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Advocacy.Chan, CLW; Law, CK2009108
Alternative intervention: a Chinese body-mind-spirit perspectiveNg, SM; Chan, CLW2009146
Asian people in New ZealandTse, SSK; Tong, K; Hong, C; Rasalingam, N2010101
A Blessed Single Parenthood – Empowerment Workshop for Women of Divorce.Chan, CLW; Chan, Y; Hung, S.L2009120
The Body Approach for the Treatment of Childhood Sexual Abuse SurvivorsHo, TH2009181
Challenges in operationalizing spirituality for evidence-based psychosocial interventionNg, SM; Chan, CLW; Chan, CHY2006161
The Chinese Death Taboo.Chan, CLW2009253
Chinese traditional belief systems, livelihood and fertilityLee, GL; Chan, CHY; Hui Choi, WH; Chan, CLW2009147
Chinese traditional belief systems, livelihood and fertility.Lee, GL; Chan, CHY; Choi Hui, E.W.H; Chan, CLW2009147
Critical themes of art therapy in AsiaKalmanowitz, D; Potash, JS; Chan, SM201291
An East-West approach to mind-body health of Chinese elderlyHo, TH; Lo, HYP; Chan, CLW; Leung, PPY2012102
The Efficacy of the Body-Mind-Spirit Intervention and Social Support groups on Chinese breast cancer patientsHo, TH; Chan, CLW; Lo, PHY; Leung, PPY2009161
Efficacy Studies of the Body-Mind-Spirit Model on Serving Cancer Patients.Ho, AHY; Lo, PHY; Leung, PPY; Ho, TH; Chan, CLW2009173
From the Body to the Mind and SpiritHo, TH2009128
Hero, messenger, or mystic: cross-cultural symbol understandingPotash, JS; Doby-Copeland, C201173
A Hong Kong PerspectiveNg, SM; Fong, TCT; Wang, X200991
Hong Kong: A social, legal and clinical overviewNg, EHY; Liu, ANC; Chan, CLW; Chan, CHY200788
Implications of art therapy in AsiaKalmanowitz, D; Potash, JS; Chan, MS2012109
Improving the quality of life and psychological well-being of patients with colorectal cancerLee, AM; Chan, CLW; Ho, AHY; Wang, CN; Tang, YH; Lau, SM; Leung, PPY; Fu, YT; Yau, TK; Ho, JWC2008119
Integrating spirituality into health care service delivery development of spiritual resources and consolidation of values in careChan, CLW; Wong, PY; Wang, X; Chan, CHY; Leung, PPY201330
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