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Built Environment and Energy Efficiency Group, Department of Mechanical Engineering, The University of Hong KongLau, SSY2008100
China's urban villagesWu, F; Zhang, F; Webster, CJ201238
(E) High-Rise Building Living in Asian Cities, ed. Yuen, Brelinda and Yeh, AthonyLau, SSY2008334
Emergent urban orderWebster, CJ200715
Green building design: experiences in Hong Kong and ShanghaiXu, Q; Chen, EHW; Lau, SSY2005411
Healthy cities: Public health through urban planningWebster, CJ; Sarkar, C; Gallacher, J201357
Information technology in geography and planning: Including principles of GISBracken, I; Webster, CJ198993
Marginalization in urban China: Comparative perspectivesWu, F; Webster, CJ201087
Neighborhood Development and Its Impact on Sense of Community in Contemporary Chinese Cities – Cases Studies from Urban GuangzhouJia, B; Lau, SSY; Ou, Y2008248
Private cities: global and local perspectivesGlasze, G; Webster, CJ; Frantz, K200658
Property rights planning and markets (2nd edition)Webster, CJ; Lai, LWC200525
Property rights, planning, and markets: Managing spontaneous citiesWebster, CJ; Lai, LWC200349
Public-private partnerships in urban infrastructure & service deliveryWebster, CJ200325
The role of architects in the 21st CenturyLau, SSY2009125
Rural migrants in urban China: Enclaves and transient urbanismWu, F; Zhang, F; Webster, CJ2013132
(S) Hong Kong: MILU and How it is Perceived, GoudaLau, SSY; Coorey, SBA2007170
Urban poverty in ChinaWu, F; Webster, CJ; He, S; Liu, Y201071
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