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The Atlas of Languages: the origin and development of languages throughout the worldComrie, B; Matthews, SJ; Polinsky, M2003184
Basic Cantonese: A Grammar and WorkbookMatthews, SJ; Yip, V200072
Comparative Constructions in Sinitic. Areal Typology and Patterns of GrammaticalizationAnsaldo, U1999198
Dagaare: Languages of the World Materials No. 165.Bodomo, AB2000103
EditorMatthews, SJ199880
(eds.)Sin, CY; Luke, KK200182
(eds.)Dai, Z; Luke, KK200279
Intermediate Cantonese: A Grammar and WorkbookYip, V; Matthews, SJ200180
Language and Society in Hong Kong: The Social Survey of Languages in the 1980'sBolton, KR; Luke, KK1999149
Lexical-functional Grammar Analysis of ChineseBodomo, AB; Luke, KK2003129
Paths and Pathfinders: Exploring the Syntax and Semantics of Complex Verbal Predicates in Dagaare and other Languages. Doctoral dissertationBodomo, AB199794
The present state of Proto-Sino-Tibetan/Proto-Tibeto-Burman reconstruction: can we even write a fable in Proto-Lulo-Burmese? (Chinese Translation of J.M. Matisoff's article)Luke, KK; Zhang, Z200194
Selected Papers from the Seventh International Conference on Cantonese and Yue Dialect StudiesSin, CY; Luke, KK200175
The Structure of Dagaare. Stanford Monographs in African LanguagesBodomo, AB199788
Telephone Calls: Unity and Diversity in the Structure of Telephone Conversations across Languages and CulturesLuke, KK; Pavlidou, TS200275
Yu yan wen zi xue yan jiuSin, CY; Luke, KK2005405
语言学问题论丛Dai, ZM; Luke, KK200699
语语法新拓展(二)Shao, JM; Luke, KK2005120
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