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2-45 micron infrared spectroscopy of carbon-rich proto-planetary nebulaeHrivnak, BJ; Volk, K; Kwok, S200057
The 30 micron emission band in carbon-rich pre-planetary nebulaeOmont, A; Moseley, SH; Cox, P; Glaccum, W; Casey, S; Forveille, T; Chan, KW; Szczerba, R; Loewenstein, RF; Harvey, PM; Kwok, S199564
Amidetriazole: A Versatile Building Blocks for Construction of Oxyanion Anion ReceptorsLi, YJ; Xu, L; Yang, WL; Liu, HB; Lai, SW; Che, CM; Li, YL201298
Automated classification of 2000 bright iras sourcesGupta, R; Singh, HP; Volk, K; Kwok, S200466
Candidates for extreme carbon starsVolk, K; Kwok, S; Langill, PP199253
Carbon stars with circumstellar silicate featuresKwok, S; Chan, SJ199350
The carbon-rich proto planetary nebula IRAS 22272 + 5435Hrivnak, BJ; Kwok, S199166
Catena-poly[[diaquacalcium]bis-[μ-2-(1,3-dioxoisoindolin-2-yl)acetato] -κ 3 O,O′:O;κ 3O:O,O′]Bhatti, MH; Yunus, U; Saeed, S; Shah, SR; Wong, WT2011137
Chemical evolution of carbonaceous materials in the last stages of stellar evolutionKwok, S; Volk, K; Hrivnak, BJ199958
A chemical model of the neutral envelope of the planetary nebula NGC 7027Hasegawa, T; Volk, K; Kwok, S200059
Circumstellar properties of S stars. I. Dust featuresChen, PS; Kwok, S199356
Circumstellar water vapour in M-type AGB stars: Constraints from H 2O(110-101) lines obtained with OdinMaercker, M; Schöier, FL; Olofsson, H; Bergman, P; Frisk, U; Hjalmarson, Å; Justtanont, K; Kwok, S; Larsson, B; Olberg, M; Sandqvist, Aa200989
Classification and identification of IRAS sources with low-resolution spectraKwok, S; Volk, K; Bidelman, WP199752
CO observations of candidates for carbon-rich asymptotic giant branch and post-asymptotic giant branch starsVolk, K; Kwok, S; Woodsworth, AW199365
CO Structure of the 21 μm Source IRAS 22272+5435: A Sign of a Jet Launch?Nakashima, J; Koning, N; Volgenau, N.H.; Kwok, S; Yung, HKB; Zhang, Y201259
Curriculum traditions in Berlin and Hong Kong: a comparative case study of implemented mathematics curriculumLui, RKW; Leung, FKS201342
Delivery of Complex Organic Compounds from Evolved Stars to the Solar SystemKwok, S2011107
Delivery of complex organic compounds from planetary nebulae to the solar systemKwok, S2009158
Detection of HC 11N in IRC + 10°216Bell, MB; Feldman, PA; Kwok, S; Matthews, HE198278
Detection of multiple bipolar flows in NGC 7027 with submillimeter arrayHuang, ZY; Hasegawa, TI; Trung, DV; Kwok, S; Muller, S; Hirano, N; Lim, J; Mariappan, CM; Lyo, A2010155
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