879-1941389
Time dependent study of quantum transport in mesoscopic systems211
Coping among husbands of women with breast cancer in Hong Kong213
A comparative study of environmental education curriculum inGuangzhou, Hong Kong and Singapore281
The thought of Gao Panlong (1562-1626) and its relationship with the Wang Yangming School of philosophy in late Ming324
A clinical guideline to manage radiotherapy induced oral mucositis in head and neck cancer patients224
Mathematical models for control of probabilistic Boolean networks216
Constraints on recreation participation of mainland immigrant adolescents in Hong Kong255
Plate-reinforced composite coupling beams: experimental and numerical studies315
Working with the families of probationers: the impact of the offence on the family and the implications forsocial work intervention205
Free-form surface modeling with developables and cyclides278
SIRT1 promotes cell proliferation and prevents cellular senescence through targeting LKB1 in primary porcine aortic endothelial cells244
Professionalization of teachers in Hong Kong228
Geochemistry, geochronology and isotope geochemistry of eocene dykes intruding the Ladakh batholith239
Research on the art of Zhu Ming with special focus on his Taiji', andThe living world' series276
A study of the role of affect in school learning in Hong Kong210
Arthropods as indicators for forest monitoring87
Immunoglobulin superfamily member 3 in aggressive hepatocellular carcinoma147
Cultural mapping western Lockhart Road for insight into Hong Kong's drinking culture405
Interstitial museum plane: an urban event infrastructure for Zhihang Historic Temple District208
Feature extraction from two consecutive traffic images for 3D wire frame reconstruction of vehicle202
Targeting cell signaling pathway in treatment of gastric cancer by chemotherapeutic agents272
On a topic of Bayesian analysis using scale mixtures distributions232
Aspects of dental casting in phosphate-bonded investments187
Red tide224
Public transport planning for the Southern District207
Is reclamation a generally acceptable measure for increasing large scale land supply in Hong Kong?326
A study of Lok Sin Tong free school (1925-1941) = Le Shan Tang yi xue jiao yu yan jiu (1925-1941)371
An assessment of the effectiveness of the probation order in comparison with the community service order227
Networks, boundaries and class formation: a study of sociation patterns and values of the Hong Kong middle classes267
Early diagnosis and modified collagen crosslinking treatment of keratoconus168
Polymorphisms of the {221}2-adrenergic receptor gene associated with asthma among Chinese in Hong Kong182
An explorative longitudinal study of disordered eating attitudes and behaviors among pregnant women in Hong Kong203
Transport properties of InAs/(A1Sb)/GaSb/(A1Sb)/InAs heterostructure systems244
Nasopharyngeal carcinoma and its relation to well known protective and risk factors : a multi-jurisdictional ecological study190
Organizing for industrial workers: a case study of the Tsuen Wan Labour Education Coordination Board234
Regional development and governance in an era of globalization: a study of the Pearl River delta Region,China246
The spirit of nature: integrate people to healing landscape278
Linguistic consciousness and writing performance225
Futures hedging on both procurement risk and sales risk under correlated prices and demand202
Mechanisms of acute actions of 17B-estradiol in the vascular system255
Development of 3D culture systems for nucleus pulposus cells152
Participatory educational planning: the position of Hong Kong educational bodies197
Employed women in Hong Kong: their class and gender imageries219
A study of the Hua-chien-chi218
Habitat use by Hong Kong amphibians: with special reference to the ecology and conservation of Philautusromeri440
A study of the impact of friendship on adolescents' adjustment to migration200
A study of secondary students' attitudes towards English351
Temperament style, motivational regulation, and achievement among Chinese students200
A study of environmental scanning in professional accounting organisations in Hong Kong197
Study on the strength of polymer melt244
Stand-up or give in?: combining self salienceand opponent's stance in understanding interpersonal conflictprocesses244
A study of the conflict resolution mechanisms for labour disputes in Hong Kong315
The effect of three forms of culture on mathematics achievement : country, ethnicity, and individual176
Data flow and heap analysis with application to privilege escalation vulnerability scanning and software theft detection291
Silicon compiler for bit-serial signal processing architecture with automatic time alignment231
Between romance and realism: patterns of fulfillment in Ann Radcliffe's 'A Sicilian Romance' and JaneAusten's 'Pride and Prejudice'269
The effectiveness of mentorship in pre-teacher training program : a case study of Zhejiang Normal University242
Policy uncertainty firm respond, and performance : an empirical study of Chinese film industry23
Feasibility of using neural network for air dispersion modelling212
Interactions of vortices from two circular cylinders in bistable flow regime188
Effect of substrate on the performance an sludge characteristics of UASB reactors289
A validation of the Calgary Sleep Apnea quality of life index (Chineseversion) and an evaluation of treatment effectiveness and patientperference by physiological and neurobehavioural outcome measures inChinese sleep apnea patients227
A study of the memory functioning in the infarct patients: the relationship between test performance, subjectivecomplaints and behavioural indices202
Spatial development of Hong Kong in transition to region integration265
Synthesis of dynamic systems with Markovian characteristics208
A study of the colour word "gold" and its combination = Yan se ci "jin" ji qi zu he yan jiu244
The reconstruction of a historic conservation area : a case study of Zhongyi Street, Rui’an City, Zhejiang, China76
Nature reserve park Hong Kong204
Serration and recovery phenomena in twinning induced plasticity steel191
Families of polarized abelian varieties and a construction of Kähler metrics of negative holomorphic bisectional curvature on Kodairasurfaces183
Effect of antibiotics on the immune response induced by live-attenuated Salmonella typhi215
The role of Densin-180 on mouse behavior and synaptic protein distribution102
Bio-filament polymerization driven phenomena : experiments and simulations143
Perceptions and practices of mixed-code teaching among English teachers in the Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education349
A study of the Lan Yu (?-1393) case in the early Ming289
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The language of climate change : a comparative multimodal analysis of primary school science textbooks in Hong Kong and Australia33
Corruption and its impact on human rights in India : comparative perspectives on improving goverance152
Mycorrhizal associations in members of Hong Kong's Fagaceae227
Hidden Street in disregarded village: the cultural significance of "Wai Chai", Pokfulam Village407
The deterrent effect of drug driving laws in Hong Kong : a multi-dimensional analysis206
The impact of China's fiscal and monetary policies on regional disparity in housing prices186
Determinants of capitalization rates with reference to the office market in Hong Kong: implications for urbandesign207
Nanostructuring for nitride light-emitting diodes and opticalcavities236
The jing and the wu258
TGF-β1 enhances R5-tropic HIV-1 infection in activated and resting memory CD4+T cells by upregulating CCR569
Psychometric properties of the Chinese psychological resources questionnaire in people with emotional distress141
Maxillectomy reconstruction by transport distraction osteogenesis255
Management strategies for advanced stage of esophageal cancer256
Theoretical studies of ultracold atomic gases with synthetic gauge fields181
Comparing strategic management approaches at higher education institutions of Hong Kong227
The expeditions of Cheng Ho to the western ocean212
Needs of families with depression in Hong Kong215
A study of the impact of different media of instruction (Putonghua, Cantonese and diglossia) on the learning and teaching ofChinese in primary one in Hong Kong376
Exploring the impact of different task-based language teaching scaffolding approaches in Wikispaces collaborative writing270
Flow development in the initial region of a submerged round jet in a moving environment244
A study on the work of the obscene articles tribunal of Hong Kong froma human rights perspective404
The economics of population control221
Large genome de novo assembly with bi-directional BWT202
Local sites/global contexts: negotiating the roots/routes of identity in Asian queer diaspora295
Cinematic architecture384
Thinking styles, motivational orientations, and academic achievement in learning physics among Hong Kong secondary school students352
Persistence of {221}-propeller phytase in soil and its implication in phosphorus mobilization266
Risk factors associated with geriatric depression in Hong Kong227
An evidence-based guideline on early mobilization of mechanically ventilated patients237
The investigation of fibrinolytic activity in human intestinal tissue: identification, characterisation andpartial purification of two plasminogen activators219
Surface and composite engineering of iron oxide nanoparticles (IONPs) for biomedical applications136
Emendation and annotation of the Shih-shou hsin-yu229
A numerical study of coupled nonlinear Schrödinger equations arising in hydrodynamics and optics195
Autophagy in periodontal health and disease188
Psychosocial and functional implications of strabismus in adult patients using the AS-20 score209
An assessment of the historical origins and role of the marine police in contemporary Hong Kong248
The inhibitory effects of human cytomegalovirus on megakaryopoiesis : megekaryocytic cells and bone marrow derived mesenchymal stormal cells154
Identification and characterization of CD90⁺ cancer stem cells in hepatocellular carcinoma175
A study of strategic orientations and perspective of professional quantity surveying consultant firms in Hong Kong271
Stabilization mechanisms of cadmium wastes using ceramic precursors167
PRC enterprises listing in the stock exchange196
Derivatives of 2,5-disubstituted C18 furanoid fatty esters205
Probing into the underlying neural basis of reading in Chinese330
An anisotropic model of damage mechanics for inelastic behaviors of fiber reinforced composite laminates199
Diffusion and innovation of ICT in Hong Kong school practice201
To forget or not to forget: intentional forgetting of unfamiliar faces385
Learning Chinese in multilingual contexts : cases of ethnic minority learners with high attainment in Chinese237
A comparison of the Cantonese pronunciations recorded in Guangzhouhua zhengyin zidian and Yueyin zhengdu zihui = "Guangzhou hua zheng yin zi dian" yu "Yue yin zheng du zi hui" Yue yu zhu yin bi jiao yan jiu380
Surface modification of NiTi for long term orthopedic applications177
Students' attitute towards group project learning254
Air turbine handpieces: applied force measurement in dental procedures236
Xiangqin : matchmaking for Shengnü ("leftover women") in China611
Language policies and their effects on mother tongue education in HongKong and Singapore269
Collaborative learning on Internet: learning applied mathematics through newsgroup on the net203
Chinoiserie as musical gesture272
Learning Japanese as an additional language: a case study of one learner's experience256
The transport and logistics of an e-commerce firm in Hong Kong: a case study349
Complementation of predicative adjectives in English420
Damage identification of bridges from signals measured with a moving vehicle273
Does project-based learning change learners' attitudes towards autonomous learning?225
Decadence: a comparison between Oscar Wilde and Yu Ta-fu.262
The making of persons through social interaction: the case of the able-bodied and the handicapped226
Community sports and recreation complex at Chai Wan Park264
Cardiomyopathy in patients with end-stage renal disease on long-term peritoneal dialysis therapy : a prospective, longitudinal observational study61
Alternative modernity discourse and intellectual politics in modern and contemporary China: a case study ofXueheng school381
The impact of prior experience on teachers' perceptions of standards-referenced assessment192
Integrated vehicle positioning system using sensors and image processing of beacon signal223
Intranasal dexmedetomidine for sedation309
A study of family as a support system of the elderly231
Molecular signaling of neuronal apoptosis in beta-amyloid peptide neurotoxicity220
Laribacter hongkongensis: novel bacterium associated with gastroenteritis177
TBM tunnelling through unfavourable ground conditions : a case study, SSDS tunnel F, Hong Kong288
Therapeutic potential of demethylation agents and histone deaceytlase inhibitors in NK-cell lymphoma and leukemia183
Molecular biology of a cryptic dehalogenase from Burkholderia cepacia MBA4196
An investigation into Hong Kong non-native speakers' recognition of and attitudes towards different accents of English298
Students' learning styles and their correlation with academic performance in architectural design studio385
Evaluation of Abbott RealTime MTB detection and RIF/INH resistance assay for direct detection of mycobacterium tuberculosis and drug resistance in respiratory specimen198
Application of near-infrared spectroscopy in food compositionanalysis234
Nutrition labeling in Hong Kong and its future implications: a comparative study with North America232
Are residential developments in Southern China a retirement paradise for Hong Kong older persons?: a case-study inShunde Country Garden257
Piling design and construction in Hong Kong391
Some rhodium and platinum complexes containing phosphorus ligands214
Psychosocial responses of women and men to in-vitro fertilization276
Screening for antenatal depression in a primary health care setting205
Dosimetric evaluation and study of the effect of intra-fractional motions of LINAC-based stereotactic radiation therapy of multiple brain metastases : comparison between multi-isocenter and single-isocenter approach72
The effect of physician's brief smoking cessation advice for male outpatients191
A critical review of retail services provision in public housing estates203
Perception of school climate on a local newly established secondary school212
A study of radon-level in the Tai Po to Butterfly Valley Tunnel284
The reversibility and determinism in quantum computing223
Adaptive and constitutive activations of antioxidant-producing metabolic pathways in hepatocellular carcinoma85
A study on privacy-preserving clustering248
The implementation of concept-based curriculum in Mandarin language classes at the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme363
Synthesis and photophysical studies of organic lanthanide complexes267
Competitive strategies for telecommunication service providers in HongKong211
Electric probe measurements on microstrip circuits199
Oral microbiome in oral cancers and oral potentially malignant disorders133
From salt pan to resort plan: heritage conservation for the Island of Yim Tin Tsai, Sai Kung422
Market versus state provision: should the provision of public health care services in Hong Kong be corporatised?194
Statistical inference for some nonlinear time series models220
Characterization of stanniocalcin 1 and its implications in hepatocellular carcinoma167
Reproduction and growth of scleractinian corals in Hong Kong212
Functional characterization of functional role of CD133 in hepatocellular carcinoma17
A study of leisure activities in the Tang Dynasty =308
The historical concepts of Ku Yen-wu (1613-1682) and ChaoI (1727-1814)282
Segment-specific fetal spinal cord-derived cells and SSEA-3 positive cells from human dermal fibroblasts : their fates analysis and therapeutic implication for spinal cord injury140
The correlations between young night drifter phenomenon and family characteristics in Yuen Long district69
Urban governance and the right to space: urban regeneration of industrial buildings in Hong Kong252
A study of the Urban Council in the provison of urban services in HongKong277
The quality of lexical representation in Chinese normally-achieving and dyslexic children221
The use of project management in Thailand247
Middle Triassic mixosaurid ichthyosaurs from SW China187
Isomerization and dissociation of aromatic-containing radical cationic peptides169
Coping and adaptation strategies in families with the mentally ill member227
The health impact of alcohol tax reduction : an implication to Hong Kong266
Survey of nurses in Hong Kong about cadaveric organ donation: their attitudes, knowledge and perceivedbarriers275
Teachers, pupils and schools: a study of social class and school processes in primary one classes in HongKong223
The effect of conscious control on movement automaticity76
Signficance of cell cycle regulators in human hepatocellular carcinomaand gene expression induced by cisplatin in hepatoma cell lines200
A survey on isozyme genetics of the domestic chicken (Gallus domesticus)223
Heritage revitalization through adaptive reuse in Wanchai : an economic (cost-benefit) analysis1
The changes in Chinese wedding rituals in modern timesin Hong Kong = Xian jin Xianggang Zhong shi hun jia dui chuan tong li yi de chuan cheng yu geng ge506
Vanishing puppets: the demise of a Chinese traditional art form216
Stratigraphy of colluvial-alluvial fan deposits in Northwestern Hong Kong Island272
A study of land resumption for real estate development in Hong Kong307
Assessment of environmental noise in high-density cities : simulation, measurement, and data analytics198
Electrochemical capacitance in a mesoscopic structure289
Verification of off-line handwritten signatures224
Literature review on parental acceptability of human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine230
Measurement of the dielectric properties of liquids, using an open resonator219
The determinants of influenza vaccination effectiveness in people aged 65 years and older : a systematic review202
A study of the reasons for the dismissal and suicide of Nián Gēngyáo (?-1726)205
A study of whether public transport services have helped to achieve the goals of "equal opportunities" and "full participation" for thedisabled in Hong Kong233
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Glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase (G6PD) deficiency354
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Loop-mediated isothermal amplification for the detection of HLA B*58:01 associated allopurinol hypersensitivity199
The emerging roles of non-coding RNAs in hepatocellular carcinoma183
Mechanism design for auctions and pricing238
Relationships among continuing bonds, attachment style, marital relationship and adjustment in the conjugally bereaved241
Environmental risk in Hong Kong and its implications for urban planning248
Selective laser sintering of poly(L-Lactide)/carbonated hydroxyapatiteporous scaffolds for bone tissue engineering272
A study of Xunzi's (312-230 BC) "Essay on the Enhancementof Learning"216
A study on the construction of identity in the blogging world among Hong Kong adolescents405
Weakly nonlinear and low frequency quantum transport in mesoscopic systems237
Impacts of medication discontinuation on clinical and functional outcomes in remitted first-episode psychosis : a prospective 9-year follow-up study148
Evaluation of telomere length as an age-marker in marine teleosts247
The geological stratigraphy in the northwestern Ma Shi Chau219
Temporal trends in fish abundance and species composition on an open access artificial reef in Hong Kong349
Attitudes of social workers toward wife abuse189
Improve pedestrian safety and access in central Sham Shui Po245
Simulation of a two-part underwater towed system297
Reform of the Leisure and Cultural Services Department: implications for human resource management210
The landscape stitch: new pedestrian movementin Mong Kok250
Global marketing strategies applicability within Asia226
Suicidal behaviours among illicit drug users275
Exploitation and luck in capitalism: a philosophical analysis275
Cretaceous stratigraphy and tectonic history of east Shandong, China190
Challenges of a rapidly aging population on transport equity206
Molecular ecology of chasmoendolithic environments in Miers Valley, McMurdo Dry Valleys, Antarctica144
Efficient mining of association rules using conjectural information209
Preparation for future care needs among parents of only children in urban China219
Characterization of Per2 and SIRT1 : age-related tissue distribution changes138
Bridge identification based on the double-pass mass-addition method considering surface roughness112
Hong Kong's responses to the Sino-Japanese conflicts from 1931 to1941: Chinese nationalism in a British colony471
Stress among prison officers: a replication study in a Hong Kong prison211
Impact of tourism on a cultural heritage place: the case of West Street (Xi Jie) in Yangshuo Town,Guangxi Province, China254
Behaviour of multistorey infilled frames under lateral static load218
In defence of a moral right to immigrate : explicating the moral importance of the right to immigrate from a moral commitment to the right to domestic migration and freedom of exit62
The step-parent's role, step-parent-child relationship and child discipline in remarried families245
An analysis of the legetimization of police powers in Hong Kong255
Plasma brain natriuretic peptide and systemic ventricular function after the Fontan procedure204
Chinese piracy and coastal defence in the eighteen and early nineteen centuries with an emphasis on the Canton Delta357
A study on beverage carton recycling in Hong Kong36
Skeletal, dental and muscular effects in class II division 1 malocclusion treated by Herbst appliance262
Impact of land reclamation on hydrogeochemical processes in coastal aquifer systems: a case study in Shenzhen,China265
Hip-hop-ization : localizing a global youth culture : the remix832
Factors influencing adolescents' career aspirations: a perspective from Hong Kong798
An analysis of Hong Kong's recycling policy240
Engendering children: from folk tales to fairy tales232
Two credibility-enhancing tactics of Twitter disclosure : retweeting and mentioning132
To study the effectiveness of community building of Hong Kong Housing Authority (HKHA) in public rental housing estates489
A comparative study of healthcare financing systems in US, UK and HK282
Liu E's (1875-1909) idea of national salvation as seen inLaocan Youji242
Electropalatographic investigation of normal Cantonese speech: a qualitative and quantitative analysis207
The establishment and survival of roadside trees in Hong Kong239
Working with marital problems in Hong Kong236
Recombinant adeno-associated virus mediated vascular endothelial growth factor gene therapy induces mandibular condylar growth232
Relocation of manufacturing activities across the border: a study of its impact on the economy of Hong Kong219
Molecular genetics of Hb H disease in Hong Kong Chinese201
Hormonal, chemical, and transcriptional regulations of Wnt/{221}-catenin signaling in mammary carcinogensis637
Influence of microsomal triglyceride transfer protein (MTP) gene polymorphism on plasma lipids and lipoproteins in southern Chinese209
Validation of the screen for child anxiety related emotional disorders-revised (SCARED-R), and a study on the relationship among temperamental traits, attentional bias and anxiety in children and adolescents315
A study on the improvement of marine diesel engine transient performance by means of air injection294
Multicarrier CDMA overlay for ultra-wideband wireless communications238
Moments of automorphic L-functions290
Automatic processing of Chinese language bank cheques211
Role of fatty acid-protein 4 (FABP4) in the pathogenesis of post-menopause osteoporosis161
Filming gay representations: male homosexuality in Hong Kong and Taiwanese cinema5756
A study on the development of Hong Kong community college students’ digital literacy through digital storytelling264
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Performance appraisal for executive officers of the HKSAR254
A study of the supported employment service for mentally ill persons234
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Healing the nation through self-discovery : the Chinese new age milieu and the politics of emotion146
Asymmetric adjustments in commercial properties under information asymmetry153
Government finance and capital formation in Hong Kong since 1945288
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Common eye diseases and their impacts on elderly in Hong Kong311
The roles of school principals in teachers' professional development for implementing information and communications technologies ineducation219
The development of a practice model for working with the bereaved relatives of cancer patients: the singlesystem study of the "walking through the road of sorrow"253
Dynamical effects in ultracold atomic gases : macroscopic quantum tunneling and bulk viscosity83
Citizen-driven public participation in planning processes within an executive-led government: a case study oflocal action and central harborfront planning205
An investigation on the interrelationship between religious volunteering and volunteer's spiritual attributes210
From painted brick to facing brick: to restore or not to restore233
HIV risk behaviors and attitudes among Chinese men who have sex with men : a systematic review152
A harvest of names: a study of the naming strategies in Virginia Woolf's Mrs. Dalloway and Joseph Conrad's heartof darkness226
Rock music as cultural translation: a case study of Hong Kong rock music video226
Programmable logic controller forensics149
The current status of demersal fishery resources in Tolo Harbour & Tolo Channel with implications for their management232
Infrastructure and project finance in Asia274
Multi-stakeholder study on urban greening as Hong Kong's city branding practice211
GaN-based microdisk lasers on Si243
Enhancing mathematical word problems among ethnic minority primary school students : a comparison of interventions on reading comprehension and schematic representation16
Interorganizational co-ordination: an experience from a management infromation [i.e. information] systemstudy218
Commuting as a social determinant of well-being : implications for measures on mitigating job-residence imbalance in Hong Kong133
Transmission scheduling in single-hop and multi-hop wireless networks222
Ordering the world : Qi Biaojia and the public management in late Ming Shaoxing = 燮理天下 : 祁彪佳與晚明紹興的公共管理130
The mediating role of engagement in the relation between incentives and task value182
An investigation of a quantitative approach in risk evaluation for university chemical laboratories201
Suspension of judgement: Agrippa andepoche327
A study of the large scale redevelopment concept in urban redevelopment222
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Symbiotic street: stray cattle andcittizens [i. e. citizens] on streets of Ahmedabad138
Images of English: old people as second-language learners in Hong Kong205
The current imaging techniques in the diagnosis of hepatocellular carcinoma195
Decision making in the management of built asset228
Response of human primary monocyte-derived macrophages to infection with highly pathogenic human influenza a virus subtype H5N1394
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A phonological analysis of Hong Kong Cantonese secondary students' errors in Putonghua tones216
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Some stability results for time-delay control problems249
The effects of academic self-concept, gender and family variables on school achievement, with special reference to junior secondaryunderachievers221
Electrochemical studies of copper etching224
In vitro kinematics of the lumbar facet joints for the development of a facet fixator238
Atomic force microscopy enabled analysis and modeling for micro bubble mechanical properties164
A comparative study of problem framing in multiple settings260
Tumor-immune cell interactions in nasopharyngeal carcinoma at single cell resolution13
New roles of school principals in school-based management reform: a comparative study291
To save the nation260
A feasibility study on an automotive repair business228
Redevelopment of Kowloon Tong station241
The feasibility in the use of statute-based adjudication for dispute resolution in the construction industry in Hong Kong250
Antifungal susceptibilities of cryptic or uncommon Aspergillus species isolated in Hong Kong and Shenzhen89
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Surgical strategies to improve long-term survival after hepatectomy for hepatocellular carcinoma237
Factors associated with depressive mood among elderly family caregivers of patients with dementia in the community207
A narrative inquiry into the formation, development and challenges of secondary technical education in Hong Kong, 1945-2008345
Remembering the cultural revolution: a study of Chinese cinema since 1978315
Microfinance in China : the postal bank and credit cooperatives as key players299
Quality management system and its association with organizational performance223
Foldback DNA: nucleotide sequence and characterization of MboII repeated sequences in human long foldbackDNA by molecular cloning and hybridization240
The dual peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor α/[gamma] agonist Wy14643 improves endothelial function in the aorta of thespontaneously hypertensive rat247
Geochemistry, U-Pb and Sr-Nd-Hf isotopes of the Baijuhuajian A-type granites in Zhejiang Province: evidence for acontinuous extensional regime in the mid and late mesozoic248
Effectiveness of an adventure-based training programme in promoting physical activity, reducing cancer : related fatigue, enhancing quality of life among Hong Kong Chinese childhood cancer survivors : a randomized controlled trial296
Comprehensive rewiew of Hong Kong's environmental impact assessment (EIA) system284
A case study on the ex-drug-abusers' abstinence219
The construction of gender identity in Hong Kong cinema293
Cost-benefit analysis of green roof application in telecommunication building in Hong Kong263
Impact of urban physical design attributes on urban air quality and microclimate: towards formulation of urbandesign guidelines for Mong Kok229
Modal parameter identification for non-linear systems using the time-domain fourier filter output method226
Channel adaptive techniques for wireless resources management in AD Hoc networks251
The use of humidification system to reduce the work of breathing in mechanical ventilated patients210
Preparation and implementation of teaching integrated language skills in the reforming senior secondary Chinese curriculumfrom 2005 to 2007299
Weibo and the outsourcing of opinion guidance167
The prevalence and risk factors of late-life erectile dysfunction in aprimary care outpatient clinic in Hong Kong217
The impact of students' sense of community on the effectiveness of an online IELTS listening course : a qualitative inquiry237
Analyses on supply and self-enforcement mechanism of sub-divided units in Hong Kong109
Calculation of available transfer capability of transmission networks including static and dynamic security246
Life stressors and help-seeking behaviour of new immigrant women from Mainland China237
The strategies to sustain Hong Kong International Airport as the air cargo hub in the Pearl River Delta253
A study of the programme evaluability of Early Education & Training Centre Services267
The strategic importance of information systems to airline revenue management250
A case study of a Hong Kong entrepreneur309
The factors affecting supermarket patronage turnover in Hong Kong217
A study of the affordability and accessibility of home ownership of public housing tenants in Hong Kong270
Transformation of Southorn Playground246
A molecular epidemiology study on conjunctivitis using conventional nucleic acid amplification technologies and resequencing microarray232
Cumulative water quality impact study on coastal developments in western waters of Hong Kong217
Promoting learner autonomy through a self-access language learning (SALL) component of a taught English course254
A study of the assistance the student teachers expected and the help they received from the cooperating teachers in student teaching202
A dilemma for public housing sitting tenants: to buy or not to buy221
Oceanic treatment: is this the only wayout?193
The human right to welfare: a philosophical analysis217
Experimental study of shear behavior of soils with abundant coarse particles associated with slip zones of large landslides in the ThreeGorges reservoir, China307
Roles of prostaglandin E2 receptors and chloride channels in epoxyeicosatrienoic acids-induced relaxation in rat mesentericarteries243
Organizational strategies for construction technology transfer to China218
Rapid diagnosis of isoniazid resistant mycobacterium tuberculosis by hybridization probe based real time PCR164
Neural network based exchange-correlation functional248
Case studies on the stability of deep excavations283
Self-efficacy and motivation to learn : how does the change in teachers' self-efficacy affect their motivation to receive training?223
Weight status and health-related quality of life in Hong Kong230
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Children's patterning skills and their roles in mathematics learning13
The question of character : John Ashbery's late lyrics132
The political thought of Dong Zhongshu (179B.C. - 104B.C.)243
An analysis of the role of non-government organizations (NGOs) in the implementation of the employees retraining policy in Hong Kong240
Post-1997 gay cinema of Thailand, Hong Kong, and the Philippines402
Environmental radiation monitoring at the low level radioactive waste storage facility in Siu A Chau and development of a particledispersion model in marine environment253
The immune mechanisms and novel immunosuppressive approaches in experimental small bowel transplantation186
Exploration of the transcription factors that regulate the expression of the haloacid operon in Burkholderia caribensis MBA4156
Evolution of residents' participation in public housing in Hong Kong: from Estate Management Advisory Committee(EMAC) to Estate Management Owners Committee (EMOC)317
Effects of zirconate coupling agents on resin modified composites bonding to zirconia surfaces121
An integrated infrastructure asset management model to improve the resilience of high-density cities74
Clearance and development of urban squatter areas: a case study of development of Ma Hang Village,Stanley226
Seasonal variation in cause-specific sexually transmitted disease morbidity in Hong Kong (1998-2001): are thereany long holiday effects on the morbidity due to Neisseriagonorrhoeae?190
The ecology of the pitcher plant Nepethes mirabilis and its associatedfauna in Hong Kong288
Investigating Hong Kong tertiary students' perceptions of the cognitive requirements of writing tasks in three English languageproficiency tests197
The effect of exercise on bone mass and marrow adiposity41
Formulation of finite element methods for determining singular stress fields231
Sedimentary thorium-230 and protactinium-231 records of paleoenvironmental changes in the Arctic Ocean46
Novel insight into the mechanisms and treatment of ventricular tachyarrhythmias254
Management science: quenes in cinemas229
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Fishes feeding fishes: the composition, size and volume of wild fish feed used in Hong Kong's maricultureindustry232
Strange rituals of surrender : Seamus Heaney and contemporary elegy51
Relation between language proficiency, retention and the medium of instruction in primary schools185
Linking microbial communities, environmental factors and performance of biological treatment reactors using metagenomics356
Cognate words picture naming in non-alphabetic languages : evidence from Cantonese-Mandarin bilinguals218
An analysis of the roadside air quality improvement policy in Hong Kong197
Factors affecting spatial autocorrelation in housing prices : an empirical study of Hong Kong237
A study of Du Fu's (712-770) war poems229
Role of PRDM1{221}-isoform (with a disrupted PR domain) as a negative regulator of the tumor suppressor PRDM1α in NK-cell neoplasms142
Domestic institutions and Japan's foreign economic policy: the Japanese economic assistance to Southeast Asia, 1997-1999233
Searching for gamma-ray signals form pulsars and periodic signals fromthe galactic gamma-ray sources201
Design education in the digital era: how academic low achievers respond to digital imagery211
Drug careers: an interactional pathway into adolescent drug-use246
Functional role of PACT in limiting influenza A virus replication134
Establishment and implementation strategies of ISO9000 in the trainingand development function of health care organizations226
Effects of Dendrobium officinale polysaccharides in smoking-induced airway oxidative stress and inflammation in vivo104
Structured controller synthesis of linear multivariable systems110
A social spider inspired metaheuristic for global numerical optimization and its applications285
Effectiveness of using reading assessment to enhance the grade 8 students' reading ability228
A case study of the development of automated teller machines in Hong Kong and its effects on the retail banking habits of Hong Kong people288
Role of non-signage elements in the image of underground stations: a study of Hong Kong MTR users' cognitiveimage217
Chinese parents' perception of mental retardation and expectations of service provisions: the case of Guangzhou ZhiLing Special School197
A study of the synthesis and properties of some long chain fatty acid esters containing azido, amino, amido and amino acid residues and theanalysis of some seed oils used in Chinese medicine201
Designing evolution of knowledge building using opportunistic collaboration and idea-friend maps96
The effects of castration and testosterone replacement on the gene expression of adrenomedullin and its receptor component proteins inthe rat epididymis, seminal vesicle and coagulating gland238
Forceful intervention for human rights protection in Africa: resolving systemic dilemmas in theimplementation of the African Union's right of intervention270
Nonlinear static and dynamic analysis of plates & shells by spline finite strip method254
Effects of computer-supported collaborative learning on students' writing quality and conceptions of writing254
A multimodal music recommender with physiological signals144
Magnetotransport in topological insulators and semimetals183
Refuge and empty pavilions: encountering Ni Zan (1306-1374)336
Human endometrial gene expression profiling and receptivity in patients undergoing in vitro fertilization (IVF) treatment217
An horticultural nursery + a Green HK promotion centre235
Empirical testing of real options in the Hong Kong residential real estate market265
Diffraction and direct methods for surface structure determination243
Algorithms to determine tame and wild coordinates of Z[x,y]256
A children's rights audit of the International Criminal Court379
The Japanese Consulate and the Japanese Cultural Centre318
Light-based therapy for acne vulgaris296
Intellectual styles : their malleability, their associations, and their relationships to ability and personality traits208
"Bridging Ages": rejuvenating the North PointEstate219
Priors in geometrical processing73
Using environmental teaching kits in teaching secondary 1-3 geography syllabus in Hong Kong350
The role of children and youth centres in fulfiling adolescents'needs250
A multiple case study of liberal studies teachers’ professional knowledge in Hong Kong277
Juvenile delinquency in contemporary Japan: approaches to understanding265
The Link Management Limited : a socially responsible corporate?368
A study on financial controllership in large Hong Kong non-banking corporations228
Endothelial prostacyclin receptor signaling : importance of nitric oxide and inhibition by apolipoprotein E81
Effects of Angelica sinensis polysaccharides on changes of immune and gastrointestinal systems induced by cyclophosphamide in mice202
An analysis of the policy making process in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region: a case study ofsubsidised home ownership schemes since 1997542
Clinical usefulness of dual-tracer PET/CT scan in treatment planning for hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC)553
Christianity and English language teaching: astudy of an English conversation class for Mainland Chinese scholarsat an English-speaking church in Hong Kong241
The role of English in Hong Kong theatre and dance productions253
Fitting subdivision surfaces to unorganized points312
The impact of leadership in a newly established school in Hong Kong202
Molecular cloning and physiological studies of ethylene receptor genesin rice213
Molecular epidemiology of enterotoxigenic escherichia coli and vibrio cholerae in Hong Kong245
A study of the impact of incorporated owners on private residential housing management225
The effect of disparity between the rich and poor on the psychological well-being of Hong Kong Chinese children : a survey study357
Genius Loci: Tin Hau Temple, Aberdeen306
Theoretical modelling and numerical simulation of plastic deformation of nanostructured materials with high strength and ductility252
A study of perfectionism, self-esteem and vulnerability of mental stresses in medical students in their first three years of study243
Adjunctive effect on hormone replacement therapy on periodontal treatment responses in postmenopausal women216
Shenzhen special economic zone: functions, policies and achievements, 1979-1984299
Computational discovery of cis-regulatory modules in human genome by genome comparison283
The marketing of facsimile transceivers in Hong Kong225
Impact of industrial waste water on the environment: case study : Kot Lukh Put Industrial Estate, Lahore,Pakistan231
Effectiveness of universal rotavirus vaccination: a literature review234
Genetic analysis of nasopharyngeal cancer191
Living with transformation: a study of self-built houses in Dhaka237
Historical montage: renovation of warehouses in back channel of Pearl River136
Using linear combination of atomic orbital calculations to develop a novel fluorine-labeled pharmaceutical compound185
An exploratory study on community approach to youth work196
Chemical ecology of algae and the cyanobacterium kyrtuthrix maculans on Hong Kong rocky shores276
Enhancing students' reading comprehension throughpicture-book338
Human aspects of container truck accidents: causes, effects and possible improvement measures215
Academic capitalization : a case study of two universities in Guangzhou, China261
A grammatical analysis of the 'induced creaky tone' in Burmese105
That dangerous carnival: the Third World and its relation to the west199
Burden of psychosis in Hong Kong : a cost-of-illness study240
Environmental impact assessment (water pollution) of a floating dock in Yam O266
Redevelopment of Yue Man Square430
The tectonic framework of Hong Kong and vicinity and its relationship to regional seismicity225
Actions of estrogen and estrogen-related compounds on prostate cancer cell growth238
A study on the association of individual and work-related factors withmusculoskeletal disorders among display screen equipment (DSE) users202
Self-containment of Hong Kong new towns from the perspective of job accessibility : a case study of Tin Shui Wai new town2
Power and school-based curriculum development in moral education in China323
Optimization of highway networks204
The probelm of social integration : a case study of Muslims in transitional Myanmar576
A study of Jiang Kui's Qingkongci328
Breast arterial calcifications in mammograms and their association with cardiovascular risk factors194
Synaptic modulation by 5-hydroxytryptamine in the rat hypothalamic paraventricular nucleus221
Lipase selectivity in reactions involving natural and synthetic fatty acids and fatty alcohols229
Development and application of drilling process monitoring methodologyfor hydraulic rotary drilling in ground investigation324
Modulation of vascular function by genistein through cAMP-PKA signaling cascade in porcine coronary artery232
The adjustment made by S1 girls in the primary-secondary school transition: a case study253
An investigation of play in young children with autism215
B-Catenin mutations and expression in hepatocellular carcinoma263
Effects of open space on neighbourly social interaction : the case of Hong Kong309
Aligning multiple sequences adaptively212
Location management and level switching schemes in multitier mobile communication systems207
India's efforts to increase attended birth rates in urban areas : a bridge too far?233
Detection of clinically silent beta-globin gene mutations in Chinese using high resolution melting analysis149
Genetic susceptibility to gynaecological cancers in the Chinese population257
Molecular genetics of gastric non-Hodgkin's B-cell lymphomas241
Bacteriophage and antibiogram characterization of Staphylococcus aureus strains from hospital patients249
Managerial use of quantitative techniques in building project management: contractors perspectives220
On application of vision and manipulator with redunduncy to automatic locating and handling of objects262
Cities for citizens, not for cars: planning for sustainable urban transport system : case study, Lahore,Pakistan292
Provision of district and local open space in urban area: a case study of Hunghom197
Developing a sustainable transport system in Hong Kong: the nature and impacts of planning and policy constraints197
Some effects of hyperbaric oxygen on brain metabolism216
Eugenics in dystopian novels279
Endothelin expression in nasopharyngeal carcinoma cells258
Political meritocracy and relational equality252
Suicidality among Hong Kong nurses : prevalence and correlates204
Higher-order Markov chain models for categorical data sequences281
A study of green logistics in the third party logistics industry in Hong Kong468
Investigation of the physiological roles of a purple alkaline phosphatase from Burkholderia cenocepacia J2315212
The impact of corporate governance and strategies on the performance of indirect real estate : investors' perception and the reality179
Molecular epidemiology of influenza viruses from Southern China288
Fabric surface inpection by fourier analysis and neural network238
A study of kindergarten principals as mentors for initial teacher education211
Markers of Down syndrome and fetal growth profile in pregnancies conceived with assisted reproduction208
Who makes the choice?: rethinking the roles of self-determination and relatedness in Chinese children's motivation265
Structural fire performance of post-tensioned concrete slabs with unbonded tendons208
New ideas in old buildings : a review of present revitalizing programme as new urban renewal initiative215
Nurses' knowledge, attitudes and roles regarding advance directives inHong Kong234
Novel cell-laden scaffolds embedded with theranostics for postoperative cancer patients26
Investigation of the lifetime spectrum of monoenergetic positrons in silicon involving secondary electrons emission from a carbon foil as start signal, and positron annihilation spectroscopy studies of strontium titante160
A study of the perception good citizenship among teachers and studentsin Hong Kong schools201
Defining the function of type X collagen in skeletal development181
Management of dewatered sludge in Hong Kong213
A technique for performance improvement of DS SS systems operating in fading and jamming environments219
A study of the governmental policy of Emperor Yang of theSui Dynasty255
New town planning and juvenile delinquency: acase study of Tuen Mun198
Highly efficient biosynthesis of gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) by Lactobacillus brevis156
Structure-function study of vicilins from two indigenous Chinese legumes, Dolichos lablab and Phaseolus calcaratus277
Ethical decision-making in individual counselling among secondary school guidance teachers221
What kind of feedback is appropriate for the journal writing of language learners?: action research in asecondary classroom in Hong Kong296
Food and distinction in Hong Kong families315
Down-regulation of the expression of Pax6 through Aβ insults in Alzheimer’s disease cell model111
Environmental knowledge and attitute of Hong Kong secondary 3 studentsin relation to their family background221
The romantic constitution of Hong Kong : how do people idealise the constitutional order and address other constitutional narratives?2
The educational mission of the Congregation of Holy Cross in Bangladesh (1947-2016)107
The role of TGF-β signaling on differentiation of dental stem cells into endothelial cells and smooth muscle cells152
The socio-economics of pond-fish farming and its implications on future land use in and around Mai Po and Inner Deep Bay Ramsar Site303
Genetic determinants of osteoporosis in Cooley's anemia209
Electroanalytical studies of lead and tungsten223
Laser desorption ionization mass spectrometry for biological, forensic, and material analyses47
An investigation into the factors that determine the price adjustment mechanism of the residential real estate market in Hong Kong196
Structural analysis of Mirs Bay, Hong Kong region242
A systematic review and meta-analysis of the use of low-dose aspirin for the primary prevention of gastrointestinal cancers75
Design and analysis of cooperative and non-cooperative resource management algorithms in high performance wireless systems209
Automated defect detection in textured materials206
Early childhood caries and its possible related factors in Macau227
Ecological studies of phytoplankton in Tai Tam Bay, Hong Kong226
An exploratory study on social group work practice for end-stage gerenal failure patients in general hospital setting223
Efficacy of hand hygiene to reduce transmission of the influenza virusin community settings: a meta-analysis145
Clinical anatomy of the Chinese orbit202
A study of Chen Xianzhang's poetry296
A study of emperor Yung-lo's decision to relocate China'scapital from Nanjing to Beijing264
The quota and points system of Hong Kong's public rental housing580
Mortality patterns in Hong Kong: some implications for health planning196
Mechanistic study on the inhibition of the late stage of basal autophagy progression by a natural compound (NAADP) and a synthetic small chemical (vacuolin-1)394
The new investment opporturity in China: Hainan Province254
Portrait of a lady: a case study of a newly appointed guidance mistress202
Assessment of NK and T cell responses to Epstein-Barr virus in paediatric patients with post-transplant lymphoproliferative disorders114
Depressive mood and glycemic control in Chinese diabetic older adults257
The implementation of new health protection scheme in Hong Kong in relationship to expensive chemotherapy181
Histological and histochemical studies of muscle types and their innervation in Achatina fulica (Bowdich)247
Professional learning of beginning mathematics teachers at high schools in Shanghai210
FRP-strengthened RC slabs anchored with FRP anchors353
A study of a purple acid phosphatase in Arabidopsis thaliana194
The influence of an external nasal dilator on breathing in humans during exercise285
Wartime Chinese study abroad, 1937-1945 : "the grand ideal of national salvation"362
SIRT6 activities in DNA damage repair and premature aging25
Wei Cheng and the reign of Chen-kuan237
Bouvet, Le Comte, Du Halde: the new awarenessof China, 1650-1750.299
A comparison of the development of political opposition in South Korea(Republic of Korea) and Taiwan (Republic of China)212
Computing the standard Poisson structure on Bott-Samelson varieties incoordinates157
The role of cognitive coping strategies on depressive symptoms and life satisfaction among the Chinese elderly in Hong Kong265
An exploration of the educational work done in the social work field, with special reference to the family life education programme225
Private housing management in Hong Kong: a case study of Chi Fu Fa Yuen261
Syntheses, reactivities and electrochemistry of high-valent amido, imido and nitrido complexes of ruthenium214
Poverty alleviation policies in China: a casestudy of Gansu and Guangxi provinces247
Biological and economic characteristics associated with the body size of commercially important Aspidochirotide sea cucumbers227
Processing of topicalized sentences in Cantonese298
A framework of tourism planning in Hong Kong230
On noun-verb overlapping in Cantonese317
Finite element modeling of bone cement for vertebroplasty244
Next generation quantitative phase imaging at versatile wavelengths13
Evidence-based clinical practice guidelines on the frequency of central venous catheter (CVC) dressing change for hematologicalmalignancy adult patients229
MicroRNA expression profiling in colorectal cancer : a focus on miR-133a, miR-139-3p and miR-187146
The housing needs and housing preferences among the young people581
Managing workplace violence: using a task force approach207
Marketing of fourth generation software products in Hong Kong225
Is ageing in place a sustainable policy to the low-income elderly in Hong Kong?220
Utilization of upland phytomass for fuel229
Genomic and transcriptomic analyses of the haloacid-degrading Burkholderia caribensis MBA4111
Some results in graph theory469
An analysis of Mainland China's export to Hong Kong since 1950263
A study of the economic thought of Su Zhe, 1039-1112254
Headquarters for Consumer Council250
Phenotypic effect of two human tongue cancer cell lines in tumorigenesis191
Xu Beihong [1895-1953] and Western influence: a study of his large-scale history paintings238
An investigation into some major organizational issues in the implementation of the social policy of public assistance: a case study278
The Application of human body tracking for the development of a visualinterface215
Between fact and fantasy : mechanisms and treatment implications of mental imagery in depression313
Inquest into colonialism : the making of Sino-British suspicious death managements in Shanghai international settlement from 1840s to 1900s243
Cloud-enabled platform for service assignment and control in equipment maintenance286
Inequalities in health and healthcare : a study of internal migrants in Shenzhen, China266
Agricultural land use planning and management in Guangdong211
Crisis management of the HKSAR government: a case study of the right of abode issue241
Mapping the past for the future : mapping the tangible and intangible cultural heritage of three villages at Tai Tseng, Yuen Long, as resources for sustainable development356
Crossing boundaries: postmodern realities in the selected works of Haruki Murakami and Rana Dasgupta422
Understanding ecotourist perception of ecotourism services and development in Hong Kong318
Family beliefs of women with breast cancer in Hong Kong207
Experimental work on prestressed concrete beams733
Discussion on the application of a green transit-oriented development model in Guangzhou /cby Chen Mingjie215
Mining heterogeneous information networks121
Smartphone addiction : construct development, measurement, and effects on performance486
An exploration of the perception of parental discipline by female deliquents199
Effectiveness of three surgical decompression strategies for treatmentof multilevel cervical myelopathy: aretrospective study228
A cluster randomized controlled trial of using structured debriefing to enhance knowledge retention in nurses undergoing simulation-based resuscitation training335
Identification of interacting partners of LFA-1 in the testis172
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Measuring the degree of dependence of lifetimes in some bivariate survival distributions266
Physics of ultra-cold atomic gas in unconventional optical lattice150
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Searching for the existence of unusual nuclear shapes inside neutron stars241
An analysis on the closing down of the sewage services trading fund inDrainage Services Department275
Tutor supervision, tutoring behaviours and outcomes in peer tutored paired reading193
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Brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF)/tropomyosin-related kinaseB (TRKB) signaling in ovarian cancer256
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Investigation of the regulatory pathways involved in NO- and EDHF-mediated relaxations in porcine coronary arteries148
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Dimensioning and tolerancing in geometric modelling224
Marital interdependence of infertile couples in mainland China149
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Effect of stimulation and degrees of structuredness on hyperactive children222
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Legitimacy and participation in rural Post-Mao China: cases from Anhui230
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The understandings of algebra of secondary students in Hong Kong190
Axon-restrictive chondroitin sulfates at the Schwann cell-astroycte interface371
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The work of the Hong Kong Monetary Authority245
HPV 16 and HPV 18 detection in cytology sample of follicular cervicitis using LAMP assay227
Expanding the role of social workers in the treatment of tobacco-dependency in the elderly: a demonstrationproject197
Assessing and fostering collaborative knowledge building among Chinesehigh-school students452
Time series analysis of meteorological data: wind speed and direction247
Capital budgeting: a major survey of the investment practices in large companies in Hong Kong191
a critical analysis to home ownership in Hong Kong228
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Accurate text and data mining methods for biomedical knowledge discovery31
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Lung cancer resilience and stem cell phenotypes are enhanced through the CaMKIIα/NRF2/GSTP1 axis62
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The establishment and survival of native trees on degraded hillsides in Hong Kong279
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Cost effectiveness of intravenous patient controlled analgesia versus intrathecal morphine for post-operative pain after caesarean section: a randomised controlled trial218
Molecular ecology and public health risks of urban bio-aerosols198
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Synthesis and characterization of zirconia based solid acid catalysts for biodiesel production264
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Murakami’s experimentation with the sublime in Hard-boiled wonderland and the end of the world and Kafka on the shore224
A study of teacher usage of the internet as preparation for developinginformation literacy in students250
Light actuated hierarchical nanotree swimmer164
Ducted fan noise control285
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References to personal adornment in the Shijing185
Government-business relations in Hong Kong, 1945-1993220
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Exploring mechanisms of Salmonella-induced reduction of cancer metastasis151
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Bio-inspired algorithms for single and multi-objective optimization307
Chinese speakers' metalinguistic and processing representations of words and characters229
Enterobacteriaceae in the human oral cavity229
Pedestrian HarbourLink203
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The suicide of young people in Hong Kong269
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Academic achievement among secondary school students: the effects of language of instruction during primaryschool years264
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The concept of system (Tizhi) in Chinese education303
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Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) BZLF1 protein interferes with cellular response to DNA damage161
Women and literature in the early Qing fiction Lin Lan Xiang = 《林蘭香》中的女性與文學261
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Job motivation of assistant librarians in Hong Kong Public Libraries295
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A study of the impact of public examinations on the relationship between the stated and implemented curriculum objectives of advancedlevel geography in Hong Kong247
Mapping topography of venus for testing crustal plateau formation models10
Genomic integration of transgene by Bxb1 integrase153
Circulant preconditioners for Toeplitz matrices and their applicationsin solving partial differential equations207
Problems to prospects for developing transportation in Kathmandu Valley218
Exploration in new music: portfolio of compositions and analysis248
Molecular analysis of the elements of a g-protein coupled receptor signal transduction pathway of the shrimp Metapenaeus ensis186
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Careers guidance in a secondary school: a case study235
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The ethnic trickster in Maxine Hong Kingston's Tripmaster monkey: his fake book298
Graphite furnace capacitively coupled plasma atomic emission spectrometry in the determination of trace metals in biological andenvironmental samples230
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Design and development of a programmable micro-ultrasound research platform with parallel computing capacity263
The effect of nano silver particles on cytokine expression and wound healing in an animal thermal injury model268
Elucidating the function of an E3 ubiquitin ligase complex, BRE1-LGE1, in sister chromatid cohesion and chromosome segregation in saccharomyces cerevisiae58
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Socio-economic structural changes and income distribution in HongKong203
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Design and synthesis of chiral ketones for catalytic asymmetric epoxidation of unfunctionalized olefins239
Numerical simulation of local climatic impact of an operating wind turbine187
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Greenovation : developing a case for "green" retrofitting Hong Kong's existing commercial buildings as a means of achieving economic, environmental and social sustainability259
Boon or bane?: changes in the Yi Fan Festivalof the Chinese Mulam minority after its designation as a national-level intangible cultural heritage193
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Association of physical activity during leisure time and pain at the lower back and neck214
Effectiveness of influenza vaccine among elderly people living in residential care homes during outbreak situations194
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Telephone repairing production system197
Railways as a backbone: a sustainable transport strategy in Hong Kong?301
Internal audit policies243
Prevention of early childhood caries through training in parental toothbrushing and fluoride varnish application200
Substitution of the Chinese restaurant licence in late 1940s-1950s Hong Kong : corruption, compromises, and regulations in a changing socio-physical landscape169
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Environmental impact: a critical review of implementing evaporative cooling system in Hong Kong213
Testing different achievement goal models among seconday school students in Hong Kong211
Development at Lan Kwai Fong315
Regional disturbances by the [delta]F508 mutation on the cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator164
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Historic urban landscape in Hong Kong : the evolution of the city of Victoria Cantonment302
Disease dynamics of pandemic influenza219
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Questions of masculinity In querelle of brest by Jean Genet and A single man by Christopher Isherwood268
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Fine-grained concurrent kernel execution on SM/CU level for GPGPU computing124
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Propagating native tree seedlings for forest rehabilitation in Hong Kong, China365
Parental attitudes towards home-school liaison219
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Flexural behaviour and design of concrete-filled metallic tubular members7
Budget-sensitive testing and analysis strategies and their applications to concurrent and service-based systems169
A comparative study of the roles of Hong Kong and Shanghai in the economic integration of the Pearl River Delta and the Yangtze RiverDelta301
The role of indirect property in an European investment portfolio217
Novel theranostics based on hybrid nanoparticles for early cancer detection and treatment219
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Planning for high-tech industries in Hong Kong207
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Earnings/price ratio anomaly of the Hong Kong stock market238
Helping an autistic student to use money in daily life: a case study229
Guandi Cult in Hong Kong293
Genome-wide DNA methylation analysis of Chinese patients with paediatric-onset systemic lupus erythematosus123
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Questioning identities: structuralist and deconstruction approaches to the representation of race in threenovels198
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The Frontier Poetry of the T'ang Dynasty (618-907)355
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Childhood in Hong Kong : perspectives from children's safety, mobility and wellbeing171
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Restoration of some unofficial biographies of the Wei andTsin dynasties (A.D. 220-420)236
Effect of structural modification of FPMINT on the inhibitory potency and selectivity on equilibrative nucleoside transporters60
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Hepatitis B carrier state and its implications in the dental treatmentof handicapped patients202
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Site-specific effects of bisphosphonates on long bones and jawbones129
Compliance and effectiveness of non-pharmaceutical interventions against influenza transmission in households217
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Factors affecting the profitability of construction companies in Hong Kong1676
Structures and photoluminescence of polypyridine and cyclometallated complexes of Pt(II), Pd(II) and Au(III)220
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Expression of met receptor tyrosine kinase in hepatocellularcarcinoma206
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Seismic axial collapse of short shear span reinforced concrete shear walls234
The impact of lump sum grant funding policy on the human resources management of non-government organizations in Hong Kong417
Improvement of the mental wellbeing of Hong Kong Chinese adolescents22
Phytochemical investigation of plants used in traditional medicine in Hong Kong235
Dopaminergic regulation of gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH) secretion and gene expression in a GnRH neuronal cell line206
Adopting open source as the main information technology policy of the Hong Kong SAR Government259
The ecology of indigenous and transplanted corals in the Cape d'Aguilar Marine Reserve, Hong Kong272
Utilizing place meanings and user opinions as mechanisms to improve visitor management in Hong Kong's country parks223
Environmental sustainability in residential planning: the case of Hong Kong230
Dosimetric comparison between combined intracavitary/interstitial brachytherapy and intracavitary brachytherapy with top-up IMRT for treating bulky and asymmetrical cervical tumour68
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Return to educational investment in Hong Kong204
A spatial analysis of the terrestrial biodiversity of Hong Kong390
Effects of deletion of StAR-related lipid transfer domain protein13 (STARD13)/deleted in liver cancer 2 (DLC2) in diabetic neuropathy and regeneration65
Application of rock brittleness indices11
Teachers' use of classroom social behaviors observation scale (CSBOS) to identify children at risk for mild ASD and sub-clinical social deficits176
Design and implementation of a micro-computer based off-line robot programming system253
Using social role concepts in working with the mentally ill and their families218
Strain energy capacity of reinforced and prestressed concrete beams219
Enhancing children’s number sense through shared book reading10
Use of reference in Cantonese narratives: a developmental study561
Co-digestion of sewage sludge and food waste : reactor operation and genome-centric microbial interaction analysis63
A review of the management of the dredging silt/sand from Hong Kong waters275
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Missing planned links in the Chinese national highway network : spatial pattern, accessibility reduction, and inter-jurisdictional conflicts in cross-boundary governance96
Fe-rich chamosite in coal and lung cancer in Xuan Wei, China143
A review of road safety strategies228
The living spring : cultural mapping of the living culture of a spring waterway community : Qingfeng Bridge Street historic area in the City of Jinan, China19
Activation of non-current language in bilinguals facilitates the implicit learning of novel form-meaning connections106
Group-based checkpoint/rollback recovery for large scale message-passing systems198
Infantile diarrhoea: a prospective study279
Essays on microstructure of Hong Kong markets238
Why addicts relapse and its implications for treatment218
Factors affecting the efficiency of human resource utilization in shopping centre management1207
Measuring the stigma-sensitivity of psychotic patients in Hong Kong : the effect of stigma-related stimuli on emotional stroop task and attentional probe task204
Functional analyses of type IIA procollagen in embryo development244
Optimization and stability analysis on light-weight multi-functional smart structures using genetic algorithms214
Environmental performance of Hong Kong Water Supplies Department: a case for privatization?202
A study of transport policy formulation in Hong Kong274
Investigation models for emerging computer forensic challenges325
Risk of ischemic stroke and recurrent hemorrhagic stroke in Chinese population317
Communal event centre for the neighbourhood198
A comprehensive approach to high efficiency light emitters241
A rationale for a writing programme for form 4 students in a Hong Kongsecondary school209
The role of International non-governmental organizations in the institutional capacity building of community-based organizations inChina: the case of an international AIDSconcern organization in Yunnan230
An analysis of the construction safety policy for public works projects in Hong Kong371
A decision support system for group decision-making235
Characterization and functional studies of adiponectin and leptin receptor in grass carp92
Cantonese-speaking children's production of spatial terms266
Metal oxide nanomaterials for photocatalysis and catalysis226
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Vertical extension to the Hong Kong Polytechnic University249
The Hong Kong government's policy on land use in the New Territories: a land use management and environmentalprotection perspective296
Developmental trauma in Chinese children with repeated familial physical and sexual abuse256
Role of attribution and efficacy expectation of the local penal services210
Adrenomedullin as a modulator of human trophoblast invasion183
Nursing stress in acute-care and psychiatric hospitals: a comparison241
A legacy within: documenting the convergence of personal history and architectural heritage within an apartmentflat in Hong Kong240
Students' self-esteem level in a Hong Kong EMI school: comparisons regarding age and gender649
Medical document management system using XML204
Efficient neural machine translation417
Lean mass as a predictor of all-cause mortality : a systematic review and meta-analysis74
The processing and representation of lexical stress in the short-term memory of Cantonese-English successive bilinguals235
Expression of integrin-linked kinase in hepatocellular carcinoma207
Fatou-Shishikura inequality350
A study on the immigration policy of attracting talent and professionals to Hong Kong408
Working with new information technology in Hong Kong: a gender perspective211
A study of the geology of Ap Chau, Hong Kong299
Origins of the May-Fourth New Culture Movement272
Fringe community: community for migrants in Beijing159
Strengthening of reinforced concrete columns by direct fastening steel jackets82
Growth and skeletal maturation of Chinese children in Hong Kong293
Investigating the role of the forkhead box transcription factor FOXM1 against oxidative stress and DNA damage in human embryonic stem cells191
Does the enhancement of employee environmental awareness help improve a company's environmental performance ?200
Effective leadership of a secondary school principal217
A Cinema(tic City)walk249
Cross-language inhibitory effect on spoken word retrieval in Cantonese-English bilinguals : a mismatch negativity study67
Needs assessment on the attendants of the mobile health clinic in ShamShui Po225
The generation, and the neurochemical and behavioural characterizationof transgenic mice carrying the human presenilin-1 gene with orwithout the Leu235Pro mutation associated with Afzheimer's disease224
An assessment of the representativeness of the Hong Kong senior civil service243
Grp94 regulates AChR cluster formation at the neuromuscular junction by ADF/cofilin73
Opportunistic scheduling in wireless data networks269
Development of a deep level transient spectrometer and some deep levelstudies of Gallium Arsenide218
The role of CD147 on human trophoblast functions97
A comparative study of two public utilities208
Feasibility of converting Hong Kong's restored strategic landfill intoclean energy facility192
The case study for transiting Hong Kong to a hydrogen economy251
Risk factors for all-cause mortality in the elderly health service clients in Hong Kong226
Identification of mutants in genes encoding arabidopsis acyl-coenzyme A binding proteins ACBP3, ACBP4 and ACBP5231
Enhancing capabilities of microfluidic chip-capillary devices to extend working range, adjust analyte/sample ratio and improve sample/reagent mixing in biomedical analysis239
Synthesis and structure optimization of gadolinium doped ceria-platinum composite for intermediate temperature solid oxide fuel cellcathode263
The management of a crisis of deficiency and decline in education: a Hong Kong-Canada internationalcooperation project for local form five leavers224
Remineralizing with CPP-ACP: effect of protocol in vitro206
Self-regulation in Japanese adult video industry : nude work, sex acting and joyū18912
An analysis of agenda setting: the case of development of West Kowloon Cultural District254
Coexistence techniques for heterogeneous mobile devices operating in uncoordinated radio spectrum232
Management of risk vis-à-vis responsibility in telephone-mediated consultations for a genetic condition : a discourse analytic study289
Information technology (I.T.) application in property management: a case study of the Mass Transit RailwayCorporation Limited319
Multilingualism under globalization: a focus on the education language politics in Malaysia since 2002283
Triangulated motherhood : the impact of transnationalized domestic work on families in the global city20
A study of Hong Kong young children's early Chinese character writing development375
Two essays in environmental economics and offshoring189
Chargeout system for data processing services: a case study on Standard Chartered Bank, HK245
Problems associated with water ingress into hard rock tunnels209
Generic competencies development through experiential learning : investigating diversity in first-year residential experiences141
K'ang Yu-wei's view of historical progress304
The effectiveness of peer-tutoring on same-age & cross-age tutors in an English paired-reading project in a Hong Kong secondary technicalschool792
Some biochemcial aspects of the development of rat fetus during late gestation and its relationship with the maternal thyroid status215
Transcriptional and post-translational regulations of junctional adhesion molecule-c in mouse germ cells238
The impact of new issues of derivative securities and the underlying blue chip securities206
On a topic of generalized linear mixed models and stochastic volatility model203
Cooperative energy management for multi-microgrid systems100
Government's role in information technology: a case study of the deregulation of the Hong Kong telephone services198
Physical activity in childhood and adolescence : health benefits and environmental determinants193
Roles of neuronal MT1-MMP and C9orf72 in regulating agrin-induced presynaptic differentiation19
Evaluation and comparison of genotyping assays for molecular epidemiological study of HCV in Hong Kong196
Conflict: a personal construct theory exploration of Chinese parent-youth relationships183
The taxonomy, biology and behaviour of dynoides daguilarensis (crustacea: isopoda) in the Cape d'Aguilar Marine Reserve, Hong Kong257
A survey of job burnout among the teachers of teaching Chinese as a second language in Hong Kong international schools263
Generation of monoclonal antibodies against SARS-CoV-230
Is "owners' corporation" a solution to private housing management under existing legal framework?222
ARHGAP15 attenuates the Rac1 activity and ROS level to promote cell survival under oxidative stress and gastric cancer metastasis59
The Post Office Trading Fund: claims and achievements236
Sexuality in formation of lesbian identity: an exploratory study in Hong Kong404
Whole school approach to guidance in a secondary school in Hong Kong: a case study229
Urban assemblage [Jade Market + Street + Greenery]: redevelopment of Hau Lin Jade Market in Guangzhou221
Design, synthesis and characterization of gold(III) alkynyls with tridentate pincer ligands : from photophysics to supramolecular assembly167
Welfare of rural-urban migrant workers in China's economic reform era: a case study of Dongguan427
Isomerization and fragmentation of isomeric peptide radical cations179
Strategic construction of top electron transport layers toward efficient and stable perovskite solar cells19
Investment, governance, and the environment: an institutional assessment212
Administrative policymaking procedure reform in China : a failure of success?226
Develop problem solving skills in secondary mathematics classroom through digital game design285
Assimilation of phytate-phosphorus by plants229
Identification of epstein-barr virus proteins that inhibit the DNA damage response75
American entrepreneurs and their Hong Kong fit: a study of networks used by Americans starting businessesin Hong Kong's service industry198
The novel mouse [gamma]A-crystallin mutation leads to misfolded protein aggregate and cataract199
Self-evaluation on emergency preparedness for influenza pandemic by public health nurses in Hong Kong240
Current status of neoadjuvant therapy for esophageal cancer80
An analysis of the use of information technology in the provision of education in Hong Kong213
Human mesenchymal stromal cells enhance bone marrow metastases of neuroblastoma via SDF-1 related pathways227
Molecular cloning and characterization of gonadotropin-releasing hormone receptors in the black seabream (Mylio macrocephalus)195
Intelligent lexical access based on Chinese/English text queries275
On-GPU thread-data remapping for reducing control flow divergence89
Application of neisseria gonorrhoeae molecular typing techniques in forensic medicine205
The role of self-efficacy in rheumatoid arthritis patients213
Gas dispersion and atmospheric turbulence on the roof top of a medium rise building205
Clash of dinoflagellates : nitrogen competition among coral-hosted symbiodiniaceae117
Collagen gene expression in embryonic stem cells and in mouse development228
A study of the residential property market in Hong Kong253
Parental involvement in primary school education and children's academic and psychosocial development in Hong Kong393
Factors affecting learning attitudes and learning outcomes of secondary students299
The development of a computerized library in a primary school214
An evaluation of Ju-lin wai-shih in the light of some western criticalconcepts240
A review of density control system in Hong Kong: a case study of Mid-level West244
Conservation policy in China and USA: a comparative study247
For whom the bell tolls : meaning making at the end of life among Chinese terminal cancer patients in Hong Kong211
The regulation of osteogenesis : the role of abaloparatide and other osteogenic factors in vitro and abaloparatide-loaded hydrogel in vivo12
Inelastic deformation of prestressed concrete beams227
Molecular characterization of different subgenomic regions of hepatitis C virus genotype 6 in Hong Kong119
A cross-sectional KAP study on health seeking behavior among lesbians/bisexuals in Hong Kong272
Some quantum effects in confined low-dimensional systems199
Supporting problem solving and knowledge construction using a dual-mapping learning environment270
Characterization of the molecular mechanisms underlying the cytotoxicity and neurotrophic activities of caffeic acid derivatives162
A passage to global citizenship : considerations for policy and curriculum design201
Elizabeth Bishop: her Nova Scotian origins and the portable culture of home221
An application of financial theory in break-even analysis and financial project monitoring of a high-speed novel ferry in the HongKong and Macao service274
The (3x3) reconstruction of SIC(0001): a low energy electron diffraction study211
A study of the tax base in Hong Kong248
Relationships in alcoholism and depression : will it be a global health burden?164
Employing the theory of nonlinear waves to study rogue modes and stratified fluid flows115
Defective TGF beta signaling in bisphosphonates associated atypical femoral fracture194
Optimization of detection of avian influenza virus in formalin fixed tissues by immunohistochemical methods209
Domestic violence: who is the victim?204
Structures of microsolvated transition metal clusters by FT-MS and IRMPD spectroscopy : implications for metal speciation and transport in vapor ore fluids115
Micro- and nanostructures on deformable substrates : fabrication and application93
The impact of owners' participation in quality private residential housing management215
How are values acquired in schools? : a case study on the culture of a secondary school in Hong Kong431
Self-concept and attribution pattern of science and arts students in Hong Kong222
Characterization of near-wake structures around wall-mounted prisms and its implications to wind force generation69
Host and viral predictive factors of spontaneous hepatitis B surface antigen seroclearance in chronic hepatitis B patients1
Expression of Gap-junctional connexin 31 in rat testis210
Mass transfer from fluidized beds187
The employment of debt securities in Hong Kong: a study of the market's past developments, recent growthsand future prospects211
Quantum-size-effect studies in bismuth and antimony260
Redevelopment of Macpherson Playground and Queen Elizabeth II Youth Centre223
Hong Kong ethnic minority students' perceptions of further study opportunities in their life foregrounds : a mixed methodology investigation into student and researcher beliefs and experiences258
Vascular ultrasound elastography for comprehensive characterization of the artery : from linear to nonlinear wall behaviors38
A contrastive investigation of the use of interjections by male and female speakers in Cantonese and English play, film and televisionscripts259
Neuroprotective effect of green tea extracts253
Changes in the daily cycle of urban air temperature281
Cost-effectiveness of primary HPV testing for cervical cancer screening : a systematic review168
A philosophical investigation of the possibility of liberal democracy under Confucianism296
The impact of the Octopus system on journey-to-work behaviour of bus passengers217
The structural chemistry of coordination compounds containing d-block or f-block metals168
Decoding representations of common objects using fMRI10
Pride as a choice : ofermod and the concept of pride in old English poetry23
The effects of noninvasive brain stimulation on cognitive function in patients with stroke : a systematic review213
Stories in San-yen concerning men's changing altitudes and mentalities upon attaining social success212
The degree of dependence of map reading performance upon spatial ability222
Gender difference in school language performance of Hong Kong primary students154
Initial error analysis of Korean fundamental Chinese learners = Hanguo chu ji Han yu xue xi zhe Han yu sheng mu pian wu yan jiu353
Characterization of Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV) strains in primary EBV infection214
Hydrological balance of landfill in Hong Kong215
Learning from learners: perceptions of self-access language learning in a Hong Kong secondary school227
Axonal regrowth and morphological plasticity of retinal ganglion cellsin the adult hamster221
Forward security and certificate management in mobile AD Hoc networks260
The development and implementation of the dutiable commodities policy in Hong Kong261
Sustainable transport of the third generation new towns in Hong Kong with the development of rail infrastructure223
The structural studies of bromodomain proteins in complex with histone crotonylation peptides5
Pharmacological activation of biased soluble guanylyl cyclase activity in the blood vessel wall97
Relationship management in public private partnership infrastructure projects385
Identification of Radix Rehmanniae (di huang) as a traditional Chinesemedicine with transcription inhibitory activity of microsomaltriglyceride transfer protein gene238
Asymmetric reactions catalyzed by transition metal complexes containing binaphthyl schiff bases and chiral porphyrinato ligands227
Changes in Cathay Pacific Airways: facing thechallenge of the 21st century329
On tests for threshold-type non-linearity in time series analysis222
Professional development through collaborative teaching: a case study in a secondary school208
High frequent communting services bound for South China: the case of Hong Kong aviation industry353
Numerical study of microfluidic electrochemical energy conversion system386
Improving sexual health education for adolescent students using game-based learning and gamification208
A critique of Alan Patten's neutrality as equal accommodation on the necessity of radicalizing liberal neutrality164
Decision making style in the construction industry264
Impacts of flexibility in delivery quantity and due date on supply chain dynamics279
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Employee motivation and satisfaction in different organizational levels: a study of banking industry in HongKong in transition to 1997209
Coping in health and illness: the role of traditional and contemporary health beliefs in a Chinese community183
Charged generalised Brans-Dicke theory in quantum cosmology221
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Family and peer variables: risks for and protection against adolescent substance abuse252
Hong Kong Institute of Funrniture223
Epstein-barr virus infection and viral gene expression in nasopharyngeal epithelial cells215
Skin care practices in premature infants212
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A study of stress in the caregivers of the demented elderly338
The profession of EDP audit in Hong Kong222
A study of the feasibility of hiving off the services provided by the Buildings Department in Hong Kong209
The "self" in pain : exploring the role of coping style in chronic pain adjustment136
The 1910 financial crisis in Shanghai = 1910 Shanghai jin rong feng bao578
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A framework for sustainable residential landscaping and its application in the high density urban context of Hong Kong303
Cinema architecture and the entertainment landscape : the interiorisation of consumer environments in Hong Kong, 1907-2000130
Analysis of stratification and algal bloom risk in Mirs Bay272
Gender and crime in postmodern cinema258
A direct method to assess daylighting quality of learning spaces in sub-tropical China225
Community meeting: a study of its effects in relation to form, process and content224
Reverse electrodialysis and its hybrid processes for energy-efficient desalination168
Energy performance contracting : an option of implementing energy efficiency measures by property management in residential estates204
Self-censorship of political expression among social networking sites in Hong Kong148
Cross talk between Hox genes and sonic hedgehog signaling during mousehindbrain neurogenesis211
Emission morphologies and phase-resolved spectrum of gamma ray pulsar191
Potential role of non-enzymatic glycation and glycoxidation of low density lipoprotein in diabetic atherosclerosis227
Soil property determination through a knowledge-based system with emphasis on undrained shear strength259
Administration of oral sucrose to reduce immunization-induced pain anddistress for infants one to eighteen months of age140
The politics of alliance: the United Front work on the Chinese capitalists in Hong Kong, 1950s - 1980s295
Application of polymerase chain reaction for the diagnosis, follow-up and epidemiological investigation of tuberculosis in Hong Kong210
A study of the efficiency of human resources management in Hong Kong civil service: a case study of the executiveofficer grade249
Assessment and evaluation of perceived video game realism as a mediator of internet gaming disorder242
Pedestrianisation zoning in Hong Kong: for better or worse?200
Coastal management in Hong Kong: individual workshop report350
Min-max theorems on feedback vertex sets262
Assessing the effects of Brexit on UK housing economy14
Luminescence in anthracene208
Impact of the Property Management Services Ordinance (Cap. 626): a practitioners’ perspective723
The effects of examination stress on secretory immunity215
A study of annexin A2 and implantation156
A study of government policy on vocational training260
Invariant limiting shape distributions for some sequential rectangularmodels203
Spatial pattern of unemployment in Hong Kong226
Synthesis of one-dimensional tungsten oxide nano-structures by thermalevaporation214
The relationship between management and staff in the Fire Services Department: the case of the ambulancemen210
A comparative survey of the social skills of junior secondary studentsin schools for social development and regular schools253
Evolutionary optimization methods for mass customizing platform products260
Nurses' adherence to SARS preventive measures215
Teachers' perspectives on language arts in junior secondary English classrooms216
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Functional outcomes and long term complications following distraction osteogenesis of the maxilla and mandible: asystematic review197
Top-k SAS : on reliable retrieval of top-k tags148
A legend in transportation development in Hong Kong: the tranways263
Language planning and bilingual education: a study of the teaching of the official languages in some Canadianschools233
Planning and development of shopping centres along the East Rail: implications to the retail development inthe West Rail of Hong Kong202
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Critical evaluation of environmental and economic performance of green buildings in Hong Kong303
Characterizing the orbital and dynamical state of extrasolar multiple-planet systems with radial velocity measurements223
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Fatty acid binding protein 4 (FABP4) as a biomarker for osteoarthritis144
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Comparing government: big business relations in South Korea and Taiwan186
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The biogenesis of artemisinin197
A therapeutic play program for children undergoing day surgery191
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Mechanisms for the implementation of building information modeling (BIM) for construction safety management in Hong Kong1285
Bolton's ratios among Southern Chinese207
Factors affecting the success of privatization in Hong Kong277
Wandering ideal point models for single or multi-attribute ranking data: a Bayesian approach667
Compliant non-custodial fathers' participation in the care and supportof children203
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Novel coronaviruses in bats of the genus Miniopterus312
A comparison of different reconstructed climate series of the southern China152
The flow structures and vortex interaction in the subcritical regime in the near wake of a circular cylinder199
A comparative study of the customer’s satisfaction on shopping center under various management model in Hong Kong171
Implementing housing rights in China : reinterpreting Chinese constitutional property181
A qualitative study of women's attitudes towards the introduction of the HPV vaccination in Singapore203
Understanding Friedreich's ataxia via a disease-specific cell model175
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Study on the role of CD4⁺CD25⁺ regulatory T cells in acute and chronicgraft-versus-host disease in murine models167
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Statistical models for dependence in DNA sequences259
The compensation for land expropriation in rural China under the constitution in People's Republic of China199
Deritrification in the activated sludge process with controlled anoxicconditions in the aeration tank239
A semo-lexemic analysis of some major clause structures containing patients of phenomena in modern standard Chinese271
Globalizing the career and life of Chinese overseas students212
The emerge of REIT: a case study of the Link REIT and its impact on the Link managed shopping centre338
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A comparative study of the specification preliminaries of two adaptivereuse projects in Hong Kong: Hon Wah Collegeand old Tai O Police Station183
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Business plan of setting up a joint-venture cookware plant inShanghai, PRC215
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The policy of practical schools in Hong Kong194
Skyrise greenery development in the Hong Kong context434
Replication of hepatitis B virus in Chinese patients with chronic hepatitis B virus infection246
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Effects of flavonoids on cigarette smoke and/or lipopolysaccharide induced inflammation and oxidative stress in human bronchial epithelial cells and rat lung104
Yuan Hung-tao and his literary theories250
A study of using Chinese words learning applications to enhance Chinese literacy learning of secondary non-Chinese speaking students in Hong Kong = Li yong Zhong wen zi ci xue xi ying yong cheng shi xue xi Zhong wen dui ti sheng Xianggang fei Hua yu zhong xue sheng Zhong wen shi zi neng li de yan jiu293
Diabetes education in Hong Kong: fulfillment of patient needs, nurse responses and patient satisfaction233
Design of an aperture-domain imaging method and signal acquisition hardware for ultrasound-based vector flow estimation231
On the eigenvalues of square quaternion matrices : together with An elementary and simple proof of the connectedness of the classical groups (with Y.C. Wong); A note on some theorems for ordinary differential equations; and, On Liapounoff's stability theorems277
Molecular mechanisms and therapeutic targets in genital tract malignant melanomas130
[Intra]tecture: Kai Tak station206
Living on the edge : creating healthy public space for foreign domestic helpers372
Automating knowledge acquisition and site-selection in a generic knowledge-based GIS system: a theoreticalstudy263
Ruin theory under Markovian regime-switching risk models252
Female fitness: evaluating the effectiveness of a girls only physical education course on cardiorespiratoryfitness, physical activity and self-esteem210
A multi-objective decision support system for determining an appropriate PPP scheme242
Decomposition-based scheduling in flexible flow shops under uncertainties276
English beyond the classroom: learning strategies of F.6 students in Hong Kong202
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Consequence of paraspinal muscle after posterior lumbar spinal fusion: the histology and electromyography findingsin a rabbit model198
Management perspectives on campus sustainability in Hong Kong452
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Molecular cloning of AP-1 transcription factors in Chinese grass carp and their functional roles in PACAP-stimulated growth hormone geneexpression225
Structural activity relationship of flavonoids on the expression and activity of cyclooxygenase196
Genetic characterization and evolution of emerging non-polio enteroviruses in Hong Kong85
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Implementation of environmental zoning scheme to control light pollution in Hong Kong341
Study of methodologies for detecting bilirubin by electrochemical, UV,fluorescence and chemiluminescence techniques and their applicationfor CE determination of bilirubin and arsenic anions in biofluid189
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Unmet supportive care needs in Hong Kong Chinese patients newly diagnosed with colorectal cancer : a longitudinal study262
Biochemical changes in the fermentation bedding of the "pig-on-litter"method of pig farming: with special emphasison biodegradation of nitrogen compounds and odour production192
Planning for catastrophe: implications for urban design in Dagupan City, Philippines238
Time and causality in Yogācāra Buddhism397
Estimation methods for fundamental and topological parameters in area-wide macroscopic traffic flow models148
Utilisation of landfill gas in Hong Kong227
Design, synthesis and spectroscopic studies of photochromic dithienylethene-containing molecules : from π-conjugated heterocycles to cyclometalated platinum(II) complexes105
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An evaluation of existing open space in Hong Kong: GIS & location allocation modeling approach221
Criminal punishment and ideology in the People's Republic of China 1949-1976248
Street hawkers in urban renewal projects228
Low level hepatitis B virus carriers: its detection by polymerase chain reaction based assays and its clinicalsignificance210
Vocabulary learning strategies of Chinese learners studying Japanese255
The effects of l-tetrahydropalmatine and rhynchophylline, alkaloids derived from herbal medicines, on cellular and molecular neurotoxicityof cocaine in PC12 cells261
Behaviour and design of cold-formed lean duplex stainless steel members204
An independent progress review of the Chemical Waste Treatment Centre in Hong Kong260
Modelling and sequence analysis of the collagen triple helix201
A study of China's participation in the First World War, 1914-1917 = Beijing zheng fu can jia Ou zhan wen ti zhi tan tao (1914-1917)291
Individualized feedback to raters : effects on rating severity, inconsistency, and bias in the context of Chinese as a second language writing assessment58
Syntheses, reactivities and electrochemical studies of some high valent oxo complexes of ruthenium213
Inductive machine learning with bias307
Childhood injuries in Hong Kong : from epidemiology to community intervention177
Flow and mixing in packed columns189
The moderation effect of original motivation level on the relation between task instrumentality and the change in motivation level171
Stress and coping for women from infertility to assisted reproductive treatments212
An evidence-based protocol of using compression bandaging in promotinghealing of venous leg ulcer233
Classification of rock masses based on fuzzy set theory227
Design and synthesis of luminescent branched multinuclear platinum(II)alkynyl complexes and the study of their two-photon absorptionproperties263
The integration of the mainland and Hong Kong securities markets258
The community-based urban welfare delivery system of the People's Republic of China in the midst of economic reforms: the Guangzhou experience273
Oral care practice in cancer nursing206
Defects mediated functionalization of ZnO based materials99
Review of approaches, applications and updating 1-hour and 2-hour probable maximum precipitation (PMP) estimates for Hong Kong183
Socioeconomic status (SES) and academic achievement of children with learning difficulties (CWLD): a case study ofa skills opportunity school (SOS) in Hong Kong242
An evaluation of the extent of protection of employees' legal entitlements in the event of insolvency in Hong Kong220
Evaluate the effectiveness of subsidized home ownership policies : the comparison of Home ownership scheme and Green form subsidized home ownership scheme1
Microstructure studies of various oxide materials using electron microscopy217
Determinants of maximum walking speed among Chinese community dwellingolder adults229
Towards cultural-rights-based-approaches to reconciling trade liberalization and cultural diversity : the role of the WTO in governing trade in motion pictures122
Evidence-based guideline on nanocrystalline silver (ACTICOAT) therapy for outpatient burn management211
Synthesis and physical properties of C18 azido-oxygenated and N-heterocyclic fatty acid derivatives201
A linguistic study of the Cantonese verb245
Overexpression of SIRT1 in adipose tissue protects liver injury caused by adiponectin deficiency in mice122
Public transport planning: a case study of Tseung Kwan O new town : workshop report290
Breaking the boundary: towards a spatial integration of new urban expansion and old city in Dapeng, Shenzhen218
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Biological roles of atpap2 in the mitochondria193
Gendered exceptionalisms: American women in Hong Kong and Macao, 1830-2000344
Prevalence and correlates of self-reported halitosis in Hong Kong adolescents184
Biodiversity, ecology and taxonomy of saprobic fungi on palm fronds252
A study of Cantonese words239
Robotic transrectal ultrasound (TRUS) and MRI-TRUS registration based on deep learning143
Sclerostin: a negative regulator of bone formation and a target for osteoporosis therapy236
The influence of aluminium on enzymes in the rat brain with special reference to those involved in polyanine biosynthesis190
Statistical diagnostics for longitudinal data analysis : forward search of the GEE method224
Understanding and evaluating population preventive strategies for breast cancer using statistical and decision analytic models333
Power in Rousseau's The confessions and Dostoyevshy's Notes from underground251
Imagery in Hsu Chih-mo's poetry507
Shadow education : determinants and implications of private supplementary tutoring in English at secondary level in Bangladesh362
The nature of integrative processing problems in individuals with autism spectrum disorder216
Rewards and punishments: primary teachers' perceptions of their pupils' views189
Multi-omics reveals new insights into the ammonia oxidizers in environmental samples36
The role of attentional bias, rumination and avoidance in depression among Chinese clinical patients246
The emerging Chinese flâneuses in Lou Ye’s films in the 21st Century111
Riparian insects and predation by insectivores: energy transfers across tropical land-water ecotones238
Ecolodge at Whitehead, Ma On Shan185
Teachers' and school heads' beliefs and feelings regarding calculator use in primary mathematics in Hong Kong220
To study the issues and challenges of implementation of the proposed municipal solid wastes (MSW) charging scheme in private housing estates in Hong Kong36
Advanced wireless power conversion technologies : topology, modulation, and control27
Institutions, policy networks and agenda setting: heritage conservation in Hong Kong, 1970-1997235
Hemodynamic analysis of blood flows in carotid bifurcations249
Sustainable development and the planning system in Hong Kong237
Exposure to blue-enriched light before bedtime has negative impact on sleep quality, circadian clock and next-morning alertness217
Trace analysis by direct potentiometry241
Stories of world fashion and the Hong Kong fashion world264
A distributed object model for solving irregularly structured problemson distributed systems182
Neural basis of perception of six basic emotional expressions: particularly fear and disgust241
Creating Japaneseness: formation of cultural identify312
A multi-objective optimization model for green building design251
A study of some of the translations of Li Po's poems510
Public housing policy for the elderly in Hong Kong228
Using strategy instruction to improve logical picture sequencing and narration of events by children with learning difficulties (CWLD)246
Tabu search-based techniques for clustering data sets230
High throughput spinning-disk imaging bioassay : from single-cell imaging to whole slide histopathology165
Characteristics of Hong Kong industrial companies undertaking innovative projects having strategic importance267
Novel functions of PIAS1 and PIAS4 as intracellular feedback repressors of growth hormone signaling in grass carp259
A study of cognition in context: the composing strategies of advanced writers in an academic context234
Application of the concept of performance-based pay in Hong Kong civilservice233
Communicative intent in children with autism245
Study of novel splicing variants and splicing regulation mechanism of the M segment of influenza A viruses32
The effectiveness of non-civil service contract staff in replacing civil servants331
Crystal structure of molybdenum and platinum complexes218
Cyanide waste management: technologies, economic aspects, and constraints188
Fast evoked potential estimation by artificial neural networks203
Indebtedness of Hong Kong police officers: gambling or overspending?228
Literature and the Anthropocene580
A comparative analysis of railway patronage in two metropolitian [i.e.metropolitan] cities: Hong Kong and New YorkCity233
Changing in potassium sensitivity in muscle of chronically morphinizedrats248
A case study of the effect of second language drama teaching on learning motivation in high and low achieving classes in Hong Kong286
The role of heritage conservation in enhancing tourism development in Stanley218
Technical entrepreneurship: an exploratory study194
A developmental study of phonological activation in Chinese character recognition215
Growth and characteristization of YBa2Cu3Ox thin and ultrathin films301
Cumulate pyroxenite and pyroxenite dykes in the Troodos ophiolite, Cyprus216
Imperialist civilizing mission of Uncle Tom's Cabin and history of itsChinese rewriting419
A critique of the postmodern neglect of authentic selfhood357
Non-model based vehicle shape reconstruction from outdoor traffic image sequences206
The making of failure: an ethnographic study of schoolgirls in Hong Kong238
Regulatory policy on and the strategic approach to franchised bus operation in Hong Kong231
Oral health literacy : implications for Hong Kong's children236
Energy balance across the eddy covariance sites151
The healing of endochondral bone grafts in the presence of the demineralized intramembranous bone matrix: :a qualitative andquantitative analysis186
Classwide peer tutoring: student perception and effectiveness226
How to use networking to increase internal efficiency and then increase external effectiveness in an international environment203
Accessibility of open space: a study of urbanmorphology and its relation to open space use in the Wanchai Districtof Hong Kong328
Field investigation and numerical modeling of hydrological processes at a hillslope catchment in Hong Kong189
Aquatic leisure & training centre at Stanley200
Historical, dispositional, and cognitive factors as determinants of heterosexual aggression: a path-analyticstudy of male sex offenders in Hong Kong219
Effectiveness of primary school students' reading comprehension on diverse expository prose formations163
A study of the recruitment strategy in the Hong Kong police force460
The phonological correspondences between cognate morphemes in Cantonese and Mandarin249
Natural human suspension system with its applications54
An investigation of coastal fumigation effects on nuclear accident consequences in Hong Kong200
From Mrs. Dalloway to The Hours: bisexuality/bitextuality and écriture féminine238
A review of the management measures of feral macaques in Hong Kong246
Neurocogntive and psychosocial functioning in nonapneic snoringadults137
An empirical investigation of the effects of the social skills training on a group of F.2 students205
A review of container terminal productivity238
Integrated metallomic approaches for investigation of intracellular metalloproteins and the antibacterial mechanisms of bismuth metallodrugs147
A study of the biological effect of Epstein-Barr virus encoded latent membrane protein 1 (LMP1) in human epithelial cells239
Self assessment in the school-based assessment speaking component in aHong Kong secondary four classroom: a casestudy277
Strategic planning in government: a review ofthe possibilities209
Growth and differentiation of continental crust in the accretionary orogen : a case study of the Chinese Altai, Central Asian Orogenic Belt208
Functional similarities and differences between online and offline social support on psychological well-being243
Two essays on consumer inferences about products and brands : a new perspective of inference-making processes148
Competitive strategies for small construction contractors in HongKong227
Burnout among social workers working with ex-offenders220
The role of sodium/myo-inositol cotransporter 1 and myo-inositol in osteogenesis and bone formation229
The role of restocking in enhancing marine fisheries: a way forward206
Physical regulation of cells and its applications171
The movement behaviour of the Pos Selim landslide189
Pedestrian crashes in commercial and business areas: a case study of Hong Kong250
Detection of calreticulin (CALR) mutations in myeloproliferative neoplasms (MPN) in Chinese253
The physical environment and revitualization of local commercial street: urban design study in revitalizingShuidong street in Huizhou, Guangdong, China301
Investigating the relationships between second language test takers' strategy use and reading performance on Chinese proficiency tests215
Molecular epidemiology of human coronavirus NL63 in Hong Kong320
The enigma of Cantonese tones: how intonationlanguage speakers can be assisted to discern them323
A case study of information system development324
A review of sale of flats to sitting tenants scheme in Hong Kong237
An evaluation of the inclusion of creative writing in thenew advanced level Chinese literature curriculum =319
Depicting Chinese parenting during the early years : a systematic review of the English language literature211
Current perspective of new-onset atrial fibrillation501
Cephalometric characteristics of anterior open bite and parameters affecting severity208
Merger and acquisition strategies of Hong Kong major listed companies254
A study of the impact of the suspension of the home ownership scheme on home ownership aspiration of public housing tenants225
Job satisfaction and turnover intention: a study on teachers of sub-standard secondary schools in Guangzhou260
Monde Flottant: médiation du Japon et thématique de la féminité dansl'oeuvre de Kikou Yamata (1897-1975)207
Towards understanding learners' perception of assessment: an investigation of ESL students' perception of timedwriting assessment in an EAP context204
Grammaticalization and Greenberg's word order correlations194
An analytical study of Hong Kong's private consumption expenditure figures210
Phytochemical and pharmacological characterization of phenolic compounds derived from the Chinese herbal medicine pomegranate peel for colorectal cancer and intestinal mucositis112
An investigation of the influence of project complexity on communications in engineering construction projects198
Relationship between psychological status and vascular function in subjects with and without cardiovascular diseases194
Collaborative writing with Wikis in upper primary English language classrooms349
Using public space to overcome vulnerabilities : a study of Chinese migrants living in sub-divided units in Hong Kong61
Molecular epidemiology of H9N2 avian influenza virus in poultry of southern China224
Anthropometric indices and cardiovascular risk factors in a Chinese population212
The role of Lin Shu's translations in the introduction offoreign culture in the late Qing period225
Labour unrest in Malaya, 1934-1941264
The South Manchurian Railway and the Economic Developmentof Northeast China =340
Functions and physiological significance of the N- and C- terminal regions of the Escherichia coli global transcription factor FNR335
Is the validity of non-invasive computerized tomography coronary angiography equivalent to invasive coronary angiography for theevaluation of coronary artery disease217
Multimodal analysis of academic posters by student writers across disciplines307
A case study of overseas strategies of Chinese express logistics : SF Express340
Secretin: expression and neuroactive functionin the cerebellum266
Minimum bounding boxes and volume decomposition of CAD models233
An exploratory study on neighbourhood support to the single elderly280
Students' perceptions of mapwork: a case study232
Facilitating communication and social skills training for primary school children214
Planning an elderly dental programme in a public housing estate245
Political socialization and critical thinking: their influence of Hong Kong and Mainland Chineseuniversity students' attitudes toward the nation401
Efficiency profiling for Japanese word order performance data1
The effect of meaning in life as a resilience factor among adolescents11
Blockade of heat shock protein 90 (HSP90) for the treatment of hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC)283
Understanding the lives of sexual minority male youth in Hong Kong331
Molecular epidemiology and antimicrobial resistance of methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus blood culture isolates218
Knowledge sharing in a University: a case study222
A case study of curriculum change in China: the junior secondary school chemistry curriculum, 1978 to 2001238
Osteoarthritis osteochondral tissue based in vitro model : potential testing platform for emerging treatments136
Genetic interaction between Patched1 and Sox10 in enteric nervous system development153
A study of medical social services and stroke patients: an application of the unitary approach230
Restructuring of industrial land use in metropolitan areas221
Nanostructured materials for high performance energy storage and conversion devices311
Dementia literacy among nursing students in mainland China : a cross sectional study in three cities381
The politics of labour rebellions in China, 1989-1994225
Redevelopment of State Theatre582
Mechanistic studies on the polymorphism at -77GT repeats regions of IFNAR1 and its correlation to the susceptibility to chronic HBVinfection183
A behavioural approach to classroom management at secondary level348
Evidence-based guidelines for the prevention of pressure ulcers using pressure-relieving support surface for bedbound elderly216
Are health-education programmes effective in improving knowledge of and compliance with non-pharmacological measures against mosquito-borne disease?206
A study on the evaluations of provision of facilities for ageing groups in public housing estates in Hong Kong38
Applications of neural networks for industrial and office automation243
The effect of type and level of noise on long-term average speech spectrum (LTASS)272
Impact of climatic change during little ice age on agricultural development in north China, 1600-1650225
Characterizing novel molecular mechanisms involved in breast cancer tumourigenesis/progression and tamoxifen resistance127
Novel role of drug-induced non homologous end joining factor 1 in the chemoresistance of hepatocellular carcinoma186
Assessing the extent and effects of jobs-housing mismatch in new towns of Hong Kong235
Norms of pronunciation and the sociolinguistics of Cantonese in Hong Kong377
Advanced microwave passive components design for antenna feeding network applications212
Development of antibody and antigen detection assays and vaccines for SARS associated coronavirus343
Is heritage revitalization a compromise with town planning in Hong Kong?: a comparison of the Tsim Sha Tsui Former Marine Police Headquarter, Kom Tong Hall, and Wanchai Blue House cluster?370
A study on the marketing of polystyrene in Hong Kong: the buyer-seller interaction approach214
Teachers' use of senior secondary geography textbooks in Hong Kong : implications for meaningful learning277
On the feasibility of developing a description language for modular robot211
Chinese outward foreign direct investment : a case study of the financial services industry, 2002-201893
Education and colonial mentality: a study of the post-war baby-boom generation in Hong Kong382
Novel therapies for prevention of left ventricular remodeling following myocardial infarction191
Biochemical and molecular studies of Lactate Dehydrogenase Isozymes inthe freshwater eels, anguilla japonica (Temminck & Schlegel) andAnguilla rostrata (Le Sueur)225
The changes in adrenomedullin levels and gene expression in a rat model of endotoxaemia236
Cable television in Hong Kong247
A comparison of volatility predictions in the HK stock market296
Li Guangdi (1642-1718) and the official Cheng-Zhu learning in the early Qing = Li Guangdi yu Qing chu guan fang Cheng Zhu li xue447
An evaluation of ETV teaching materials in the integrated science subject206
The quest for individuality: student's lives in Shanghai, 1919-1937372
Reaching agreement and arranging quality assurance for work-based learning collaboration2
Prevalence and risk factor of atrial fibrillation in older Chinese: the Guangzhou biobank cohort study (GBCS)217
Synthesis, structural characterization and photophysical properties oflanthanide complexes containing polydentate amide ligands209
The regulation of lipid peroxidation and pheromone production in medaka fish under exogenous oxidative stress181
Neonatal pain assessment in clinical setting: applying premature infant pain profile264
A study of the effectiveness of ISO 9000 quality management system in the management of shopping centres in Hong Kong234
Initiation and perpetuation of tooth brushing among young children : mixed methods analyses176
Urban planning for equal opportunity for the blind in Hong Kong: a case study of transportation facilitiesplanning in public mass transits216
Empowering teachers to collaborate professionally in school-based curriculum development: the Tsuen Wan ETSNproject225
Comparisons between the Link Management Limited and the Non-Domestic Management Unit of the Housing Department232
The effectiveness of unit design of teaching micro-novelsthrough genre theory256
Postmodernism, drama, language: Waiting for Godot and Inadmissible evidence revisited214
Learning to teach, teaching to learn: a longitudinal study of student teachers' autonomous development350
Ultrastructural and taxonomic studies of freshwater ascomycetes193
Habitus and the agency of a translator : a case study of Howard Goldblatt = 譯者的慣習與行動者屬性 : 基於葛浩文的個案研究176
Probation for male offenders in China : explaining self-reported reoffending behaviors184
The use of variation theory in developing students' critical thinking skills263
Formal schooling and private tutoring: valuesembedded in the curriculum in China218
A study of the incorporated owners' preference criteria on selecting housing management companies in the private sector and the competitiveedge of small-sized housing management companies209
Economic geography of the electric solar energy potential in China351
Community organization in perspective: with special reference to Hong Kong context.205
The prevalence and risk factors of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus in long-term-care facilities : a systematic review142
Feedback regulation of CDK5/p25/SIRT1 signaling by 1-methylnicotinamide150
Numerical solution of three-dimensional consolidation220
Factor analysis for ranking data246
Health care delivery and financing in Hong Kong291
Flow structures of circular cylinders with a stepwise change of the diameter235
Epstein-barr virus shedding and cytokine alterations in the oropharynxduring HIV-1 infection338
Literature review of parental acceptability about HPV vaccine186
The population dynamics and feeding ecology of the mangrove crabs, Metopograpsus frontalis (Grapsidae) and Perisesarma bidens(Sesarmidae), in Hong Kong278
Redevelopment of San Wai227
Study of the roles of RhoE in human hepatocellular carcinoma186
Urban design guidelines for urban planning: their applications in Hong Kong265
The merger of two railways in Hong Kong: a case study219
Treatment of chronic post-stroke dysphagia using 5Hz repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS)250
The Queen's Pier saga: unveiling the inconvenient truth of heritage conservation legislation in HongKong330
Pathogenesis of congenital cataract in a gamma-crystallin mutant mousemodel417
Open building : a theory of housing for post-industrial society211
Regulation of secondary heart field development by epigenetic chromatin remodeling factor BAF250a211
Analysis of non-linear covariates effects and temporal treatment effect in Cox-type models140
Endothelial dysfunction and vascular disease in systemic sclerosis222
Domain of attraction in hybrid systems209
Metaphors in the information age: how do computers create a new world view?208
Formulation of solid elements for linear and geometric nonlinear analysis of shells218
Packet scheduling techniques for coordinating colocated Bluetooth and IEEE 802.11b in a Linux machine247
Marketization of higher education: a case study of Guangzhou, China528
Generation and functional characterization of dendritic cells from bone marrow of patients with leukaemia diseases and various haemato-oncological conditions228
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Impact of the planning and building regulations on the urban form of Hong Kong261
Synthesis, photophysics and photochemistry of Rhenium (v) complexes with multiply-bonded nitrogen and oxygen ligands222
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Marketing strategy and accessibility planning of large-scale shopping malls1
Metamorphism of the Northern Liaoning Complex: implications for the tectonic evolution of the latearchean basement of the eastern block, North China Craton271
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Speech acts and fiction226
Determinations of plasma oestradiol and other female sex hormones in menstrual and fertility disorders231
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The development of antigravity postures in infants256
Could the current professional training programme meet the needs of the professional development of newly appointed secondary schoolprincipals?249
Visitor centre in an organic farm232
Planning for walkable urban areas in Hong Kong: evaluate the social impacts of seperation of modes toeliminate pedestrian- vehicle conflicts-form pedestrian'sperspective264
Microclimatic monitoring of climber green walls and an intensive green roof in subtropical summer126
Blackman-Esterling-Berk based FCS-CPA method in off-diagonal disorder system32
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Parenting practice and children's well-being in rural China329
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Chinese writing performance of Hong Kong secondary school students with dyslexia problems in Chinese language subject of HKCEE = Xianggang du xie zhang ai xue sheng zai zhong xue hui kao Zhongguo yu wen ke de pian zhang xie zuo biao xian292
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The ecology of the high-zoned littorinids, Nodilittorina trochoides,N. radiata and N. vidua, on rocky shores in Hong Kong267
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Planning applications in the development control system of Hong Kong251
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Functional analysis of RET mutations in Chinese Hirschsprung's diseasepatients225
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ECO centre for children255
Residential area planning for the elderly in public housing estates inHong Kong263
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Variation in the use of the particle ge in Hong Kong Cantonese266
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New Marine Police Headquarters & Training School218
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iang-nan under Chang Shih-ch'eng's role241
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Redefine the edge: landscape rescuing of ShekO Quarry and its casting basin304
Trefftz method and its application in engineering236
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Flashpoints model as applied to the 1966 and 1967 riots in Hong Kong246
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Process migration for distributed Java computing267
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Construction IT Centre211
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Financial burden for HIV/AIDS patients to access antiretroviral therapy in Asian developing countries405
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Women survivors of intimate partner violence: reducing depressive symptoms and promoting safety behaviours345
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Effectiveness of establishing cultural schema in enhancing junior secondary school students' object-describing textreading ability180
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Supermarket: a place for greenconsumption?245
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Gathering in on-street parking space: investigating the possibility of temporary conversion of on-streetparking space into the "third place"177
Development of a capability maturity model for sustainable construction343
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Planning, design, and sustainability of public housing in Hong Kong280
Female trauma and memory in constructions of black identity232
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City Contemporary Dance Complex207
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Multiresolution polygonal approximation208
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Sustainable residential community for urban renewal in the old district of Shamshuipo241
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Maritime Museum in west Kowloon217
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"Internet addiction" in contemporary China: individual pathology or pathology of normalcy?244
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First year high school students' perception of parental involvement ineducation in a rural area of Heilongjiang province in China157
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Job satisfaction among student guidance teachers in Hong Kong212
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Performance study of a new disk shadowing scheme206
Lipid composition and lipases of Angiostrongylus cantonensis (nematoda: metastrongyloidea)247
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Demographic determinants of risk perception of newly emerging respiratory infectious diseases230
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Burden and control of influenza viruses134
Uptake, assimilation and toxicity of cyanogenic compounds in plants237
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Mongolia in the 90s: prospects for trade and investment236
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A comprehensive study on the special symbols in the version of Zhouyi as inscribed on the bamboo slips held at theShanghai museum206
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Telomerase activation and telomeric repeats alteration in sex hormone-induced prostatic carcinogenesis in the Noble rat173
Syntheses, structures and reactivities of some ruthenium, manganese and osmium complexes of non-porphyrin chelating multi-anionic ligands209
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Sentiment, orientalism and American women writers in Republican China245
Cultural Exchange Centre & Chinese Ceramics Museum in Shenzhen187
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Interactive relationships among teachers' intentions, beliefs, pedagogical content knowledge and classroom instruction on the natureof science337
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Biopiracy in Asia: a case study of India and Thailand391
Test-retest reliability of a questionnaire used in a hospital-based case control study of nasopharyngeal carcinoma (NPC) in Hong Kong : a pilot study136
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Sleep quality versus sleep quantity: relationship between sleep and measures of health, well-being andsleepiness in University students422
Distinctive functions of methionine aminopeptidase II in embryonic hematopoiesis in zebrafish embryos217
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Studies on angiotensin II receptor antagonism in delaying diabetic retinopathy progression in a type 1 diabetic mouse model104
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Improving the quality of life for nursing home residents withdementia: a life story approach265
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Thinking styles and approaches in teaching among Hong Kong kindergarten teachers268
The study of the use of written English in the Hong Kong civilservice223
Disablement, power resources and powerlessness of silicotic patients in Hong Kong222
Mother-infant intervention to promote maternal mental health after preterm birth197
An in situ study to compare a fluoride chewing gum with a fluoride dentifrice220
Writing on the fringes of map and mind : A Dictionary of two cities (雙城辭典) and the fantasy in Hong Kong319
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An appraisal of the channels for the redress of grievances and the processing of public complaint information: the case of Hong Kong212
The impact of dictionary use in four different conditions on incidental vocabulary learning290
A study of the impact of foreign language anxiety on tertiarystudents' oral performance271
Gradual scoliosis correction by use of a superelastic alloy293
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School-based information technology: a case study of the home-school collaboration in a local primary school247
The last fifty years of legal opium in Hong Kong, 1893-1943466
Self-expression and discourse on female sexuality: online sex discussion forums in contemporary China367
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Job creation and destruction in Hong Kong manufacturing industries: some empirical evidence230
Rethinking the Hong Kong government housing policy: an illusion of a positive non-interventionist state244
Management of biliary anastomotic stricture in living-donor liver transplantation221
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Incidence, predictors and implications of depression after stroke365
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Early supported discharge program for stroke patients263
Study on host adaptation and splicing regulation of NS segment of influenza A viruses213
Essentiality of methionine aminopeptidase in staphylococcus aureus212
Effects of bacterial toxins on the proliferation, osteogenic differentiation and toll-like receptor expressions of humanmesenchymal stromal cells211
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An evaluation of the role of the Customs and Excise Department in drugenforcement226
Business opportunities in internet230
Asymmetric formal total synthesis of cortistatins A and J164
Train-the-trainer programmes for community-based intervention projects to enhance family well-being in Hong Kong205
Green housing development and residents' participation in sustainable practices in Hong Kong36
A study of the impact of tenure status on sense of belonging in lower-income group: a comparison between PRHtenants and HOS owners193
Modulation of Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus infection by human USP13 protein21
Establishment of orthotopic animal models for investigating tumor microenvironment, extracellular matrix interactions, and metastasis in esophageal squamous cell carcinoma179
Forensic analysis using FAT32 file cluster allocation patterns302
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Neuroprotection of low energy laser on retinal ganglion cells survivalafter optic nerve injury199
"Ripple effect" in family wealth succession in greater China : implicit norms, informal education, and external shocks24
Teaching of rhyming skills in poems for primary school212
Photophysic and photochemistry of large [pi] system : photodecarbonylation, photocleavage and photoinduced large stokes shift113
Oral health related quality of life, dental status and expectation of Hong Kong elderly275
The effectiveness of the safety management system on the MTR249
An overview on the variation of sea surface pCO₂ in Northern South China Sea and its management134
Low-cycle fatigue of nickel-titanium rotary root-canal instruments294
Early visual arts education in Hong Kong kindergartens451
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The communal meaning of a temporal cultural heritage : investigating the street mural as a community placemaker70
'Experiencing the unexpected behavior of nature': the outdoor museum of wall trees224
Myth as a transforming vision: a comparative approach to the roles of myth in Chinese fiction as exemplified byHung-lou meng262
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Systematic review of the effectiveness of glucosamine for knee osteoarthritis192
Optimization of building cooling system based on genetic algorithms and thermal energy storage817
Quantification and partition of perfluorochemicals in Hong Kong wastewater sludge243
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Environmental economics: a framework for assessing the economic impacts of adopting biotechnologies in HongKong201
Molecular epidemiology of camel MERS coronavirus from 2015 to 2019 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates158
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Regulation of transferrin receptor expression in human leukemic HL-60 cells: gene expression and cellular signaling228
Engineering behavior of prebored precast prestressed concrete piles (PPPCPs)273
Quality of service support in mobile Ad Hoc networks202
Single-inductor multiple-output (SIMO) DC-AC resonant inverters for multi-coil wireless power transfer103
Free energy simulations of important biochemical processes190
Teachers' perceptions of the criteria for selecting a task in task-based learning in a Hong Kong secondary school217
A methodology for trajectory based learning and prediction of human motions in visual surveillance224
A study of transport policy: why is HongKong's taxi policy incremental?261
A study on tactile symbolic tiles and guide paths for the blind212
Analysis on quantitative data of discontinuities : automatic clustering & spacing distribution109
Mutual legal assistance in criminal matters between Hong Kong and the Mainland331
Two essays on China's stock markets466
An analysis of the public housing policy for the elderly people in Hong Kong218
Roles of heat shock protein 70 and testosterone in delayed cardioprotection of preconditioning220
Comparing the attractiveness of public and private shopping centres in Hong Kong215
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An investigation of electric spring technology for smart grid applications129
Reforms of the Social Welfare Department: a case study of family services236
The stated preference technique for estimating the modal split inhome-work journey in the mid-levels275
Release of lead from ceramic foodware and crystal glassware262
Systematics of Desmos (Annonaceae) in Thailand, Peninsular Malaysia and Sumatra288
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Fast fluid simulation and its applications221
Essays in international trade and Chinese economy169
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Effect of smartphone-based mindfulness intervention on working memory and the mediation role of rumination30
Acute decompensated heart failure with preserved ejection fraction : haemodynamic changes, cardiorenal syndrome and short-term prognosis159
Resident participation in management of HOS/PSPS courts: problems encountered and possible solutions233
Use of dysmorphology for subgroup classification on autism spectrum disorder in Chinese Children201
Urban socio-spatial structure and intracity mobility in Chinese cities : a case study of Shenzhen29
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The induction of cellular stress responses by specific Kappa-opioid receptor agonist203
Management development in Hong Kong: a comparative study249
Molecular diagnosis of adenovirus, mycoplasma pneumoniae and Chlamydiapneumoniae infection in hospitalized children232
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Facing the challenge of digital information technology248
A comparative study of teacher appraisal system in Hong Kong and Shanghai secondary schools201
A study of MSH2 founder mutation in Hong Kong population259
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A staff development program in a CMI school: perceptions of teachers and the principal218
Hand-written Chinese character recognition by hidden Markov models andradical partition207
A study of students’ critical media literacy changes through design of digital video416
Elucidation of the sequence of the autophosphorylation site of ganglioside-stimulated protein kinase189
Autophagy as biomarker in response to progestogen treatment of endometrial hyperplasia and carcinoma43
Oral health care for Chinese adults with special needs224
Expression and functional analysis of a mutant sPDZD2 protein184
Curriculum decision-making within the hierarchy of aided secondary schools during a period of curriculum change: the case of advanced supplementary level in Hong Kong272
Stereographic projection and mapping of engineering geology: case study near Jordan Valley, Hong Kong241
The resocialization of adolescent girls in correctional institution304
Strategy to solve cognitive overload in listening comprehension154
The rise of multilateral investment treaties : and the development of customary international investment law252
Copyright protection in the People's Republic of China: a discussion of issues as discerned in the case of WuGuan Zhong v. Shanghai Do Yun Xuan and Hong Kong Yong Cheng AntiqueCompany Limited229
Factors affecting the success of PRC immigrant students in the Hong Kong Education System: a pilot study191
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Single-trial analysis of electroencephalography and functional magnetic resonance imaging for brain decoding267
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Residue substitutions in PA and PB2 contribute to variations in viral polymerase activity71
South China sea oil: problems of ownership and exploitation.221
A study of the adaptation and change in Singapore Chinese language teachers in the implementation of "PERI holistic assessment" at lower-primary level = Xinjiapo chu xiao Hua wen jiao shi shi shi "quan mian xing ping jia ji hua" de shi ying yu zhuan bian228
Autonomous legislatures under China's regional ethnic autonomy: law, reality and potential275
The formulation and implementation of the policy on the protection of the intellectual property rights241
Online algorithms for combinatorial optimization problems92
A sociolinguistic study of the language habits of the University students258
Effects of saliva contamination on bond strength of resin luting cements to dentine268
Gender differences in learning English writing in Hong Kong258
Spatial modeling and performance analysis for the large-scale 5G wireless networks99
A comparative study of the financing options for the public healtcare system in Hong Kong255
Peer assessment: a case study of a certificate geography class in Hong Kong225
Miocene collision related conglomerates, south Tibet294
A VR-based information visualization framework for effective perception and cognition in manual material handling system168
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Nonlinear analyses of the PVT crystal growth, the free-surface flow and the two-phase flow85
To evaluate the impact of government intervention on housing tenure choice in Hong Kong670
Proteolytic cleavage of FOXM1 by caspases238
Can mix-tenure alleviate social stigma in public rental housing?301
The impact of electronic health record on diabetes management : a systematic review130
Deregulation of histone methyltransferases SETDB1 and G9a and their functional roles in liver cancer279
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Psychosocial factors associated with smoking behaviour among young Asian women209
Structure determination by low energy electron diffraction of GaN films on 6H-SiC(0001) substrate by molecular beam epitaxy189
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Syntheses, reactivity and coordination chemistry of d10 metal complexes of phosphorus and nitrogen donating polydentate ligands286
Multilocus sequence typing of laribacter hongkongensis and other bacteria236
The representations of angels in western films201
Affective gesture in J.S. Bach's keyboard music with special referenceto selected works in D minor267
First language influencing Hong Kong students' English learning263
A study of carbon monoxide exposure in selected populations in Hong Kong214
The effects of mild and severe stress on dendritic remodelling of hippocampal pyramidal neurons on exercised rats224
Reading 'heterology'264
Potential environmental hazards of wastewater from hospitals and theirmitigation228
Validity of the Chinese version of EQ-5D and SF-6D as health related quality of life measure in Chinese older adults in Hong Kong247
Lysosomal Ca²⁺ disruption induces autophagy impairment in familial Alzheimer's disease66
Molecular mechanisms of IL-2 mediated BCL10 nuclear localization and the therapeutic role of an anti-CD25 antibody in nasal NK-celllymphoma211
Development concepts and land use planning mechanisms in China: a case study of Guangzhou309
Metro development in China's mega-cities: a case study of Guangzhou196
A study on fire protection policy in Hong Kong: devolution from bureaucracy355
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The migrant experience, identity politics, and representation in postcolonial London: contemporary BritishNovels by Zadie Smith, Hanif Kureishi and Monica Ali356
A study of the rights of self-determination in marriage of Chinese women and their position in the family from the late Ch'ingto the May Fourth period267
Flow mechanisms in horizontal sediment-laden jets186
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Death education as a developmental guidance programme280
Breastfeeding, method of delivery and environmental tobacco smoke and related impact on infant health and health care623
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Expression profile, molecular regulation and immuno-inflammatory function of LPS-binding protein in human oral keratinocytes186
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Ownership structure and company performance : the case of listed real estate companies in mainland China424
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The expression, regulation and functional role of SOX7 gene in acute myeloid leukemia228
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Instability and thermal effect in vertical cavity surface emitting laser242
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Epidemiology and genomic characterization of novel picobirnaviruses in animals95
A school-based case study217
Design and analysis of integrated computational imaging systems250
Modeling mortality assumptions in actuarial science235
Short-term traffic speed forecasting based on data recorded at irregular intervals259
Synthetic studies towards total syntheses of natural products daphenylline and calyciphylline A & target identification and mechanism study of dihydromotuporamine C (synthetic part)37
Clinical relevance and functional role of galectin-1 in hepatocellular carcinoma103
Community response to mental health facility: a study of objections to the setting up of a halfway house in SunChui Estate, Shatin233
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Experience of individuals with public housing: the case of Ma On Shan181
Vastatin, a novel angiogenesis inhibitor, retards condylar bone growthin vivo295
An inquiry into the need for gender education in the teacher training programme at Hong Kong's colleges of education250
Auction-based WLAN resource allocation in game theory perspective282
Evaluating the effectiveness of the existing pedestrianization schemesin Hong Kong223
An activity theoretical analysis of synchronous electronic discourse: a case study224
Advanced analysis and join queries in multidimensional spaces281
Environmental Education Centre249
Beethoven in China: the reception of Beethoven's music and its political implications, 1949-1959344
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The transmission and control of syphilis in Guangzhou248
Facial emotion recognition after subcortical cerebrovascular diseases278
Sustainable fisheries in Hong Kong: an attitude survey201
Fatigue crack growth analysis of metallic plates with an inclinedsemi-elliptical crack230
An evolutionary algorithm approach for assembly job shop scheduling with lot streaming technique245
The political aspect of the airline industry: government intervention250
The perceived usefulness of webBoard in enhancing collaborative learning201
Image morphing based on compatible triangulation and mesh interpolation199
A socio-economic information system for land-use planning in HongKong210
Reporters and their sources in a 'hidden' war: international news coverage of Cambodia, 1979-1991232
Effects of æ-Lipoic acid on injury, production of nitric oxide and expression of caveolin-3 in the isolated rat heart subjected toischaemia and reperfusion229
Multiplicity and stability of two-dimensional reaction-diffusion equations234
Miniaturization techniques for cavity and MIMO antenna systems14
An investigation of the language difficulties experienced by Hong Kongprimary school leavers in learning mathematics through the medium ofEnglish278
Dali and the Song-Mongolian war250
How participation in the school play impact on the formation of English as a second language (ESL) speakers' identity179
A school-based growth group for adolescents from divorced/separated families in Hong Kong (a case study)219
Mahler's dramaturgy of sonata form : the late symphonies189
Using alpha-aminoxy acids as building blocks to construct anion receptors and synthetic chloride channels363
Urban form in achieving sustainable communities: mega-podium versus at-grade development in urban regeneration219
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Art communities: around the flyover231
An evaluation of the public housing redevelopment programme in Hong Kong205
Triterpenoid and other constituents from the leaves of some Castanopsis and Lithocarpus species of the Hong Kong Fagaceae275
China's intellectual response to the European war237
The dictionary problem: theory andpractice203
An evaluation of the design of ELT textbooks used in Hong Kong primary schools : do authors integrate principles of learner autonomy into textbooks?302
Results related to the embedding conjecture311
The role of RhoA GTPase activating protein DLC2 in painful diabetic neuropathy203
Tung Chung-shu256
A study on the ulcerogenic mechanisms of nicotine in stress-induced gastric glandular ulcers in rats202
Application of mind mapping integrated cooperative learning and argumentation to the elemetary schools in mainland China136
Modeling of flows at nano scale244
Isolation and characterization of Laribacter hongkongensis from freshwater fish : histopathological and antimicrobial susceptibility findings117
Biology of junction dynamics in the testis and its implications in male contraceptive development307
The study of perception of the practitioners of housing management on the licensing of housing management sector in Hong Kong128
Ruthenium and iridium complexes based on tetradentate N₂O₂ or ONCO ligands : synthesis, structure, property and catalytic applications149
The evolution of magnetic resonance signal : from the perspective of magnetic resonance fingerprinting47
Crossing the border: Hong Kong's integration with the Mainland242
Healthcare utilisation amongst those with Down's syndrome in Hong Kong : a population-based, cross-sectional study156
A preliminary study on cooking oil waste management in Hong Kong225
Characterization of acyl-coenzyme A-binding proteins from rice243
An investigation of marketing strategies of residential property developers250
The roles of macrophage migration inhibitory factor in human neuroblastoma development235
Inflammation, metabolic syndrome and vascular diseases in older Chinese: the Guangzhou biobank cohortstudy215
Study on barriers of implementation of building information modeling in facilities management484
Planning considerations for conservation and development within Deep Bay Buffer Zones in North West New Territories Hong Kong231
Phosphor-free multilayered LEDs and thin film LEDs210
Self concept of physically handicapped students: effects of personal and social education202
Adorno and the metacritique of modern German systematic transcendentalidealism258
Aspects of FUDMA as a matrix resin for dental resin composite151
A study of construction noise and development of statutory control in Hong Kong233
The trade policy of Hong Kong: an analysis ofagenda-setting in the revitalisation of Hong Kong's textiles andclothing industries238
Satellite tracking by means of a digital computer210
How effective is the ISO 14001 in guiding contractors against environmental convictions in Hong Kong254
Rejection concerns accentuate effects of thin-ideal images on women's body satisfaction261
Contraries in Blake's poetry311
A study of Zhang Zhu (1287-1368) and his Ci poems246
Self-rated health and mortality in a prospective Chinese elderly cohort136
A structural approach to protein intrinsic versatility : the tale of succinyllysine reader GAS41 and palmitoyllysine eraser SIRT393
In search of self: understanding teacher learning in a cross-institutional teacher community293
Genetic analysis of the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes in breast cancer of HongKong Chinese224
The impacts of peer mentoring on desistance : a case study on SRACP peer mentoring programme in Hong Kong121
Does weather move earth? : testing proposed weather event impacts on surface salt motion via interferometry of synthetic aperture radar27
Some aspects of the growth of tropical cyclones211
Investing in Hong Kong for 1998 and beyond226
Developing a multimodal language learning approach : using video dubbing activities in teaching Chinese language in Hong Kong = 發展多形態語文學習模式 : 於香港中國語文教學中設置影視配音活動290
Factors affecting the severity and duration of outbreaks of upper respiratory tract infection in kindergartens in Hong Kong: case-control study207
A comprehensive approach to transmission pricing and its applications210
Under the umbrellas : conceptualising umbrella movement space218
Queer representations in Korean media : heteronormativity, homonormativity, and queer transgression2068
Criminality of women in Hong Kong films: fromthe 1960's to the 1990's270
An AIS-based vehicle control framework in port container terminals274
Behavioural and pharmacological study of an animal model relevant to schizophrenia165
Cigarette smoking and diabetes mellitus : a case-control study in Guangdong China192
Stability and vibration of mindlin plate with or without hole267
Toy museum234
Effects of ABO blood group on otoacoustic emissions in young adults95
Hongkong stock index future and portfolio management227
How higher educational institutions cope with social change: the case of Tsinghua University, China315
Dietary behaviour and body mass index in Hong Kong school children254
Sensory cues and food choice in the Yakushima Macaque214
Statistical inference on biomedical models254
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Chen Daqi and the foundation of the "new" psychology in republican China333
Molecular phylogeny of the illiciales based on internal transcribed spacer sequences of ribosomal DNA256
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Cyber micropower: a new perspective of computer-mediated communication research169
Clinical and pathological significance of HPV infection and p53 mutation in human esophageal cancer237
Characterization of the role of cancer associated fibroblast derived IL-32 in esophageal squamous cell carcinoma and the role of TRIM22 in gastric cancer131
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Comparison and review on bus priority schemes between Hong Kong, Singapore and London418
Planning implications of private property development in China: a case study of Guangzhou197
System, order, creativity : models of the human in twentieth-century linguistic theories656
An evaluation of the special quota grant: an alternative to hostel care for the aged in Hong Kong226
Identification and characterization of ethylene receptor genes inrice221
Investigation on learning organization culture, mentoring practice andorganizational commitment in Hong Kong architecture, engineering andconstruction industry363
Review on the development & construction management of the airport in Chek Lap Kok308
The effectiveness of parent sensitivity training program in public hospitals for families with premature infants in Hong Kong107
The effects of using a modified Frayer model to teach mathematics vocabulary to junior-form English learners in a Chinese medium-of-instruction secondary school218
Effects of substituents containing sulphur and phosphorus atom on aromatic nucleophilic substitution reactions214
An appraisal of staff development and its administrative function in voluntary welfare agencies: withillustrations from two local agencies.227
Quality in residential property management: an evaluation of total quality management in private propertymanagement sector243
Statistical evaluation of mixed DNA stains248
A study on the characteristics of 3D-printed materials and its applications in radiology64
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New town development in an entrepreneurial city : the case of Shanghai281
Profiles of cytokines and inflammatory mediators: implications in periodontal assessment328
Genetic study of a family segregating Waardenburg-Shah syndrome249
Measuring community happiness in Hong Kong : Sham Shui Po and Tin Shui Wai1
In vivo cellular and molecular magnetic resonance imaging of brain functions and injuries216
A case management model in the halfway house services of the Mental Health Association of Hong Kong: apreliminary study of effectiveness325
Placenta for cardiac tissue engineering189
Five year survival and complication rates of dental implants in Type II diabetes patients: a systematic review257
Overlapping bus and minibus routes : implications on public transport management and planning for growth areas in Hong Kong611
Transport mechanisms and airway surface layer function in upper respiratory epithelium, and the effect of flexible loop mutations on CFTR function48
Vascular endothelial growth pattern during demineralized bone matrix (intramembranous bone origin) induced osteogenesis199
Making home: three generations of Chinese immigrant women in Hong Kong298
Policy coordination of planning of public infrastructure projects in Hong Kong174
The education component in the curriculum of the Hong Kong colleges ofeducation218
The political economy of urban space: centralbusiness district development in Shanghai and Hong Kong229
A study in social impacts on provision of pubic open spaces in private developments on users in Hong Kong2
Teaching and evaluation of Intensive Characters Recognition Learning Program of S.1 band-5 students in Hong Kong208
Means to control the traffic problems of the cross harbour tunnel: with focus on traffic management and tollpricing275
Benefit of massage on preterm infant weight gain244
The exploration of fabric trading format in textile industry239
Innovation of manufacturing industries in the Pearl River Delta Region337
A review on the performance management system of the Customs and Excise Department419
Students' interaction in doing proofs: an exploratory study193
Clinical application and utility of arterial spin labeling MR perfusion imaging in stroke70
Palladium-catalyzed intramolecular aminoalkylation of unactivated alkenes for synthesis of nitrogen-containing heterocycles175
Waste management and its implications for environmental planning: a review of the waste management strategyfor Hong Kong229
Modified nanoscale zero-valent iron with core-shell structures for environmental remediation37
A study of fixed channel assignment algorithms for cellular mobile radio systems225
Immunogenesis of trichinella spiralis (nematoda : trichinelloidea) during muscle phase of development201
Hong Kong programme of screening, treating and monitoring in retinopathy of prematurity (ROP)197
Passionate for truth : the emergence of the verse-novel in the Victorian era111
Ruthenium and iridium complexes supported by tetradentate salen ligands : synthesis, structure, property and catalytic applications33
Cellular cholesterol efflux in diabetes mellitus184
Chinese science teacher educators' conceptions of teaching nature of science to prospective science teachers277
A comparative study on the environmental reporting of the public sectors in Hong Kong and Japan219
Some practical issues in estimation based on a ranked set sample322
A critical evaluation for the performance of REIT retails portfolio inHong Kong254
A study on several problems in online handwritten Chinese character recognition219
Adaptation to the stepparenting role: an exploratory study209
Parents' knowledge concerning their new immigrant child's preventive health care and access to care in Hong Kong232
Effect of silver diamine fluoride on oral microflora, growth and oral health-related quality of life of preschool children with early childhood caries127
An examination of policy entrepreneur using the case study central slaughtering policy234
From fair-faced brickwork to painted surfaces: wall finishes in Hong Kong's ancestral halls, study hallsand residential building205
Computer waste management in Hong Kong199
Adolescents' perceptions of their risk-taking sexual activities in Hong Kong249
Neurocognitive assessment in patients with epilepsy: a focus on visual memory220
Scaffolding students’ English academic writing in the National college entrance examination (NCEE) : a case study in a Shenzhen senior secondary school91
Chen Zhenhui (1604-1656) and his Qiuyuan zapei217
Flat sheet ceramic membrane and its surface modification for direct sewage filtration, electrically-assisted fouling control and catalytic ozonation25
Kwun Tong Town Centre redevelopment project and the role of urban design989
A study of policy on Tenants Purchase Scheme in Hong Kong232
Young children's intrinsic motivation for reading: relationships with home literacy and children's earlyreading level262
Effect of cigarette smoke on cellular senescence in rat lung in vivo127
The impact of teaching styles on students' learning styles and career interests720
Judicial crisis in Hong Kong: a case study ofCheung Tze-Keung216
Hong Kong teachers' perceptions and implementation of a project approach in mathematics teaching219
Development of efficient oxidizing agents for disinfection, pollutant degradation and peptide modification232
Locational choice of Hong Kong's manufacturing industries: a case study of electronics industry319
Perioperative haemostatic monitoring with thrombelastography255
Theoretical studies of correlation effects in graphene and graphene layers235
Applications of Bayesian statistical model selection in social scienceresearch331
A study of smartsourcing193
An evalutation of family assessment measures (FAM) III in Hong Kong's context275
Social support as a predictor of the psychological adjustment of patients with rheumatoid arthritis in Hong Kong217
Comparative studies of the periphytic diatoms in Plover Cove246
Film Complex: resuscitation of film in commercial society229
Pulse compression filter design for ultrasonic non-destructivetesting262
Mitochondrial heat shock protein 70 HspA9 participates in the quality control of a model nuclear misfolded protein17
Can we use smart grid technology to benefit the use of electric vehicles in Hong Kong?202
On Hilbert modular surfaces which are of the general type363
Rail freight transport in transition in Hong Kong: perspectives of a transport operator244
A holistic approach to designing cellular manufacturing systems213
Street vendors in Chinese cities since economic reform : a case study of Guangzhou429
Methodology of training needs surveys267
An autoethnographic study on the professional development journey of a practicing teacher : a case study school in Hong Kong247
A study of the environmental awareness of form two students in Hong Kong and possible factors affecting it381
Fabrication of a biphasic scaffold for tissue engineering of intervertebral disc259
Magnetic properties of seabed sediments in Hong Kong: applications to sedimentological and contaminationstudies243
The potential of intelligent transport system (ITS) development in road transport of Hong Kong265
The role of Owners' Corporation in private property management in HongKong231
Application of 16S rRNA gene sequencing in laboratory diagnosis of mycobacteria other than tuberculosis227
Enhancing the quality of life of cognitively impaired older adults : the role of organizational strategy and human resource management212
When East meets West: a collaborative projectbetween Social Welfare Institutions in Mainland China and Hong Kong237
Impact assessment of urban renewal project : a case study of the Lee Tung Street1108
A comparative study of financial centres of Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen654
Prevocational schools and manpower planning in Hong Kong228
The rise and fall of Zhangsun Wuji (?-659)245
An intelligent tutor: Smart Tutor316
Design of virtual cellular manufacturing systems using genetic algorithms225
Development potential of a landfill site after restoration204
Characterization of PML/RARA fusion in acute promyelocytic leukemia: molecular cytogenetics study242
The power of the past : a comparative study of three ethnic narratives concerning Daur's ethnicity, 1911-195627
Making their voices heard : embargoes and the Hong Kong public, 1950-1954432
Systematic review on comparing intake of sugar-sweetened beverages and its effects on risk of obesity between urban and rural citizens196
Forecasts on population in temporary housing estates in Hong Kong239
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Numerical and experimental damage analysis of elastic bodies containing defects208
Comparison of electric vehicles, hybrid vehicles & LPG vehicles236
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Trauma system and traumatic brain injury in Hong Kong485
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Effectiveness of a study skills programme in relation to study habits and attitudes and academic achievement for students in a secondaryschool in Hong Kong374
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Hybrid flowshop scheduling with job interdependences using evolutionary computing approaches207
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Molecular dissection of the biosynthetic pathways for 3-deoxyanthocyanidins and flavones in sorghum and rice216
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How goal orientations and learning environments are related to beliefsin effort-ability relationship211
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Multi-residue analysis of pesticides using on-line two dimension liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry371
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Sceneric city: 'live' Museum in Old Sheung Wan210
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Civil liberties and the ICAC: an evaluative study200
Circum-harbour afforestation plan around Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong235
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Comparison of spiral tomography (Scanora) with ridge mapping and plainfilm radiography for dental implant planning in partially dentatejaws212
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Application of multi-agent technology to supply chain management220
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Social influences of juvenile sexual offending in Hong Kong197
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The business environment of Hong Kong property management companies inGuangzhou, PRC199
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Aspartic acid scanning mutation analysis of a receptor isolated from goldfish specific to the growth hormone releasing hormone salmon-likepeptide300
Validation of a translated Chinese perceived personal control (PPC) questionnaire in prenatal team-based genetic counselling174
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The Sui, Fu, Yu, and Bai sacrifice ceremonies recorded indivination inscriptions of the Shang Dynasty267
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Social skills training for the mentally retarded227
Flow structures of an interrupted jet244
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The influence of acute, chronic or chronic intermittent hypoxia on NO release from the renal circulation220
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Floral Centre221
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Topic: an analysis of contemporary semiconductor manufacturing and the role of Asia Pacific Region within197
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Social movements and the law in contemporary China : a comparative perspective590
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Service-oriented platform for real-time optimization and execution of RFID-enabled smart container loading211
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Industry decentralization in Hong Kong : some trends and patterns226
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Synthesis, characterization and biological applications of inorganic nanomaterials241
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Exposure of benzodiazepines and the risk of suicide/self-harm in general population and patients with psychiatric diseases : a systematic review and meta-analysis117
Conserving the bastion of "the Maginot of the East" : a study of the Shing Mun Redoubt194
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Source of industrial competence: the government-business relationships in Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan249
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Introducing urban slow space - Star Ferry complex at Central250
Colonization: the root of police corruption in Hong Kong?290
The historiography of Ch'en Shou, 233-279210
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Fucosyltransferase-5 on human spermatozoa mediates attachment of spermatozoa to oviductal epithelial cells229
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Effectiveness of the government in facilitating "Ageing-in-place" principle in public rental housing estates238
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Targeting signalling pathways that regulate FOXM1 as cancer therapeutic strategy48
Emotion-focused coping strategies as mediating factor in the relationships between neuroticism and anxiety among community adolescents119
Gut microbiota and its metabolites in the pathogenesis of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease46
Reproductive biology and ecology of the loliginid squid, Uroteuthis (Photololigo) duvauceli (Orbigny, 1835), in Hong Kong waters370
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A study of the administrative provisions governing personal data protection in the Hong Kong Government237
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Identification and characterization of new small-molecule inhibitors of influenza A nucleoprotein49
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Neuropsychological underpinnings of different forms of antisocial behaviour in schizotypy174
Statistical inference for the APGARCH and threshold APGARCH models209
A bootstrap procedure for unsupervised classification based on variable and observation resampling150
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Determination of surface atomic structures of Bi₂Se₃(111)-(2X2) film and ZnO nano-rods by low energy electron diffraction163
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The interaction of mortalin and p53 in human hepatocellular carcinoma232
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HongKong advantage as an international telecom hub279
The relationship between low-income home-ownership and subjective well-being : a case study of the Green Form Subsidised Home Ownership Scheme (GSH)28
Critically analyze the role and legacy of small house policy for sustainable development in the New Territories268
An evaluative study on the new performance appraisal system for inspectorate grade officer in the Hong Kong Customs & Excise Department240
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Application of life cycle costing (LCC) technique in Hong Kong warehouse industry291
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Territory-wide Antibiotic Stewardship Programme and its effectiveness in public hospitals in Hong Kong208
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A community-based, pragmatic, cluster-randomized controlled trial of chat-based instant messaging support integrated with proactive brief interventions for smoking cessation171
Design approach re-activates Kowloon City215
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Investigation of Epstein-Barr virus impact on epigenetic regulation of host genes and characterization of a host chromosome 14q candidate gene, MIPOL1, in the development of nasopharyngeal carcinoma118
Green home way Chenggong new town green way design191
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Quality management in commercial properties of the Hong Kong Housing Authority221
Repair in teacher-student interaction inside the classroom242
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Job evaluation and salary administration: an empirical study239
A new urban typology for the old Tsim Sha Tsui235
Indoor air quality and heating, ventilation & air conditioning systemsin office buildings251
A study of the seller and buyer relationship strategy in the Hong Kongbroadcast video equipment industry232
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Property rights analysis of zoning330
A study of the applications of operational research in the planning and design of airports352
Examples of time-message tradeoffs in distributed algorithms214
Oral cavity as natural reservoir for streptococcus sinensis208
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Useful rivals : evolving competition between China and Japan over the Senkaku/Diaoyu Islands from 1970 to the present day84
Stance realization in sports commentary: evidence from Chinese table tennis programmes258
Glucose-regulated protein 78 as a novel target of BRCA1 for inhibitingstress-induced apoptosis225
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Features of born global processing plants in global outsourcing industry230
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Discriminative facility as a predictor of psychological health amongstpatients with schizophrenia224
Comparison of safety between long-acting injectable antipsychotics and oral antipsychotics75
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Ecotoxicities and ecological risks of irgarol 1051 and its related s-triazine compounds in tropical marine ecosystems248
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Learning English through film: a case study of the effect on S4 students' attitudes244
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Magmatism and tectonic evolution of the West Kunlun Mountains224
Subversive females: the politics of defiance in Zhang Yimou's films262
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Interference cancellation in impulse radio234
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Genetic basis for the heterogeneity of systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) : population difference and female predominance43
Functional floral traits and the evolution of pollination systems in Annonaceae : reproductive resource partitioning, pollinator trapping and stigmatic exudate164
Recycling and recovery of plastic waste as a means of waste reduction in Hong Kong285
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Asset enhancement on commercial properties management in Hong Kong: a key of success for achieving best qualitymanagement and services286
Labour contract in China: an analysis of the contractual arrangement of human resources under a socialist marketeconomy216
Wood decomposition and competition in tropical freshwater fungi229
Kwun Tong civil/cultural complex266
Treatment of knee osteoarthritis with lyprinol in Chinese patients: a double-blind, randomised, placebo-controlled trial189
The study of cross-border FSWs in two China-Burma cross-border areas : HIV/AIDS prevalence and related factors136
Large-eddy simulation of transport of inert and chemically reactive pollutants over 2D idealized street canyons232
Management of home ownership scheme courts: the impact of increasing owner participation183
The role of PIGR-enriched patient-derived extracellular vesicles in liver cancer64
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Machine learning in financial market168
Effects of confinement and small axial load on flexural ductility of high-strength reinforced concrete beams237
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Effectiveness of a brief self-determination intervention for smoking cessation in emergency departments : a randomised controlled trial124
Perceptions of discipline prefects towards their services: a qualitative study216
Impact of postures on Cobb angle measurements in mouse models49
Psychological interventions with young Chinese patients with schizophrenia in Hong Kong: a pilot study onneeds, indications and efficacy247
On the playscripts of To Kwok Wai210
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Cross-border passenger traffic: easing congestion between Hong Kong and Shenzhen248
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Electrochemical reduction of oxygen in the presence of methanol234
Models of directly transmitted respiratory pathogens in hospitals and households294
Evaluating the quality of communication skills in classroommanagement229
Bone marrow cell transplantation for therapeutic angiogenesis in ischemic myocardium: from bench to bedside216
Understanding the transformation of a traditional agricultural landscape in Hong Kong: a case study of LongValley424
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Petrogenesis of permian sulfide-bearing mafic-ultramafic intrusions insoutheast Chinese Altay and east Tianshan, NW China175
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Approaching positive outcomes versus preventing negative ones: self-regulatory focus and its implicationsfor close-mindedness and victimization269
Housing need of youth : a case study of young singletons living in inadequate housing in Hong Kong924
A transgenic mouse model to study the role of epidermal growthfactor (EGF) in hair and skin development279
Perceptions of teachers and students on gifted children and their education: a Hong Kong secondary school casestudy206
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A full-immersive CAVE-based VR simulation system of forklift truck operations377
Use of three-dimensional ultrasound in the prediction of homozygous alpha0-thalassemia179
Cerebral palsy in Hong Kong356
Kif5b may play a role in impairing mouse memory : a behaviour and cellular study174
Television audience measurement: a study of why television audience measurement is undertaken in Hong Kong, whatinformation is needed by users and how this information should bepresented220
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Administrative secrecy and the control of government information in Hong Kong233
Mechanisms of the protective action of {221}-adrenoceptor antagonists against gastric ulceration in rats183
Functional studies on sedlin and its involvement in spondyloepiphysealdysplasia tarda271
The use of microcomputer in a local small manufacturing company: a feasibility study185
Domain modelling: with a case study in air traffic194
PTEN-PKB in endometriosis and related malignant transformation219
The impact of mobile real-time bus arrival information on passenger’s waiting time perception and travel experience251
Macrophage functions in mycobacterium lepraemurium-infected mice204
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Home purchase loan scheme: is it a feasible scheme?245
A socio-cognitive perspective on collaborative experience : narratives from two secondary school teachers in Hong Kong158
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Investigating and measuring motivation in collaborative inquiry-based project settings264
A study of the drug policy of the Hong Kong Hospital Authority276
The social significance of a church : the heritage cluster of St. Teresa's Church, Kowloon Tong431
Redevelopment of the Open University of Hong Kong314
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Business strategy of Johnson & Johnson397
Bone formation in the temporomandibular joint in response to forward mandibular positioning192
Understanding students' responses to classroom English assessment in the Chinese high school context230
High risk lifestyles in Hong Kong: implications for the prevention of AIDS193
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A study of the 'equatorial anomaly' in the topside of the ionosphere during the northern winter at sunspot maximum217
The patients lived experiences after coronary artery bypass graft surgery213
Loan Words in advertisements in Japanese women's magazines238
Interfacial aspects of dental zirconia111
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Increasing on-task behaviour in preschool children in Hong Kong276
Culture that is good to eat: the almond cake as an intangible cultural heritage of Macau214
Improving intra-class compactness for face recognition and image classification in deep neural networks16
A study on the impact of disposal of privatized public assets on the community : the case of Link REIT261
Cervical cancer screening: evolution from Paptest to molecular markers285
Nutritional interventions among community-dwelling frail elderly : a systematic review139
A study of Zhang Ying (1141-1218)'s Songchao nandu shijiang zhuan250
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Patient recruitment strategies in clinical trials192
How cross-border e-commerce has impacted the traditional supply chain and the sustainability of logistics service providers?192
Walkable new towns: a review on the pedestrian environment in Hong Kong's new towns for the planning forfuture new development areas385
Development of advanced label-free optical bioimaging technologies171
Weight comments by others, weight misperception and depressed mood in Hong Kong adolescents905
Low temperature catalytic liquid phase water gas shift reaction for carbon monoxide free hydrogen generation103
Privatisation of public housing management in Hong Kong218
External and internal factors predicting decisional and emotional forgiveness among Chinese adolescents and college students250
Some mean value theorems for certain error terms in analytic number theory210
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Treatment of intracerebral hemorrhage with self-assembling paptide nanofiber scaffold and neural stem cells in both normotensive and hypertensive rats149
Characterization of an orphan receptor : sub-cellular localization, ligand identification and cellular events for signaling activation of toll-like receptor 10144
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Adaptive reuse of industrial buildings and creative spaces in Hong Kong : a comparison of Fotanian Artist Village and Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre312
Essays on cryptocurrency and behavioral finance37
Different expectation between producers and consumers on the quality of home ownership scheme flats211
A systematic review of the drug sorafenib in extending survival time in patients with hepatocellular carcinoma229
Delta-like 1(Dll1) and Sox10 in hedgehog : Notch mediated enteric neural crest cell development367
To evaluate the impact of urban renewal on the community: a case study of Wanchai renewal project439
Community-School in Shamshuipo: transactionalrelationship between School & Community269
The housing demand for senior citizens of middle income group in Hong Kong198
Tectono-magmatic evolution of the Russian Altai, northwestern Central Asian orogenic belt185
The post-war Communist movement in Indonesia: from Madiun to Gestapu.217
Data mining of post genome-wide association studies and next generation sequencing205
Vibration and stability analysis of plate-type structures under movingloads by analytical and numercial methods220
A semantic web architecture for personalized profiles219
Dynamic network analysis for time-course gene expression microarray and fMRI-based brain connectivity data97
An analysis of ICT usage among the English teachers in a Hong Kong secondary school211
Ancestral heritage : conservation guidelines for traditional Chinese ancestral halls in Hong Kong32
The external effects of assessing privately and publicly-owned architectural heritage sites : empirical evidence from Hong Kong118
Yau Lit and the 1911 Revolution369
An investigation into two-digit number processing among Chinese children and adults249
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Electrical, optical and magnetic properties of Er-doped ZnO grown by pulsed laser deposition231
Alcohol consumption and mortality among male factory workers in Guangzhou, China205
A model of community-based urban renewal in the context of Hong Kong205
A comparison of influenza binding to erythrocytes from different animal species201
An experimental stage and workshop for drama237
An application of strategy formulation models in a small property company in Hong Kong241
Protective effects of some bioactive phenolic compounds against DNA adduct formation and interstrand cross-links caused by reactivecarbonyl species in chemical models279
A study on the influence and potential of field studies training on the environmental attitudes of students in Hong Kong219
Anterolateral thigh flap: flap design and clinical applications242
The participatory relationship among teachers, students and curriculum materials : a case study of four Chinese EFL (English as a foreign language) teachers at the tertiary level in mainland China231
The associations between mothers’ and foreign domestic helpers’ caregiving and young children’s adaptive functioning118
Synthetic studies towards (+)-anthecularin129
The politics of economic leap forward and readjustment: a case study of economic policy making in China, 1977-1980212
Genetic analyses of terminal differentiation of hypertrophic chondrocytes134
Academic staff perceptions of improving higher education evaluation : a case-study in the University of Hong Kong144
Identification and characterization of a chloroacetate-inducible glycolate operon in Burkholderia caribensis MBA4106
Effects of static pile penetration on an adjacent earth retaining structure253
Acceptance criteria for fill compaction works18
Automatic boundary extraction in medical images based on constrained edge merging234
Comparison of external surrogate-based 4DCT and anatomy-based deviceless 4DCT for stereotactic body radiation therapy30
Predicted achievement of strategic sewage disposal scheme in enhancement of marine water quality in Hong Kong196
Tool path trajectory analysis and machining strategy for corneringcut215
Paratransit: a gap to be closed271
The role of the states in developing Chinese gateways: the case of Ningbo in the Yangtze River Delta193
The role of Dendrobium officinale polysaccharides in amelioration of cigarette smoke-induced inflammation80
An evaluation of privatization of public housing in Hong Kong: a case study on Tenants Purchase Scheme224
Zhang Daqian's (1899-1983) place in the history of Chinese painting274
An exploratory study on the Young Pioneers Group in China233
Association of depressive mood with urinary incontinence in older Chinese women in Hong Kong232
Identification of tumor suppressor genes in the commonly deleted region of chromosome 6q in NK-cell malignancies273
A study on the computer simulation of readership exposure pattern of the print media221
Profiling domestic ecotourists in mainland China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong230
In their blood : understanding heritage meanings through the socio-historical experience of Hong Kong's Central police station223
A geographical study of squatter areas in the Victoria-Kowloon urban areas273
Identification of steroidogenic components derived from Gardenia Jasminoides ellis potentially useful for treating postmenopausal syndrome145
The Chinese intellectuals during the Sino-Japanese War period (1894-1895)209
An analysis of the Basic Law consultative and drafting process224
Mechanisms of HIV-1 Tat induced immune response228
The development of drug delivery systems for treating metabolic diseases31
Regional variation of saving and its contributing factors in China174
Efficient decision tree building algorithms for uncertain data223
Helicobacter pylori infection and gastroduodenal ulcer disease218
Poems in Yu Dafu's novels : interculturality and intertextuality = 郁達夫小說中的詩歌 : 跨文化性與互文性159
Towards a model of synergistic innovation : studies of technology startups198
On some issues of integrating distributed generations in the smart grid247
A sociocognitive-linguistic analysis of subjectivity in the Hong Kong English news media213
Design and analysis of detection algorithms for MIMO wireless communication systems242
The development of a robot system for the prototyping of large models196
A feasibility study of hillfire management in Hong Kong Country Parks using GIS analysis264
Publications for children in late Qing China316
Redevelopment of Sai Tso Wan landfill: recycling theme park380
Evaluating the impact of urban redevelopment projects in China : a case study of Liede Village in Guangzhou269
Autonomy, agency and identity in foreign language learning and teaching547
Work and its motivation: studies in the motivation of Hong Kong blue and white collar workers.235
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Luminescent organogold(I) complexes with electron rich bulky phosphineligands: synthesis and spectroscopicstudies185
Visual hallucinations in Parkinson's disease : a multi-modal MRI investigation265
An institutional analysis of public engagement mechanisms for public works construction in Hong Kong237
Privatization and access to housing: implications on equity204
A hypothetical urban design approach for rethinking mega-scale podium redevelopment in Hong Kong: North PointHarbour redevelopment219
Formation of novel biological patterns by controlling cell motility276
The impact of temperament, personality, and perceived parenting on Chinese adolescents' achievement motivation and academic achievement298
Functional characterization of the role of NIMA (never in mitosis gene a)-related kinase 2(Nek2) in hepatocellular carcinoma117
香港中三學生閱讀能力中, 解難與批判思維的研究440
Urban entrepreneurialism and mega-events in transitional urban China : a case study of Expo 2010 in Shanghai1726
The construction of a model of community care for elderly people in Hong Kong325
SPARC and SPARC-like 1 are associated with tumor angiogenesis in hepatocellular carcinoma209
Helicobacter pylori: related diseases in the Chinese220
Pre-transplant model for end-stage liver disease (MELD) score as a predictor of post-liver transplant clinical outcome and resourceutilization at Queen Mary hospital (QMH) in Hong Kong277
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University teachers' humor production in the classroom and student ratings of teaching effectiveness244
Smart construction objects (SCOs) : towards a new paradigm of smart construction176
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Practice of urban renewal in Hong Kong: public participation in the planning process436
Immunomodulatory properties of the Chinese medicinal extract polysaccharide peptide263
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Patterns of variation in teaching Japanese as a foreign language160
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Trust problem between the Mainland and Hong Kong leading to criminal jurisdiction controversies273
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One-stop property management service of private residential property in Hong Kong: a case study of "LeSommet"and "The Parcville"231
The practice and ethics of self-creativity in ludic virtual worlds312
How to promote primary care in Zhejiang, China : a combined qualitative and quantitative study190
Enhancing coping in mothers of preterm infants230
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MT1-MMP in craniofacial development and FGF signaling227
Clinical outcome and prognosis of childhood epilepsy (1996-2006)290
A study of the quality of classroom management strategies261
Knowledge transfer for improved neural machine translation120
Feasibility study on outsourcing the rehabilitation services provided by the Correctional Services Department228
Sponge: reviving from inundation : using landscape to mitigate inundation and increase viability of Muara Angkefish wholesale market= Sponge : pemulihan dari penggenangan165
Experimental-theoretical interplay in dynamic geometry environments253
Chang Yin Lin (1905-1942) and his Outline history of China297
Functional characterization of PIK3R1 aberrations in gynecological cancers42
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Characterization and regulation of expression of tyrosine kinase receptors rse, axl, mer and their ligand gas6 in the testis239
Semiparametric estimation in hazards models with censoring indicators missing at random261
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Household poverty evolution associated with severe mental illness in China's development context138
Occupational stress, coping pattern and job satisfaction: a study on the residential social workers in Hong Kong223
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Optical properties of single walled carbon nanotubes266
Free will and experimental philosophy : when an old debate meets a new movement412
Impacts of technologies on job and job holders: a case study on Cathay Pacific Airways202
Chasing evoked potentials: novel approaches to identify brain EEG responses at single-trial level244
SMS gener@tion: a study on the language of text messaging in Hong Kong258
A study of the policy on subsidies for public housing tenants225
Planning for the integration of the Chinese new immigrants in Hong Kong206
The influence of urban traffic network on the location of urban commercial center based on GIS and space syntax : a case study of Hong Kong249
Revitalization of Tung Choi Street279
A study of the measurement of income inequality: with special reference to Hong Kong276
Analysis of interval-censored failure time data with long-term survivors228
Whole-day versus half-day kindergarten programme impact in Hong Kong : a longitudinal study of educators' and parents' perceptions, and child outcomes51
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Field-based teaching and learning in environmental education : a case study on official curriculum in Hong Kong727
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Application of microprocessor in digital testing with special reference to magnetic core memory systems214
Major factors affecting the residential market price in Hong Kong287
Public health trio : the role of non-governmental organizations for cancer care management in Hong Kong's dual track healthcare system431
Diet and physical activity interventions to prevent excessive gestational weight gain : a systematic review139
The feasibility of implementing industry self-regulation of film censorship in Hong Kong211
A review of the regulatory framework for unit trusts in Hong Kong218
Identification of histone deacetylase (HDAC)-associated proteins with DNA-programmed affinity labeling44
Regeneration of Nan Bu Ting area in southern region of Nan Jing153
Home ownership aspiration in Hong Kong: a case study on the groups aged 25-34475
Structural organization of the mouse testin gene and characterization of its promoter sequence215
Review on the electronic tendering system (ETS) of the government of Hong Kong217
Gaston Bachelard's poetics of fire psychoanalysis : the analysis of Bian Zhilin poetry's fire imagery = Jiasidong Bashenla huo de jing shen shi xue li lun : Bian Zhilin xin shi huo yi xiang yun yong tan xi293
Gifted education implementation as pedagogical innovation in different school ecologies205
Mean variance portfolio management : time consistent approach237
Mainland migrant sex workers in Hong Kong: a sociological study438
Working with imprisoned married male heroin addicts: a holistic approach207
A study of displacement ventilation systems for use in Hong Kong276
The contemporary history of press commentaries on the English languagein Hong Kong (1 January 1997 to 30 June 1997)203
Purchase selection of a major computer system in Hong Kong: considerations and marketingimplications230
Pregnancy outcomes in gestational diabetes mellitus before and after applying International Association of Diabetes and Pregnancy study groups criteria in Guangzhou China131
Transverse stability of segmentalised le fort i maxillaryosteotomies196
The image of physics and physicists in modern drama: portraits and social implications213
Synthesis and redox behaviour of some tetramine complexes of rutheniumIII and iridium III243
Clinicopathologic evaluation of the mitosis-specific marker phosphohistone-H3 (PHH3) in uterine smooth muscle tumors219
The molecular mechanisms of arsenic trioxide in multiple myeloma212
Human-machine-environment interaction investigations towards smart places : neural decoding and building energy conservation1
Comparison on the efficiency between private and public sectors in providing quality housing services226
A portfolio approach to procurement planning and risk hedging under uncertainty272
Use of photographs to delineate the northern and western boundaries of the Pos Selim landslide and study the northern earthflow146
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A study of safety in road transport in Hong Kong225
Beach erosion and recovery on the beaches of southeast Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong SAR, China382
Soil moisture and related edaphic properties of street-tree pits in urban Hong Kong208
An urban hostel: traveler's forum119
(Re)production of Shanghai's "Lilong" space : from historical and social conception to cultural and cognitive perception240
Identification of microRNAs associated with tamoxifen resistance in breast cancer194
Review of waste co-combustion in Industrial facilities and its applicability to Hong Kong199
Analysis of internet industry in Hong Kong: using Hong Kong Telecom as the case study229
Review of the deregulating telecommunications business and the regulatory environment in telecommunications business215
Human kidney as an organ of complement synthesis: its regulation by tubular protein267
Development of methodology for high performance liquid chromatographicseparation of inorganic ions207
Adaptive recovery with hierarchical checkpointing on workstation clusters193
Exploring the expanded role of nurses in coronary care231
In vivo DTI study of rodent brains during early postnatal development and injuries239
The relationship of the pericardium to the pathogenesis of adrenaline-induced acute massive lung oedema in the dog242
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'Yuan-yang Hu-tieh School' novels in Shanghai277
Nanochemistry, synthesis, characterization and application studies of metal nanoparticles and metalloporphyrin nanowires287
On the derivation of Water and Sediment Quality Guidelines: some pressing issues and theirresolutions227
A study of diffuse galactic gamma radiation204
Novel selective medium for isolation of bacteroides fragilis from clinical specimens121
Optical modulation properties of interdiffused III-V semiconductor quantum wells224
Rethinking volunteer tourism : a community approach175
An appraisal on the water supplies and sewage disposal management by various governmental departments: WaterSupplies Department, Environmental Protection Department, and DrainageServices Department218
A comparison of the effects of 5-week traditional circuit training and5-week plyometric circuit training on the physical fitness ofsecondary one male students in Hong Kong219
A study of strategies of reform for the Rating and Valuation Department in the Hong Kong SAR government213
Microfluidic fibers for water collection and smartphone-integrated wearable sensors83
High-performance organic field-effect transistors : physics and applications100
Buffeting analysis of cable-supported bridges under turbulent wind in time domain239
Hong Kong tax system and its contribution to the economic success of Hong Kong270
SOX9 mutations and molecular pathogenesis of campomelic dysplasia76
Regulation of hEAG1 and SK1 channels by protein tyrosine kinases and BK channels by cholesterol223
Parental influence on physical activity in children: an expectancy-value approach467
Communicative repertoires, place-making, and transnational domestic labor : Filipino domestic workers in Hong Kong85
Betterment and worsenment in town planning in Hong Kong307
Demand management and strategy for parking in Hong Kong127
Learning structural SVMs and its applications in computer vision250
Development planning and medical policy: a case study of the development of renal treatment in Hong Kong240
A study on coral restoration in Hong Kong with reef building coral Acropora digitifera153
Uncovering silver proteome enables in-depth deciphering its molecular mechanisms139
Stress distribution in laterally loaded shear walls with openings205
Linguistic convergence in the language of a four-year-old child: a case study182
Studies on the hepatic micro-circulation250
The use of warmed intravenous fluid in reducing hypothermia in patients after major surgery223
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Genes associated with invasion and metastasis of head and neck cancer178
State schooling and ethnic identity: a study of an inland Tibet middle school in the People's Republic of China255
An observation scale for screening preschool children with mild autismspectrum disorders219
Clubhouse facilities in private residential development: an actual demand or a symbol of identity442
A study of the Art of Mu Shiying's fiction243
The effect of adding opaquing powders on dental porcelain211
Attitudes of people in Hong Kong to cars and the environment: an application of cognitive dissonancetheory227
News magazines in the PRC in the new millennium : issues of constraint and performance271
A study of banking needs and bank selection criteria among local corporations and recommendation for bank marketing strategy215
Systematic review: effect of tartary buckwheat in controlling blood cholesterol221
Liquidity characteristics of commercial real estate leases219
Dental services for children under general anaesthesia200
Vocabulary learning strategies and English language outcomes: a study of non-English majors at tertiarylevel in China287
The association of respiratory symptoms with secondhand and thirdhand smoke exposure in Hong Kong primary school students159
3D shape recovery under multiple viewpoints and single viewpoint469
Wave transformation due to vertical barriers in fluids205
The cloning and characterization of a beta-globin gene in the Sprague-Dawley rat217
Convergence analysis of Gaussian belief propagation : from pairwise to high-order graphical models60
The use of volumetry by three-dimensional ultrasound in the first trimester979
High technology industrial development in Hong Kong & industrial land use planning249
An evidence-based dietary fiber enrichment programme for relieving constipation in elderly orthopaedic patients227
Sexual acts, masculinities and condom use among Hong Kong Chinese men who have sex with men (MSM)439
Counterfeit credit card fraud: the process ofprofessionalization and organisation208
The challenge of conservation, development and sustainable developmentin Hong Kong228
The neuro-protective effects of bilingualism in aging populations196
Chaos in DC and switched reluctance motor drives240
The function and modulation of programmed cell death 4 (PDCD4) in ovarian cancer156
Concurrent toolpath planning for multi-material layered manufacturing234
Distortion modelling for the recognition of line patterns142
Development of soft-switching DC-DC converters for electricpropulsion290
Synthesis and applications of polystyrene-supported phosphine and arsine reagents230
Impact of different construction methods for concrete buildings on waste management237
A narrative inquiry into the shifting identities of trade teachers in using English medium instruction in a content and language integrated learning vocational programme45
Genetic and expression analysis of candidate tumor loci in non-small cell lung cancer217
The marketing of cellular mobile radio telephones in Hong Kong248
Teachers' concerns about curriculum integration: a case study of a Hong Kong primary school253
Effects of Chinese green tea on cigarette smoke-induced oxidative stress, inflammation and proteases/anti-proteases in rat lung in vivo267
Impact of hepatitis E virus variants on human health33
Effects of TCDD on embryonic stem cells's (ESCS) differentiation towards pancreatic lineage and pancreatic beta cell function130
Caring for others : an analysis of animal welfare and animal rights organizations in Hong Kong367
Dress and morality in Romania320
Responding to the modernization of late Qing Dynasty235
Rhodol fluorophores and fluorescent probes for the detection and imaging of reactive oxygen species312
The changing roles of English in two key public sectors in post-colonial Hong Kong336
From a novice to an expert : exploring the use of social media in a learning community of designers222
A study of Hong Kong cross-border transportation infrastructure development: Hong Kong Shenzhen westerncorridor222
Reconstruction of high-quality genomes of bacteria in wastewater treatment reactors by hybrid sequencing strategy20
Three essays on equity analysts' agent role and investor inattention193
Navigating liquid modernity and flexible capitalism: negotiating 'work', 'success', and 'character' in HongKong246
Solution for metal extrusion by ideal stress and strain fields213
How to grasp staff opinions before formulating departmental policy?218
Intake of trans fatty acid and risk of cardiovascular disease in Asian population : a systematic review177
The effects of competition on students' self-efficacy in modeling223
An analysis of squatter clearance policy in Hong Kong239
Effects of powered toothbrush cleaning on acrylic resin dental prostheses184
The function of cyclooxygenase 1 and 2 in fracture repair245
English in China: the junior secondary schoolcurriculum 1949-94264
Personal identity and the concept of a person: a critical examination of the main themes of SydneyShoemaker's Self-knowledge and self-identity.275
Affective responses to a single bout of exercise among healthy older adults202
Humanitarianism in national and global governance: a study of Taiwan's responses to diseases anddisasters213
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Megacity triumph : big trend and big factors in contemporary human urban settlement176
A validation study of the draw-a-person: screening procedure for emotional disturbance in Hong Kong248
The role of Zhang Wenkai (1871-1931) in the Anti-Christian Movement in the 1920s232
Transforming urban fabric in Wanchai: creation of a shopping [Place]234
Randomized study on therapeutic gain by changing the chemo-radiotherapy from concurrent-adjuvant to induction-concurrentsequence, and the radiotherapy from conventional to acceleratedfractionation for advanced nasopharyngeal carcinoma233
Relation between plasma brain natriuretic peptide, right ventricular function and exercise capacity in patients after surgical repair ofTetralogy of Fallot222
Adolescent problems and coping strategies256
Louis Cha's misogyny complex264
The structure and cooling of strange stars211
An epidemiological and clinical study of nasopharyngeal carcinoma (NPC)252
Original compositions: elements of the musical space263
A study of the quality of teachers' presentation in the classroom232
The impact on parents and children of admission to a small group home242
The influence of gender on the use of hedges by Cantonese speakers in English154
Fabrication of superconducting YBa2Cu3Oy thin film on YSZ substrates with or without a Eu2CuO4 buffer layer242
A systematic review of the effectiveness of preoperative education to reduce preoperative anxiety among adults undergoing cardiac surgeries205
Urban tree planting and management in public housing estates in Hong Kong543
Liver and muscle enzyme changes in Chinese patients receiving HMG-CoA reductase inhibitors: a retrospective cohortstudy of 450 patients194
Cell and tissue interaction in intervertebral disc maintenance107
A study on the stress and mental health of the adolescents among Hong Kong new arrivals from Mainland China261
Boulder study by handheld laser scanner22
Activation of lytic cycle of Epstein-barr virus of histone deacetylaseinhibitors230
Mitral valve prolapse in Chinese290
Fitting factor models for ranking data using efficient EM-type algorithms233
Don’t lose the “conservability”! : formulating conservation guidelines to protect key architectural elements before and after the adaptive reuse of bamboo houses in Xiguan area of Guangzhou city16
A Study of the social significance of Liu Xinwu's short stories and novelettes193
Consumer-directed care : empowerment model of community care service voucher utilisation in Hong Kong215
Public management information systems: theoretical perspectives and applications198
Qigong: an investigation into the psychological effects of Chinese meditation282
The construction of colonial subjectivity in the Chinese language and literature lessons in Hong Kong secondary schools270
A split-and-merge approach for quadrilateral-based image segmentation228
Sonographic features of fetuses with homozygous [alpha]-thalassaemia-1during early pregnancy219
Systematics of Uvaria (Annonaceae) in Borneo and the reproductive biology of a Sri Lankan endemic, Uvaria semecarpifolia219
Assessing the performance of interchange in Hong Kong: a case study in Tseung Kwan O286
Characterization of molecular mechanisms underlying the neuroprotective and neurotrophic activities of Chinese medicinal compound puerarin and electroacupuncture : implications for the therapy of Parkinson's disease112
Isolation and characterization of repetitive DNA sequences and their use in DNA fingerprinting and the population genetics of Perna viridis(L.) (Bivalvia : Mytilidae)211
A comparison of the perceptions of teachers assigned to teach higher and lower ability groups264
The basis of surgical treatment of hypopharyngeal cancer177
Front-of-pack nutrition labeling and the implications for China208
Capillary electrophoresis for studying bilirubin-protein interaction and its clinical application194
Topics in conditional heteroscedastic time series modelling236
Urban labyrinth: Sprawl of multi-level streets222
Cognitive deficits and their influence on language processing in different types of aphasia241
Predictors of outcome of asymptomatic urinary tract infection in Hong Kong Chinese elderly persons216
Acoustic surveys of the sea floor near Hong Kong268
The Hong Kong stock index futures market214
Fracture measurement on materials with low yield stress and high toughness225
China's quest for American monetary aid: the role of Chen Guangfu, 1935-1944397
Implementation of ISO9000 (version 2000) in property management: a case study of Cheung Sha Wan GovernmentOffices209
An imitation learning-based approach to the motion planning of robots : from discrete to continuum robots495
Family capital and the self-rated health of older adults in rural China: an intergenerational perspective258
Crossed and uncrossed retinal fibres in normal and monocular hamsters: light and electron microscopic studies254
Experimental analysis of the effect of prestressing on the design of steel frames274
Direct instruction and storytelling in the language acquisition of children with mental handicap284
Coring process monitoring for strength of grout, concrete and rock in laboratory testing269
Modelling, analysis and design of electronic DC to DC conversion circuits238
Job satisfaction and turnover intention of the assistant social work officer in the Social Welfare Department258
Errors and syntactic transfer in English relative clause formation: a case study of senior Hong Kong secondaryschool students279
Witnessing the War: museum at Stanley Military Cemetery285
Investigation of neuroprotective effects of testosterone in primary cultured hippocampal neurons606
Financial frictions and cross-sectional stock returns269
Study on {221}-lactamases in shigella flexneri isolated in Hong Kong and Shanghai191
An investigation of safety climate on Hong Kong construction sites258
Self-assembling peptide nanofiber scaffold treatment to acutely injured olfactory bulb245
Mechanisms of mycobacteria-induced innate responses220
On the dating of Shangshu Kongzhuan265
Studies on fluorescent probes for the detection of peroxynitrite and hypochlorous acid133
Risk factors for adolescent mental disorders454
Liberalism, Marxism, and the intellectual movement in China, 1915-1920: with special reference to the careerof Ch'en Tu-hsiu232
Prognostic nomogram for overall survival in stage Ⅲ rectal carcinoma patients44
Different mechanisms underlying decision making impairment on Iowa gambling task in patients with eating disorders and healthy young female participants159
The developmental origin of osteoblasts in endochondral bone143
Socio-economic and cultural impacts of recent Chinese immigration in African cities: a case study of Cameroon236
Scheherazade's sea: a mixed media, multi-sensory installation and performance675
Synthesis, characterization, and photophysical studies of organic-lanthanide complexes232
Functional and molecular analysis of a NF-kB pathway inhibitor, CYLD, in nasopharyngeal carcinoma52
Growth of chalcogenides on non van der Waals substrates by molecular beam epitaxy142
The political dimension of the provision of basic education in Hong Kong209
An analysis of AABB reduplicated plurals in Mandarin Chinese151
Paper balance for Hong Kong: consumption, waste generation, recovery and disposal225
An assessment of the implementation of social rehabilitation for the mentally ill229
Health economic evaluation of universal infant hepatitis B vaccination programmes in China215
Scalable skyline evaluation in multidimensional and partially ordered domains224
Cloning and characterization of the demilune cells and parotid protein(Dcpp) gene promoter199
An analysis of the provision of primary health care in Hong Kong231
Marketing television content : the development of content-sharing industries for Chinese costume dramas in the media convergence era in China70
Gaming addiction among Chinese primary school children : the roles of delay discounting, academic stress and depression181
Land reclamation and urban development of Hong Kong364
Left ventricular contractile reserve and stiffness of the neoaorta after arterial switch operation for complete transposition of thegreat arteries: a stress echocardiographystudy117
Innovation in product and services development process as new source of competitive advantages for Hong Kong Telecom209
Adult-to-adult live donor liver transplantation using right lobegraft: toward a perfect technical design278
Mediating effect of emotional processing on the relationship between dysfunctional attitudes and negative emotional states190
Civic education and political change: a case study in a primary school in Hong Kong196
A study of the copyright protection in the digital environment in HongKong265
Sorting patients out : the non-clinical evaluation of clientele in Romanian hospitals364
From product to process214
A passion for a greater vision : the role of Leslie T. Lyall in the history of the China Inland Mission/Overseas Missionary Fellowship232
"Stay hungry. Stay foolish" : genre and rhetorical strategies in commencement addresses275
Review on global disease burden of pneumonia in young children and pneumococcal vaccination policy179
Cultivation and white rust disease (Albugo sp.) of Ipomoea aquatica Forsk. in Hong Kong269
Chinese pidgin English and the origins of pidin grammar613
Analysis of housing policies for the elderly in Hong Kong237
An evaluation of the Senior Citizen Residence scheme (SEN) : the effectiveness of facilitating the concept of ageing in place287
Social relationships and job procurement by graduates: case study of a Chinese university193
A preliminary study of the economic impact of international tourism onthe People's Republic of China235
The Hong Kong SAR government's policy on waste management: a study of the contracting out the provision of wastemanagement facilities211
An exploration study on job stress and job satisfaction among social workers in family services centres in Hong Kong303
Event nexus: subculture youthscape in Kwun Tong208
Validity and reliability of the Cantonese version of the checklist forautism in toddlers (CHAT): a preliminarystudy252
Cycling as a su