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NameChinese NameDepartmentsResearch Interests
Chung, Yik Sham Clive鍾亦琛School of Biomedical SciencesChemical biology; Organic synthesis of novel functional tools and drug lead compounds for biological studies and disease therapy; Chemoproteomics and mass spectrometry (MS); Molecular imaging of cellular signaling molecules
Churchill, Daniel-Faculty of Education (Academic Unit of Teacher Education and Learning Leadership)Technology integration in education; Teacher professional development; E-learning; Learning objects; Student-centered learning environments; Web 2.0; Mobile learning
Chye, Mee Len蔡美蓮School of Biological SciencesPlant lipids & isoprenoids; Stress-tolerant crops; Plant bioreactors; Agricultural biotechnology; Plant molecular biology
Cianchetta, Alessandra-Department of Architecture
Clara TANG鄧詩敏Department of SurgeryStatistical genetics; Genetic basis of Hirschsprung disease; Genetic factors associated with congenital disorders; Genetic factors associated with cardiovascular diseases
Clarke, David James祈大衛School of Humanities (Art History)Photography; Art history and theory, with a particular emphasis on modern and contemporary art in Europe, America and China
Clinical Professor葉品正Department of PathologyGynecologic pathology
Cobb, Peter J.-Archaeology; Classics; Classical Archaeology; Near Eastern Archaeology; Ancient History; Ceramics Analysis; Ancient Greece; Digital Humanities
Cohrssen, Caroline Susan-Faculty of Education (Academic Unit of Teacher Education and Learning Leadership)
Collins, Derek Burton-President's Office; School of Humanities (History)
Connolly, Creighton Paul-Department of Urban Planning and DesignUrban political ecology; Landscape; Participatory Governance and Planning; Heritage management; Cities and Infectious Disease; Urban Redevelopment; Politics of Infrastructure
Cora Lai賴秀芸School of Biomedical SciencesSynaptic plasticity in learning and memory
Corke, Harold-School of Biological SciencesAntioxidants and functional foods; Value-added processing of grains; Genetic resources of crop plants; Food security and food safety in Asia; Food texture and sensory science; Starch chemistry
Coupe, Christophe Dominique Michel-School of Humanities (Linguistics)language evolution and language diversity, especially at the phonetic level, and the application of computational and statistical methods to linguistic data
Couvert, Maxime Thibault B.-Faculty of Business and Economics (HKU Business School)Corporate finance; Corporate governance; Sustainable finance; Institutional investors; Financial institutions
Cowling, Benjamin John高本恩School of Public HealthInfectious disease epidemiology; Statistics
Crolla, Kristof Henri Chris Ghislain Jozef高仕棠Department of Architecture
Cui, Heming崔鶴鳴Department of Computer ScienceOperating systems; Programming languages; Distributed systems; Cloud computing
Cui, Xiaodong崔晓冬Department of PhysicsSpintronics, Nano-Electronics
Cunich, Peter Anthony管沛德School of Humanities (History)History of HKU; Early-modern English history, particularly state finance and church history; British missionary history