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NameChinese NameDepartmentsResearch Interests
Ma Guanzhong馬冠中Faculty of Education (Division of Information & Technology Studies)Scientific reasoning; Epistemic cognition; Educational design research; Conceptual development; Learning sciences; Nature of science; Collaborative learning
Ma, Chicheng馬馳騁Faculty of Business and Economics (HKU Business School); Centre for Quantitative HistoryEconomic history; Development economics; Political economy
Ma, Estella Pui Man馬珮雯Faculty of Education (Academic Unit of Human Communication, Development, and Information Sciences)Application of motor learning theory in vocal skills acquisition; Voice problems in children; Functional communication in communication disorders; Instrumental (acoustic and physiological) voice analysis
Ma, Han馬晗Department of Geography
Ma, Hoi Tang馬海騰Department of Pathology
Ma, Jean Yen-chun-School of Humanities (Comparative Literature)
Ma, Jun馬駿Department of Urban Planning and DesignUrban Computing; Environmental Computing; AI and Robotics in Smart Cities
Ma, Yi马毅Department of Computer Science; HKU Musketeers Foundation Institute of Data ScienceComputer vision; High-dimensional data analysis; Intelligent systems
MacPherson, Kerrie L程愷禮School of Biological SciencesChinese urban, environmental, and planning history with a focus on public health and the history of diseases; Ecological history of China and Hong Kong; Modernization and technology transfer
Maeda, Eduardo Eiji-School of Biological SciencesRemote sensing of ecosystems; Terrestrial ecosystem dynamics; Microclimate; Land use change; Climate change; Global and regional energy fluxes
Magnan-Park, Aaron Han Joon朴漢峻School of Humanities (Comparative Literature)International action cinema; Post-colonial studies; Pan-Asian cinema; Pan-Asian cultural studies; Sound theory; South Korean cinema; Hong Kong action cinema
Mak, Alexander-Department of LawContract Law; Tax Law; Alternative Dispute Resolution (Arbitration and Mediation); Art Law
Mak, Ka Fung Henry麥嘉豐Department of Diagnostic RadiologyNeuroradiology; Head and Neck Imaging; Cardiovascular Imaging
Mak, Lung Yi麥龍兒Department of MedicineChronic hepatitis B; Fibrosis assessment and treatment of chronic liver diseases; Biomarkers in gastrointestinal diseases
Mak, Sze Yi麥思爾Department of Mechanical Engineering
Mak, Tak Wah麥德華Department of Pathology
Mak, Wing Sze麥詠詩Department of Architecture
Malone, Andrew William-Department of Earth Sciences
Malpas, John Graham麥培思President's OfficeOceanic island volcanism in the S.W. Pacific; Origin and evolution of the ocean basins, particularly of Neo-Tethys through studies of ophiolitic and related island arc rocks in China and Tibet, of the W. Pacific; Development of new and cutting-edge analytical techniques, particularly in LAM-ICP- Mass Spectrometry; Clay mineralogy, water/rock interaction in the weathering process, and the production of acid mine drainage
Man, Cheuk Him文卓謙Department of Medicine