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NameChinese NameDepartmentsResearch Interests
Ding, Chao丁超Faculty of Business and Economics (HKU Business School)E-Commerce; Social Media; Internet Financing; Information Goods
Ding, Fangda丁方達Department of Politics and Public AdministrationPublic and nonprofit management; Social equity; Human resource management; Environmental policy; Institutional theory; Research methods
Dingle, Caroline Elise-School of Biological SciencesEnvironmental science, global change ecology, speciation, tropical biology, animal communication, biodiversity
Dissanayaka, Waruna Lakmal-Applied Oral Sciences and Community Dental Care of the Faculty of Dentistry
DiStefano, Lynne Delehanty狄麗玲Department of Architecture
Djurisic, Aleksandra-Department of PhysicsOptical Properties of Wide Band Gap Materials Organic Optoelectronic Materials; Optoelectronic Materials and Devices
Do, Youngah-School of Humanities (Linguistics)Laboratory phonology; Language acquisition; Computational phonology
Dora Kwong鄺麗雲Department of Clinical OncologyAdvanced radiotherapy techniques including intensity modulated radiotherapy, adaptive radiotherapy, stereotactic radiotherapy; Head and neck cancers with emphasis on nasopharyngeal carcinoma; Upper GI cancers including CA esophagus and CA stomach; Paediatric cancers; cancer genetics and biomarkers
Dos Santos Oliveira, Bruno Cesar-Department of Computer ScienceProgramming Languages; Software Engineering; Modularity; Program Analysis; Functional Programming; Object-Oriented Programming; Aspect-Oriented Programming and Concurrency
Dr. Carlos Soto-Critical Pedagogy, Multicultural Education, Critical Ethnography, Ethnic Minority Education in Hong Kong, Applied Linguistics, Sociolinguistics
Du, Jinzhao杜金釗Faculty of Business and Economics (HKU Business School)Platform-based marketing; Multi-sided media market; Matching; Applied game theory
Du, Juan杜鵑Faculty of Architecture
Du, Zhanwei杜占瑋School of Public Health
Duangthip, Duangporn-Restorative Dental Sciences of the Faculty of DentistryEarly childhood caries; Caries prevention and management; Community dental care
Dudgeon, David杜德俊School of Biological SciencesBiodiversity conservation; Freshwater ecology
Duggan, Brian John鄧敬仁Department of Mechanical EngineeringLinks between microstructure and mechanical properties, especially texture aspects
Durant, Alan Edward-School of EnglishLanguage and the law; The analysis of keywords in civil society; Interpretive disputes and theories of interpretation; Public communication, including media language, PR and advertising
Dutta, Arnab-Department of Real Estate and ConstructionUrban economics; Real estate economics; Economic geography; Regional science; Environmental economics
Echeverri, Natalia-Department of Architecture
Eddie S. K. Chong莊兆鈞Department of Social Work and Social AdministrationResilience and stress processes of marginalized individuals; Multicultural counseling; Mindfulness and compassion