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Analysis methods and tools for hybrid ventilation systemsLi, Y2001177
Analysis of climatic data for sustainable buildings in Hong KongHui, SCM2006104
Anti-dark solitons of the resonant nonlinear Schrodinger equationLai, DWC; Chow, KW; Rogers, CW; Yan, Z200971
Behavior of a moving Griffith crack in piezoelectric ceramicsSoh, AK; Lee, KL; Liu, JX; Fang, DN2004203
The behavior of a screw dislocation in a two-phase piezoelectric stripLiu, JX; Wang, XQ; Soh, AK2004213
Behaviour of pipes with a circular hole subjeted to compressive loadingHoon, KH; Soh, AK1996217
Bioactive bioceramic coatings. Part I, Coatings on non-metallic biomaterialsWu, JM; Wang, M2010187
Bioactive bioceramic coatings. Part II, Coatings on metallic biomaterialsWu, JM; Wang, M2010202
Body-force-driven multiplicity and stability of combined free and forced convection in rotating curved ductsWang, L; Yang, T2000116
Body-force-driven multiplicity and stability of combined free and forced convection in rotating curved ducts: centrifugal forceWang, L; Yang, TL2002115
Building energy efficiencyHui, SCM201167
CAD modeling and slicing of heterogeneous objects for layered manufacturingSiu, YK; Tan, ST2002112
Chirped optical solitonsSenthilnathan, K; Nakkeeran, K; Li, Q; Wai, PKA200955
Composite coatings for implants and tissue engineering scaffoldsWang, M2010194
Computational simulations on through-drying of yarn packages with superheated steamIp, RWL; Wan, EIC201248
Convective heat transfer: constitutive theoryWang, L200299
Customized nanocomposite scaffolds fabricated via selective laser sintering for bone tissue engineeringDuan, B; Wang, M201170
Design and modeling methods for components made of multi-heterogeneous materials in high-tech applicationsChen, KZ; Feng, XA2005118
The development of an artificial finger jointGibson, I; Chow, SP; Lam, KW; Lu, WW; Ngan, AHW; Ip, WY; Chiu, PKY2008249
Dispersion mechanism in biomechanics of artificial synovial joints in the presence of electric fieldNg, CO; Rudraiah, N; Nagaraj, C2005118
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