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Data from: Comparative Genome Analyses of Serratia marcescens FS14 Reveals Its High Antagonistic Potential
Li, Pengpeng
Kwok, Amy H. Y.
Jiang, Jingwei
Ran, Tingting
Xu, Dongqing
Wang, Weiwu
Data from: Genomic dynamics of transposable elements in the Western Clawed Frog (Silurana tropicalis)
Shen, Jiangshan J.
Dushoff, Jonathan
Bewick, Adam J.
Chain, Frederic J. J.
Evans, Ben J.
Data from: Gene Expression in Plant Lipid Metabolism in Arabidopsis Seedlings
Hsiao, An-Shan
Haslam, Richard P.
Michaelson, Louise V.
Liao, Pan
Napier, Johnathan A.