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Asian Civil Service Systems: Improving Efficiency and ProductivityBurns, JP199492
Asian Irrigation Systems in Transition: Responding to the Challenges AheadShivakoti, G P; Vermillion, D L; Lam, WF; Ostrom, E; Pradhan, U; Yoder, R2005112
Building a Neighborly Community: Post-Cold War China, Japan, and Southeast AsiaZha, D; Hu, RW2006105
Burma Redux: Global Justice and the Quest for Political Reform in MyanmarHolliday, IM201154
China's Central Asia Policy: Making Sense of the shanghai Cooperation Organization'Hu, RW2005127
China's civil service reformWang, X201253
China’s International Relations in the 21st Century: Dynamics of Paradigm ShiftsHu, RW200179
Confucianism and Human Rights'Chan, JCW2005149
Contemporary Hong Kong Government and Politics (Expended 2nd ed.)Lam, WM; Lui, PLT; Wong, W2012141
Contemporary Hong Kong Politics: Governance in the Post-1997 EraLam, WM2007134
Cross-boundary Cooperation in South China: Perspectives, Mechanisms and Challenges'Cheung, PTY2006125
East Asian economic integration: law, trade and financeBuckley, RP; Hu, RW; Arner, DW2011130
(ed.) China's International Relations in the 21st Century: Dynamics of Paradigm ShiftsHu, RW; Chan, G; Zha, DJ200094
(ed.) Civil Service System in AsiaBurns, JP; Bowornwathana, B200182
(ed.) Political Theory in ChinaChan, JCW; Leung, MT200198
The Ethics and Politics of Compassion and CapabilitiesNussbaum, MC; Chan, JCW; Lau, JYF; Ci, J2007207
The Ethics of Public Administration: The Challenges of Global GovernanceJordan, SR; Gray, PW201176
Explaining Civil Service Reform in Asia'Burns, JP200794
Exploring the Non-familial in Confucian Political Philosophy'Chan, JCW200489
'The External Challenge of Hong Kong's Governance: Global Responsibility for a World City'Cummings, LM; Tang, JTH2008150
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