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Adhesion molecules deficiencyTu, W; Yang, X200112
Autism spectrum disorder and traditional Chinese medicine (acupuncture)Wong, VCN; Chu, VLY201090
A boy with recurrent syncope and right hemidystoniaIp, P; Chan, GCF; Wong, VCN2002145
Breast milk: role in neonatal host defenseHanson, LA; Ashraf, RN; Hahn-Zoric, M; Carlsson, B; Herias, V; Wiedermann, U; Dahlgren, U; Karlberg, JPE199885
Child abuse and child policy: Hong Kong's situation and global experienceIp, P; Chow, C201279
Child abuse in Hong Kong and the importance of building an effective surveillance system in Chinese societiesIp, P; Wong, WHS; Li, SL2012116
Child maltreatment: child policy from a child's right perspectiveChow, C; Ip, P201259
Children Living with HIV in Hong KongLau, YL; Lee, PWH; McGinley, M1998180
Clinical outcomes of arterial switch operation for transposition of the great arteries with intact ventricular septumChau, AKT; Leung, MP; Yung, TC; Chiu, CSW; Lee, JWR; Karlberg, JPE199592
Common Oral Problems of Children with MalignancyChan, GCF1999121
Cytokines and immunologic responseTu, W; Yang, X199310
Diabetes in South East AsiaLow, LCK200378
Disorders of Sexual Development in the Pediatric and Adolescent MaleLow, LCK; Wang, C200268
Disorders of sexual development in the pediatric and adolescent male. In: Manual of Endocrinology and MetabolismLow, LCK; Wang, C199880
Drug DevelopmentKarlberg, JPE199879
Epilepsy and traditional Chinese medicine (Acupuncture & herbal medicine)Wong, VCN; Wong, CL2010128
Experiences on MDS and JMML from China/Hong KongChan, GCF2003134
Final height as reflected by prepubertal height and the timing of puberty. In: Sexual precocity: Etiology, Diagnosis and ManagementKarlberg, JPE; Boepple, PA1998113
Good Clinical PracticeKarlberg, JPE199876
Growth and Endocrine Function in b-Thalassemia MajorLow, LCK200292
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