HKU Theses Collection Description

About the collection: The Hong Kong University Theses Collection holds theses and dissertations submitted for higher degrees to the University of Hong Kong since 1941. The first recorded thesis was dated 1928, though all theses prior to 1941 were lost during the occupation of WWII. HKUTO includes works in the arts, humanities, education and the social, medical and natural sciences. Many of them deal entirely with or focus on subjects relating to Hong Kong. The collection is primarily in English, with some in English and Chinese, and others in Chinese only. Almost all HKU theses are included in HKUTO. Missing ones might be located in HKU departmental libraries. As of 2006, HKUTO began to include some theses done by the HKU School of Professional and Continuing Education (SPACE).

Electronic Theses & Dissertations (ETDs): The University Libraries began in 1996 to place HKU ETDs online. In 2000, The HKU Senate made new policy requiring new Research Postgraduate (rpg) students entering after 1 Jan 2001 to create an ETD and be placed online in the Libraries servers in open access. Almost all other thesis producing HKU degrees now (2011) require the same. From Dec 2010, only rpg theses are collected both in print and ETD. For other degrees, only ETDs are collected. A retrospective digitization project on older theses was completed in 2010.

Printed Thesis Access: The original hardcopy of the Theses Collection is housed in the University Archives and does not circulate. Most of the theses are housed in off campus U. Archives storage and must be ordered for you by the archivists. Please contact the University Archives by email at to request one or more theses for your research and give us the author, title, year, and call number of the theses you wish to consult. We will contact you as soon as they are available for you to be used in the University Archives. You may also reach us by telephone at (852) 2219-4191 if you have any questions. Occasionally, an author may restrict access to his or her thesis for a limited period of time and it will not be available right away, or not available on line in the institutional Repository or Scholar's Hub. We will let you know as soon as possible if this is the case but most HKU theses are accessible on line or in hardcopy format in the U. Archives.

If you cannot download copies of the pages you need from the Scholars' Hub and wish to have copies made by the Archivists you may request the Archives to do the copying for a small fee, provided that the author has no restrictions on copying the work. We do restrict the copy orders to 1/3 or less of the entire thesis and you are required to cite the thesis properly in your work including: the author, the title, date of publication, courtesy of the University Archives, University of Hong Kong.