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Advances in Knowledge Discovery and Data MiningHo, T.B.; Cheung, DWL; Liu, H2005106
Advances in Knowledge Discovery and Data MiningCheung, DWL; Williams, G; Li, Q2001106
Code-on-Demand and Code Adaptation for Mobile ComputingLau, FCM; Belaramani, NM; Kwan, VJWM; Siu, PLP; Wing, WK; Wang, CL2006141
Computational Geometry And Its ApplicationsWang, JY; Wang, WP; Tu, CH; Yang, CL2011121
Conceptual modeling: 31st International conference, ER 2012, Florence, Italy, October 15-18, 2012: proceedingsAtzeni, P; Cheung, DWL; Ram, S201228
Conference Proceedings EditorLudaescher, B; Mamoulis, N2008277
Data Classification: Algorithms and ApplicationsCheng, CK; Fang, Y; Renz, M201335
Field editor (Computational Biology)Lam, TW2007127
G-JavaMPI: A Grid Middleware for Transparent MPI Task MigrationChen, L; Ma, TC; Wang, CL; Lau, FCM; Li, SP2006112
Interference analysis of conics and quadricsWang, WP2004129
Lecture Notes in Computer ScienceMamoulis, N; Seidl, T; Pedersen, TB; Torp, K; Assent, I2009117
Load Balancing in Parallel Computers: Theory and PracticeXu, CZ; Lau, FCM1997205
Modelling and Processing with Quadric SurfacesWang, WP2002160
Modelling and processing with quadric surfaces, (Chapter 31),Wang, WP2002151
Proceedings of ACM Symposium of Solid and Physical Modeling 2006 (SPM'06)Kobbelt, L; Wang, WP2006148
Proceedings of Pacifc Graphics 2003Rokne, J; Wang, WP; Klein, R2003125
Proceedings of the 5th Asia-Pacific Biooinformatics Conference (APBC 2007)Sankoff, D; Wang, L; Chin, FYL200798
Scholarly bookPun, KH200597
Software and copyright (in Chinese)Pun, KH1996100
Spatial Data ManagementMamoulis, N201234
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