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Academic staff experiences of teaching, understanding subject matter and research: a student learning perspectiveProsser, MT2010138
Achieving Excellence in Teaching: A Case Study in Embedding Professional Development for Teaching within a Research-Intensive UniversityDoherty, I201332
Active based key-skills learning in engineering curriculum to improve student engagementChan, CKY201065
Adaptation of mainland postgraduate students to Hong Kong's universitiesZeng, M; Watkins, DA201081
Blended learning and PBL: An interactional ethnographic approach to understanding knowledge construction in-situBridges, SM; Green, JL; Botelho, MG; Tsang, PCS201333
Exploiting computerized adaptive testing for self-directed learningHsu, CCL; Zhao, Y; Wang, WC201397
Laboratory learningChan, CKY201268
Mental Health and Perceived Self-Efficacy of Medical Students: Research Findings and Implications for eLearning Support.Doherty, I; Chen, JY-13
Pedagogy and technology : where might we go with agile devices?Doherty, I201277
Personalised Learning: A Case Study in Teaching Clinical Educators Instructional Design SkillsDoherty, I; Blake, A201054
Reinventing A Level 7 Programme In Electrical Engineering And Greatly Improving Upon Student Retention. Innovations 2007: World Innovations In Engineering Education And ResearchCoyle, E; Costello, F; Murphy, M; Chan, CKY; Shoemaker, L200774
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