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NameChinese NameDepartmentsResearch Interests
Walter Lam林宇恒Restorative Dental Sciences of the Faculty of DentistryArtificial Intelligence; Digital Dentistry; CAD/CAM Dentistry; Robotic Dentistry; Prosthodontics
Wan, Jennifer Man Fan温萬芬School of Biological SciencesProteomics & nutrigenomics; Chinese medicine; Antioxidants and immune function; Dietary lipids and cancer
Wan, Marco Man Ho温文灝Department of LawLaw and Literature; Law and Film; Gender, Sexuality and the Law
Wan, Qingyun万晴云Department of Chemistry
Wan, Wen Echo万雯Faculty of Business and Economics (HKU Business School); Contemporary Marketing Centre; Institute of Behavioural and Decision ScienceInformation processing; Social Influence and consumer decision; Self-regulation
Wan, Yi万弋Department of Mechanical EngineeringChemical vapor deposition; 2D materials growth; 2D optical and electrical applications
Wan, Yuk Fai Eric尹旭輝Department of Family Medicine and Primary CareBig data research: epidemiology and pharmacoepidemiology; Risk prediction modelling; Health and health service research including cost-effectiveness analysis
Wan, Zhixi万智玺Faculty of Business and Economics (HKU Business School); Asia Case Research CentreSupply and Value Chain Management; Platform Economics and Operations; Sourcing and Procurement Strategies in Supply Chains; Auctions and Mechanism Design; Behavioral Operations and Experimental Studies
Wang, Aihe王愛和School of Chinese (Chinese)Chinese History: Pre-Qin to Han period, Political and Cultural History, Empire; Chinese Cosmology, Medicine, and Thought; Anthropology of China: the Culture of the Body, Reinvention of Cultural Traditions; Translation Studies: Cross-Cultural Exchange and Understanding
Wang, Angela Yee Moon王依滿Cardiovascular disease in chronic kidney disease; Cardiac biomarkers research in chronic kidney disease; Vascular calcification in chronic kidney disease; Cardio-renal link in peritoneal dialysis; Residual kidney function in peritoneal dialysis; Nutrition in peritoneal dialysis
Wang, Baile王柏樂Department of Medicine
Wang, Chen王晨Department of Statistics and Actuarial ScienceTime Series Analysis; High Dimensional Data Analysis
Wang, Chenjie王晨杰Department of PhysicsTopological phases of matter; Strongly correlated systems; Quantum transport in mescoscopic systems; Nonequilibrium statistical mechanics
Wang, Chongyu Michael王崇宇Department of Real Estate and Construction
Wang, Chunxiao王春晓Department of Civil Engineering
Wang, Dan王丹Faculty of Education (Academic Unit of Social Contexts and Policies of Education)Sociology of education; Rural education in China; Teachers' work and workplace; Organizational studies on schools; School leadership
Wang, Dawei David王大維Faculty of Business and Economics (HKU Business School)
Wang, Dingkun王定坤School of Chinese (Chinese)Audiovisual translation; Online communities of practice and East Asian digital economies; Film studies; Digital media culture
Wang, Feifei王飞飞Department of Electrical and Electronic EngineeringNear-infrared II fluorescence imaging; Super-resolution imaging; Advanced biomedical imaging; Technologies have a broad and profound impact on biomedical applications
Wang, Jiaji汪家繼Department of Civil EngineeringPhysics-informed machine learning for intelligent structural engineering; Data-driven and physics-informed operator learning for solving partial differential equations; Structural health monitoring and structural control with smart material and deep learning; Computational mechanics infusing finite element method and deep learning; Steel and concrete composite structures