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NameChinese NameDepartmentsResearch Interests
T.H. Tse謝俊謙Department of Computer ScienceProgram testing and debuging
Tai, Chung Pui戴忠沛Faculty of Education (Academic Unit of Social Contexts and Policies of Education)Teaching Written Chinese and Spoken Cantonese to Non-Chinese Speaking Students in Hong Kong, History and Identity of Ethnic Minority in Hong Kong, Literacy and Writing System of Ethnic Minorities in Mainland China
Tai, Mingzhu太明珠Faculty of Business and Economics (HKU Business School)Consumer and household finance; Financial intermediation; Corporate finance; Behavioral finance
Tai, Wai Hin Kevin戴維軒Faculty of Education (Academic Unit of Teacher Education and Learning Leadership)Multilingualism and Multilingual Education; Translanguaging Practices; Conversation Analysis for Second Language Acquisition; Language Policy and Medium of Instruction Policy; Qualitative Research Methods
Taiying Lee-Faculty of Education (Academic Unit of Human Communication, Development, and Information Sciences)cultural and linguistic diversity, particularly in clinical populations; bilingualism/multilingualism; speech sound development and disorders; language development and developmental language disorders
Takemura, Naomi竹村奈緒美School of NursingOncology nursing (lung cancer, symptom management); Behavioral medicine (physical activity intervention, motivational intervention); Complementary medicine (aerobic exercise, Tai Chi); End-of-life care (nurse education, capacity building)
Tam, Paul Kwong Hang譚廣亨Department of Surgery; Dr. Li Dak-Sum Research Centre, HKU - Karolinska Institutet Collaboration in Regenerative MedicineDevelopmental biology; Paediatric surgery; Immunology; Genomics
Tam, Wai Leuk Vincent譚偉略Department of Electrical and Electronic EngineeringI.T. in education; Ad-hoc and wireless sensor networks; Information visualization; Mobile learning
Tam, Wai Lam譚偉霖Department of Architecture
Tam, Yat Hung譚一鴻School of Public HealthInfectious disease epidemiology; Field epidemiology
Tan, Chaoliang譚超良Department of Electrical and Electronic EngineeringNanoelectronics; Photodetectors; Neuromorphic devices; Memory devices; 2D materials
Tan, Charlene Hwee Phio陳惠萍Faculty of Education (Academic Unit of Social Contexts and Policies of Education)Confucian and Daoist philosophy of education; Education policy in Singapore, China and other Confucian Heritage Cultures; Mindfulness in schools; Leadership theories: mindful, authentic, transformational, moral and servant leadership; Critical and interdisciplinary thinking; Curriculum reform and multiculturalism in Islamic education
Tan, Cheng Yong陳鐘榮Faculty of Education (Academic Unit of Social Contexts and Policies of Education)Socioeconomic Status; Cultural Capital Theory; Parenting; Cross-cultural Perspectives; Self-efficacy Beliefs; Academic Achievement; Educational Leadership; Educational Policy
Tan, Kathryn Choon Beng陳俊明Department of MedicineLipoprotein metabolism and reverse cholesterol transport; Genetics of lipid disorders; Advanced glycation end products and diabetic complications; Post-translational modification of proteins, endothelial dysfunction and atherosclerosis
Tan, Siew Chong陳秀聰Department of Electrical and Electronic EngineeringClean Energy Technologies; LED Lighting Systems; Control; Smart Grids; Power Electronics
Tan, Tiong Yang-Department of Paediatrics and Adolescent Medicine
Tan, Zhiwu譚志武Department of Microbiology
Tanaka, Ray田中礼Applied Oral Sciences and Community Dental Care of the Faculty of DentistryCT anatomy of face and neck; Inflammatory conditions; Osteonecrosis of the jaws
Tang, Bo Sin鄧寶善Department of Urban Planning and Design; Centre of Urban Studies and Urban PlanningProperty Development; Land Use Planning; Institutional Analysis in Land and Property
Tang, Chiu Kay鄧昭祺School of Chinese (Chinese)Shi and ci poems; Couplets; Confucianism; Ancient Chinese management wisdom