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The Asian typology of English: theoretical and methodological considerationsAnsaldo, U201170
Asian values, Chinese values and the clash of culturesLouie, KH2007185
Computer simulation of language convergenceGong, T; Shuai, L; Ansaldo, U201352
Defining Modern Chinese CultureLouie, K2008273
Diversity of Oral Spirochetes and Their Role as PeriodontopathogensYou, M; Watt, RM; Leung, WK201349
Dravidian features in the Sri Lankan Malay verbAnsaldo, U201163
Every other dayLam, ASL200947
Gathering Cultural Knowledge: Useful or Use with CareLouie, KH200596
Hero: the return of a traditional masculine ideal in ChinaLouie, KH2008162
Hong Kong on the move: creating global culturesLouie, KH201057
Imagining self and community in American Indian autobiographyJohnson, KA200658
Introducing Eileen Chang : a life of conflicting cultures in China and AmericaLouie, KH201254
Introduction: foucault's philosophyO'Leary, TE; Falzon, C2010105
The king, the musician and the village idiot: images of manhoodLouie, KH201066
Poststructuralism and critical theory's second generation. Michel FoucaultO'Leary, TE201078
Rethinking experience with foucaultO'Leary, TE201079
Romancing returnee men : masculinity in “Love in a fallen city” and “Red rose, white rose”Louie, KH201271
Sexualidad y genero en Asia OrientalLouie, KH2006100
輕聲詞和輕聲詞教學Si, CM200959
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