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Paediatric Dentistry in Hong KongItthagarun, A; King, NM200582
Patient assessment and treatment planning for maxillofacial surgeryWu, QL; Kook, CY; Cheung, LK1997138
PC-based virtual reality surgical simulation for orthognathic surgeryXia, J; Samman, N; Chua, CK; Yeung, RWK; Wang, DF; Shen, SG; Ip, HHS; Tideman, H2001155
Peri-implantitis: etiology, pathogenesis, prevention, and therapyLang, NP; Tonetti, MS2010452
Periodontal disease and assessment of riskCorbet, EF201275
Periodontal infections, systemic inflammation and cardiovascular disease: current evident and perspectivesJin, LJ200898
Periodontal maintenance therapyJin, LJ200669
Periodontal screening and management: the foundation of general dental practiceJin, L201033
Phytochemicals for bone regenerationWong, RWK; Rabie, ABM201050
Post-endodontic restorationsCheung, GSP2008115
Preventive and treatment planning for periodontal diseaseCorbet, EF; Smales, R2012127
Primary oral candidosisSamaranayake, LP1994223
Processing and Bonding of Dental CeramicsMatinlinna, JP201353
Promoting oral health through primary health care in Tai O.Lo, ECM; Chu, CH199794
Prospect or promise – Internationalisation in AustraliaBridges, SM; Bartlett, B200797
The prospects of nickel-titanium alloys in endodonticsCheung, GSP; Chan, AWK199799
Public Health Aspects of Oral Diseases and Disorders - Periodontal Diseases. In Community Oral Health, ed. Cynthia Pine and Rebecca HarrisCorbet, EF2007114
Quantitative aspects of glossectomy speech productionBressman, T; Whitehill, TL; Sader, R; Samman, N; Hoole, P200197
Quantitative evaluation of blood loss and transfusion in ortohgnathic surgerySamman, N; Cheung, LK; Tong, ACK; Tideman, H1998109
Radial and ulnar shaft fracturesChow, SP; Leung, FKL201051
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