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e-Learning for problem-based learning at the Faculty of DentistryBridges, SM; Yiu, CKY; Botelho, MG; Tsang, PCS; McGrath, CPJ; Lo, ECM; Samaranayake, LP2012112
Effect of processing chemicals on bacterial contaminationLi, TKL; Wong, J; Seto, SK; Samaranayake, LP2000102
Effects of medicinal herb salvia miltiorrhiza on bone cell activitiesYang, Y; Chai, L; Zhang, D; Rabie, ABM2012103
Effects of processing chemicals on bacterial contaminationLi, TKL; Wong, J; Seto, RSK; Samaranayake, LP200098
An Electromyographic Investigation of the First Six Months of Progressive Mandibular Advancement of the Herbst Appliance in AdolescentsLeung, DK; Hägg, U2001118
Epidemiology and oral epidemiologyLin, HC; Lo, ECM2005110
Essential Microbiology for DentistrySamaranayake, LP2003101
Evaluation of bis-GMA/MMA Resin Adhesion to Silica-Coated and Silanized TitaniumPuska, M; Lassila, L; Vallittu, PK; Seppälä, J; Matinlinna, JP2009107
Examiner training: standardization and calibration in periodontal studiesLang, NP; Cullinan, MP; Holborow, DW; Heitz-Mayfield, LJA201073
Facial bone fractures and reconstruction of secondary deformitiesKook, CY; Tse, CK; Cheung, LK1997118
The fate of fascia in temporalis myofascial flapCheung, LK; Samman, N; Tideman, H199796
Functional applianceChen, DP; Yang, Y; Zhu, SJ200898
Functional AppliancesHagg, EUO; Wong, RWK201188
Functional reconstruction of jaw defect following tumour surgerySamman, N; Cheung, LK; Tideman, H199687
Functional reconstruction of the jaws following tumour surgerySamman, N; Cheung, LK; Tideman, H199880
Fungi and Fungal infectionsSamaranayake, LP200386
The future development of oral and maxillofacial surgery in Hong KongCheung, LK200290
The general practice unitNewsome, PRH1994201
Genetic polymorphisms and periodontitisChai, L; Corbet, EF; Leung, WK201069
Grapefruit flavonoids: naringin and naringininWong, RWK; Rabie, ABM200959
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