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An Agent-based Combinatorial Procurement Auction Model For Supplier Selection Of Multiple Products With The Synergy EffectYu, C; Wong, TN201338
Agent-based workflow management for RFID-enabled real-time reconfigurable manufacturingHuang, GQ; Zhang, Y; Ho, KW; Dai, QY; Xu, J2008210
Application of fuzzy set theory in flexible manufacturing system designKazerooni, A; Abhary, K; Leong, LHS; Chan, FTS2000131
Applications in 10 AreasLau, HYK200778
A CMPSO algorithm based approach to solve the multi-plant supply chain problemChan, FTS; Kumar, V; Mishra, N2008118
Collaborative product developmentHuang, GQ2005146
Collaborative product development over the world wide webHuang, GQ; Mak, KL2002204
Developing DFX toolsHuang, GQ1996178
Developing work-based transferable skill for engineering studentsLo, VHY; Humphreys, PK; Chan, FTS; Chu, F; Duggan, G2000199
Development and implementation of a comprehensive manufacturing system for a medium-sized companyChan, LingYau; HoiIp Leung, Winson1995114
Digital fabrication of multi-material objects for biomedical applicationsChoi, SH; Cheung, HH2011108
Distributed concurrent engineering designHuang, GQ; Mak, KL2002201
Distributed scheduling in multiple-factory production with machine maintenanceChan, FTS; Chung, SH2007117
An evaluation method on the performance of supply chainsChan, FTS; Qi, H; Lau, HCW; Lee, C; Humphreys, PK; Ip, WLR2007110
experimental evaluation of reinforcement learning for gain schedulingLau, HYK; Lee, SK; Wai, CC200799
Human Factors and ergonomics of health information technology implementationKarsh, BT; Holden, RJ; Or, CKL201237
The impact of supplier development on buyer-supplier performanceHumphreys, PK; Li, A; Chan, PLY2001118
Implementing DFX toolsHuang, GQ1996138
Improving the accuracy of execution data of ERP systems: A case study in the Zongxin Telecom CorporationWu, F; Li, HZ; Chu, LK; Sculli, D; Wu, Y2006153
Introduction to design for X: concurrent engineering imperativesHuang, GQ1996212
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