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Acidosis plays an important role in stress-induced gastric ulceration in ratsCho, CH; Koo, MWL; Ogle, CW199581
Adipokines: toward the molecular dissection of interactions between stromal adipocytes and breast cancer cellsFan, P; Wang, Y2011275
AdiponectinLam, JBB; Wang, Y2009148
Aerodynamic assessment for inhalation products: fundamentals and current pharmacopoeial methodsButtini, F; Colombo, G; Kwok, PCL; Wui, WT201331
Effect of HEPES on EDHF responses in porcine coronary and rat mesenteric arteriesGardener, MJ; Edwards, G; F~$e9l~$e9tou, M; Vanhoutte, PMGR; Weston, AH2004112
Endosomal escape pathways for non-viral nucleic acid delivery systemsLiang, W; Lam, JKW2012136
Nicotine and CancerWu, KK; Wong, HPS; Yu, L; Cho, CH200584
Novel particle production technologies for inhalation productsChan, HK; Kwok, PCL201353
Perspectives and Clinical Significance of Eicosanoids in the Digestive SystemCho, CH; Ko, JKS; Koo, MWL200392
Phytoestrogens and cardiovascular disordersMan, RYK; Leung, SWS; Teoh, H; Quan, A; Keung, WWY; Lee, MYK200581
Proteins, peptides, and controlled-release formulations for inhalationKwok, PCL; Salama, RO; Chan, HK201329
Vascular Nitric OxideVanhoutte, PMGR200293
Western Blot Evaluation of siRNA Delivery by pH-Responsive PeptidesLiang, W; Mason, AJ; Lam, JKW201350
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