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Clapping QigongChan, CLW; Leung, PPY201283
Comparison of Public Sentiment in Hong Kong and Macau One Year after Handover (Chinese chapter)Chung, RTY2002108
Conclusion: looking to the futureLam, WM; Lui, PLT; Wong, W; Holliday, IM2007107
The continuing prospects for a Chinese psychologyBlowers, GH201076
Elder-friendly service delivery modelsWoo, J; Chau, PH; Mak, BSK201355
Governing a global city in the context of political transitionLui, TL2010137
Health literacy regarding aging issuesWoo, J; Chau, PH; Mak, BSK201360
Hong Kong and other world citiesChau, PH; Woo, J; Gusmano, MK; Rodwin, VG201379
Integration or Segregation: The Political Attitude of New ArrivalsChung, RTY200477
Learning from civil unrest: state/society relations in Hong Kong before and after the 1967 disturbancesLui, TL; Smart, A2009135
Living environmentChau, PH; Wong, M; Woo, S201360
Population aging: Impact of common chronic diseases on health and social servicesChau, PH; McGhee, SM; Woo, J201388
The Predicament of the Labor and Social Security: The Hong Kong Case (In Chinese)Lam, CW; Chow, NWS2002134
Prioritization in health care and ageismMak, BSK; Chau, PH; Woo, J201381
Public Sentiment Two Years after Macau's Handover (Chinese chapter)Chung, RTY2002113
Retirement and postretirement issuesMak, BSK; Woo, J201362
Self determination as a positive youth development construct: Conceptual bases and implications for curriculum developmentHui, EKP; Tsang, SKM2006108
Self efficacy as a positive youth development construct: Conceptual bases and implications for curriculum developmentTsang, SKM; Hui, EKP2006163
Trauma-related dissociation in the workplacevan der Hart, O; Wang, X; Solomon, RM201259
中国领导人、军事心理学和精神分析: 一段猜测的历史Blowers, GH; Wang, X200970
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