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1938 and 1968, 1939 and 1969 and the Philosophy of Czech History from Karel H. Mácha to Jan PatočkaAuer, S200922
'80后'中国年轻人眼中的日本流行文化Wu, Y2010108
AfterwardWong, HW201226
The American (1877)Johnson, KA200961
An anthropological study of the Hong Kong fans of Hideaki TakizawaWong, HW; Yau, HY; Wong, CH2008157
Belgium: A Nation-State Without a National Identity?Vogt, CR201434
Brazil at a Socio-Cinematic Crossroads: State Intervention on ScreenVazquez Vazquez, MM201426
Brazil, Jews, and transatlantic tradeLevi, JA200938
Bringing back character and grammar: freeing literature from excessive reliance on philosophy and theoryCristaudo, WA201176
The case study of Japanese pornographic VCDs in Hong KongWong, HW; Yau, HY2008147
Chaplin, CharlesGruenewald, T201120
Conclusion : Europe and China after the global financial crisisVogt, CR201286
Contending Identities and Diverging Interests in Sino-Japanese RelationsTeo, VEL201057
Contextualizing the United States in Sino-Japanese relationsTeo, V; Rose, C201256
Cooking Outside the Box: What Can Rice Cookers Tell Us about Cross-Cultural Collaborations?Nakano, Y201327
Crosscultural interpretation of moviesMurakami, F2008112
Damage: a logic of evilCristaudo, WA200596
De-Orientalizing Rice? The Role of Chinese Intermediaries in Globalising Japanese Rice Cookers”Nakano, Y200781
Eastern and Western Anthropologists Unite in Culture: A Personal NoteWong, HW200684
Eating and Drinking in a Red Chambered DreamEdwards, LP201330
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