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NameChinese NameDepartmentsResearch Interests
Ngan, Hextan Yuen Sheung顏婉嫦Department of Obstetrics and GynaecologyCervical cancer screening – basic and clinical research including HPV, cytology, colposcopy studies; Gynaecological oncology – basic and clinical research including HPV, oncogenes, tumour suppressor genes, genetic/epigenetic studies using "omics" platform technology and drug trials; Psychosocial studies – quality of life, psychosocial and psychosexual studies
Ngan, Kai Cheong Roger顏繼昌Department of Clinical Oncology
Ngan, Miu Yung Olivia顏妙融Medical Ethics and Humanities UnitReproductive Health; Public Health Genomics; Rare Diseases; Empirical Bioethics
Ngu, Siew Fei吳庥慧Department of Obstetrics and GynaecologyGeneral Gynacology; Gynaecological Onocology
Nguyen, Quang Vinh-Faculty of Business and Economics (HKU Business School)
Ni, Michael Yuxuan倪宇軒School of Public HealthChronic Disease Epidemiology; Psychiatric Epidemiology; Lifestyle and Lifecourse Epidemiology
Ni, Tao倪濤School of Biomedical SciencesHost-pathogen interaction; Pore-forming proteins; Macromolecule assembly mechanism; Cryo-electron tomography and subtomogram averaging
Ni, Yanyan倪延延School of Public Healthlife course consequences of preterm birth; adverse and positive childhood experiences; other prevailing determinants of mental health
Nicholas Y. H. Wong王學權School of Chinese (Chinese)
Nicholls, John Malcolm黎國思Department of PathologyInvestigating what role the Epstein-Barr virus plays in nasopharyngeal carcinoma (NPC); What can we do to enhance student learning?; How do viruses interact with cells?; Investigating why certain new and emerging viruses such as SARS and H5N1 appear to be so lethal in humans
Nicholson, Rashna Darius-School of EnglishSouth Asian history; theatre history and historiography; cultural development; world literature
Nicholson, Suzanne Faculty of Education (Academic Unit of Teacher Education and Learning Leadership)
Nieminen, Juuso Henrik-Faculty of Education (Academic Unit of Social Contexts and Policies of Education)Assessment, Testing and Measurement; Mathematics Education; Higher Education Policy and Practice; Equity, Equality and Social Justice in Education; Sociology and Philosophy of Education
Niu, Yun牛贇Restorative Dental Sciences of the Faculty of DentistryCaries Prevention and Management; Antimicrobial Peptides; Fluoride Research; Lasers in Dentistry
Nordsvan, Adam Richmond-Department of Earth Sciences
Not, Christelle Aurelie-Department of Earth SciencesOceanography; Paleoceanography; Paleoclimatology; Geochemistry; U-series isotopes; Trace elements; Radiogenic isotopes
Nunes Lourenco, Sergio Duarte-Department of Civil EngineeringFunctional granular materials; Hydrophobized soils; Landslides; Unsaturated soils
Oh, Soo Jin-Faculty of Business and Economics (HKU Business School)Diversity & Inclusion; Leadership; Entrepreneurship
Okuro, Ko-Department of Chemistry
Or, Ka Lun柯嘉倫Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Systems EngineeringConsumer health informatics; health systems engineering; patient safety; Workplace safety; ergonomics evaluation and analysis; Human factors and ergonomics; human-computer interaction; Information technology implementation, adoption, and acceptance