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NameChinese NameDepartmentsResearch Interests
Mak, Tak Wah麥德華Department of Pathology
Mak, Wing Sze麥詠詩Department of Architecture
Malone, Andrew William-Department of Earth Sciences
Malpas, John Graham麥培思President's OfficeOceanic island volcanism in the S.W. Pacific; Origin and evolution of the ocean basins, particularly of Neo-Tethys through studies of ophiolitic and related island arc rocks in China and Tibet, of the W. Pacific; Development of new and cutting-edge analytical techniques, particularly in LAM-ICP- Mass Spectrometry; Clay mineralogy, water/rock interaction in the weathering process, and the production of acid mine drainage
Man, Cheuk Him文卓謙Department of Medicine
Man, Kwan萬鈞Department of SurgeryLiver transplantation – graft injury and cancer recurrence; Inflammation, immunology and cancer; Molecular imaging in cancer research; Development of pharmaceutical treatments for liver cancer metastasis and recurrence; Development of small animal models for liver transplantation and liver cancer
Mandy Lau劉杏雯Department of Urban Planning and DesignAffordable housing in high-density neighbourhoods; Quality of life of micro-apartment residents; Housing space and household consumption behaviour; Intergenerational living and intergenerational interactions; Ageism; Social support and well-being of older people
Mao, Shengjun毛聲俊Faculty of Business and Economics (HKU Business School)Mobile App Economy; Recommender Systems; Digital Marketing; Gamification
Mao, Xiaowen毛晓雯Department of Pathology
Mao, Xuemei毛雪梅Department of Civil EngineeringWater and Environmental Engineering; Microalgae; Biotechnology; Metabolic engineering
Marcus M. MARCET-Medical Ethics and Humanities UnitOphthalmologist (eye doctor); Oculoplastic procedures and eyelid surgery; Endoscopic dacryocystorhinostomy (DCR) surgery; Ptosis (drooping eyelid) repair; Botulinum (Botox) toxin injections; Eye and orbital surgery; Facial aesthetics and dermal skin fillers
Martin, Sylvia Janet-Department of SociologyCultural anthropology; Media industries; Performance; Globalization and transnationalism; Participatory culture; Anthropology of work; Gender; Race and ethnicity; Ethnography
Mathes, Klaus-Dieter Kurt-Faculty of ArtsIndian Mahāmudrā Studies; Buddha-nature and hermeneutics; Maitreya Works; Buddhist Philosophy (mostly Madhyamaka) and Science
Matinlinna, Jukka Pekka馬裕褀Applied Oral Sciences and Community Dental Care of the Faculty of DentistryTitanium in dentistry and dental technology.; Adhesion promotion in dentistry.; E-glass fibre-reinforced composites as novel biomaterials.; Silane chemistry applications in biomaterials resasrch.; Ceramic materials, in particular zirconia, in dentistry and dental technology.
Matthews, Stephen James-School of Humanities (Linguistics)Word order typology of Chinese; Grammar of Chinese dialects, notably Cantonese, Chaozhou and other Minnan dialects; Language contact and bilingualism, with particular reference to Sinitic languages
Maurer, Thomas Andreas-Faculty of Business and Economics (HKU Business School)Asset pricing; International Finance; Household Finance
Mc Kee, Daniel Chad-Department of Architecture
Mc Kenzie, Neil Ryan-Department of Earth Sciences
Mc Sharry Mc Ilroy, Shelby Eileen-School of Biological SciencesMolecular Ecology; Ecology and Evolution of Coral Symbiosis; Biodiversity and Marine Ecosystems; Population connectivity and range expansion
McClure, Alastair Richard-School of Humanities (History)Histories of the British Empire; Legal History; Modern South Asia; Global Intellectual History; Crime and State Violence