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NameChinese NameDepartmentsResearch Interests
Gaitan Espitia, Juan Diego-School of Biological SciencesBiodiversity; Ecology; Evolution; Genetics; Global Change
Gan, Wendy Chiu Hua School of EnglishBritish middlebrow writing set in China ; British women modernists; British women's middlebrow writing from the early twentieth century; HK film
Ganotice, Fraide Jr. Agustin-Bau Institute of Medical and Health Sciences EducationInterprofessional education in higher education; Professional collaboration; Program development and evaluation; Teacher development; Test Construction (Development, Adaptation, Translation, and Validation)
Gao, Ju高炬Department of PhysicsSuperconductivity; Thin Films; Experimentalist in Condensed Matter Physics; Devices
Gao, Junling高峻岭Centre of Buddhist Studies
Gao, Peng高鵬Department of MicrobiologyAlternative strategies to tackle antibiotics resistance; Biofilm related infections; The interaction between bacteria, virus and the host environment
Gao, Pingyang高平阳Faculty of Business and Economics (HKU Business School)Accounting Standards Setting; Financial Reporting to Capital Markets; Corporate Governance; Bank Accounting; Financial Crisis
Geng, Leiluo耿磊落Department of Medicine
Gerlofs, Ben Alan-Department of Geography
Ghai, Yash-Department of LawDevelopment; Human rights law; Constitutional law; Public law; Basic law
Gibson, Evan Corby-Faculty of Law
Gill Harinder Harry Singh-Department of MedicineAcute promyelocytic leukaemia; Applications of oral arsenic trioxide; Myelodysplastic Syndrome; Myeloproliferative Neoplasm; Acute myeloid leukaemia; Next-generation sequencing
Giuliano G. Castellano-Department of Law; Asian Institute of International Financial Law within the Faculty of LawFinancial regulation; Systemic risk; Comparative law & finance; Secured transactions law reforms; Financial inclusion
Glofcheski, Richard Anthony-Department of LawFamily-friendly labour law in Hong Kong; The implementation of International Labour Organization standards in Hong Kong; The changing law of causation in tort law
Gong, Jie貢洁Faculty of Business and Economics (HKU Business School)Organizational Economics; Personnel Economics; Labor Economics
Gong, Peng宮鵬President's Office; Department of Geography
Goo, Say Hak吳世學Department of LawFinancial Law; Corporate Insolvency; Land and Real Estate Law; Securities Regulation; Company Law (particularly Corporate Governance and Shareholders Remedies)
Goodwin, A Lin葛文林Teacher and Teacher Educator Beliefs, Identities and Development; Equitable Education and Powerful Teaching for Immigrant and Minoritized Youth; International Analyses/Comparisons of Teacher Education Practice and Policy; The Particular Issues Facing Asian/Asian American Teachers and Students in U.S. Schools
Green, Clarence Gerald-Faculty of Education (Academic Unit of Teacher Education and Learning Leadership)English Language Education; Learning Sciences; Data Sciences and Digital Humanities; Language Processing and Dyslexia; Literacies and Languages
Grepin, Karen Ann-School of Public Health