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Applied linguistics in ChinaBolton, K; Lam, ASL2006115
Bilingual or multilingual education in China: Policy and learner experienceLam, ASL2007115
BilingualismLam, ASL2000103
Biscriptal reading in ChineseLam, ASL2003111
The Chinese script and psycholinguistic researchLam, ASL200092
Defining Hong Kong poetry in English: An answer from linguisticsLam, ASL200374
English language education in China: An updateLam, ASL; Chow, K2005113
Enhancing The Participation Of Law Students In Academic TutorialsCorcos, RD; Churchill, DW; Lam, ASL199891
Everyday stories that teach us how to speakLam, ASL200084
Influence of socio-psychological categories in bilingual interactionKang, MA200952
Language education policy in Greater ChinaLam, ASL200894
Language teaching models in a multilingual contextLam, ASL200085
Moral attitudes in Hong Kong writing in EnglishLam, ASL200577
Reconstructing the history of two colonial New England terms of address: goodman and goodwifePable, AM200948
Second language learning : Models, factors and issuesLam, ASL199697
Teacher education for multilingual contexts : Models and issuesNunan, DC; Lam, ASL199996
The typology of Asian Englishes: setting the agendaLim, LLS; Gisborne, N201131
Writing from a Chinese centre: From a learner to a poetLam, ASL200674
系统性疾病患者的口腔种植治疗Leung, KCM; Pow, EHN201058
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