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1912-1941年間香港的經學教育Hui, CH201341
A Critical Study of the Shishi xing guan bu zan石氏星官簿讚 (Star Catalogue of Master Shi [Shen, fl.370B.C.-340B.C.])Fung, KW2003124
About Benjamin Bowen Carter's Xiuxiang Hongmao FanziYeung, MS201335
Afterword: On the Conjunctive MethodShih, S20146
Against Diaspora: The Sinophone as Places of Cultural ProductionShih, S20138
Against Diaspora: The Sinophone as Places of Cultural ProductionShih, S20117
An Alternate Trend of Teaching Chinese LanguageLee, KS199789
The Analysis and Teaching on Linguistic PhenomenaTse, YK2004109
Ancient Chinese Prose of the Eight Masters of Tang & Song PeriodsTang, CK2003125
Annotations of 'ge', 'dian-shi-shi' and 'luan-qi' in the newly discovered Lu Guai inscriptionsTang, PL200820
An Appraisal of the Use of Cantonese Lexes in Hong Kong ChineseLee, KS; Chan, YC; Tse, YK2000155
The Appreciation of Peony in Song DynastyChoi, SH201231
Aristotelian Natural Philosophy in Late Ming China: With Special Reference to Huan-you quan (Explication of Everytyhing, 1628)Fung, KW2005177
Articles in The Routledge Encyclopedia of Chinese HistoryTsui, SK201395
Aspects of Shijing StudiesLee, KS2002104
The Assessment and Teaching of the Use of QuantifiersTse, YK; Chan, YC2002132
Astronomer-official's lineage as seen from the Soun Kwan Ji (Records of the watch-tower for recording Celestial Ephemera) in Yi DynastyFung, KW199597
The authenticity in adaptation : a theoretical perspective from translation studiesTsui, SK201295
Behind the Rumors: A Study of Three Cases Related to the Issue of Imperial Succession in Late Ming PeriodLeung, SK200793
Between Bodhisattva and Christian Deity: Guanyin and the Virgin Mary in Late Ming ChinaSong, G200877
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