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Analytical methods for bioactive components in teasWong, CC; Cheng, KW; Chao, J; Peng, X; Zheng, Z; Wu, J; Chen, SF; Wang, M2008276
Applications of vibrational spectroscopy to the analysis of polysaccharide and hydrocolloid ingredientsChoi, ESM; Yuen, SN; Phillips, DL; Ma, CY201069
Applied studies with probiotics: fundamentals for meeting the health claimsMykkanen, H; Gratz, S; El-Nezamy, HS201170
Atherosclerosis and gut microbiota : a potential target for probioticsChan, YK; Kirjavainen, P; Chen, Y; El-Nezamy, HS2012168
BackgroundDudgeon, D; Paugy, D; Leveque, C; Rebelo, L; McCartney, M P201265
Biogeography of prokaryotesLacap-Bugler, DC; Lau, MCY; Pointing, SB201126
Biology And Ecology Considerations For The Fishery ManagerSadovy, YJ2008246
The blood-follicle barrier (BFB) in disease and in ovarian functionSiu, MKY; Cheng, CY201340
BurmanniaceaeZhang, DX; Saunders, RMK201165
BurmanniaceaeWu, DL; Zhang, DX; Saunders, RMK201098
The Circadian Clock Gear In Cyanobacteria: Assembled By EvolutionDvornyk, V2008123
Control of mycotoxin contamination in foods using lactic acid bacteriaEl-Nezamy, HS; Gratz, S201183
Corrosion, MicrobialGu, JD2008139
CorsiaceaeZhang, DX; Saunders, RMK2010103
Cost of toleranceMouneyrac, C; Leung, TY; Leung, KMY201171
DasymaschalonLi, B; Wang, J; Saunders, RMK201178
DesmosLi, B; Ng, KW; Saunders, RMK201177
Ecological risk assessment and management of exotic organisms associated with aquaculture activitiesLeung, KMY; Dudgeon, D2008221
Environmental and biodiversity impacts of capture-based aquacultureSadovy, YJ; Liu, M2008266
Extracellular matrix and its role in spermatogenesisSiu, KY; Cheng, CY200833
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