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Buddhism in JapanEndo, T2012100
The Buddhist Notion of Transcending the WorldGuang, X201185
Chinese Translation of Buddhist Sutras Related to Filial Piety as a Response to Confucian Criticism of Buddhists being UnfilialGuang, X201264
Death from the Budhist view: Knowing the UnknownJing, Y2006105
Devadatta's Personality and the SchismJing, Y200975
Dharma therapy: an intervention program with mindfulness as one of its key componentsSik, HH2010117
The doctrine of the six-stage mindfulness of breathingDhammajoti, KL2009126
The doctrine of the six-stage mindfulness of breathingDhammajoti, KL2009125
Family mediationYuen, HSY201146
'Filial Piety is called the Precepts’: Chinese Development on the Buddhist Concept of Filial PietyGuang, X2009122
The Historical Buddha: A Psychological AnalysisGuang, X201051
Humanist Buddhism and transcending the worldGuang, X200949
Indic influence on Chinese LanguageGuang, X201422
IntroductionDhammajoti, KL200883
The introductory sections of the Pali commentaries: translations based on the old comentaries or new additions by the commentators?Endo, T200863
Investigations into Sunyata: preface and introduction of chapter one translation from Yin ShunOrsborn, MB200967
Mah¯a: atthakath¯a-s: some observations on the date of their compilationEndo, T2009111
An overview of domestic violence.Yeung, CST2005119
PāramitāEndo, T2012102
Rational argumentation in early buddhismGuang, X201196
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