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Initial motivational orientation of students enrolling in undergraduate degreesKember, D; Ho, A; Hong, C2010133
International students from Asia.Kember, DR2008101
Maintaining, Reconstructing and Creating Tradition in EducationHalpin, D; Moore, A; Edwards, G; George, R; Jones, C200077
More can mean less motivation: Applying a motivational orientation framework to the expanded entry into higher education in Hong KongKember, D; Hong, C; Ho, A; Ho, A2011152
Nurturing generic capabilities through a teaching and learning environment which provides practise in their useKember, D200993
Opening up the road to nowhere: Problems with the path to mass higher education in Hong KongKember, D2010252
Promoting student-centred forms of learning across an entire universityKember, D2009148
Understanding the ways in which design features of educational websites impact upon student learning outcomes in blended learning environmentsKember, D; McNaught, C; Chong, FCY; Lam, P; Cheng, KF2010202
我的現代, 谁来解释?: 以台北宝藏岩为例Lung, Y201339
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