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21世纪的新生儿外科 : 香港大学的经验Wong, KKY201167
The abdominal wallTam, PKH2000182
AchalasiaTam, PKH; Wong, KKY2009228
Across culture and health systems: Asia (Hong Kong)Ho, JWC; Ho, MY; Chu, ATW201081
Acute cholangitisLiu, CL; Fan, ST200078
Aggressive revascularization salvage options for patients referred for leg amputation by using atherectomy and cryoangioplasty technologySarage, AL; Yiu, WK; Blume, P; Aruny, J; Sumpio, BE2008145
Ankyrin repeat and suppressor of cytokine signaling box (ASB) family members for cancer diagnosis, prognosis and treatmentAU, CHV; Lee, NPY20130
Antibody therapies for liver malignancy and transplantationLuk, JMC; Wong, KF2010107
Application of nanomedicine in wound healingLiu, X; Wong, KKY201329
The Art and Science of Esophageal AnastomosisLaw, SYK201228
Atherosclerosis and gut microbiota : a potential target for probioticsChan, YK; Kirjavainen, P; Chen, Y; El-Nezamy, HS2012168
Barrett's esophagusLaw, SYK; Wong, J199994
The blood-biliary barrier, tight junctions and human liver diseasesLee, NPY20120
Bridging the gap for regeneration after CNS injury by nanofiber scaffolds : use of SPANS for traumatic brain and spinal cord injuryGuo, J; Leung, GKK; Wu, W201288
Cancer of the esophagusLaw, SYK201344
Cancer of the esophagusFok, M; Wong, J199877
Cancer of the esophagus in AsiaFok, M; Wong, J199577
Cancer of the nasopharynxWei, WI; Sham, JST2003112
Carcinoma of the esophagusLaw, SYK; Wong, J199880
Carcinoma of the NasopharynxWei, WI; Kwong, DLW201225
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