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American Presbyterian Mission Press at Macao (1844-1845) and Its PublicationsFung, KW2010137
Antiwar sentiment in the United StatesRoberts, PM201039
Asianism in Post-war Hong Kong and Japan: The Case of Ch’ien Mu and Ōta KōzōLee, PT201358
Attlee, Clement RichardRoberts, PM201041
Austin, WarrenRoberts, PM201041
Bajpai, Girja ShankarRoberts, PM201040
Bebler, AlesRoberts, PM201034
Berendsen, Sir Carl AugustRoberts, PM201046
Bevan, AneurinRoberts, PM201033
Bevin, ErnestRoberts, PM201038
Birmanie: changement d’époqueCaillaud, R; Egreteau, R201331
Birmanie: Prémices d'une transition annoncéeEgreteau, R; Tournier, A201298
Birmanie: Réformes et transition: Glasnost sans PerestroïkaEgreteau, R201327
The birth of the modern Chinese hospitalLeung, AKC201336
Bohlen, Charles EustisRoberts, PM201047
Bowles, Chester BlissRoberts, PM201036
Bradley-Bohlen Mission to KoreaRoberts, PM201037
BrainwashingRoberts, PM201036
Bridgeford, Sir WilliamRoberts, PM201034
The Burmese Jade Trail: Transnational Networks, China and the (Relative) Impact of International Sanctions on Myanmars GemsEgreteau, R201279
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