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As local and global cultural brokers: A Fujianese territorial-based association (Fujian Tongxiang Hui) in Hong KongKuah-Pearce, KE; Wong, SL200093
Attitude towards Trust, Future and Social Well-being: A Hong Kong and Taiwan ComparisonZheng, VWT; Wong, SL2008191
Attitudes towards Unemployment and WorkZheng, VWT; Wong, SL2003133
Biographical Studies of Hong Kong Ningbo Merchants: The Case of Y.K. PaoLee, PT1998144
A Brief Biography of Vincent WooZheng, VWT; Wong, SL2007190
A brief discussion of British Banks in Hong Kong and Shanghai from the 1830s to the 1930sLee, PT2007113
A brief discussion on the sojourning Shanghainese in Hong Kong during the 1940s.Lee, PT2007107
Business Networks of Hong Kong Cantonese Merchants in the Nineteenth CenturyLee, PT200397
Business Social Networks and Immigrant Entrepreneurs from ChinaSalaff, JW; Greve, A; Wong, SL2007120
Caught between the left camp and right camp: The Hong Kong film circle in the cold warLee, PT2009209
Changing Hong Kong IdentitiesWong, SL1999154
The Changing Population Problem in Hong KongZheng, VWT; Wong, SL2006363
China and Southeast Asia: Changing Political and Strategic TiesChin, JK; Thomas, ND200487
The Chinese chambers of commerce in Hong Kong before the end of the Second World WarLee, PT2009102
Chinese entrepreneurhship and economic developmentWong, SL199577
Chinese Entrepreneurs and Business TrustWong, SL1996137
Chinese Entrepreneurs as Cultural HeroesWong, SL199783
Chinese Entrepreneurship and Economic DevelopmentWong, SL199798
Chinese Entrepreneurship and Economic DevelopmentWong, SL199791
Chinese Entrepreneurship, Business Network and TrustWong, SL200079
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