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The ambiguities in the China-India relationshipAstarita, C200952
Biodegradation of Polyimide-Coated Chromium SubstratesMitton, DB; Toshima, S; Chang, SS; Latanision, RM; Bellucci, F; Ford, TE; Gu, JD; Mitchell, R1998139
BiodeteriorationGu, J; Mitchell, R2001123
Chapter 9: Biofouling and prevention: corrosion, biodeterioration and biodegradation of materialsGu, J2005245
Cyanide fishing on Indonesian coral reefs for the live food fish market - what is the problem?Mous, PJ; Pet-Soede, L; Erdmann, M; Cesar, HSJ; Sadovy, YJ; Pet, JS2000260
Distribution and demography of Stomatopoda in the Subtidal marine environment of Hong KongLai, CH; Tsui, CY; Leung, KMY2003120
Do see grasses harbour endophytes?Alva, P; McKenzie, EHC; Pointing, SB; Pena-Muralla, R; Hyde, KD2001165
Ecological Issues and the Trades in Live Reef FishesSadovy, YJ; Vincent, ACJ2001279
The ecology of rivers and streams in tropical AsiaDudgeon, D2005168
The ecology of rivers and streams in tropical AsiaDudgeon, ADM1994205
Effects of free radicals on marine microbial populationsGu, J2005100
Endorrine disruption in fishes and invertebrates: Issues for saltwater ecological risk assessmentLeung, KMY; Wheeler, JR; Morritt, DN; Crane, M2001127
Environmental biotechnology: development and perspectivesGu, J1999125
Exploiting the versatile ligninolytic system of white-rot fungiPointing, SB2001125
Fisheries: pollution and habitat degradation in tropical Asian riversDudgeon, D2001190
Foraging behaviorWilliams, GA; Little, C2007102
Haemolymph pH and oxygen levels in a naturally stressed tropical limpet, Cellana grataWilliams, GA; McMahon, BR1997122
Histological description of embryonic development in the chocolate hind, Cephelopholis boenak (Block, 1790) (Serranidae: Epinephelinae)Liu, M; Sadovy, YJ2003243
Kinetics and metabolic pathway of melatonin biodegradation by a bacterium isolated from the mangrove sedimentXu, XR; Li, HB; Gu, JD; Li, XY2007178
Land-water interactions and stream ecology: comparison of tropical Asia and temperate Europe.Dudgeon, ADM; Bretschko, G1994262
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