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China's ongoing urban transformation: managing the state-society relationLin, GCS2009201
China's Urban Space: Development under Market SocialismMcGee, TG; Lin, GCS; Wang, MYL; Marton, A; Wu, J2007220
Cultural heritage management in China: preserving the cities of the Pearl River DeltaDu Cros, H; Lee, YSF2007141
The E-SocietyLoo, BPY201277
(eds.) Sustainable Management of Protected Areas for Future GenerationsJim, CY; Corlett, RT2006141
A new geography of Hong Kong (v. 2)Jim, CY; Li, SM; Fung, T2010121
A new geography of Hong Kong (v. I)Jim, CY; Li, SM; Fung, T2010174
The Pearl River DeltaLin, GCS2010194
Playing with Words or Playing with Numbers? The Arts and Science of Research in Contemporary Economic GeographyLin, GCS2009189
Ports and their Cities in China: Development and Interactions (In Chinese)Wang, JJ2010103
A quiet revolution?: the growth of the tertiary economic sector and urban transformation in globalizing Guangzhou metropolisLin, GCS2009186
School green roof: city cooler and cleanerJim, CY2010179
Seeking the sacred from the profane: A phenomenology of tourists' travel experiencesLi, Y201190
Sky Woodland for Urban Power Transmission Substation in Hong KongChoi, YH; Ip, A; Ho, J; Jim, CY2007100
Statistical analysis of geographic information with ArcView GIS and ArcGISWong, WSD; Lee, J2005234
Study on Inland Waterway Transport Development in the Greater Pearl River Delta Region (In Chinese)Wang, JJ; Luo, P; Luo, C2010111
A Teacher’s Guide to GIS Operations: Using Geographic Information System for implementing enquiry learning in GeographyLai, PC; Chan, KKW; Mak, ASH200994
Transport geographyWang, JJ201099
Travel Behaviour & Society: Proceedings of the 18th International Conference of Hong Kong Society for Transportation Studies (HKSTS), 14-16 December 2013Lam, WYW; Loo, BPY201328
Tree Survey in Public Housing Estates 2007-2009: Management ReportJim, CY2010166
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