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5.12 Wenchaun Earthquake GeohazardsWu, F Q; Hu, R L; Yue, QZQ2009143
Conference ProceedingsNg, TST; Poon, SW; Rahman, MM2005156
Conference ProceedingsSmith, ST2007176
Design Handbook for RC Structures Retrofitted with FRP and Metal Plates: Beams and Slabs (HB 305-2008)Oehlers, DJ; Seracino, R; Smith, ST2008335
Development of a Green Building Product Labelling Scheme in Hong Kong – Interim Report, A report submitted to the Hong Kong Green Building Council, DecemberNg, TST; Wong, JMW; Chan, HL201233
(Ed.)Lee, JHW; Lam, KM200597
Ed: Creative water and wastewater treatment technologies for densely populated urban areasChen, GH; Huang, JC; Shang, C; Fang, HHP2004183
Editorial Board (2000-2001)Ng, TST200185
Electrochemical Technology for Environmental EngineeringFeng, YJ; Li, XY; You, H; Ding, F2002145
Environmental anaerobic technology: applications and new developmentsFang, HHP2010214
Environmental HydraulicsLee, JHW; Jayawardena, AW; Wang, ZY1999140
Exact Analysis of Structures with Periodicity using U-TransformationChan, HC; Cai, C; Cheung, YK1998118
Finite Element ImplementationCheung, YK; Lo, SH; Leung, AYT1995129
Finite Strip MethodCheung, YK; Tham, LG1997116
GEO Report - A Study of the Effects of Blasting Vibration on Green ConcreteKwan, AKH; Lee, PKK2000122
HKU-HKHA International Conference 2013: Construction and Housing in the 21st Century: Conference Proceedings: 2nd-3rd May, 2013, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR), People's Republic of ChinaLiu, AMM; Rowlinson, SM; Ng, TST; Lu, W; Chan, IYS201361
Hydraulic modeling practice in environmental engineeringWei, HP; Lee, JHW; Qian, DR2001108
Hydrodynamics - Theory and ApplicationsChwang, ATY; Lee, JHW; Leung, YC1996209
Information and Communication Technology Applications in ConstructionUgwu, OO; Kumaraswamy, MM; Ng, TST; Lee, PKK2006118
Modern Hydrological Modelling and Forecasting TechniquesLi, Z; Kong, F; Wang, D; Chen, J; Ye, J201098
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