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NameChinese NameDepartmentsResearch Interests
Lu, Yang陸洋Department of Mechanical EngineeringMicro/Nanomechanics; in situ Electron Microscopy; Nano-Manufacturing; Mechanical Metamaterial; Strain Engineering
Lui, Cho Ze Joseph雷操奭HKU Health System
Lui, Long Yin Edward雷朗言Department of Law
Lui, Sai Yu Simon呂世裕Department of PsychiatryNeurobiological basis of psychosis; Cognitive markers and endophenotype research; Clinical studies in early psychosis intervention; Behavioral-high-risk populations for psychosis
Lui, Tak Wai David呂德威Department of MedicineThyroid; Osteoporosis; COVID-19; Diabetes
Lui, Chi Hang呂志恒Department of SurgeryStem cells biology; Molecular mechanisms controlling neural crest cells and enteric nervous system (ENS) developmen; Genetics of neural crest cell associated developmental anomalies in human such as Hirschsprung's disease; Hepatobiliary development and associated anomalies such as biliary atresia
Lui, Wing Yee呂頴怡School of Biological SciencesCytokine-mediated cell-cell interaction; Transcription regulation of tight junction and adherens junction proteins; Transcription regulation of E3 ligases; Ubiquitin-dependent protein degradation in the testis; Roles of ITCH (an E3 ligase) in spermatogenesis
Luk, Tzu Tsun陸子璡School of Nursingsmoking cessation; tobacco control; digital health; lifestyle intervention
Luk, Wai Kuen陸偉權Restorative Dental Sciences of the Faculty of DentistryTitanium casting.; Magnet cast keeper.; Jaw reconstruction.; Dental investments.
Luk, Yim Fai陸炎輝Faculty of Business and Economics (HKU Business School)Banking and finance; Monetary theory
Luk, Yun Yung Lillian陸潤蓉Teaching and Learning Innovation CentreEngineering education; The development and assessment of global competency; Graduate employability; Sustainability literacy in higher education
Luke, Nicholas Ian-School of English
Lum, Terry Yat Sang林一星Sau Po Centre on Ageing; Department of Social Work and Social AdministrationLong term care; Productive ageing; Social policy; Gerontology
Lumineau, Fabrice Eric Paul-Faculty of Business and Economics (HKU Business School)Inter-Organizational Partnerships; Contracting; Trust; Blockchain Governance; Conflict Management
Lung, Maria Li龍李梅瑞Department of Clinical OncologyTumor biology; Medical microbiology; Cancer genomics
Lung, Shiu Cheung龍兆章School of Biological SciencesLipid biochemistry and plant biology
Lung, Ying Kei-Restorative Dental Sciences of the Faculty of DentistryMaterials Chemistry; Rein Composites; Polymer Chemistry; Materials Characterization; Coatings; Nanoparticles
Luo, Hao羅昊Department of Social Work and Social AdministrationBig data analytics in health and mental health with the overarching goal to apply advanced statistical modeling techniques to improve health policy and solve social challenges
Luo, Ping羅平Department of Computer ScienceComputer Vision; Machine Learning; Deep Learning
Luo, Ruibang羅銳邦Department of Computer ScienceBioinformatics; Computational Biology; Metagenomics; Precision Medicine; Literature Mining